December 5, 2023


( All I Want
Is You….)

By, Ella N.K


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I love you,baby” she said to the gun and K!SSed it again.



“Ava,where the hell are you?

“Oh Lord,where could she be. Lord, keep her safe wherever she is”

Freya and Olivia have been searching, and panicking.

They’ve searched everywhere, but Ava is nowhere to be found.

“I am so gonna deal with those girls! Olivia thundered.

“I hope she didn’t…… Ha! Could she have gone to the Dark Zone! Freya gasped as she began shaking in fear.

“She can’t possibly go there,Freya. You told her about the place, didn’t you? Olivia questions.

Freya nodded,she was in tears.

“Her phone,we should call her” Freya suggested.

Olivia did that immediately.

She dialed her number,the phone was ringing, but Ava wasn’t picking.

“Arrgh! This is crazy, so damn crazy. Where could she be,oh Lord….. Olivia sobbed.

They were Fůçƙïṅg worried about Ava.

“I’m gonna teach that Carla a lesson she’s never going to forget” Olivia said and heads back to the concert, while Freya followed behind.


“You okay? Felony asked Ava.

Her lips were still twitching in fear.

Ava wasn’t herself at that moment.

The event of everything that happened kept playing in her head.

She just cannot believe she almost got R@P£D.

Like,it was a very narrow escape for her, a very narrow and dangerous one at that.

What would have happened if Felony didn’t show up?

She would have been R@P£D in the most painful way,and would have ended up dying.

Cos that guy is a vicious person, and would have R@P£D her to death.

She kept imagining all kinds of things,that she didn’t even hear the question Felony asked.

“Have this” Felony said as she took off her jacket and handed it over to Ava.

“Wear that fast,let’s go! She ordered.

Ava did just that.

After she had worn the jacket, Felony put her gun back in her back pocket,and held Ava’s hand.

They both walked to where she parked her black Hummer.

“Get in,crybaby” she said to Ava who was still sobbing and sniffing.

Ava hiccupped and got into the car,front seat.

Immediately her ɓȕϻ touched the chair,she sighed in relief and rested her head on the chair.

Her heart still pulsating very fast.

“You hurt,sustained any injury? Felony asked.

Ava wiped the tears attempting to fall.

She had a cut on her hand,the penknife that guy used in tearing her top actually hurt her hand.

“You’re bleeding! She widened her eyes.

The blood stained the jacket she wore.

“Not to worry,we’ll get that treated” she said and ignited the engine.

Felony sped off, driving crazily like an insane person.

Ava’s heart remained hanging in the air,due to the crazy short ride to her apartment.


Olivia and Freya returned back to the dance hall.

She searched through, looking for Carla and her gang, but didn’t find.

Seems they already left,cos the show was already over, and people were leaving already.

“We’ll meet tomorrow” she mumbled.

“Wherever you are, Ava, please be safe”

“Let’s go,Freya” Olivia said.

“We are leaving? What about Ava? Freya asked.

“I believe wherever Ava is right,she’s safe. Trust me” Olivia said.

Freya swallowed hard before following her.

She doesn’t believe what Olivia said.

Where is she going to spend her night in this cold weather, where is she even going to sleep?

Freya kept questioning herself.

It was impossible for her to even close her eyes to sleep.


Felony opened the door and got in with Ava.

She turned the lights on, revealing her luxurious and big living room.

Even though Ava was in pains,she took time to admire her house.

“Money is good” she thought to herself.

She sat down,still admiring her house while Felony went to her room.

She came back with her first aid box.

“Your hand” she said to Ava as she squatted beside her.

She took out cotton wool and antiseptic.

After she was done cleaning the wound, she brought out a small bottle, NANOFLEX POWDER was written on it.

“It’s gonna hurt” she said,before applying the powder on the wound.

“Ahhh” Ava whimpered,it was peppery as hell.

“Cry baby” she sneered at Ava,after putting a bandage on it,she stood up to leave.

“Thank you” Ava looked at her and said, slowly.

The peppering has subsided a bit.

Felony didn’t answer her, but left to her room to return the box.

How she found Ava.

Felony was returning back from where she went to that night when she decided to stop at the Dark Zone.

Cos she goes there almost everyday to keep watch,due to the high rate of rapes that occur almost every night in there.

Ava is not the only person she has saved,and that guy isn’t the only rapist she has killed.

She’s a Mafia,but hates Ř@pê,or anything that looks like it.


“New on campus?” She asked when she got back.

Ava nodded.

“Humph,I see” she chuckled.

“What were you doing there at that time,that place is dangerous” she said.

Ava couldn’t say anything.

“Your name? She asked.

Felony’s questions are always short and simple.

According to her,talking too much and asking long questions is time consuming and stressing.

That’s why she doesn’t waste time,or talk much before blowing a bullet into someone’s head.

“I’m….. I’m Ava” Ava stuttered.

Felony looks too fierce and that is freaking her out. She finds it hard to even look her in the eyes.

How she shot that guy is something that is gonna be in her head for long.

“Come have your bath” she said,as she took Ava to her room to show her where the bathroom is.

She gave Ava a new towel,freshly taken out from her wardrobe.

After Ava went in,she brought out a nightie and dropped it on the bed,before returning back to the living room.

She went ahead to make hot tea for her.

Ava drank when she was done bathing, and later went to bed.


Olivia,Freya and Winnie were, still looking for Ava.

Winnie, the girl they told Ava about yesterday. She resumed school that morning.

Olivia and Freya already told her about Ava,plus what happened last night.

Winnie hates bullies, especially that Carla of a girl.

They’ve checked every other place, the class room,the laps, even the dance hall.

It was the cafe that they were yet to check.

So,they came to the cafe to check too.

It wasn’t long before Felony walked in with Ava.

🗣️ Isn’t that the popular Felony?

🗣️ She’s walking with that girl?

🗣️Are they friends or what?

🗣️ How can she be friends with that poor girl?

🗣️ My forever crush,I’m gonna faint.

The last person said it like a joke,but she actually fainted.

“Ava….!!! Freya and Olivia ran to her.

“Where were you last night? We searched everywhere for you” Freya said as they both hugged her.

“Your friends,huh? Felony asked and Ava nodded.

“Let them have whatever they want” Felony said to the cafe lady.

“See you around, and feel free to come visit” she said,about to leave when Ava gave her a tight hug.

“Thank you” she said.

Felony smiled shortly,but said nothing.

She left them and walked out.

“Holy monkey Ɓụťť! Is this the Ava you’ve been talking about? Winnie asked,as she walked around Ava, checking her out.

Olivia and Freya laughed.

“Holy monkey Ɓụťť! She’s more beautiful than I imagined” Winnie gushed.

“What just happened? Did you just come to the cafe with the popular badass Felony? Olivia asked,widening her eyes.

Ava chuckled.

“She’s the one that saved me last night” Ava replied.

“Saved you,from what? Freya and Olivia asked at the same time.

“I…I almost got R@P£D last night” she blurted.

“What…..? Their mouths were left wide opened.

After Ava explained everything to them,Winnie’s craziness arose.

“Hey,lady. Get me one bottle of Jack Daniel’s” Winnie said.

“What for? Olivia asked,curiously.

“Wanna get high, to kick some @$$” she smirked.


“Good morning, Bullet” Felony greeted when she walked in.

She’s the only one among all of them,that calls him by his name.

“Good morning, when did you get back? Bullet smiled and asked.

“Last night”

Has Codie been able to track Dagger? Felony asked.

“Not yet. Dagger is smarter than we all think,he’s the only one Codie has not been able to track”

Codie is the computer wizz,no one has seen his face,he wears shades and hoodies all through.

He’s always in his lap tracking people and giving them information whenever they are on a mission.

“We’ll get back to his case after we are done with Sniper” Bullet said.

“Gotten any information about him? Felony furrowed her brows.

“Yes,Foxfire did. He’ll be attending the big concert that is coming up next week” Bullet said.

“Sweet! Felony smirked.

“I know you didn’t attend yesterday’s classes” Felony said.

“You know me too well” Bullet chuckled.


She went into the gym to punch some bags,but met Falcon and the rest there.

“My woman is back” Falcon said,the moment he saw her.

“Fish brain” she rolled eyes at him.

He chuckled and went a bit closer to her.

“Wanna puff some smoke? He asked,handing her a stick of cigarette.

“I don’t smoke,so Fůçƙ off” she said.

“Fůçƙ! Even your cold attitude turns me on” Falcon said,stup!dly.

Felony took out her gun from her back pocket and fired at his leg,twice.

“What the Fůçƙ!! Everyone exclaimed.

Luckily for Falcon, he was quick to dodge. So,the bullets didn’t touch him.

“You won’t be lucky next time” she smiled sinisterly and continued punching the bag.


“You just won’t learn your lesson. Stay away from her or she’s gonna waste your life” T-Bone said.

“Even if I die,at least I died for love” Falcon replied.

T-Bone shook his head and went back to lifting his dumbbells.


A match between Strikers and the Eagles was going on.

Jaxon’s team and the other team were on the field already playing football, while some girls kept cheering for them.

Carla and her gang were the cheerleaders.

Winnie sighted them,and went straight to where they were.

She stood right in front of Carla,with her bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

“You know I hate bullies, and I hate you even more” she said to Carla.

“Out of my sight, crazy Ɓîtçh” Carla said.

“Did she just call me a crazy Ɓîtçh? Winnie asked no one in particular.

“Actually, my middle name is crazy. But only my friends are allowed to call me that.

“And you not being my friend” she said,and walked behind Carla.

“You’re gonna get your @$$ kicked” she said and kicked Carla’s Ɓụťť.

Carla fell to the ground.

She went to her and held her hair,dragging her on the ground like a baby.

“Let go of me,you maniac! Carla said.

“I will, when I’m done with you” she said and sat on her.

“Did you smoke a monkey’s Ɓụťť? That made you hurt that princess over there.

“Holy monkey Ɓụťť! Even her nails are finer than your ugly face” she said and took a sip from the alcohol.

“You fools! Aren’t you gonna do something to save me? She said to her friends.

People were gathered already, laughing and enjoying the scene.

Some were even making videos and taking pictures.

“Anyone who wants to join her ancestors should come close to me. I will break your bones and crush them into powder” she threatened and sat well,crossing her leg.

Olivia, Ava,Freya,and even the crowd almost died of laugher.

“Help me,you fools! Carla said,unable to breathe well.

“Now,say I am sorry twenty times,to Ava” she ordered.

“That is never gonna hap….Winnie didn’t allow her to finish.

She raised her Ɓụťť and sat on her mouth.

“I’m so…..she slowly started saying it.

Winnie left her mouth and sat back on her body.

Carla said the I’M SORRY twenty times,inhaling deeply.

“Good girl” Winnie said and farted on her face,before taking another sib.

“Ewww,did you just fart on me? Carla said, trying to cover her nose.

“Shut the Fůçƙ,monkey brain. And enjoy the sweet scents”

“My fart
smells better than your breath” said and slapped her mouth.

The whole crowd roared with laugher.


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