✡️➰COLLEGE S£duction 🍥➰🔯
🛑⚜️(Blood and betrayal)⚜️♈

🔶Written by✍️
®️ Richie Ayomide™️
⚕️ ~ CHAPTER 35~⚕️

Carter walked into his office…
Bella was sitting waiting patiently for her dad.

She saw him and smile.

“What do you want, Bella?
You know am always busy”
Carter replied.

“Yeah,, I know..
I asked for you but was told you were in a close door meeting”

Is there anything you want?
Has your credit card…

“Everything is fine, dad..
I just came here to tell you the whole truth”

“Truth about what??

“About my brother…
Look, dad .. I know everything so there is no need to keep in the dark

“What are you talking about??”
Carter seems confused.

“I know you are responsible for mom’s death and I know…
We know,,, my brother and I know,, you also murdered your friend just to take his business”

Her dad froze…
“How did you find out??”

“From jaylen’s diary,,,
Jaylen found out before me”

“I guess there is no point in hiding anymore…”

“Yeah,,, and Jaylen want to bring you down,,, he resent and hate you alot”

So my son has been the one protecting Josephine and Juliet all this while??
He smirks and scoffs..

Bella nodded.
“I just have one question to ask you dad,,,
“Why did you kill mom??
Bella asked as tears roll down her eyes.

~(Jaylen’s home)~
“Do you think this is a good idea?”
Will it work out??
Olivia asked.

“Yeah, am sure of that..
Since my mom was killed by my dad and I have those evidence and proof he really murdered her,,,
If we threaten him with that,, He will definitely release Josephine to us”
“He doesn’t want his secret to be exposed”

Pearl nodded and sighs
“I think it’s great…
Even though I think it might not work,, we just have to give it a try..
At least, we took a step”

“Pearl is right”
Mave said.

“Alright, so where is this so called evidences??”
Jenny asked.

“It’s safe with Mr James”
Jaylen replied.

“Who is Mr James??”
Is it Mave’s Boss?
Olivia asked as Jenny was also surprised.

“Wait, mr James knows about all this also??
Pearl asked.

He is the first person I told all my secret to.. and he is also on our side, don’t worry”
Jaylen said and face Olivia.

“Olivia to your question,,, Mr James is my dad’s personal assistant,,, he works at the CRL”

“Wow,,, unbelievable..
No one even suspected him not even death or Helen”
Pearl said.

“Well, my dad once suspected him but still couldn’t find out about it”
Mr James cleared his trail”

Jenny’s phone rang…
“Hrmm,, sorry guys
Excuse me, am gonna pick this call”
Jenny said and walk away….

“Alright,,, since that is settled
That will give me a rest of mind for a while”
Also, Noah…
You are coming with me”

“To where??
Noah asked.

“We are going over to see Mr James,,,
He then turned to Mave.
“Mave,, make sure no one leaves the house not even Jenny, please
Noah and I will be back soon”

“Let me come with you”
Pearl said.

Just stick around with the others”
Noah replied.

Pearl scoffs..
“Well, have you forgotten I still work with your dad??
So,, I need to see Helen and death”

“Gosh,,, that name scares me
Who the Fůçƙ bear the name death”
Mave said.

“I think maybe you should go ask death”
Pearl replied and fake a smile.

“Are you saying I should die?”
Mave asked…
Pearl shrugged.

“Okay people”
Jaylen clapped as he walk out of the library..
“Let’s go”
Noah and Pearl follow behind him

Mave looked at Olivia.
“I guess it’s just you and I now”

Olivia shrugged.

“Where is Jenny?”
Mave asked.

“I think she went over there to receive a call”
She will meet us at the living room”

“Yes mom…
She was kidnapped by Carter..
Jenny said over the phone.

“Gosh, that man never learn a lesson”
Her mom replied..
Am paying him a visit tomorrow”

“Mom,,, don’t try it
He is going to…

“He is not going to do anything,,,,
Don’t worry”
Where are you now?”

“Am at jaylen’s place..
She replied.

“Alright,,, my regards to him
Stay safe please”

Jenny muttered and ended the call.
She breathe out and check her time..

“It’s already getting late..
Can I still go home?”
She thought as she walk back to the others…

Suddenly, she bumped into Racheal…
“Oh gosh…
Am sorry”
Racheal apologized.

“What are you doing here in the library??
I thought you were watching TV with Bella in the living room”
Jenny asked.

“What do you mean??

“Did you come here to eavesdrop our discussion??
Jenny asked.

“No, no…
Not like that,, I came here to look for a book”

“Really? A book”
It’s written on your face that you are lying”
“Did bella send you??
Jenny asked staring at her…

Fine,,, Yes
She did,,,,
She asked me to eavesdrop your conversation and plan with the others”
Am going back to the living room”
She replied and walk away.

Jenny scoffs.
“Bella and Racheal never changes”
She muttered.

“Where is Bella and Racheal?”
Noah asked as they got to the living room.

“They were here some minutes ago”
Jaylen replied.

“Who cares,,, please let’s go”
Pearl said as they walk towards the door.

(Back at Mr Carter’s office)
“So you killed mom because she cheated on you??”
Bella asked.
The tears on her face already dried up
“You killed our mother and make us cry at ever of her yearly aniversary”

“I know, I know, Bella
And I sadly admit that”
“I just don’t know when and how to tell you two when I realized my mistake..
Am sorry
Your mother was also against my plan so I had to eliminate her”
She did a lot of bad things to the family, Bella

“That’s enough dad…
Not like you also haven’t done alot of bad things to this family and to Juliet’s family?”

You are my daughter,, don’t be like jaylen who turn against me…
You know all my secret already, work with me,, work alongside with me”
And I will always give you whatever you want”

Bella smile.
If I ask for a million dollars right now
Can I have it?”

“What do you want to use that for?”

“I need to clear the debt I owe,,, I bought some coke and weed recently,, so I…

“You smoke??
Mr Carter asked.

“It’s not new,, dad..
Bella scoffs
“Please,, don’t act surprised”
She said and stood up.

(On the road 🛣️)
Jaylen drives as Noah keep staring at pearl who sat in the backseat through the front rear mirror.

Pearl was on her phone as she notice the stare.
“What is it? Noah
Why are you staring at me?”
She asked coldly.

“Who are you??
This is not the pearl who was acting nice and friendly when we first met”
Noah said… jaylen just chuckles as he drives

“Well, I was trying to get to jaylen and Jenny to know more about their secret using you but now that that is over,,,
I don’t need you anymore”

“So you used me,,, I was your tool”?
Mave asked.

Pearl replied like she don’t care..

“And during those times,, you didn’t have a slight feelings for me??
Noah asked.

“Don’t bother to ask that, Noah,,,, I don’t have anything feeling not even a bit of attraction towards you…
Am not the type of lady that does a lovey lovey towards a guy”
Pearl replied.

“Are you saying you’ve never had a boyfriend??”

I have never…
So please, take me off your hook”

“Jaylen are you listening to her?”
Noah asked.

Jaylen just shrugged.
“I guess she is not in love with you all this while”
Just forget about her,,,
There are lots of girls in campus..
He replied as he drives into Mr James’s home

“Are you saying this because you already have Jenny?”
Mave asked

“Drop me off here first,,,
I will take the bus to CRL”
Pearl said.

“Are you coming back tonight?”
Noah asked.
Jaylen hit the brake and stopped the car

“That depends on Mr Carter and I coversation”
Pearl said and got down from the car..

(Mr James’s living room)
“So you are saying I should hand over the files now??
The one that has those evidences?”
What for??”
Mr James asked.

Jaylen groaned.
“Noah, next time
Please let me do the talking”

“Alright, the balls are in your court”
Noah replied and stood up.
“Do you mind If I take a look around at your house?”

“Yeah sure..
You are free,,,
You can take a tour,,, that will give me some time with jaylen”

“Arhhm.. what Noah was trying to say is that,,, we need a copy of that evidence”
Jaylen said.

“What for??”
“Is it because of Josephine?”

“How do you know that??

“You can only be doing this because of her…
Your dad took her so,,,
What do you actually plan to do?”
Mr James asked.

“I plan to threaten my dad with it and bring back Josephine”

“Do you think it going to work?”
Mr James asked.

“Only one way to find out”
Jaylen smile.

“Alright,,, you can have a copy
But just be careful,,
If your dad finds out you have what can implicate him
He going to do everything to get all those evidence”

“Then, we will make a copy”

“Your dad can be smarter than that”
Mr James warned.

“Don’t you have a wife??
Noah asked coming out from the kitchen.

“Jaylen’s dad made me a bachelor”
Mr James replied and smile.
Do you guys care for a drink??”

“Yeah sure..
We will love to”
Jaylen replied

(Back at jaylen’s place)
“I think you two should sleep over”
Mave suggested.

Olivia and Jenny looked at him.
“Sleep over,,, here in Jaylen’s house??”
Olivia asked.

Noah and Jaylen walked in.

I think Jaylen has plenty of room here”
Right jaylen?”

What for??”
Jaylen asked.

“Mave suggested we sleep over,, you know
Just in case”
Jenny replied.

Jaylen hummed for a second.
“Hmm,, that’s fine
By that,, I won’t be worrying about you two”

“We have two spares rooms
Let me show you”
Follow me…
Noah said and walk away with Olivia and Jenny following behind him..

“Did you suggest this?”
Jaylen asked Mave.

“Yeah,,, I just think it’s late and Mr Carter might be up to something…
Maybe they should pack into your house”

“No,, I won’t accept that…
I will literally be seeing Jenny and Olivia everyday”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“No,,, I love privacy..
One housemate is enough”

Mave shrugged.
“It’s your house,,,
“I haven’t seen Bella and Racheal
Have you seen them?”

“I don’t know about my sister but I saw Racheal just left”
Jaylen replied.

“That’s cool,,, now one can walk and talk freely”
He said and walk to the couch.

“Wait,, are you staying over too??”
Jaylen asked.

Mave winked.

Jaylen groaned and walk upstairs to his bedroom.
“I guess it’s video game all night”

(Thursday morning 🌅)
Mr Carter got down from the car as guards all surround him…
Death whispered something into his ears.
He smiles and walk into the building.

Mrs Carter was already waiting for him at the lobby.

“Good morning, Derrick Carter”
Mrs taylor called his full name as she smile.
She stood up…

Mr Carter stopped and face her..
He put his hands in his pocket.
“Wow,,, you still call me by my full name”
Mr Carter scoffs.
“I guess the death of your husband, mark Taylor is still hurting you at heart”

“We can’t play your games anymore, derrick”
Mrs taylor stare at him angrily.



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