{Emperor’s bride}

By Maya J.A

~~~~CHAPTER 15&16~~~~

•••••(return of ice and fire) •••••

“You should let me take the cold away cause she is mine” he said angrily is eyes glowing blue.

“you should allow me cause am fire I can get the rid of the cold more easily cause she was mine” taehyung said and stand up to face him, his eyes glowing the blue in flames.

“She was yours and you failed to protect her” woobin replied.

“It wasn’t my fault at least I tried my best, you were just too selfish to join hand with me which lead to the end of our existence then” taehyung said.

“I wasn’t selfish I was just trying to get the stones so we can be okay again” woobin said almost in tears, as a cup freeze in the room.

“Turioni (young master)” wonyoung cried weakly and their eyes returned to normal.

They Stare at each other breathing hard.

Woobin walk out of the room with different feelings…anger, sadness and remorse.

Taehyung held his head in pain.

Okay that wasn’t him..and he don’t think that’s was woobin either.

He look at wonyoung trying to get up and he rush to her.

He look at her face and he rembered the memory he saw earlier in the rain.

Who was she to them?.

Does she has powers too?.

“Were you too quarreling?“ She asked.

“Anio(nothing)..don’t worry.. You will be fine before morning” he says and lay with her on the bed as he pull her in his arms covering them with a blanqet.

Wonyoung cling on him as she felt the warmness she has been craving for.

Woobin sat in his room thinking about what just happened between him and his brother.

He walk to the mirror and met the other him staring at him.

“What really happened years ago ? And who is the maid to us?“ He asked.

“Am not telling you this..am only gonna be one with your soul and then you will be me, and only then you will remember everything” he said and sighed.

Before woobin could utter anything else a white bright light entered him from the mirror and he fell down slowly.


In a white snowy mountain…snow could be seen rolling down slowly due to what going up there.

Taehyung threw a fire ball at woobin whom blocked it with an ice ball.

“Am the king of this mountain, I should rule it, fire rules” taehyung said and throw a bigger fire ball atwoobin whom only blocked it with one hand.

“Ice rule…ice goes with snow..people loves ice cause its signify peace” woobin muttered.

“People love fire than ice..without fire human won’t live” taehyung fired.

“Well I can only let you rule here on one condition then..let me be with the mountain goddess” taehyung suddenly said and woobin frowned.

“No she is mine..she is your best friend but she love me more” woobin suddenly blurted.

“Don’t forget she once told us she can’t be with someone whom don’t settle” taehyung remind.

“How about you two become good friend please” they heard her beautiful voice and they turned to her direction.

“Jisoo?“ They called.

“Common you two.. Ice and fire can leave as friends” she said and move closer to them.

“Its not possible, one is surely gonna consume one” woobin said.

“But what if I tell you I find solutions to you two?“ She asked and touch taehyung.

“Ouch” she cried when his body remove hot steams.

“Calm down tae” she said and faced.

He nod and take a deep breath as his red hair stop glowing.

Woobin stand watching them with jealousy.

She smiled and brought her closed two hand forwards opening it as she reveals two blue balls to them.

One is lighter than one.

“Here the dark one is for flame, help calm your nerves, washes the hatred in your hearts away… And also don’t loose it to the enemy or this mountain is doomed..its one of the great elements of this mountain.. I risk a lot giving you two this” she said and hand it to taehyung.

“And you, yours is gonna help you wash the hatred away..trust me you two can be friends” she smiled and pulled the two together.

Taehyung smiled and stroke her long black hair while woobin pat her back.

As times moved on they lived happily.. But the water goddess can’t help but feel jealous of jisoo.

How can her crush have interest in the lady she has ha.te since she has ever lived?.

Its is said below a cold mountain there is always a volcano waiting to erupt.

She know taehyung is on control of that volcano beast below the cool mountain and she has to find a way to let it out so it can clear the existence of her half brother woobin and jisoo.

She hate her half brother cause when her dad was alive he loved him more than anything else.

She is trash in his front..the imperfect child!!.

Woobin confessed his love to jisoo.

“Am sorry my lovely woobin but I can’t be your woman, I see great troubles coming from taehyung and I don’t know how to handle it, I have to be beside him to get rid of those problems, but I promised to be your woman in our next life..I will be your bride in both life and the spirit world” she said and pat his cheeks.

With heavy heart woobin left..

He has never been broken in his life this..

She choose taehyung over him.

Leela the water goddess invite taehyung for dinner saying she has something important to tell him..he went over to her place and she used a sea posion for him..a posion that can put any creature or immortal to sleep no matter your power.

She went over to the volcano beast under the mountain and released them.

When taehyung woke up he could feel the volcano beast were out of their chains already.

Before he could rushed to the mountain, he met woobin dead with his woman in his arms.

The snow mountain has changed into a volcano mountain.. What him and jisoo has always protected.

Taehyung search for his stone but couldn’t find it..

That when it dawned on him, that she wake the beast with the help of the mountain stones…cause apart from him there are other two people who can wake them..they are jisoo and woobin but without him the beast can’t go back to sleep

Why didn’t woobin come to call him..instead he tried to fight alone.

He lost his best friend and his woman cause of that selfishness woman leela.

He had never loved her..how can he love someone who hate her own brother?.

He rush back to the water to collect his stone and end her.

The two stones were already with her.

He fought with her and collect the Stone not after ending her life.

He went back to the mountain and buried his two friends.

He chained the volcano beast back where they belong…but he couldn’t return the snow back to the mountain without woobin.

He had to balance everything to return the snow.

He had to return the snow and end his own life

He return the stone to their position and take his own life right there on the mountain to balance the equation.

And then years back they were both born into one family as brothers and now their jisoo is here..

But can she break her promise and still go for taehyung??


Woobin sat up and found his self on the bed.

He stretch his hand and yawned cutely.

He saw some of his hair on his shoulder and he gasped.

Its has turned white and more lengthy.

He smiled and stand up.

“You promise me jisoo and am ready to make you mine, so sad you don’t have any memory of the past” he said and walk into his bathing tube.

Wonyoung (jisoo) yawned and sit up to meet her self in taehyung arms..

His hair has become so long and more reddish brown.

She gasped and move away from.

“Turioni” she called and tap him.

He slowly opened his eyes.

“Jisoo” he called and sit up.

“Turioni” she called.

“Don’t call me that..I prefer tae” he said and move his hand to her hair…stroking it gently while he smile.

“Turioni?“ She called surprised as she tried to move back but he pull her into his arms.

“Bo go sipeo,ga ji ma jebal( I miss you, don’t go away please” he said and hugged her tighter.

“Turioni” she called not understanding what he is saying.

What is even happening all this days..like she is here for vengeance not for all this or love triangle!.

So sad she can’t remember anything, that’s part of her punishment from the higher gods..maybe its a punishment for making the two important god of the human fall in love with her..

Thats was then but yet its happening all over again.

“Are you okay now?“ he asked.

“Deh turioni(yes young master)” she replied as she slowly pull from the hug.

Jenny stand in front of the queen mother who has been smirking evily since she wake up with a new idea in her head.

“Get me the emperor” she said and jenny bow respectfully before leaving.

She knocked on woobin room and he ushered her in.

She walk in with her head bowed as usual.

“Good morning your majesty” she greeted.

”Morning” he replied.

Jenny brows creased when she notice a change in his voice…like its sound so cute with authority.

“Queen mother ask for your presence your majesty”she said and raised her head to pick at the emperor but her eyes widened as she stand straight immediately to be sure of what she just saw.

“White hair?“

His long white hair reaching his waist, and also his face, its seem he go extra cute over night…his royal white long robe making look like an ancient god that he is.

“Your hi..hi..ness” she stuttered and pass out.

“Hmm..sorry all Nami maidens, but here I come” woobin smirked ignoring jenny whom already passed out as he walk pass her .



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