✡️➰COLLEGE S£duction 🍥➰🔯
🛑⚜️(Blood and betrayal)⚜️♈

🔶Written by✍️
®️ Richie Ayomide™️

⚕️ ~ CHAPTER 39~⚕️

(Back at jaylen’s apartment)
Jaylen and mave rushed inside…
Jaylen shouted as he walked in.
” Josephine”
He called as he look around.

Mave rushed to the kitchen but couldn’t find them.

” Where could they be??
Has Mr Carter come for them already?”
Mave asked.

“No, don’t say something like that.. be positive,,
Jaylen assured as they keep looking round the house.

Noah came downstairs staggering as he walks.
His face was pale.
He yawned like someone just woke up from sleep.
“What’s going on?”

“Jenny and Josephine are in danger right now..
Pearl texted me..
My dad is really pissed off about what we did and now he wants Josephine and Jenny dead,,
Some men are after Mr August also”

” Then, why are two still here?
Noah asked.

“We came to check on them…
Where are they?
Mave replied.
Mr Carter planted a tracker into Josephine’s body before releasing her and am very sure he is trailing behind her right now”

” I don’t know where they are,,, your noises just woke me up ”
Noah replied and yawned again..

” Alright, let’s do it this way…
Mave go over and warned lawyer August while I and Noah will try and find Josephine and Jenny”
Jaylen said.

Mave nodded and rushed out.

” The last time I saw them,, they wanted to prepare meal for lunch and that was the time I went upstairs to get some sleep”
Noah said as jaylen keep thinking.
” And I don’t think they actually made anything,, I didn’t smell an aroma”

Jaylen kept thinking.
“Groceries ”
They both said at thesame time and gasped.
Jaylen quickly took the car keys on the table as they rushed out..
Josephine, Olivia and Jenny were walking on the street trying to call down a taxi home..
Olivia wanted to branched back to briston college..
She call down a different taxi.
She walked in and waved at Jenny and Josephine.
“Bye guys..

Jenny phone rang and she quickly picked it..
“It’s jaylen”
She muttered.
📞 Where are you and Josephine right now??
Jaylen shouted over the phone.

📞We went to shop groceries… We are about to call down a taxi home

📞Mr Carter men are after you again and they can track you and Josephine cos a tracking device is planted in Josephine body…
You two should get home now..

📞 Alright, we will reach you in a bit
She replied and look beside her,, Josephine is gone,, she has disappeared.

Josephine? ”
She called but see no one..
📞 Josephine has disappeared”
She said over the phone.

📞Turn on your location right now..
Let’s find you guys”

Jenny ended the call, turn on her location and put the phone back into her pocket.

She look around for Josephine…
Suddenly, someone sneaked behind her and cover her mouth with an handkerchief to keep her quiet.
Her face was covered seconds later and pushed into Van.

Jenny struggles at the back booth of the van,, trying to release her herself from the rope which she was tied with..
She groaned as Josephine heard her voice in the darkness.
“Hey,, is that Jenny?”

“Yeah, I can hear you..
Jenny replied.

“What’s going on? ”

“Jaylen contact me and told me we are being followed so I think we are…

“Are you saying we are being kidnapped?? ”
Josephine asked.

” Yes, and Mr Carter is behind it

“Gosh, not again…
For the second time”
Josephine said.

“Mr Carter planted a tracker on you and that’s how they find us”
I know jaylen and mave will surely find us ”

“I prayed…
That explains the reasons behind Mr Carter releasing me willingly”

“Are you okay in there?
Jenny asked.

“Yeah I guess” Josephine sighs.
“How are they going to find us?

” I turned on my location on my phone so I hope they are able to find us”
Jenny said.

Jaylen and mave keep driving as they followed the red mark on the Google map.
“Where are they taking them?”
Mave asked.
“They doesn’t seems to head to Mr Carter’s place”

“I guess maybe they have an hideout we don’t know about”
Jaylen replied.

“Am really scared right now”
“Are they going to kill them?

“Don’t worry, mave..
Everything is going to be alright
Josephine and mave will be fine”

Mave sighs as jaylen stares at the map… Mave continue to drive

“Alright, mave
Take your left when we get to the first junction so we can catch up with them before they reached the Brigg’s hangout.

” Okay??
I love shortcuts ”
Mave replied.
” But what will we do if we reach them??
Mr Carter’s men might be armed ”

” Well,
I already think of that, so we are going to stop at a toy shop,, some stops away from here before we reach them”

” Wow..
Some toy gun I guess
So now we are becoming a robber? ”
Mave asked.

“Robbers who save people? ”

“Okay… Let’s do it then since we have no choice..
I just pray none of us get shot”

Mr August rushed out of his home with a small travelling bag as Noah followed behind him.

” Try to find a hotel and lodge please for safety”
Noah said.

“Be safe too” he replied and walked into his car before driving off..

Noah sighs and walk slowly into his car…
“Mr Carter had made us go crazy running and hiding everytime”
I pray this ends soon”
He muttered and ignite the engine before driving off passing opposite ways

“Are you hearing that??”
Josephine asked..
The van suddenly stopped.

“What’s going on?”
Jenny asked also..

“I don’t know.. we are both here”
Suddenly, a loud screeching sound of a stopping car was heard.
Mave and voice was heard afterwards..
” To the ground, now”
Mave shouted at them as he pointed the fake gun into one of the men.
Helen came out vexed with her both hands in the air..
Jaylen quickly gather their guns into one side..

“Where are they?”
Jaylen asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”
Helen replied.

” Oh,, am sure you do
Where are they?”
Jaylen pointed the fake gun at her head.

” You know you two are messing with Mr Carter right”
Helen said.

” Just shut the Fůçƙ up and tell us where they are or I will blow your brains out ”
Jaylen threatened.

Mave tried to keep his laughter at jaylen’s acting
” Check the van booth,, they are in there ”
One of the men said.

Jaylen gave mave an eye contact to check the van.
Mave walk to the back of the van and opened it.
” Someone just opened the car booth ”
Jenny whispered to Josephine.

“It’s me guys” he said as Jenny raise her head up to see mave.
“Oh gosh,, mave”

“You are safe now…

” Can you untie us please? ”
Josephine asked.

” How come your legs and hands are tied but your mouth are not taped.
Mave joked.

Is this the time for a joke?
” Just untie us please ”
Jenny said.

Mave quickly did that and they both got down from the van…
Jaylen saw them safe and unscratched..
He smile and move backwards towards their own car still pointing the gun at them.

Mave, Jenny and Josephine both entered the car..
Jaylen follow suit and entered… Mave quickly drive off

Helen hit the ground angrily…
“Boss is going to kill you for this”
One of the men whispered to her.

“Shut up please,,, we will get them back”
Let’s go ”
Helen replied and rushed into the Van.

(Jaylen’s home)
Everyone was in the living room looking sad and afraid..
” You two were abducted again? ”
Mrs Taylor asked angrily.

August and James looked at each other.
“This is getting dangerous, august”
Mr James said.

” Not to worry, the court case is tomorrow,,, we will see what the court is going to do”
Mr august replied.

Jaylen hug Jenny and caress her back.
” It’s going to be fine… Go inside and take some rest”
He said.

” Yeah, I guess I need a rest
I can’t wait to live my life again with no worries”
Jenny replied.

Jenny and Josephine walked upstairs.. mave looked at Jaylen..
” What should we do now?
Mave asked.

“Take some rest now too… The court case is tomorrow,, I pray we win”
Jaylen replied.

“I guess I also will hit the road,,,
Mr August said.
Mrs Taylor,,, are you coming ? I can drop you off
We can also have some private chat in the car

“Yeah sure..
She sighs and nodded… She face jaylen
” Jaylen?
Please take care of Josephine and Jenny ”

” I will ma’am
Jaylen replied.

Mrs Taylor smile and walk out with august.

“So when are you leaving also?
Noah asked facing Mr James.

” Are you guys chasing me away?
Mr James replied.

“Well, you can stay here and have some drinks with us”
Jaylen suggested.

” No,, thanks
I will rather hit the road also ”

~Briston college ~
Jaylen and Jenny quickly finished their exam papers, submitted hurriedly and rushed out.

“I guess we are not too late”
Jenny asked as they walk in an hurry.

“No, we still have like 10 minute before the hearing,,
Mave and Noah are outside already and I already call my driver”

“Alright, let’s hurry..
She grab jaylen’s hand and rushed out of the building.

“Hey guys…
We are over here”
Noah shouted behind the flowers.

Jaylen saw them and smile.. they walk up to them.
“Are you guys ready?”
Jaylen asked.

“Am nervous,, that’s all”
Mave replied.

“Everything is going to be fine..
We are all doing this for Jenny and Josephine and also for my mom..
So am sure we will definitely win the court case ”
Trust me”
Jaylen assured.

A black Lexus stopped in front of them…
Everyone quickly stepped in as the driver drove off.

~State high court~
Reporters and camera men were in front of the state high court already… Securities stand in front of the building to prevent the reporters from coming in.

🎤📹 This is Charlotte banks reporting live from your favorite news network..
Right now, Mr Carter, the CEO of the crescent research laboratory and his parties are about to arrive likewise the antagonist, mrs Taylor who charged Mr Carter for a murder case also is not yet in view.

The court hearing will start in few minutes..
Suddenly, noises were heard as some reporters rushed to a black Royce Rolls-Royce vehicle..
Cameras were quickly rolled to Mr Carter stepping out of car,,
Helen and Pearl also followed behind.
📹🎤Now, Mr Carter is seen right now entering the court building..
When will Mrs Taylor arrive? ”
“They are here already..
Roll the camera now”
A reporter shouted signaling his partner to follow her.

Mrs Taylor, Jenny, Josephine, Mr James, jaylen, mave and Noah all walked into the Court building as the securities guide them in.

Everyone was on seat waiting patiently for the judge..
Mr Carter looked at Mrs Taylor giving her a deadly look..
Mrs Taylor just took her eyes away.

“What’s taking this judge so long? Does he knows people are waiting for him already?”
Mave asked.

“Just stay quiet and wait
Jaylen replied.

Jenny hold Josephine’s hands.
” When this is over,, we will find a lot of time to catch up and know each other more ”
Jenny said and Josephine smile..

” I can’t wait..
But I already know a few things about you”
Josephine replied.

” Hmm,, what are they? ”
I will like to get to hear it from someone’s else”

“Well, first… You are always harsh to someone you don’t know”
Jose said.

“Wow… that caught me off guard..
Am I??

“Yeah,, to be honest
But,, after you get to know that person well,, you will begin to derive a friendly like on that person”

“Olivia said that one time and it seems you are right,,
You do know me more than I know myself”
Jenny replied.

” Okay,, let me ask you this..
Are you allergic to nuts?
Josephine asked.

” Yeah,, how do you know about that? ”
Jenny said.

” Because I also do,, I just figured we might have the same allergies”

” Wow..
Not even jaylen knows am allergic to nuts”
Jenny replied.
” Okay?? I also want to know more about you”

” There is a lot of time, Jenny ”
Josephine replied and the clerk shouts was heard.

” Arise,, court ”
She shouted as everyone stood up…
Josephine and mave looked up to see the judge and was shocked..
Mave couldn’t believe his eyes..
Josephine turn to mave..
” Mave, is that??
Josephine asked pointing to the judge..

“Yeah,, I think he is the one,,, am also surprised ”
Mave replied.
Everyone sat down..

Jenny tapped Josephine.
Is that not your boss at the coffee shop?
When was he a judge?”
Jenny asked.

” He is,, and am surprised as you are..
Jose replied.

Jaylen saved them,, woof😁

😂😂 Manager James is the judge Kee
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