✡️➰COLLEGE S£duction 🍥➰🔯
🛑⚜️(Blood and betrayal)⚜️♈

🔶Written by✍️
®️ Richie Ayomide™️
⚕️ ~ CHAPTER 36~⚕️

(Jaylen’s home)
Mave and Noah both shouted as their attention was on the TV, playing a football game.

Mave scored a goal and smile…
“I finally let you conceded”

“Let’s just say I make it too soft for you,,,
And there is still a lot of time before full time,,, so there is still a win for me”
Noah replied.

“So you make it easy for me huhn?”

“Yeah,,, you already loss more than twice to me already”
Noah said and smile… He sniffs his nose and smell an aroma of a food.

“I love it when ladies cook,,,
I feel like am home again”
Mave said.

“Well, this is not your home,,,
It’s jaylen and I apartment”

Mave laughed.
“I know,,, am just saying”

They continue playing as Olivia set the dining table.
“Guys ain’t you hungry??
Olivia asked referring to mave and Noah.

“Yeah, you bet we are…
Mave replied.

“Then can you guys leave the TV and come over here and help us?
You two have stay glued to the TV for two hours”
Jenny might also need some help in the kitchen”

“We are sorry,,,, but we are busy please”
You can talk to Jaylen to help instead”
Noah said.

Olivia scoffs.
“Boys will always be boys”
She walked back into the kitchen to help Jenny.

Jaylen walk into the living room sweating all over his body..
He cleaned himself with a nap towel.
“Hey guys”
Jaylen called.

They replied without looking at him.

That’s weird
Are you guys ignoring me cos of the football game you both are playing?”
Jaylen asked.

None of them answered…
Olivia and Jenny came out of the kitchen with some plates and bowl of food…
They both place it gently on the diner table

Jaylen smile…
“Wow, I can see dinner is almost done”
“Thanks, Jenny”

Jenny smile.

“What about me??
I also help”
Olivia said.

“Thanks to you too, Olivia”

“Did you run or something??
Why are you sweating?”
Jenny asked.

“Oh,,, I had some workouts,,, I always do that before I bath and have some sleep”
Jaylen replied.

“Alright, maybe you need to take the bath first,,,

Yeah, i Will do that but that’s after I finish eating,, am really hungry”
He said and touched his stomach.

“Alright,, come here
I don’t like my man going hungry”
Jenny replied.

Jaylen smile and walk to her…
He gave her a K!SS on the forehead.

Olivia walked to mave and Noah.
“Guys, dinner is already”
She said and put off the TV.

“Why did you do that??”
Noah asked dropping the game pad.

“You two have been sitting here for almost three hours now playing some stupid football game..
Won’t you get up and eat,,,
“It’s almost midnight now and we are just eating dinner”
Olivia rushed her words.

Jaylen and Jenny already start eating, they crack a joke and laughed..
Jenny quickly drank some water before she choke on her food.

“Olivia is actually right…
This is midnight,, and we haven’t had dinner yet”
Jaylen said.

“Gosh, you sounds like my mother right now”
Noah said and stood up.

Mave sighs and also follow suit.

“This food is amazing,,, Jenny”
Jaylen said.

I spent alot of time on that food”

“Eating your meal make me realize Noah have been cooking trash for me all this while”
Jaylen said..

Olivia and Mave smile…
Jaylen,,,, must you embarrass me in front of your girl”
Noah shouted at him.

“You know am saying the truth”
He laughed.
“Just come and eat please”
Jaylen replied.

(Some minutes later)
~12:48am~ (midnight)
Everyone finished eating as smile appear on their faces forgetting their worries.

“Thanks, Jenny
For this meal, I enjoyed it”
Mave said and stood up

“Me too”
Noah replied yawning sleepily.

“Alright, Jenny and I will head to our room now”
Olivia said and stood up.

“You two are sharing a room right?”
Mave asked.

“Yeah, we are having the night together”
Olivia replied.

“Alright, I will take the other room then”
Mave said.

Olivia nodded.
“Goodnight guys”
Jenny smile as they walk upstairs.

“I also will be in my room…
Jaylen said and stood up.
“And If you two want to play video games,, please you can reduce the volume of the TV,, I don’t like my sleep being disturbed”

“Do you think we can still play one more match tonight??
Noah asked facing mave.
Jaylen already walk upstairs to his room
Sleep is about to pass me out”

“Then, let’s go sleep,..
Am feeling sleepy also..
I think Jenny’s meal hit that spot in my stomach”
He smile
Thank goodness, none of us have an exam paper tomorrow”
Mave replied.

(Jaylen’s bedroom)
Jaylen changed into his night robe.. he tie the knot and collapse on the bed..
He breathe out in relief staring at the ceiling.

His mind went to the evidence..
“Maybe I should do it now??
Yeah,,, he might not be asleep by now”
He thought and got down from his bed.

He walked to the drawer and pull it out,,, brought out some files and snapped it with his phone.

He smiles and sat down on his bed again..
“I pray this works”
He breathe out and put a call to his father.

“Hey dad…
He said over the phone sitting on his king size bed.

“Is this part of your plan to call me at this time of the night?”
His dad replied

Jaylen chuckles
“I figured you might not be asleep because they said there is no sleep for the wicked”
I just catchphrase that”

“Yeah, I see
I am the wicked one here, Jaylen??
You turn your back on me,, you turn your back on your own very father”

“Am sorry, dad..
But you caused this against yourself”
And also know this,,, I don’t fight alongside with evil,,,
Why are you keeping Josephine?”

His dad scoffs..
“You and I both know the reason,, just let me get my hands on Juliet first”
Then you will know the real me”

“I think there is something wrong somewhere..
I don’t just understand you, dad..
You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to murder two sisters of the family you stole from”

“Well, you will see me do that..

“I don’t think that can happen,,,
You will hand over Josephine back to us”
Jaylen replied.

“And how will that happen?
By magic?? Or by superpower?
You must be funny son..
Just be like your sister and join me,, let’s protect this family’s legacy together…
You are my son after all, you will inherit CRL in the future”

“Dad,, this is not our legacy,,, you stole someone’s else work…
This is not what I have used the past years to know you for”
Am not surprised Bella now works with you,,, she knew my secret all along since day one but she has been a good sister to me by trying not to tell you”

“Well, that’s good for you”

“Release Josephine or I will expose you to the cops and maybe the SWAT, they can do better in handling you”

“Are you threatening me??
And what are you going to tell them”
He asked and laughed.

“You killed mom and I was a witness”
Jaylen replied.

Mr Carter laughed over the phone.
“There is no proof I did that,,, they won’t even believe a 28 years old kid”

“Am 28, dad
How does that make me a kid…
And I know what am doing”
About the proof,, I have evidence”
Jaylen said boldly.

Mr Carter kept quiet for a while

“I will send them over to your phone now,,,
Deliberate wisely if you want to save your stolen legacy”
He added and ended the call angrily

He lie slantly on the bed and breathe out in relief.

A knock came on the door.
Jaylen stood up from the bed,, walk towards the door and opened it.

Jenny was at the door.
“Is that your dad?”
She asked.

What are you doing up so late?” Aint you asleep yet
Were you eavesdropping my conversation with my dad?

“Won’t you let me in first?”
Soi can answer all your questions
Jenny said.

“Sorry about that”
He moved and Jenny walked in.

“I was not feeling sleepy cos I was thinking of Josephine in Mr Carter’s custody…
So I decide to come here maybe you are also awake”
And also reminiscent on your plan”

“Yeah,,, I was talking to my dad about that..
Threaten him just like how we planned,
We just have to wait and see how things played out”

“Oh,, that’s a good thing
I would wish he release her”
Jenny replied and sat down on the small chair beside his bed.

Jaylen look at her…
Do you actually came to check if am awake or you came for a company”?
Jaylen asked as he sat down on his bed and face her…

I was bored and…
Jaylen smile..
“You are really kinda a detective”
Jenny replied gazing at his eyes

“Noah do say that alot”
Jaylen said also staring at her eyes

*(1: 54am)*
“Can I K!SS you?”
Jenny asked quietly.

“Do you need to ask for permission?”
He smile and stood up..
He walk to her and K!SS her for a few seconds…

He stopped and they look into each other eyes again.
Jenny hold his neck and push his head forward a little to continue the K!SS.

They eat each other lips like an horny couple.
Jenny began to untie the robe knot on Jaylen’s body.
Jaylen grab her by the @$$ and sat her on his lap.

She finally suceeded with the knot as they continue to K!SS…
Jaylen stopped to catch his breathe.

“Are you sure about this?
He asked.

Jenny muttered holding his cheek.

“Is this your first time?”
He asked again.

“Do you want me or you want to keep asking questions?”
Jenny said and smile.
“This is actually my first time”
Jenny chuckles.

Jaylen smile and continue to K!SS her neck down to her chest.
Jenny Mõ@ɲed a little holding his head… He unƁụťťoned her night dress and plant K!SSes from the line between her Břě@šťs down to her belly.

Jaylen put off his robe remain only on his knickers and lie on the bed as Jenny scanned his abs.
“Wow,,, the workouts really paid off”
She said quietly.
Jaylen pull her to himself and lock lips with her again.
They continue the K!SS again eating each other lips hungrily and Jaylen came on top…

Jenny wrapped her hands across his neck as he K!SSed her neck to her Břě@šť line…
She continues to Mõ@ɲ loudly.

“Please don’t stop”
Jenny pleaded as Jaylen continue his job.

Jenny Mõ@ɲ with pleasure and hug jaylen’s tightly.
Should I go in?”
He whispered.

Jenny nodded.
(The next morning 🌅)
Mr Carter got down from the car as guards all surround him…
Death whispered something into his ears.
He smiles and walk into the building.

Mrs taylor was already waiting for him at the lobby.

“Good morning, Derrick Carter”
Mrs taylor called his full name as she smile.

Mr Carter stopped and face her..
He put his hands in his pocket.
“Wow,,, you still call me by my full name”
Mr Carter scoffs.
“I guess the death of your husband, mark Taylor is still hurting you at heart”

“We can’t play your games anymore, derrick”
Mrs taylor stare at him angrily.

“You were alive afterall…
That’s good for keeping Mark’s nephew safe”

“Can you leave those children alone??
Why are you acting like an immature adult chasing after college kids”

“They are not children and they are no Minor,,,
Most of them are 28”
Mr Carter said.

“Then must your 52 years old self play hide and seek with them?”
Mrs taylor spoke in parable.

“It’s funny you still remember my age”

“Release Josephine now or I will charge you with the murder case that happened years ago and also a kidnapping charge…

Mr Carter groaned.
“Why is everyone using this murder case against me?”
He thought.

“We are definitely going to meet in court”
You have connections and always have your ways with the cops but not with the judge..
I will make sure you go down”
Mrs taylor said and walked out…

Everyone was staring at them…
Carter noticed that and shouted at his employees.
“Will you all get back to work??

Mr Carter and walk towards his office angrily with his guards following behind him.

(Back at jaylen’s home)
The Alarm besides his bed rang loudly waking up Jaylen.. he stretched his hand and put off the alarm.

Jenny already slept off on his chest…
Jaylen wanted to get up but Jenny didn’t wanted to let go..
She hugged jaylen as she she sleep with smile on her face.

It’s morning already
He tapped her…
You gat to go back to your room before Olivia realize you are gone”

“Don’t worry,,, it’s fine
I don’t mind her knowing”
Jenny replied sleepily.
I just want to be under your warm arms”
She hug jaylen tightly.

Jaylen chuckles and pick up his phone.
“Alright, you can stay as long as you want”

Suddenly a knock came on the door.
“Jaylen are you in there??”
Olivia voice was heard..

“Omg, it’s Olivia…
She might be looking for you
Jaylen whispered to Jenny.

Jaylen quickly get up so as Jenny… She quickly wrap herself with the blanket
“What should we do??”

“Just stay here,,, let me answer the door”
Jaylen said and walk towards the door.

“Are you in there jaylen??
Olivia asked again…

“Yeah, I am..
He opened the door.

“Jaylen,,, we have good news
Josephine has been released,,, she is in the living room right now with Mave and Noah
Jaylen froze for a moment.

“What did you just say?”
Josephine is back?”

And do you like see Jenny this morning?
Have been looking everywhere in the house for her”

“My plan worked”
Jaylen smile.



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