{Emperor’s bride}

By Maya J.A

~~~~CHAPTER 23&24~~~~

•••••(pregnant) •••••

“Get out” woobin cried .

Gosh who let this two into the palace?.

He had been avoiding their visit.. Their just like his nemesis!!.

Just then, a guard walk in…”young master hyung is here to see you my lady”the guard announced and woobin brows slolwy curved into a frown.

“Why is he here?“..jisoo thought surprised.

That’s when its dawned on her that he request to see her soon!!.

Go get dressed, am having a meeting with the ministers” woobin said and left the bed. Heading straight for his bathing pool.

He rather go to the meeting with her beside him than allow her to go see hyung.

“Okay see you after your meeting my prey..can’t wait to end ya” she smirk and tried walking out but woobin pull her back.

“We are going to the meeting together, you are my first concubine remember?, don’t forget we have to make the kingdom believe we are good then after I archived my mission then you can end me”he said and she slowly frown.

“What none sense?.. How can I go with you to the elders meeting?“ She scoffed.

“Common emperor’s first concubine.. You can do this” he smirked and lean down closer to her ear.

“If you do well today.. I promise to treat you to your best food” he said and her eyes widened in excitement.

“Consider it done” she said pouting her lips.

She loves food more than anything so she can’t litrely trade food for anything.

“Okay then, the maid will be here to bath you soon its their job” he said and dashed into his bathroom area.

Jisoo smirked as all she could think about right now is the food he had promised her.

She met a girl along the way and she stared strangely at the girl with her long white hair.

Raya smiled at her recognizing she was the fire god woman and now the ice god woman.

According to how her grandma has explained to her.

She know them already and she is to protect them and the mountains stones.. She is the only that knows about the wereabout of the mountains stones now!!.

“my lady permits me to get you dressed this morning” she said sincerely and jisoo find her self nodding.

“Am raya prince taehyung personal maid” she smiled.

“Am..jisoo” she cut her off and jisoo stare at her strangely.

Surprisingly she felt a strange connections between them.

“How did you know my name?“ Jisoo asked and raya just smile.

“I heard it from one of the maid” she lied and jisoo nod.

“Let head to the room set for you” raya said as she begin to walk out.

She felt the connection too but its not strange to her anyways.

She is connected to jisoo cause she is just like her other half to her in this life..sent to protect her and guide her also the others.

She is meant to make her remember her memory cause she has all with her.

She is just like jisoo but she is not jisoo.. She didn’t exist in the other life but she exist now.. To protect them and make sure they are safe.

Jisoo task of protecting the mountain and the stones had been divided but since jisoo has not yet gained her memory, she is yet to know her role, so raya will be the one taking care of everything first.

“Hey”they heard Kim Jenny’s vohce and they stopped.

“I command utou to leave that ..thing and come bath me” she said while the maids in her back just watch her dumbfounded.

“Me?“ Raya asked to be sure its her she is talking to.

“Yes you” she replied sternly.

“But…just go with her”. Jisoo cut her off and raya nod with a smirk.

“Okay my lady” she said and bowed respectfully making Kim Jenny’s head swell.

Jisoo just shook her head, she feels like raya had other plans.

She walk into her room with some maids still following her.


“For wasting my time before following you will be the only one to bath me” Kim jenny said rudely and raya still nod with a bow.

If only this lady knows her plan!!.

She mixed the water making it look beautiful with the rose petals on it and Kim jenny smiled proudly before stepping into it.

Raya picked the extra bowl of hot water beside her and add it into the water from behind and Kim jenny screamed.

“Aarh my Ɓụťť!!“ She screamed and jump out of the water ñàked.

“My Ɓụťť is burnt..help me please” she cried in pain and raya quickly use a towel she removed from a hot water to pressed the red area and she flinched away screaming.

The door burst open and six maids rushed in.

“Ashi(my lady)” they cried.

They were fast to use a big pieces of clothe to cover up immediately and raya quickly put an innocent look while she bit her inner cheeks to suppress her laughter.

This is just the beginning!!..

“Add more hot water please” bu yeon pleaded as her teeth danced in her mouth.

“Yes my lady” they said as they begin to dab her body with a warm towel while she winced in pain.

She feel like her blood has freezer and are not flowing well in her body.

Her system vibrating with cold.

The maidscould feel the water temepra is to high but its very low To bu yeons body.

“I must get you woobin” she gritted as they add more hot water to the water she is bathing yet she is still feeling cold.

Jisoo sigh uncomfortably as they dress her up.

Her plan suddenly take a u turn without warnings…What a life?

Immediately they finished dressing her up, the door burst open revealing taehyung.

“Jisoo” he called eagerly and head to her.

“Good morning young master, hope you slept well?“ she asked.

“How can you ask me that, when you are with woobin through out the night?“ He scoffed.

“Huh?“ She said confused.

The maids all bowed and left immediately.

“Did he touch you or do anything to you” he asked checking her out for any love bite.

“Yaa(hey)” she snapped and move from him.

“You are a prince, you should stop all this character..” she trailed off when he had this hurtful expression in his face.

“Really?.. Is that what you said after meeting you again after 100 years plus?“ He said biting his lips to suppress his anger.

“100 years?.. What are you saying?“ She asked confused.

The door burst open and woobin walk in in his red emperor robe.

“You are taking too long, and the elders are waiting” he said ignoring taehyung as he heard straught towards jisoo”.

“Woobin..“ Taehyung trailed off in anger.

“Yes brother, you have to minimize your closeness with her now, cause she is my concubine, and not just that,she is mine in this life, am sure you know that” he whispered the last part to him and walk out dragging jisoo along.

Taehyung gritted his teeth and clench his jaw as he ball his fist.

“Is this love or obsession” he asked his self sadly.

“But I never enjoyed our time..Leela end our love soon..I still want you jisoo” he sighed in tears as he stuck his gaze to the path she went with woobin.

“Leela, am surely gonna be the end of you I promise..I will end you in this life again and over again

Jisoo tried to free her wrist but woobin won’t let go as he held her heading straight for the meeting room.

They got there and the ministers and elder were already waiting.

They all stand up to greet him and surprises could be seen on their face..

Yeah surprised to see him with a woman talkless of holding the woman.

👥”is that really a woman beside him?“

👥”we must he dreaming”

👥”finally he got a concubine”

👥”what if its his relative?“

They whispered among them self till woobin cleared his throat and they all keep shut.

“Your highness sorry to ask who is the lady beside you?“they asked and jisoo bit her inner cheeks shyly.

“She is my woman” he replied and rolled his eye ball.


“But you didn’t wed her”

“She is my concubine and we are still talking about the date of our wedding cause she is carrying my baby..she is gonna prove you all wrong..after all you have said behind me, she is gonna prove you all wrong that am not impotent” he said and jisoo eyes nearly bulge out of her socket.

“What did he just say?“

👥“Did he just say she is pregnant?“

👥”wow we were all wrong all this while”

👥”so we are having a heir soon?”

The left hand minister, bu yeon dad frowned in anger and jealousy.

Who is this lady that got him to bed, his daughter had tried but he is just flirty by mouth, he refused to be laid by any lady, how come this one get him laid, or what is happening.

He can’t fall in love except…

There is only one lady that can make him fall in love without trying which is jisoo according to what the legend says.

And he had connived with the queen and end the woman’s life (the jisoo mother ) and her baby which is supposed to be the jisoo and then bannish her stupid husband or did the baby survive?.

He kept thinking as he zoomed out of that zone.

Jisoo opened her mouth to twll them she is not pregnant but it’s seems woobin what she is going to say next, so he lean down and place his lips on hers making the elder and ministers gasp.

Jisoo eyes turned the size melon immediately.

They are in the front of the ministers and elder of Nami.

How dare he?.

This vengeance is so not going well.

She bit his lips and tried hitting his chest but he held her hand down and thrust his tongue in her mouth not minding whether the elders are staring or not.

Taehyung watch everything from afar in tears as his hand begin to remove steams

The curtain behind him slowly caught fire without anyone noticing, not even him!!.



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