✡️➰COLLEGE S£duction 🍥➰🔯
🛑⚜️(Blood and betrayal)⚜️♈

🔶Written by✍️
®️ Richie Ayomide™️

⚕️ ~ CHAPTER 37~⚕️


(Jaylen’s home)
The Alarm rang waking up Jaylen.. he stretched his hand and put off the alarm that was on the table
Jenny already slept off on his chest…
Jaylen wanted to get down from the bed but Jenny didn’t wanted to let go..
She hugged jaylen as she she sleep on his chest.

It’s morning already
You have to go back to your room now before Olivia realize you are gone”

“Don’t worry,,, it’s fine
I don’t mind her knowing”
Jenny replied sleepily.
I just want to be under your warm arms”

Jaylen chuckles and pick up his phone.
Suddenly a knock came on the door.
“Jaylen are you in there??”
Olivia voice was heard…

“Omg, it’s Olivia…
She might be looking for you
Jaylen whispered to Jenny.

Jenny groaned as she get up wrapping herself with the blanket
“What should we do??”

“Just stay here,,, let me answer the door”
Jaylen said and walk towards the door.

“Are you in there jaylen??
Olivia asked again

“Yeah, I am..
He opened the door.

“Jaylen,,, we have good news
Josephine has been released,,, she is in the living room right now with Mave and Noah
Jaylen froze for a moment
And do you like see Jenny this morning?
Have been looking everywhere around the house for her”

“No, no…
I haven’t seen her,,,
Jaylen replied…
I guess my plan worked,,, I definitely he released her.”

“Yeah, can you dress up and where a shirt and come downstairs??
Everyone is waiting for you”
Olivia said and walk away…

Jaylen breathe out in relief and close the door.
Jenny already finished dressing up.

“Josephine is here??”
Jenny asked happily.

“Yes,, and she is in the living room”
Jaylen replied.

“Thanks so much, jaylen
She hugged him and jaylen smile..
He gave her a quick K!SS”

” I have to go now”
Jenny said.

“I love you, Jenny”
Jaylen just said.

“I know that,,,
I know you love me”
Jenny smiles and chuckles.

“Alright, let go together”
Jaylen grab his shirt on the bed as they both walk out of the room holding each other hands.

(Living room)
“Are you okay??
Mave asked staring at Josephine who was crying quietly on the sofa…
Olivia sat beside her consoling her.

“They starve me, Olivia
Josephine said as tears rolled down her eyes

“It’s okay,,, just clean your tears”
She replied.

” Am really surprised Mr carter could release you?”
Noah said.

“Am surprised as you are”..
Jaylen’s plan actually work,,, so something like this can change Mr Carter’s mind”
Mave also said.

Jenny and jaylen came downstairs…
Everyone draw their attention to them including Josephine.
“Why did you just come out from Jaylen’s room?”
Noah asked.

“Where were you?? I have looked around the house for you?”
Olivia also asked.

Jenny wanted to speak out when Jaylen stepped in instead..

“Enough of those questions please,,, Josephine are you okay?
How are you feeling?”
Were you being tortured?”
Jaylen asked walking to her..

“Just a little,, but am fine..
Thanks, jaylen.. for saving me,, I can always count on you”
Josephine said and smile…
She looked at Jenny🥺

Jenny put on a little smile and walk to hug her..
“It’s going to be alright, Josephine
You are back home now”
Jenny said caressing her back.

Josephine replied.

“Are you hungry?”
Jenny asked.

“Yeah,, Mr Carter have starved me enough”

“Alright, Olivia and I are going to prepare breakfast”
Jenny said and grab Olivia hands before walking away.

“We ate dinner late and now we are going to eat breakfast late again?”
Noah said.

“Will you come to the kitchen instead and prepare something for us?
We won’t mind”
Olivia replied as she walks.

“I can’t prepare a good meal than Jenny”
Noah said.

“Then, stop complaining and sit your @$$ down in the living room”
Olivia replied before they enters the kitchen.

Mave and jaylen smile..
“She really got you there, Noah”

Noah just scoffs.

Jaylen sat down beside Josephine.
Noah and Mave walk to the TV.

“What did my dad say to you during the time of your stay in his custody?”

“He didn’t talk much,,, he was saying all about bringing you down, killing me and Jenny and sort of stuffs like that”
Josephine replied.

“Am still surprised he release you”
Jaylen said.

“Yeah,,, he sort of let me go”

The plan did work”

“What plan??

“I threaten my dad with something and then he adhere,,,
That’s what make me surprised”

“And what’s that?

“A video and a file of evidence that can be used to proof my mom’s murder”

“Wow,, that can bring him down,,, we just have to go to the cops
Let’s report him to the cops
It’s over, Jaylen..
He can’t escape this,,, we have evidence against him”
Josephine said with Joy.

“Josephine,,, look..
It’s doesn’t work that way and besides, my dad can buy the cops and take the evidence from them,
My dad can’t be arrested by the police,, they are his Allies…
Why do you think he is trying to kidnap you and Jenny with some much confidence?
The police knows you are missing and they didn’t conduct an investigation knowing fully well, you were abducted by my dad”

” You are definitely right here and..
“Your dad must be really powerful then, for me to hold law in his hands…

“Yes, he has a lot of connection”
Jaylen replied.

Noah and Mave loud noise was heard.
They were playing video games,, with all their attention on the TV.

Josephine just sighs.
“So do Jenny and Olivia live here now??”

But just for a while,,, maybe till everything is over
Jaylen smile.
“You are all welcome to my home”

“Thanks for hosting all of us”

“No, thank you for staying,, I could use the company from all of you”
Jaylen replied,, Josephine smile.

“Alright, let me help Jenny and Olivia in the kitchen”
Josephine said and stood up..

“No, you are going nowhere,, you need to rest’
You just came back”

Don’t worry, I will be fine”

Olivia gasped and shouted.
Jenny quickly covered her mouth.

“I have told you to reduce your voice”
Jenny whispered.

“Why would I??
You and Jaylen had S£X overnight?”

“Can you stop saying it?
Someone might hear you”

“No wonder no one was on my bed throughout the night and I was looking around for you”
Olivia said.

Jenny smile.

“How was it?
Isn’t it your first time?”

“Yeah, it is
And am happy I did it with Jaylen”
Jenny replied and smile.

“You should be happy… you just broke your virginity at 27″
” I did mine before…
Josephine walked in… Olivia quickly keep quiet.

“Jose,,, ain’t you suppose to be resting?”
Jenny asked.

“I am,, but I just want to give an helping hand”
Josephine replied and smile.

~Flashbacks ~
(Twenty six years ago)
Little Jaylen slept peacefully in his bedroom as the wind blew in from the window moving the curtains.
Noises were heard downstairs in the living room..
It’s seems like a couple arguing, shouting on each other.

These noise continue and woke up little Jaylen.
He squeezed his face to let out the sleep on his face and got down from the bed quietly..

The noises continue and mr Carter’s voice could be heard.

Little bella was sleeping soundly at the other corner of the room.
A crashing was heard downstairs and little Jaylen shivers in fear.

He quickly rushed to Bella’s bed and begin to tap her to wake up.
“Bella, wake up”
Jaylen muttered quietly.

“Leave me alone, jaylen”
I need to catch some sleep”
She replied.

“Mom and dad are arguing”
“Wake up”

“Tney argue and fight everyday, jaylen”
Go and sleep”
Bella said sleepily.

Jaylen gave up and walk back to his bed.
“You Ř@pê your friend’s wife, Derick
And now you are planning to kill him?”
Jaylen’s mom loud voice was heard..

He sighs and stood up again from the bed..
He walks out of the room,,, he was climbing down the stairs when his eyes caught blood in the living room.
He quickly hide and squeeze himself into his laps… He took a glimpse and saw his mom lying on a pool of her own blood… He quickly covered his mouth so as not to shout
Mr Carter look around and drop the knife filled with blood on the ground.

“Am sorry dear…
I just have to do this,,,
I will take care of the kids for you”
He said to himself and walk to the kitchen.

Tear fell down little jaylen’s cheek.
His shakes as he burst into tears.
He quickly rushed to the living room… He walk to his half dead mom and hold her face.

“Mom,,, look at me”
He said as he cried silently.
Her mom was bleeding amd already lose a lot of blood”

She managed to say with blood in her mouth.

Jaylen called.

“I can’t make it…
I only have a few minutes left”
She managed to say and hold her son’s hands…
Check behind the tv, I hide a camera in there,, it should have all these recorded”

Jaylen nodded and quickly get it.
“Jaylen,,, take care of your sister, Juliet and Josephine
And warned the Taylor’s family, they are…
She said those last words and give up the ghost.

“Mom, mom”
Jaylen called and sobs.
He heard an incoming footsteps of his dad and quickly rushed upstairs back to his bedroom.

🔶🔶🔶 flashbacks ends🔶🔶🔶🔶

🔶🔶(Back at jaylen’s home)🔶🔶
Everyone was eating silently on the diner table including Josephine when a knock came on the door.

“Are you expecting someone, jaylen?
Noah asked.

It’s might be pearl
He replied..
“Go check it out, Mave”

“No,,, I will go
Continue eating”
Olivia said and stood up instead..

She walked to the door and unlocked it.
“Mrs taylor??
She said..
Everyone was surprised…
Mrs taylor, Mr James and a stranger walked into the house.

“Oh am sorry guys,
Am sorry for interrupting your meal”
Mr James apologized smiling as he walk to the couch.

Jenny said.

“I see you all are here,,,
Well, i think it’s safe you all stay here”
Mrs taylor look around and nodded.

“Mr James,,, who is this??
Jaylen pointed at the man in suit holding a briefcase,,,

Mr James said and clear his throat
“This is our lawyer who is going to bring down Mr Carter”
The man smile.
“Meet August suntherlands”

“In short,,, just call me August”
The man said.

“Mr James, you can’t just bring a random person who doesn’t…

“Hmm.. no
Stop right there”
Mrs taylor interrupt Jaylen.
“He is not just any lawyer,,,
She said and face Jenny.
“Jenny, this is your father most trusted lawyer before he died,,, before he even started his scientific work”
Your dad trust him more than his family”

“Wait, is that Mr taylor’s daughter?
August asked pointing at Jenny


“Where is your other twin??
I can still remember when you two were little kids”
He asked and Jenny gaze at Josephine.

Mrs taylor looked at Josephine…
“Omg, is this Josephine?”
Josephine taylor?”

Josephine smile and stood up.
Mrs taylor walked to her and hugged her.
“Finally get to see you,,,
She hold her cheeks.
“Am sorry, my husband and I are just trying to keep you safe when we left you at the orphanage”

“I understand, ma’am..
Jaylen and Jenny already explained everything to me”
Josephine said.

“Just call me,, mom
Am also your mother”
Mrs taylor replied and hug her again.

“Alright, enough of the family reunion, let’s get to work and bring this Man’ @$$ down”
Mr James said clapping his hands.
“You all should come to the living room.

“Mr James,, we are still having breakfast”
Mave said and the others laughed.



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