✡️➰COLLEGE S£duction 🍥➰🔯
🛑⚜️(Blood and betrayal)⚜️♈

🔶Written by✍️
®️ Richie Ayomide™️
⚕️ ~ CHAPTER 33~⚕️


~Briston college~
(Lecture auditorium)
“Her phone is switched off,, Jaylen”
Olivia panicked.

Her phone still rang when I called her”
Mave said.

“Hope she is going to be okay ”
Olivia asked.
Jaylen walked in and sat down with them.

“Am not sure about that,,, Jenny is in danger right now”
Jaylen said.

“What do you mean??”
Mave asked.

“Pearl just called me,,,
They are after Jenny right now”
Mr Carter’s men have been trailing her after she left the campus premises”

Olivia gasped.

Jenny left her mom’s place and called down a taxi
She walked in and the driver drove off..
She brought out her phone and switched it on…
Immediately mave call came in.

“Arrgh, mave must really have time for calls”
She muttered and place her phone on her ear.

“Mave,,, what is it??”
She said into the phone.

Are you okay?”
He asked..

She heard Jaylen and Olivia voice from the background.
What’s going on?
Is everything okay?”

“Well, you left the hall early and we want to check if you are okay..
Where are you right now??”

“I went over to my mom’s place…
Is something wrong?”

Mr Carter’s men might be coming after you,,, we don’t know what might happen but pearl told us you are being followed
Just be careful,”

Mr Carter’s men??
How did they know about…

“They have been spying on you,,, just be…
Mave replied and suddenly the phone went off.

Are you there?
Jenny asked getting scared.

She looked at her phone and realized her phone juice🔋 is used up.
“Oh gosh, flat battery”
Jenny said frustratingly and look at the driver.

She sighs and look back,,,
“No one seems to follow me”
She muttered.

The driver suddenly stopped.
“We are here ma’am”

“Alright,,, thank you”
She replied and got off from the taxi.

“Thank God I got home safe”
“At least, I will be safe at my abode”
She muttered and walk towards the dorm building.

Someone called behind her.

Jenny looked back.

“How are you doing?”
Helen asked.

“Am fine,,, just came back from school”
Exams are really tiredly”

It on your face already,, you seems tired,,
How was it?”

“The exams were not really okay, to be honest,,, things have just been rough lately”
She replied sadly.

“Am sorry about that,,,,
I will see you around huhm,,, want to swing by at the cafeteria”
Helen said and smile, walking away…

“Alright,, bye”
Jenny replied and walk into the dormitory.

Jenny walked in and was surprised to see Racheal ransacking her wardrobes.
“Wow,,, so you finally remember home after how many weeks”

“I actually came over to pick a few clothes,,, Bella is waiting for me already”
Racheal replied.

“I didn’t see her outside,, did she..

“No, am going over to her house”

“Alright,, that explains it”
Jenny replied and stares at her…

Racheal groans and face her, dropping the clothes she was holding.

“I haven’t seen you and bella around campus…
You guys are skipping classes and also exams??”
Jenny asked.

“Well, that’s none of your business,,
She smirked.
“I have to go now”

“Alright, it’s your life”
She shrugged and brought out her phone… She plugged it into power and collapse on the bed.

“See you later,,,
My regards to Olivia”
Racheal said walking out and shutting the door behind her.

Jenny sighs.
“I can’t even believe I have a roommate like her”.

Mave suddenly popped into her mind.
“Gosh, i should have called mave back…
I need to tell him am okay”
She got up from the bed and sat down on her reading table,, picking up her phone

“Should I call Jaylen also??”
She thought for a while.

“No,, we are not in speaking terms right now”
She thought again and place a call at Mave.

“Hey Mave”

“Why was your phone switched off again??
Where are you now?”
Mave asked over the phone.

“Relax,, am home already
And am okay”

Mave breathe a sigh of relief.
“Olivia is coming over already,,, she just left school some minutes ago”
Noah, jaylen and I are heading over to jaylen’s place”

“Oh,,, alright??
See you in school tomorrow then”

And how is jaylen?”
Mave asked.

“I should be asking you that,,, isn’t he with you?”

“Like I mean how are things with you and Jaylen now”
“You guys ain’t supposed to be…

“I don’t know…
He is with you,,, so ask him yourself ”

You know you can’t be angry forever ”
Mave said.

“I have to go,,
She sighs…
She replied and ended the call.

A knock came on door.
Jenny stare at the door..
“Did Olivia get here so fast??”

She stood up and walk to the door, opened it and was surprised to see Helen.
“Hey,,, it’s you again…
I thought you said you went to the cafeteria”

“Hrmm,,, yeah
Am back already”
Someone is actually outside wanting to see you”
Helen said.

“Does he or she has a name??”
Jenny asked.

“Oh,,, I didn’t bother to ask,,
Why don’t you come outside and see him?”

A guy?”


Jenny thought for a while.
“Could it be jaylen?”
Helen knows jaylen, she would have mentioned his name and Jaylen do make a surprise visit, already waiting for me in the room,, not staying outside our Dorm”

She looked at Helen with a suspecting look.

“Am sorry,, give me a minute
I need to make a call first”
Jenny make an excuse but Olivia walked up to Helen showing up just in time..

“Hey, Helen
What’s going on here??”
She asked.

“Hrmm… Someone was asking after Jenny,,,
So I tried to..

Cos I didn’t see anybody outside”
Olivia replied interrupting her.

Did I…
Helen made a strange face…
Am sorry, maybe he left”
Helen said and walk away.

Olivia breathe in a sigh of relief.
“That was close”
She muttered and smile.

Was someone truly outside?”
Jenny asked.

“Yes,,, but not just someone,,, five guys that looks like Mr Carter’s men”
Olivia replied and walk inside,, locking the door behind them.

“Omg,,, what if I have followed Helen??
I would been kidnapped?”

“I guess so,, thank your star I came on time”
Olivia replied throwing her small bag on her bed.
“And I won’t be surprised if Helen works for Mr Carter also”

“They can just kidnap me here in my room but they didn’t not
Jenny asked.

“Can’t you think??
They can’t because of the cameras around the dorm,,, so they are trying to lure you out”
Olivia replied.

“Yeah,,, you are right
But they can just erase the cameras and..

Jenny… Are you trying to give Mr Carter men more ideas or plan of abducting you?

“Well, am just trying to see the odds”

“Why did you leave the exam hall so early??
Mave told me what happened..
Olivia suddenly asked as she sat down.

“I wasn’t myself today and I feel sad and disappointed”

“Is it about what Jaylen did??”

Jenny replied.

“You know you don’t have the right to be angry at jaylen…
“I don’t just understand,,, why were you angry at jaylen and not at Mave??
They both hide the truth from you”

“Well,, jaylen is my boyfriend,, he is not supposed to do that,,, I trusted him but I can still bear Mave’s act cos he is just a friend and he does that sometimes..
Jenny shrugged.

“Just end this beef you have towards him”
I can’t bear to see you two having issues”
Olivia said and walk into the bathroom.

“Well,, he hasn’t called or texted me since then”
Jenny folded her arms.

“Then take the first step and call him”

“If he feels sorry,, he should have called
“Can we just stop talking about jaylen and let’s focus about Mr Carter’s men who are outside our dorm right now??”

“They would have left already,,,
Since their plan failed,, you don’t need to worry about that”
Olivia replied in the bathroom.

“It failed, Mr Carter…
We were unable to get her out”
Helen said over the phone.

“Alright, come back to CRL,,, and bring me Pearl”
He replied and ended the call.

Death sighs…
“Things are getting out of hand”

Boss needs us back home,,
So let’s go”
Helen said

(Jaylen’s apartment)
Jaylen paced around looking angry and sad at the same time.
“Calm down, jaylen”
Mave said following behind him.

“My dad went after Jenny, Mave…
And I couldn’t do anything,,

“I know and it’s not your fault”
Mave replied.

Jenny was in trouble today but I was useless,, I couldn’t help”
Jaylen shouted angrily at him.

“I understand…
Just calm down and have a seat,,,
Mave said.

Noah and Pearl just sat down watching Jaylen going crazy.

“Maybe I should just let my dad know am also involved in all this,,,
Expose my self”

“No, Jaylen…
You can’t do that,,
If you do, then none of us will be safe anymore”
Just calm down”

Jaylen sighs and sat down on the sofa
“Jenny would have been abducted today if not for Olivia rushing over to see if she is okay”

Pearl called and stood up.
“I know you love Jenny alot but what happened today is not your fault,,,
None of us can’t do anything if she is taken by your dad’s men”

“Then should we keep running away?? Hiding??
For how long??
Jaylen asked.

Mave sighs.
“Look, Jaylen
We can’t fight your father now..
He is strong and he is definitely going to beat us at the game if we fight back now
All we have to do now is run…
Pearl said.

So we should just keep running?”
Noah asked.

“Yeah, we have to…
Or do you want to die??
Oh forgot,, no one is after your life”
Pearl replied rolling her eyes at Noah..

“Well that doesn’t mean I don’t understand what they are feeling right now?
Both jaylen and Jenny
Even Josephine is calm cos she now understands things”
Noah said and suddenly everyone stood up.

“Omg Josephine 😱
I haven’t seen Josephine around”
Jaylen replied.

Pearl looked at Mave.
“Where is Josephine??

I don’t know,,,
I haven’t seen her today,,, maybe she is at the coffee Bay or something”

“Really Mave??
You are closer to her the most and you don’t know her whereabouts?”

“It’s not my fault also… Everyone of us are all focused on saving Jenny out of trouble and we also forget Josephine existed”.
Mave replied shrugging her shoulders…

“Oh gosh…
My dad has done worst things to us”
Jaylen said sadly and walk towards the door..

“Where are you going??”
Noah asked..

“Going over to check on Josephine…
C’mon,,, let’s all go”

😂😂Mr Carter don cause alot of things oo

Should they keep running and hiding??🤔🤔

Jenny is at angry at jaylen…
All this women sef,,, 😂 😂

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