(Hold my heart)… 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️




Nancy stopped crying but her eyes were red with visible traces of tears in her eyes. Daniel was pacifying while waiting for the guards to come back with a report.

He already made a report to the cops and the cops had no option but to go on a search despite the heavy rain pouring.

The door flung open and the guards rushed in, drenched with water, Nancy stood up immediately.

“Did you find them?” She asked impatiently.

“No ma’am” A guard replied.

“No!!!, this can’t be happening, my babies can’t be missing” Nancy screamed in tears.

Daniel’s heart was beating in so much fear. Are they kidnapped?. This was the first thought on his mind.

Lincoln came in with three cops immediately.

“Sir, I tried tracking their numbers but I couldn’t” Lincoln said.

“We searched the city but we found no trace of them” A cop said.

“I think they are kidnapped” Lincoln said and Daniel faced him.

“Do you have anybody as a suspect?” Another cop asked.

“Not really, could it be Gary?” Daniel said.

“Gary is in prison”.

“But what if he has someone working for him?” Daniel said.

“You don’t have any evidence pointing at him but we look into the matter, officers let’s go, we will get back to you in case we get any information, we will try our best Sir Daniel” The head cop said and they walked out including the guards.

Nancy was back to her crying spree. The feeling of thugs kidnapping Crystal and Carl was already killing her fastly.

She was so scared.

Daniel bent his head, not knowing what to say or do. Why will they just…He sighed and his eyes went to Nancy who was crying loudly.

“Darling calm down, let’s hope they will be fine” Daniel squatted before her and pulled her into a hug.

He was fighting his tears back. He kept hoping they would be fine but his hope wasn’t steady.

“I’m scared, don’t tell me they got abducted?” She said.

“Let’s just hope they will be safe” He said but suddenly Nancy broke the hug and moved out of his arms. She began running to the door.

“Where are you going?” He asked, standing.

“I’m going out to look for Cherrie and Carl, I can’t stay here without seeing them”.

“It’s raining heavily outside, you will get sick”.

“I don’t care” She replied and was about to open the door but Daniel hugged her from behind.

“Please calm down darling” He said softly and she hugged him, crying so hard on his chest.


Rachel was still shaking badly under the duvet, she thought covering herself up would help but the reverse was the case. She took the pillows and covered her head but immediately she began hearing the tiny voices clearly.

Metawin came into her head and she screamed.


“Go away..

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my fault”.

She was sweating so badly now despite the cool weather.

She screamed out and fell from the bed together with her phone.

She took her phone with shaky hands and unlocked it, she dialed the first number she saw on her contact lips.

Her whole body was shaking vigorously.


“Dylan!!!!!” .

Dylan spranged up from the bed and looked around his room, and when he realized he was in his room he calmed down but his mind went to the dream.

Rachel was calling out to him to help her.

“Why do I feel like she’s in trouble?” He thought.

His worry came in numbers instantly and immediately his phone started ringing.

He took it and his heart leaped when he saw Rachel on the screen.

He answered fastly.

“D…Dylan, help me!!” Rachel said faintly, her lips shaking.

Her voice came out in a whisper.

“Rachel, what happened to you?” He asked, his worries doubled.

Concern was written all over his face.

He could hear her tears and that was tearing his heart apart. Since when did he start feeling this way but that wasn’t his concern now. His concern was her now.

“Dylan!!!!” She screamed his name and the call disconnected.

“Rachel, Rachel!!” He called but the call was already disconnected.

He called her back and he was told the number switched off.

Dylan moved out of the bed.

“What kind of trouble is she in?She was crying, I need to help her” He said and without thinking, he dashed out of his room.

He was about to open the door when he remembered he didn’t know the address to her house.

“Fůçƙ, I don’t even know her house address” He said and started pacing around.

What is he going to do now?.

He called her again and got the same result.

“What’s happening?” He said and roughed his hair.

He was feeling greatly disturbed, it was like part of him was missing, his heart was on fire and the only thing on his mind was to see her and make sure she’s fine.

Could it be thugs again?.

Immediately that thought crossed his mind, his worries exploded.

Luckily an idea came to his head.


He quickly called her and she picked up like she was already waiting for him.

“Leah please what is the address to Rachel’s mansion?” He asked fastly immediately she picked up.

Leah frowned though he couldn’t see her face.

“And what do you want to do with her house address?” She asked, jealousy ringing in her voice.

“She’s in danger, please I need to save her, she is screaming and crying” He said and he could hear Leah gasping.

“It’s raining. Her phobia again”.

“What are you saying?” He asked.

“Lake man street, house number 22” She said.

“Thank you” He said and hung up.

Dylan opened the door and rushed out, the rain was still pouring heavily but he didn’t mind, all that was on his mind was to see Rachel.

“It’s raining, please God help me to get a taxi” He prayed while running to get any possible taxi. Even though he knew it was almost impossible to get a taxi by now.

He was determined to get to her mansion even if he didn’t get a taxi.

The distance from his house to her mansion was a distance but Dylan wasn’t thinking straight.

Luck shone on him when he saw a taxi passing.

“Hey!!” He yelled, running to the taxi.

The taxi halted and he ran there breathlessly.

He opened the door and got in.

The driver turned to him.

“Lake man street , house number 22, drive fast please” He said, rushing his words.


The room was an embodiment of total scary darkness, no single light. The only thing that could be heard in the room was the breaths of Crystal and Carl.

“Heartbeat” She called, tears streaming down her eyes, she isn’t a fan of darkness and it freaked her out badly. She was so scared, her body was shaking.

“I’m missing my parents, I’m scared” She cried.

Her tears were breaking Carl’s heart, he felt useless that moment and he couldn’t do anything. He was so ashamed of himself.

“Muffin, please stop crying” He said in a softest voice.

“We will surely get out of here” He said.

“I can’t even see you” She said scaringly.

It was so dark that they weren’t able to see each other.

Suddenly the lights came alive in the room, clearing away the darkness.

Carl quickly turned to Crystal, and he almost cursed himself.

Big fear was painted on her face and her eyes….Teary and red.

“Heartbeat” She called and he looked at her, feeling his heart broken.

“Muffin, I’m sorry” He muttered.

Three people appeared in the room and their eyes quickly went to them.

Two dangerous guys and a girl.

But Carl and Crystal recognized the girl immediately, she was the same girl he almost knocked down on the road.


“Are you also kidnapped?” Crystal asked.


“You’re so dumb” She replied and laughed.

“Do I look like someone being kidnapped?, so stupid”.

“Wait, this was a plan to lure us into the trap?” Carl asked.

“You’re so smart, I was calculating my moves, I’d have jumped out of the road if you were going to hit me but you didn’t..” She said and clicked her tongue.

“What do you want?” Crystal asked.

“We don’t have anything to do with you guys”.

“Then let’s go”.

“That’s the boss to decide” A guy spoke and immediately another person entered.

His face was covered with a mask, only his eyes, mouth and nose were visible.

He walked to Carl and punched him.

“Heartbeat” Crystal called.

“Heartbeat, interesting” He smirked and went to her.

He held her face and smirked.

“Don’t touch her” Carl yelled, struggling on the chair.

He gave her a blinding slap and Carl went crazy immediately.

He watched helplessly as another guy slapped his life.

“I will kill you” He said, his veins popping up.

The mask person laughed and moved to him, he started raining punches on Carl’s face.

Crystal was crying loudly whilst begging him.

“Please stop beating him, please! please!” But her pleas were like a ball hitting on a rock, hope you’ll know the result?.

Carl’s got a cut and his face was red and bruised when the masked person stopped.

“Switch on her phone” He ordered.

The girl took out Crystal’s phone and switched it on. She gave it to the person in the mask.

“What is your password Crystal?” He spoke for the first time, his voice so husky.

“What do you want to do with it and how did you know my name, who sent you?” She asked.

“What’s the password?” He yelled dangerously.


“Oh!! Heartbeat” He smirked evilly and inserted the password, the phone unlocked immediately.

“What did you save your dad’s number with?” He asked.

She protested but a gun was placed on her head.

“Don’t play with me, I will kill your useless boyfriend if you try” He said.

“Sweet dad!!”.


Nancy stopped crying already but she’s not talking, her eyes turned red and she hugged her knees.

Daniel is stroking her hair while battling with his own worry.

“My Cherrie..

“Don’t start again” He said and his phone started ringing.

Hoping it will be Crystal, he took the phone and his eyes widened when he saw Cherrie on the screen. He answered quickly.

“Cherrie” He called and Nancy turned to him, the speed she turned was that which can be called the speed of electricity.

Her attention on him.

“Cherrie, where are you?”.

“This is not Cherrie” The husky voice said.

“Who are you and why are you answering her call? What happened to her?”.

“Hey calm down Mr Bills, I kidnapped your daughter and her boyfriend Carl, they are with me here”.

“Kidnapped? How dare you kidnap them?” Daniel asked angrily.

Nancy gasped and started crying again, her lips were shaking.

“Don’t yell at me mister if you love your daughter, I can kill her now if I want” He said and immediately a gun shot was heard.


“Please don’t kill her, I beg you, I will do anything, mention the amount you want, please” Daniel begged this time in tears.

“I don’t want your money, I just want you to do one thing for me, withdraw the case against Mr Gary and Marcello, tell the court to release, I want you to drop the case, if you do that I will let go of your daughter without touching a hair on her head, don’t play smart don’t involve the cops into this or else you will blame yourself for killing your precious daughter”.

“I will do that tomorrow, please don’t harm any of them, can I hear her voice?”.

“I’m loyal to my words, speak to daddy” He said and brought the phone closer to Crystal.

“Dad, I’m scared” Crystal’s voice came up.

“I’m sorry Cherrie, daddy will get you out, I promise” He said.

“Sir Daniel” Carl yelled.

“Buddy, I will get you two out”.

“Please don’t harm them”.

“Don’t try to play smart or else you will end up regretting it, don’t involve the police”.

“I won’t” Daniel said and the call ended.

“Withdraw the case tomorrow please,I don’t want to lose them” Nancy said and Daniel hugged her.

She was listening to everything and her tears kept flowing as she heard her daughter’s voice.


The taxi drove into the mansion and stopped.

“How much?” Dylan asked.

“$500” The driver said.

Dylan pulled out his wallet and threw the cash at him, he flew out of the car and started running in.

He got to the door and met another challenge… The door has a password.

“$h|t, what is her password?” He said and called her number again.

“Still switch off” He said and hit his hand on the wall.

“What am I going to do now?” He said, roughing his hair.

He faced the door and started trying the passwords he could think of but none was working on it.

“What about her name?” He wondered and pressed RACHEL.

The door opened and he sighed in relief. He went into the mansion and started running upstairs. He got upstairs and stood there confused, wondering which way led to her room.

After contemplating, he took the right way and the first door he saw, he opened it and entered.

His eyes widened when he saw Rachel backing the wall, crying like a baby.

“Go away!!, please!” She cried shifting on the floor.

She was different from the Rachel everybody knows, the whole world knows.

She was looking so fragile and vulnerable.

“Rachel” He called and she looked up, immediately her eyes fell on him. She stood up and rushed to him, she jumped on him, coiling her legs around his waist.

She hugged him tightly, placing her head into his chest, not minding his wet clothes.

“Please save me, tell them to go away” She said, babyish, crying softly on his chest.

“I’m scared….I’m scared” She sniffed.

“It’s fine, I’m here now” He said worriedly.

She hugged him tightly, she kept clinging unto him, sniffing in his body scent.

She felt safe in his arms, his arms were encircled around her protectively. She kept sniffing and he stroked her back, calming her soul down.

“You will be okay” He whispered.

He kept stroking her back till she started relaxing in his arms.

The thunder came again and she clinged tightly, circling her arms around him.

His body was in a jungle of excitement as her body kept pressing on him. It was so soft and warm. Her expensive cologne hit his nose.

“Dylan…” She called softly.

“Yes” He replied.

“Thank you for coming” She said sleepily.

She was now relaxed into his arms, the rain had greatly reduced and it was just falling in drops.

He started hearing her loud breath and he looked at her to find her asleep.

He smiled and walked to the bed with her. He placed her gently on the bed and settled beside her.

He arranged her hair which was scattered and stared at her, admiring her beauty.

“Could she have ombrophobia?” He wondered, still staring at her.

“I suddenly feel like protecting you, I don’t know what you are passing through but I want to be by your side” He whispered.

She suddenly moved on the bed and placed her hand on his, he took his eyes there and smiled. His heart was beating so fast.

“Don’t leave me” She mumbled sleepily.

“I won’t leave you… I promise” He replied.

He took her hand into his and began rubbing his hand on her own.

She smiled all of a sudden.. “Dylan” She whispered and he smiled.

He immediately felt so different, a feeling he hasn’t felt before.

“I got whipped seriously” He chuckled but almost immediately he sneezed.

“Fůçƙ” He muttered and realized he was still in his wet clothes.

He quickly stood up but she grabbed his hand.

“I’m coming okay” He said and she smiled.


The door opened and the masked guy walked in with three guys and a girl.

He walked to Carl and Crystal and stood before them.

Carl glared at him, wishing to kill him.

“Crystal” He called huskily, smirking.

“When are you releasing us?” She asked.

“Very soon darling, very soon” He replied and laughed loudly.

He moved closer to her and grabbed her Ɓø0ɓs.

“Bastard!!” Carl yelled and started struggling on the chair, a punch landed on his lips and he spat out blood.

“Stop!!” Crystal yelled and started crying. He was squeezing her Ɓø0ɓs whilst laughing like a maniac.

His thugs were laughing, enjoying the show.

But suddenly something unexpected happened.

The door violently came down from the frame and a man walked in immediately, dressed dangerously, the aura around him was so intimidating and his eyes were so red, he smelled danger and viciousness.

The thugs and the masked guy turned immediately.

“Who are you?” One of the guys asked and immediately a bullet flew into his mouth.




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