December 5, 2023


(All I Want Is You…)


By,Ella N.


“Whitney,wait!” Rose screamed as she cries even louder.

“I don’t deserve to be forgiven. All these happened because of me,if only I stayed,she wouldn’t have gone to live with him.

“Whitney became a mother at the age of twelve all because of my stupidity.

“Nooo! My baby” Rose slumped down.

The more she thinks about it,the the louder the cry.

“Mom,stop it please” Ava cried out.

Colton who has been pacing around, confused on what to do,squatted and hugged Rose.

“This isn’t the time to blame oneself. All we need to do right now,is justice for our daughter.

“Noo! Let me be,Colton. I am a terrible and bad mother, it’s my fault.

“It’s my fault she went through all those pains.

“Beaten, R@P£D,she went through child labor even when her body has not fully developed to withstand such pains.

“My baby suffered in the hands of that monster because of me, and you said I shouldn’t blame myself.

“I am a terrible mother,I don’t deserve forgiveness.

“Let her keep being mad at me,if that would be the price I will pay for my stupidly and carelessness, then let it be so” Rose cried.

“Mom! Stop saying that,I don’t want you to fall sick again, please. Dad,please stop her” Ava cried as she hugs her dad.

“I’ll try,princess. But she isn’t gonna listen” Colton replied, patting Ava’s back soothingly.

Ava broke away and ran outside to check if Felony is still around, but her car was gone.

“Oh Lord, I hope she’s alright wherever she is.

“Noo! Big sis….” Ava screamed when a thought ran through her mind.

“What if she thinks of committing suicide? No! Her sister is the strongest person she has ever come across with.

Nevertheless, she started calling her, continuously.

Her phone was ringing, but she wasn’t picking.

Ava’s cries increased when she called, and her phone suddenly went off.

She switched it off instantly.

“My daughter is a gangster all because of me” Rose whimpered.

“Sweetheart,it’s okay please. Consider your condition,let’s solve the problem we have at hand,please.

“I don’t want your heart problem to start,enough of the blames and cries” Colton said,and tried to raise her off the ground,but she refused.

“Mom…Dad….Felony refused to pick my calls,and now she switched off her phone” Ava ran back inside,crying.

“Felony? Who’s Felony?” Colton and Rose asked.

“It’s Whitney…Felony is her nickname” Ava replied.

“Why did she choose to bear a crime as a name?” Colton asked aloud.

“Isn’t it obvious,gosh dad!

“My sister is not alright,we have to do something. She switched off her phone,Mom and Dad” Ava cried.

She took her phone and dialled Bullet,she explained everything to him.

Bullet assured her that she’s fine,and won’t try to do anything stupid.

That kind of calmed Ava down,but she was still worried about her sister and her whereabout.

“I love you,big sis. Please don’t do anything stupid.

“I love you,and I don’t want to lose you” Ava said lowly.



“What’s up,baby? What did Lord Bullet ask you to do” T-Bone asked Foxfire as she walked into their room.

Foxfire and T-Bone share the same room,they’re actually dating.

“He assigned me a job, to always keep an eye on his girlfriend”She replied.

Foxfire is also the one who found out about Rose being in the hospital,that was how Bullet knew about it and paid the bills.

Cos after he called Ava severally that day,and she didn’t pick,he became worried.

So,he sent Foxfire to go find out,since he was kind of busy that day.

Foxfire is actually the way who gets info for him.

“That’s a big job” T-Bone replied.

“I know,right?” I saw Felony drive into her apartment crazily,and I think she was crying or something” Foxfire said.

“Felony was crying?” T-Bone widened eyes.

“Seriously,I was surprised myself. I’ve never seen her cry before” she replied.

“That’s shocking,I wonder what could be the problem.

“I hope she’s alright,but why didn’t you check up on her. I thought you both are friends” T-Bone said.

“I did,baby. But she refused to open the door,and I even tried calling but she wasn’t picking” Foxfire sighed.

“Fůçƙ!” T-Bone cursed.

Even though she and Foxfire are friends,she never said anything to her. They aren’t really that close after all.

Bullet is actually the only best friend she has,and also the only person who knew about her past.


“Pass me the remote,baby” Olivia said to Winnie who was holding the remote.

She was watching music,and twerking along with the dancers.

“So that what can happen” She stopped dancing,and asked Olivia.

“I want to change the channel,jeez! I’m tired of watching this” Olivia rolled eyes.

“When last did you go to the hospital for an eye wash?” Winnie asked,funnily.

“What do I need an eye wash for?” Olivia asked,confusedly.

“Because you can’t see that Winnie is watching music and twerking along” Winnie said,and started twerking for Olivia.

“Get this skeletal body out of my face,I don’t want to have a nightmare” Olivia said and slapped her @$$s.

“Ouch! That must have hurt really bad” Freya jibed.

She has been watching and laughing at them.

“Shut up before I kick your Ɓụťť too” Winnie said to Freya,rubbing her @$$s.

“Aww,sorry baby. Did that hurt?” Olivia mocked.

Winnie picked a pillow and threw it at her.

Olivia laughed and stuck her tongue at Winnie.

“See,you better allow Lynx to press that area well so it can start shaking,cos it doesn’t shake at all,jeez!

“Let him press it well,trust me,it’d start feeling like a freshly baked bread” she mocked.

“Ouch! Another bomb” Harper laughed.

“That’s what Archie does to you,right?” Winnie raised a brow.

“No,baby. Mine shakes with ease,I don’t need to force it” Olivia said.

She stood up and started shaking it effortlessly,twerking and whining.

“Where was I when God was sharing big @$$es?” she asked herself,as she admires Olivia’s big ɓȕϻ.

“You were kicking monkey’s Ɓụťť,baby” Freya said it out loud.

“Shut up,Single Pringle” Winnie said to Freya,and they all bursted out laughing.

“I don’t think she’s still a Single Pringle” Olivia said.

“Ooh…she has a boyfriend now?” Winnie smirked.

“Yea,Jaxon” Olivia smirked.

“Tap water. I don’t remember telling you Jaxon and I are dating” Freya rolled eyes.

“So what were you doing with him outside the other day,at the hospital.

“It was just a coincident,basket mouth” Freya jibed.

“Basket mouth” Winnie repeated it,and everyone started laughing.

“That’s the perfect name for her. Even a parrot doesn’t talk that much like Olivia does” Winnie mocked.

“But Freya,what’s up with you and him? Tell mama the truth” Winnie said,acting as a mom and making everyone to laugh.

“Nothing is up with me and him,jeez! You girls are unbearable!” Freya screamed.

“We do that for a living” Harper said.

“Oh,you’ve joined cult too,huh?” Freya said,and they all started laughing.

“Well,I used to have a crush on him,even before Ava came.

But I later realized he was falling for Ava,so…

“So you stopped crushing him” Harper said.

“Naa….I still like him,and I can’t hide it” Freya giggled.

“Awww” they all gushed.

“I hope he likes you too,baby” Olivia said.

“The only Single Pringles we have here now is tomboy and @$$s queen.

“Cos Olivia doesn’t even know if it’s Archie or Leo she wants.

“She’s as confused as an Israelite in the Wilderness” Winnie mocked Olivia.

“Ouch! The atomic bomb penetrated too deep,Winnie” Harper and Freya laughed.

“I will k!ll you with my bare hands,then arrest and take myself to the police station” Olivia said.

She picked the remote and threw it at Winnie.

They all laughed out loud.

“So,tomboy. Who is and where’s your own boyfriend?” Winnie turned to Harper and asked.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,crazy Winnie” Harper laughed.

“Better get one,cos we’ll oppress you until you run and leave this Bristol” Winnie said,and they all laughed.

They kept silent for a while,watching the TV.

“We are visiting Ava tomorrow,right?” Olivia asked.

“Yess! I miss her so much” Freya screamed.

“We sure miss her too” Winnie said.


“You’re d£ad,Jerry Adams” she chuckled senselessly as she smoked more,with tears running down her cheeks.

She threw the stick of cigarette she was smoking on the ground,smatched and put out the fire with her leg.

She took out another stick,and put it between her lips,but didn’t lighten it this time.

She then stood up and went to her,opened it and brought out weapons.

Her second gun,a newly bought knife,a whip with thorns,a padlock and a

After she was done picking them up,she left,still with the stick of cigarette on on her lips.

Driving insanely and speedily as usual.


Felony entered the mansion with no one opening the large gate for her.

How she managed to enter still baffles the guards,cos the gate only opens with a remote.

This is actually Jerry’s second mansion. He ran and came to stay here after Freya ran away.

Cos he thought Freya would report him to the police,now that she escaped.

The mansion is in an outskirt of the city,only his guards know it.

But definitely not Felony,cos she’s been tracking him all the while.

That was why she told Ava not to worry,that he can run but cannot hide.

They started attacking her immediately,but Felony is really ready for them.

She fought all of them,shooting and twisting their necks as they all d!ed instantly.

She’s so angry that,fighting and k!lling was like a piece of cake to her.

She was k!lling them silently,so silent that she’d grab a guard to herself and put a bullet in his stomach or mouth with little to no sound. Actually a silent gun

“Who the Fůçƙ are you” the last guy asked,and made to punch her.

“The devil’s ex sugar girlfriend”She shot him before saying the last word.

She kicked him out of the way and went in,straight to Jerry’s room where found him sitting on the bed.

He just had his bath and was preparing to wear his nightie.

Felony smirked as soon as their eyes made contact.

“Who are you,and what the hell are you doing here?” he asked,impatiently waiting for an answer.

“I am here to satisfy you” Felony smirked,the stick of cigarrette still in her lips.

“I don’t Fůçƙ old and wide p*ssies,so get out of my room” he shouted.

“Are you sure you don’t want me?” Felony laughed mockingly.

“Guards!” he shouted,but Felony laughed hard like a crazy person.

“No one’s around,Jerry. It’s just you and me” Felony walked closer to him.

“What th….! Who the hell are you” he asked again.

“So you mean you don’t remember me?” Felony asked.

She took out her lighter and lightened the cigar,and started smoking again.

“You really can’t remember princess!?” she said,and slapped him with the back of her hand.

Blood spurted out instantly,followed by a tooth.

Princess was always the name he called her,especially when he wants to Ř@pê her.

That’s why she hates being called princess,by her dad.

“You don’t remember Whitney Brooks,your s£x toy?” She said,and slapped him again.

“W…Whitney?” He stuttered, as he suddenly remembers….his heart beating faster than the flapping of a humming bird’s wings.

He was sweating already, even with the cold air condition on.

“Shut the Fůçƙ! You’re forbidden from calling that name” she punch his mouth,making him lose two of his incisors.

He spat out the blood and teeth,and instantly went on his knees.

“I’ve been looking for you all these years to say sorry for everything I did,but I never found you” he said,and Felony laughed out loud.

“Are you serious?! What a coincidence, I had been waiting for that apology along time ago,but you never came” she mocked.

She grabbed his neck in the most d£adliest way,crazily choking him.

“You want forgiveness?” She laughed and threw him on the ground, and he started coughing out blood.

“Please” he begged, Felony laughed. She just finds everything he says,funny.

“I will forgive you,but only if you can bring back my innocence, you can take back the pains I went through, you…..

She kicked his face,heavily sending him to the ground.

She walked close to him and pinned him down with her boots.

“You see this tattoo here? I got it for a reason, it is Fůçƙing here to remind me of you,remind me of what you did to me…to make me yearn for revenge” she laughed and started circling him.

She brought out the whip and started flogging the life out of him,with the thorns piercing real deep into his skin.

When she whips him,his flesh follows the the thorns as she removes it from his body.

“I became a mother when I was too young to even take care of my own self ” she cried as she whips him more.

“I cried and begged you every Fůçƙing day….I aborted countless times…you beat me up countless times, even with my pleas and cries… You never stopped” Felony cried more.

The more she cried,the harder and hellish, the torture.

Jerry’s whole body was filled with blood and wounds from the whip with thorns.

She dropped the whip,and brought out the chain and padlock.

She striped him off,leaving him completely Ɲ@kēɗ,with his Ďïčk and balls dangling like a church’s bell. She then chained him up on a chair and padlocked it.

Took out the knife and smiled viciously.

“Do you want it diced or sliced?” She asked,mockingly.

“Please,forgive me” he begged, weakly.

“Naa…To err is Devine, but to forgive is human” she said it the other way round, mockingly.

She grabbed his balls and cut them off,heartlessly.

“AHHHHHH!” He screamed his lungs out as he started writhing on the chair.

Blood splattered everywhere.

“Fůçƙ! Was it too hellish?” She satirically asked,laughing.

“I’ll make the next one less painful, I promise” she said and started poking his skin with the knife.

“AHHH! Just…Just k!ll me once and for all,please” Jerry begged for d£ath, but Felony wasn’t ready yet.

She continued to poke him with it until she was satisfied.

Jerry felt his life leaving him slowly.

“I was humiliated, called a $lüt even though they knew I was only a child yet,the world hated me.

“You know,I have a child for you…a very beautiful and cute one at that” she smiled.

“But do you know the hell I went through before I bore her, the complications I had,because my body wasn’t matured enough to bear a child?

“I cried my life out,begged d£ath to come take me during child labor,but it never came.

“I thought you’d change after I ran away, but no,you continued with Freya.

“You heartless beast!” She cried and started chopping off his Ďïčk like she’s chopping carrots.

She chopped it off till he was left with no Ďïčk.

Jerry screamed until he lost his breath. He instantly went limb when Felony cut the last part.

She threw the knife away and started crying even harder, staggering out of the room like a drunk.

She stopped half way and turned,bringing out her gun.

“Say me hi to the devil, my ex sugar daddy” she cried and shot him countlessly.

She started crying and staggering again,heading out.

“I hate you!!! I hate everything about you! I hate you!!” She slumped down,as soon as she got out of the gate.

She stayed on the ground for as long as she can remember, until she felt a hand on her body.

She quickly hugged him tight,it was dark and she couldn’t see him well.

Plus,her tears were getting in the way too.

“Cry it out…just let it out the way you feel” he said,patting her back soothingly.


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