(Hold my heart)… 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️





The girls sat around the table as they ate while talking and laughing. Crystal was not feeling the vibe in the discussion but she wasn’t showing in her expression, she was forcing herself to smile but her mind wasn’t really there, she was thinking about Carl and Lucy. What if he agrees to date her? But he said he doesn’t love her right?. She should be worried but she couldn’t help but be worried about it.

“If Carl accepts Lucy we will be the only remaining single ones” Linda said and the girls laughed.

“Seriously I want them to date” Paisley said.

“They will look cute together,” Anne said.

“Why can’t you girls wait for them to start dating?” Crystal snapped and the girls gave her a confused look.

“Why are you overreacting?” Anne asked.

“Did I?.

“Yes you just did,” Linda said.

Crystal forced out a smile.

“I didn’t mean it that way, but we should wait for them to start dating, I want them to date too” Crystal smiled.

The guys walked into the cafeteria and immediately, loud screams filled the cafeteria as the girls started commenting and drooling on them.

The girls soon surrounded Red but he started shoving them away.

“I’m not in the mood girls” He said loudly and everyone gasped.

👥What side of the bed did Red woke up on today?

👥I can’t believe it, did he just say he is not in the mood

👥 The world is ending very soon

Kingsley wasn’t smiling but yet he was looking so handsome.

They settled on the same table with the girls.

“Girls,” They said.

The girls responded warmly and the guys were served.

Anne and Red’s eyes met and he winked at her, and she blushed.

Linda’s eyes were on Kingsley but she was staring secretly at him, she found him so cute that even the way he was eating slowly was fascinating to her.

“Stop staring hard at him” Paisley whispered in ears and she smiled.

“What is taking Lucy so long to come back, what happened?” Anne asked, looking at the door, she should be back by now.

“Maybe they are K!SSing now” Paisley said, demonstrating.

Kingsley’s hand tightened on his spoon and his face changed into a sullen one.

Linda saw his reaction and sighed, feeling sad.

“Are you okay?” Harrison asked, directing the question to Crystal.

“I’m fine” She smiled and he smiled back.

Some minutes later, another loud scream filled the cafeteria as Carl stepped in with a gloomy face.

The comments he was getting made him stop to look around.

👥Is he growing more handsome everyday

👥 Who’s this guy dating?

👥I don’t want to believe he is still single

👥 I don’t mind raping him

Carl’s eyes met with a girl and he winked at her.

The girl gasped joyfully and started screaming crazily.

“He winked at me! Am I dreaming?”.

Crystal frowned and started glaring at the girl.

Carl shook his head and went to join his friends.

“Hi everyone,” He said.

“What took you so long? Were you two making out?” Red asked.

“Stop asking silly questions” Carl replied and ate from Crystal’s plate. She was happy to see him but at the same time she was burning with jealousy. How dare he winked at another girl. He noticed the look she was giving him but he decided to keep quiet.

“Where’s Lucy?” Paisley asked.

“I left her, I don’t know where she’s exactly” Carl replied, slightly feeling guilty. He knows she will be somewhere now crying her eyes out.

“I’m full” Kingsley muttered and dropped his spoon.

He was tired of hearing Lucy’s name being mentioned continuously, it was breaking his heart more.

He got up and left the cafeteria.

Carl stared at him and sighed.


Henry was brought out and forced to sit before Rachel and Dylan.

Rachel was glaring murderously at him.

Arnold was brought out too and he sat beside Henry.

“Do you think you will run away forever?” Rachel asked with a dangerous Aura, it was intimidating.

Henry bent his face.

“You made me sack the wrong person, bastard” Rachel said.

“I’m sorry” Henry muttered and instantly Rachel’s hand met with his face.

“I hate that word” She yelled.

“Calm down, don’t cause a ruckus here” Dylan said.

“Why did you steal from the company when you were being paid?” Dylan asked calmly and Henry faced him.

“I needed the money to save my family, my father and my brother were dying” Henry replied.

“Why didn’t you ask for a loan?Do you know what you did was so bad, running away with the company’s funds?”.

“I knew my request wouldn’t be granted considering how heartless Rachel is,” Henry replied.


“Yeah you never care about your workers, all you ever cared about is people doing a clean job without minding their emotion, I know what I did is wrong and I am ready to pay for it” Henry said.

Rachel is so angry right now, did he just say all that about her. Is she really that heartless? Why does that sound like it’s true but it’s so hard for her to accept it.

“Arnold should be freed and you Henry.. take him back” Rachel said.

Some moments later, Rachel and Dylan walked out of the station. Arnold already left since he was released.

Rachel and Dylan entered the car and he faced her.


“What are you doing about Henry?”.

“What else? lock him up till he will pay all the money he stole” She replied.

“Seriously?” He chuckled.

“Do that dude look like someone that will be able to pay all the millions he stole, I’m not supporting what he did but think about this, he was afraid to come clean to you and asked for assistance, the money he stole was too huge for what he claimed he stole the money for. But shouldn’t you loosened up with your workers?” He replied and she looked him in the eyes.

“I’m not in the right position to say this but I feel like saying it. I don’t know the reason for you being so cold to everyone but this will keep making people distance themselves from you” He said.

His words really got to her and she hated the fact that his words were having an effect on her.

“Drive,” She said to the driver.


Leah and Dylan entered the restaurant and all the attention went to her. She’s a known figure in the country and being so famous and popular despite just coming back from Korea she’s still maintained her spot though Rachel has more fans than even with her cold face, people still tend to like her.

Murmurs from the guys and girls kept coming in, some whispering about the handsome dude with her.

👥Is she dating him

👥He is so handsome

A waiter ran to them and bowed respectfully.

“Welcome to RK restaurant, what’s your reservation miss, sir” The waiter said formally.

“A V..

“Regular please” Dylan smiled.

“Okay sir” The waiter said and led them to a table after they settled down, he brought the menu to them.

“I want everything on the fourth page, a full table” She said and Dylan gasped.

“Okay” The waiter left.

“A full table, are you expecting other people too?” He asked.

“No, just me and you handsome” She smiled.

“But it is too much that will be wasting food, we definitely can’t finish a full table” He said and she placed a finger on his lips.

“I’m not complaining,” She said.

The orders arrived, and Dylan’s eyes couldn’t stop widening. Carts of different meals kept coming till the table was full and he was beginning to get confused on which meal to eat.

“Enjoy miss, sir, you two look cute” The waiter smiled and left.

He took the fork and started tasting the meals, he settled for one and started eating.

He looked up and caught her staring at him.

“Am I not eating right?” He asked.

“You’re so cute” She smiled.

“Eat up” he said.

She resumed eating while still staring discreetly, while they chatted friendly.

Suddenly Leah dropped her fork and Dylan looked up. He saw the serious look on her face and stopped eating.

“Dylan” She called and he replied.

She took his hands on the table, and he looked at her.

“I have something to say” She said.

“What’s it?” He said cheerfully.

“I know this is so sudden but I need to let it out” She stopped and looked at him.

“I lov- ” Her statement was cut short when Rachel entered the restaurant.

The comments made Dylan look in her direction.

Rachel smiled as her eyes fell on them, she smiled and walked there.

👥 First time seeing her smile

She settled down on a chair with them.

“Twin sister” Rachel said and Leah frowned.

“Never knew you two were here” She said.

Dylan looked at her and said nothing.

“Wow! a full table”.

“What are you doing here? Are you okay upstairs today, why the long talks?.

“I’m here to eat, are we still fighting?”.

“No” Leah said and forced a smile.

Rachel looked at Dylan and took a fork then started eating.

Leah was fuming inwardly, she just disrupted her moment.


“Finally the lecture is over” Anne yawned soundly.

“About the test tomorrow, I think we should come to read together” Crystal said.

“That’s a good idea” Linda said.

Succie came out of the class and smirked then faced the girls.

“This test I will score higher than you, get ready for me” Succie said and Crystal looked at her blankly, he chuckled lowly and she chuckled again. The girls bursted into loud laughter.

“Score higher with your peanut brain?” Paisley asked mockingly.

“You can score higher in bed, not in the lecture hall” Crystal said.

“When God was sharing brains you used an umbrella” Anne said.

Succie was at the verge of crying when the insults kept coming.

Octavia and Succie glared at Linda before walking away.

“So dumb”.

“I’m worried about Lucy, she didn’t even come back to class, her number is switched off” Anne said worriedly.

“I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?”Linda said.

“Let’s check on her” Crystal said.

They were about to move a step when Red and Carl appeared.

“Where are you going?” Carl asked.

“To the hostel” Crystal replied.

“I will be waiting in the car” Carl said and she nodded.

“Anne, a minute please” Red said.

“Go on girls I will catch up with you” Anne said the girls left, including Carl too.


“Must you always be harsh?” He asked.

“When will you give me an answer?” He asked.

“I don’t know” She said.

“Okay I will be waiting, can we exchange contacts?” He asked and she looked at him.

She nodded and they exchanged contacts. He pecked her cheek and walked away. She found herself blushing as she watched him walk away. She turned and left.


The door to the room opened and the girls walked in but they halted their steps when they saw the sight in front of them.

Lucy was sitting on the floor crying.

They ran to her and squatted before her.

“Lucy” Linda called and Lucy looked up. They almost screamed, her eyes were red like hell fire, her face swollen and she scattered her hair.

The girls glanced at each other knowingly. Without anyone telling them what was wrong with her, they knew it was a result of heartbreak, Carl rejected her.

“He rejected me, he said he didn’t love me, he didn’t even feel anything for me” Lucy cried.

“Heartbreak is not the end of the world please” Anne said and hugged her.

“I know I got my own taste, I feel horrible now for rejecting Kingsley in the most rapid way, at least Carl rejected me in a calm manner, was this how he felt?”.

“It’s okay please” Crystal hugged her.

“Did he tell you he didn’t love me when you told him about me?” Lucy asked.

Crystal bit her lips hard and looked away.

“I’m sorry but I didn’t want you to feel bad, I wanted you to see it by yourself, I’m sorry, you can be angry”.

“I can’t be angry with you babe, it’s not your fault that he doesn’t love me” Lucy said.

“Stop crying at least” Linda started cleaning her tears.

After some minutes, Lucy stood up from the floor and entered the bathroom.

“Will she be fine?” Crystal asked worriedly.

“This isn’t her first time so I believe she will be fine” Anne replied.

“Carl is waiting for me, see you girls in the evening” Crystal said.

“Okay baby, hug”.

She hugged them before leaving.


She entered the car and Carl turned to her, she looked at him and looked away.

“Are you avoiding my face?” He asked.

“No, let’s go home” She said.

He felt something was odd but he waved it off, maybe Lucy told her about what happened between them. Could that be the reason?.

He started the car and drove out.

Crystal was fidgeting, it’s so complicated that her same friend is in love with him and she is also in love with him, she can’t deny it. She deeply loves him. But she doesn’t want to look like a bad person.

She kept sighing and roughing hair till they got home.

Immediately they stepped out of the car, she came down and walked in.

She climbed the stairs and started going to her room but Carl rushed after her and grabbed her hand.

“Come with me” He said and started dragging her to his room.

“What are you doing?” She asked but he said nothing till they got to his room.

He took her in and pinned her on the wall.

“What is your problem?” He asked, looking at her.

“Stop avoiding my face, look at me” He said.

She swallowed and looked at him.

“Are you feeling bad that I rejected your friend?” He asked and she said nothing.


“Why do you reject her?”.

“Cos I don’t love her” He replied.

“Why? I feel bad that you rejected her, she is hurting”.

“Then do you expect me to lie to her and accept a loveless relationship? Why are you feeling bad? Are you the cause of it?”.

He was still talking but she grabbed his face and K!SSed him deeply. She broke the K!SS herself and smiled at him.

“I’m sorry” She said.

“It’s not your fault so stop worrying about it, she will get over it, my friend Kingsley is hurting too” He said.

She suddenly frowned and hit his chest.

“How dare you winked at the girl in the cafeteria?” She asked, jealousy tinting in her voice.

“Are you jealous?” He teased.

“I’m not jealous” She replied.

“Really can you say it again?” He said and brought his face closer, trapping her there.

Crystal folded her hands as her body started reacting.


“Say that you are not jealous again”.


His breaths were doing different things to her body.

She gathered the little strength in her and pushed him away, before opening the door and running out.

He smiled as she left, then bit his lip.

“I love you princess” He said but then his conscience hit him and he became sad.


It’s been two hours since the girls have been reading, including Lucy. She can’t allow anything to stand between her and her education. They were in the library.

Actually Carl came with Crystal but he went to the boys hostel hence he was not here to read.

They were still reading when Crystal’s phone buzzed beside her.

She took the phone and saw a text message from Harrison.


She furrowed her brows, wondering why the urgency in the message, but nevertheless she stood up.

“Girls, I’m coming”.

“Where to?”.

“The school garden” She replied and rushed off.

She got to the school garden and truly Harrison was there.

“Harrison” She called and he turned with a smile on his face.

He scanned her whole body and smiled.

She walked closer.

“How do you know I’m here?”.

“Carl told me” He replied.

“Okay, I’m here, you said you have something to tell me” She said.

Harrison moved closer to her and stopped, she was uncomfortable with his closeness but she still stood there.

“I don’t know how it started but I started getting attracted to you, I found myself thinking about you, I miss you all the time, the fact that I can’t be so close to you is always killing me, I’m crazy about you” He said, his eyes turning into an affectious one.

Crystal’s heart was beating so fast as the words kept coming. Harrison is confessing to her?.

“I love you” He said.


Carl left the boy hostel and walked to the library, he got there and entered.

“Where is Crystal?” He asked.

“She went to the garden” Linda replied and he walked out.

He headed there but he had to stop at what he saw.

Harrison was holding Crystal’s hands while she looked at him.

His heart started palpitating in fear, it was shattering away just by the mere contact.

“I love you” Harrison repeated again and Carl froze.

His heart stopped beating for a minute and what she said next totally shattered his heart.

“I love you..

He didn’t know when tears started rolling down his cheeks.



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