(Hold my heart)… 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️



Rachel’s eyes couldn’t stop widening as the seconds ticked.

The slap was so deafening that she went blind temporarily for some seconds. She opened her eyes and looked at Leah with a shocking expression. Leah was still glaring hatefully at her, it seems she now despise her so much.

Rachel took her hand to the place she slapped her and touched it, feeling a sting immediately.

“You…you slap me?” She stuttered, shockingly.

“Yes, and I will slap you again Ɓîtçh, how dare you K!SS my man?” Leah fired.

“When has Dylan become your man, you raised your hand on me because of him?”.

“Yes, I will gladly do it again, you never liked him at the start. Why are you suddenly picking interest in him now? I knew you were pretending all this while” Leah shouted.

Rachel was speechless, never in her life has she ever dreamt that a day would come that Leah would raise up hand on her. It’s true they always fight at every little thing but she never imagined her doing what she just did.

“Dylan is not even your boyfriend, so why did you slap me? You didn’t even allow me to explain myself” Rachel said hurtfully, she was fighting the spirit to return the slap to her.

“I love Dylan so much, I’m in love with him, he is mine, I first met him and you can’t take him away from me, get that Rachel”.

“I never mentioned anything about trying to take Dylan away from you, I don’t even have feelings for him..

“Shut up Rachel, I know you like my fingertip, you started acting weird the moment Dylan started working for you. I love Dylan so much, just stay away from him”.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay away from Dylan, I will stay away only if he asks me to” Rachel said. Wait, where did that come from?.

“And if you ever again try to slap me, I will show what I’m made of, stop claiming Dylan like you owns him, you are looking pathetic now sis” Rachel said, anger flashing through her eyes.

“Ɓîtçh” Leah spatted furiously and raised her hand to her face but someone came in between and the slap landed on the person’s face.

Leah and Rachel gasped loudly.


When did he come in?.

Leah looked at Dylan with sorry eyes and tried touching him but he stopped her.

“I’m sorry for slapping you Dylan” Leah apologized, regretting he never came in.

She tried reading the expression on his face but it was hard to do so. It was void and blank.

“You slapped your sister because she K!SSed me? Did you even care to know why she K!SSed me? I’m so disappointed, I thought you were a cool person but you just proved me wrong Leah” He said with a disappointed look on his face.

“No, I’m sorry” Leah said, tears already welling up in her eyes.

She was so ashamed of herself that he caught her in such an act, she allowed her anger to lead her.

She swallowed hard and looked down.

He faced Rachel and he found himself getting worried about her, the slap place was still red. He moved closer to Rachel.

“Are you okay?” He asked, the worry in his voice was so visible and noticeable.

Leah looked up and she almost fell as she saw the look on his face, he hadn’t looked at her like that before, the concern in his voice. Jealousy filled her heart and soul.

“I’m fine,” Rachel replied and turned her face away.

“I’m sorry” He said, touching her face.

“I love you Dylan, look at me too” Leah shouted and he swallowed hard.

Earlier he heard everything she said but he deliberately avoided to say something about it cos he doesn’t want to hurt her but..

“I don’t want to be the reason two sisters will be fighting, so sort out yourselves, I don’t want to be the reason why two sisters will split, I’m sorry” He said and walked out.

The two sisters looked at him till he left the office completely, and Leah faced Rachel.

“It’s all your fault” Leah said spitefully and walked out.

Rachel sighed and fell on her chair. She touched the place he touched on her face and smiled.

He cares about her, the look on his face, she hasn’t seen him look at her like that, and the feeling was doing different and strange things to her body. Remembering his touch on her skin caused excitement to churned in her belly.


The students were strolling out of the lecture hall in numbers, some chatting with their friends, boyfriends or girlfriends.

The girls stepped out of the class.

Lucy wasn’t with them, she skipped the last two lectures.

“What is even wrong with Lucy, she skipped two lectures?” Linda asked.

“And worst of all she is refusing to pick our calls or replying to our messages” Crystal said.

“Is she still Ṣūçƙing over Carl?” Paisley said.

Crystal swallowed emptiness down her throat.

“We will find out, Linda, when did you and Kingsley start getting close? I saw when you two were smiling at each other during lunch?” Anne asked.

“Recently, we even went out together” Linda replied.

“You like him?” Paisley asked carefully.

“Who wouldn’t? He is handsome, annoying and funny to be with” Linda said, she didn’t know when she started blushing.

“You’re already blushing” Crystal laughed and Linda covered her cheeks.

“I hope this won’t bring a fight between you and Lucy”.

“But she rejected him, I know I’m sounding selfish but…

“You are not sounding selfish baby, if you like him go for him, Lucy doesn’t love him, you are free to crush on him” Crystal said.

“Yeah Crystal is right, I like people who don’t hide their feelings to their friends” Anne smiled.

Crystal felt guilty immediately Anne said that but she has to keep her relationship with Carl now a secret. When it’s the right time she will explain everything to them.

Her phone binged loudly and she brought it out to see a text from Heartbeat.


She smiled and looked up.

“See you babies tomorrow” She said and rushed away.

“I’m going out with Red today” Anne said.

“Now I’m jealous” Paisley said.

“Harrison is still single” Linda winked. Anne chuckled.

“Shut up” Paisley said and blushed discreetly.


Crystal entered the car with her face displaying a wide smile on it.

Carl faced her with a charming look.

“Muffin” He called.

“Heartbeat” She replied.

“I can’t believe I am missing you at every passing second” She pouted.

“Your pout always drives me crazy”.

“Then I will start pouting everytime we are together” She said cutely.

“I cherish you so much” He said.

“Same mutual feeling, I love you” She said and he started winding up the glasses, a naughty smile playing on his lips.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I wanna K!SS your lips till you will become breathless” He replied and she blushed.

He quickly slammed his lips on her.


The guards at the entrance bowed immediately they saw Jasper.

He nodded his head and the door was open for him.

He went in and rode the elevator to the president’s office.

He’s the one that’s supposed to be the president of this company but after his father brought in a lady and started forcing him to marry her, he left home and left everything behind. He settled in an area where only lowlife people live, he isn’t the internet type so no one knows him as the richest billionaire’s son.

His account got freezed but he had a secret account which his father had no idea of and it’s stacked with millions loaded in the account.

He has been lying to his friends about being a poor guy.

He came here to see Candy, he has been missing her all day, he was free today, he works in a local restaurant and the money he got he dashed it out to the needy.

The workers kept bowing as he walked to the president’s office, he was the president before leaving everything behind and another person whom his father appointed took over.

He got to the office and entered.

The president looked up and saw him. Candy was in the office with him.

The president stood up.

“Sir Jas..” The look he gave the president made him comport himself immediately. He already told him not to address him formally when in the presence of Candy.

“Jasper” The president called.

Candy looked up and stared at them confusingly.

Her heart got filled with different questions immediately.

“Marcus” Jasper replied and they shook hands.

“Came to pay me a visit?” Marcus asked, and his eyes went candy who was staring at Jasper.

“I’m here for her, can I borrow her for a few minutes?” Jasper replied.

“Sure, Candy, you can follow him if you want” Marcus said.

“Okay boss” Candy said.

Jasper took her hand and smiled at Marcus before leaving the office with her. Candy’s eyes were on him as they walked, the workers kept bowing and greeting him, raising her suspicion.

He took her to a restaurant and immediately they settled down, she began staring at him.

“I know there’s a lot of questions running through your mind, you can ask me” He said, he was expecting it the moment the workers kept bowing and greeting him respectfully.

“Who’s the president to you and how did you know him and why were the workers bowing and greeting you respectfully?” She asked the questions running through her mind.

“Marcus was my roommate in college, and about the workers greeting me, maybe it’s because we are friends” He lied.

“Were you the reason behind me getting a job there so easily?” She asked.

“No, you got employed before I met him and I came to discover he is the president of the company”.

“Have you visited him before?”.

“Yes, he introduced me to the workers as his friends. Maybe that is why the workers were giving me respect” He said, hoping she would believe his lies.

“Are you not hiding something from me? Why didn’t you tell me you know who my boss was? And the times you visited why wasn’t I aware”.

“No, I’m not hiding anything, remember you missed work five times and about me not telling you about Marcus. I thought it wasn’t important, please can we stop talking about that and eat? I’m sorry for keeping it away from you” He said and she believed him.

“I missed you” He said and she looked at him.

“Is that why you came to visit me?” She asked, feeling happy inwardly.

“Yes, are you mad at me for K!SSing you?”.

“I’m not mad” She replied, avoiding his eyes.

“But you are avoiding my eyes, look at me” He said and she looked at him.

He smiled and she smiled ” I wanna K!SS you again”.

“Pervert” She said and he laughed.

“Let’s eat” He said and she looked at him again before taking her fork. They looked at each other again before they started eating.


Anne’s eyes moved in amazement as she looked around the living room.

Does he really live here alone?

Not like she hasn’t seen beautiful places but this one was exceptional, she knows her parents are rich but this was on another level, this mansion was larger, bigger and more beautiful than their mansion.

Red was behind her, smiling as she looked around.

“You live here alone?” She asked.

“Yes, I bought the mansion when I turned 18” He replied.

“Wow!! you must be so rich” She said, admiring everything.

“You like it?” He asked.

“Yes, I wonder how many girls you have brought here” She said, slightly frowning.

He chuckled.

“You’re the first girl that has ever come here” He said and she looked back.

She saw the serious look on his face and she knew he wasn’t lying or joking about it.

“Really?” she smiled.



“Cos you are special to my heart” He replied. Her cheeks heated up instantly.

Why does he always have this effect on her with his words?

He moved closer to her and took her hands. He placed one of her hands on his chest and she could feel the loud beating of his heart. She looked him into the eyes, blinking cutely.

“What do you feel?”.

“Your heart is beating so fast” She replied.

“Do you know why it’s beating like that?” He asked, his eyes changing into an affectious one.

She shook her head innocently.

“It beats for one person and that person is you” He said.

She saw the look in his eyes and her heart started beating erratically.

Is he going to confess to her?.

“Does your heart beat whenever you are around me?” He asked gently and she took her hand to her chest.

“It does, it’s beating fast now” She replied and he smiled.

“That means one thing, we are in love with each other” He muttered and she stared deeply at him.

Well it’s not new to her, she has been in love with him but she was afraid to date a playboy again but maybe it’s time to let go of her fear and try dating again. She doesn’t know why but she feels safe when close to him, and she can testify that he stopped moving around with girls.

“I love you Anne, I love you so much” He said, his love for her radiating.

“You love me?” She asked.

“Yes” He replied.

“Please don’t break me, I will die if you break me” She said.

“I promise you with my life, I will cherish you like an egg, I will rather die than break you” He said and she smiled prettily, believing everything that came out of his mouth.

“Can I submit my application?” He asked.

“For what?”.

“For being your boyfriend!” He replied.


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