December 5, 2023


( All I Want Is You…)


By,Ella N.



Felony shot in the air.

Falcon raised his hand up high in surrender,but he was actually laughing like a crazy person,making her get angry.

“This looks like a joke to you,huh?” she asked,and wanted to punch him.

“No,please. Sorry I’m laughing,Felony,but I am very serious with what I said” Falcon said,now being serious.

“Are you crazy?” Felony glared.

“I am crazy,Fe. Crazy because of you” Falcon replied.

“Stop talking $h|t,and leave!” Felony said.

She put the gun back and sat down,operating her phone again.

“Felony,please just give me a chance,you….

“Leave!” Felony thundered aloud.

“So,why didn’t you shoot me,huh? Tell me why you shot in the air instead.

“I love you Felony,I am crazily in love with you,and you know it.

“For how long am I gonna wait,or beg you,or try to show you how much I love you?

“Please,just tell me you don’t love me and I promise to stop bothering you.

“Just open your mouth and say it,say it that you don’t have any feelings for me” Falcon went close to her and said.

Felony looked at him,and said nothing.

Just staring at him without knowing what to say.

“Please” Falcon pleaded.

She closed her eyes and whizzed heavily.

She was about talking when Ava walked in,she heard everything Falcon said.

“Brother in-law, you’re still here? Has my sister given you anything to take?” Ava intentionally said,and smiled cutely at Falcon.

“She hasn’t,your sister is too stubborn” Falcon said,turning to look at Felony who has been glaring.

“I will k!ll you” She whispered,and Falcon chuckled.

“Gosh,that’s not how to treat your boyfriend,big sis” Ava said.

“What would you like to take,brother in-law?” she asked.

“Water would do,sister in-law” Falcon winked at Ava who started giggling.

“I will throw you both out!” Felony shouted.

“Before you do that,let me get my brother in-law water to drink” Ava said.

“Please,use her glass cup,it’d be sweeter with it” Falcon winked.

“Like you are in my mind,that’s exactly what I was gonna do” Ava replied.

Felony was hotly fuming inside.

Ava left to get the water while Felony and Falcon were left alone.

“Are you crazy?” Felony stood and asked.

“This is like the fifth time you’ve asked me that,and I said I am crazy because of you” Falcon chuckled.

“Get the Fůçƙ out of my house” Felony shouted.

“My water…

“Fůçƙ off!” she thundered.

“I know you have a thing for me,but I don’t know why you don’t want to admit it.

“But nevertheless,I will keep waiting for you” Falcon said and left.

Immediately he left,Felony ruffled her hair crazily,and almost started crying,but she controlled herself.

Ava came back with the water but didn’t find him.

“Where’s he?” she asked.

“Gone” Felony simply said.

“Aww” she said,and dropped the glass of water on the table,then went to sit with Felony.

“Sis,why are you being hard on him?” Ava asked.

Felony sighed.

“Nothing” she said.

“Are you sure? Cos I’m guessing you have feelings for him” Ava said.

“Wait,you know he’s not my boyfriend?” she asked,ignoring Ava’s question.

“Yep” Ava replied.

“Then why were you calling him brother in-law?”she rolled eyes.

“I was just playing along. But sis,I think he loves you” Ava said.

“Stop talking $h|t” Felony replied,and Ava giggled.

She looked at her tattoo that was visibly showing,cos she wore an armless top.

“I’d love to have your kind of tattoo,big sis” Ava said.

When Felony heard Ava say that,she looked at the tattoo and a bitter feeling envoloped her heart.

“I have it for a reason,it’s not for fancy” Felony replied.

“What reason?” Ava asked keenly.

Felony breathed in and out heavily.

“I was R@P£D,and I have a daughter also” she blurted out.

Ava’s eyes widened,and rolled to the back of her head. She wasn’t expecting that kind of a bomb.



Margaret didn’t go to work today,she working from home.

She has a slide headache,so she decided to stay home and rest,though she’s not actually resting.

“I thought I’m supposed to be resting” she said as she yawns.

She typed some more words on the computer before shutting it down.

“Too much work won’t be the end of me” she yawned again.

She dropped her phone,then took the laptop to go drop it in the right place. Cos she was seated on the bed while doing the work.

She dropped it,and returned to the bed to lie down,but her phone started ringing instantly.

She swiped green and placed it on her ear. It’s an unknown number,so she was waiting for the caller to speak first.

~Sweetheart ~

Came the voice,and she started sweating immediately after recognizing the voice.

She has blocked all his numbers,and even changed her phone number,but he still got the new phone number.

“How….did you get m…my new phone number” she stuttered.

“I always have my ways” he replied.

“What do you want from me,you pest!” she yelled.

“I want my son” he answered.

“Why are you bent on ruining my marriage,huh? Why can’t you let it be the way we agreed on it, years ago?” Margaret asked.

“Javon wants to know his twin brother,and mom” he said.

“I am not letting you ruin my marriage for me” Margaret said.

“I only want my son,not ruining your marriage” he replied.

“Can you even hear yourself out,how is taking Jaxon not going to ruin my marriage?” she asked,and scattered her hair all over her face.

“That’s your problem,not mine.

“I want my son,tell Calton about our secret,or I do it my way” he threatened.

“Please,don’t….hello…are you there?” she asked,but he already hung up.

“$h|t! Damn it!…oh,God! How do I even start it,how am I going to tell Calton that Jaxon is not his and Jaxon finding out he’s a twin.

“Jeez! I’m doomed” Margaret said as she paces around.

“We had an agreement,but now you’ve decided to ruin my marriage.

“You’re wicked!” she slumped on the ground and started crying.


Ava is still shocked at what Felony told her,though she didn’t say anything else aside that.

She misses Bullet a lot,and that’s why she’s here.

Though,Bullet said he was going to visit them instead,but she was missing him too much to wait.

“I just thought about you this instance,and here you are” Bullet smiled.

He hugged Ava,and even carried her up like a baby,while she rapped her hands around his neck as they started K!SSing immediately.

“Why didn’t you wait for me to come see you? You stressed yourself coming here” Bullet said as he broke away from the K!SS,but still carrying Ava and staring deep into her eyes.

He was being careful though,to not hurt her gun injury.

“I was missing you too much,Desire. And you were taking too long to come.

“Besides,our apartment isn’t far from yours,so duh” Ava said.

Bullet chuckled and poked her nose.

Ava giggled,and stayed well in his arms.

They stood in the same position while Bullet kept staring at her face,and smiling.

“What? Sleepy eyes” Ava said,referring to his beautiful sleepy eyes.

“You’re beautiful,charming eyes” Bullet replied.

“You say that everytime,handsome” Ava giggled.

“I know,queen of my heart” Bullet chuckled.

Ava giggled and pecked him.

“Open your mouth a bit” Bullet said.


“Just open up,Apple. A bit” he added.

Ava did,and he slid in his tongue,K!SSing,thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth,and wetting her lips with his saliva as their lips make slurping sounds.

“Mmmm” Ava Mõ@ɲed inwardly as Bullet left her lips and started K!SSing and Ṣūçƙing on her neck,tenderly. Leaving hickeys on it.

He returned back to her lips,K!SSing the hell out of her body.

They broke away to catch their breathes.

Ava licked the saliva on her lips,and swallowed it,while Bullet did same.

“That was crazy” She said.

“I know,you love crazy,right?” Bullet asked.

“Definitely” she replied,Bullet chuckled and put her down.

She held his bandaged wrist,stared at it,then K!SSed it.

“Why did you hurt yourself like this because of me?” Ava raised a brow.

“That’s how much I love you,Apple. I can even k!ll myself if you get hurt or anything bad happens to you” Bullet said,caressing her face affectionately.

“I love you too,baby. But don’t hurt yourself next time,okay?” Ava hugged him tight.

“I’ll try”He said and squatted.

He raised Ava’s top,revealing her surged area.

“Sorry,baby”He said as he caressed and K!SSed it.

“Thanks,baby”Ava replied,running her fingers in his hair.

“How’s your sister?”He asked as they both sat on the sofa,with Ava resting her head on his shoulders.

“She’s pretty good. But she told me something that still shocks me.

“What’s that?”Bullet asked curiously.

“She said she has a daughter,and she was once a victim of Ř@pê” Ava said,feeling bad for her sister.

“Oh,she has told you about it.

“Yea,but she didn’t say anything else apart from that. Wait,you know about it?” Ava widened her eyes when it finally occured to her that Bullet knows about it.

“Yea,I know about it”He replied.

“Seriously? Why did she choose to keep it away from me,from our parents?” Ava asked.

“I don’t know,baby. But I guess she’s ready to tell you guys now” Bullet said.

“But she didn’t say anything else.

“She’s gonna say it,now that she has told you about it,I think she’s ready” Bullet said.

“I just feel bad for my sister”Ava sighed.

“She’s fine,trust me”Bullet said.

Ava managed to smile and snuggled up with him.

“What’s your real name,Desire? I can’t believe I don’t know my boyfriend’s real name,shame on me” Ava joked.

“A big shame on you” Bullet chuckled.

“Well,my real name’s is Javon” he said.

“Awww,such a beautiful name for a handsome guy” Ava said,caressing his wrist.

“Thanks,baby. And I also learned I’m a twin” he blurted out.

“What?! You’re a twin? Why is everyone shocking me today,and how come I don’t know about this?” Ava asked simultaneously.

“Calm down,Apple. I don’t even know who my twin brother is” Bullet said.

“What are you saying?” Ava creased her brows.

“My dad told me I’m a twin just some days ago” Bullet replied.

“Jeez! This is so shocking. But I can’t wait to meet your twin though” Ava excitedly said.

“Neither can I” Bullet smiled.


Felony halted the car,and parked at the garage before she and Ava got out.

“Are you okay?” Ava asked,concerned.

“I am fine” she answered shortly.

“C’mon,let’s go. Or should I carry you?” she said to Ava who said yes and started chuckling.

“Big baby,I’m not carrying you” She said,Ava laughed.

They both went in,and met their parents in the sitting room.

“Mom,dad…” Ava excitedly called as she briskly walked to hug them.

“Gosh! I missed you both like crazy” Ava said,hugging them.

“Hi mom,dad….good evening” Felony greeted.

“How are you my babies?” Rose asked.


“Fine,thank you” Felony answered.

“No hug?” Rose asked Felony.

“Only babies give hugs” Felony said.

“So,you’re indirectly calling me a baby. Mom,dad….big sis is bullying me on a low key” Ava said,and everyone started laughing.

“How’s school,hope they aren’t stressing you guys much” Colton asked.

“Not much,dad. But they are” Ava answered.

“I’ll sue them all” Colton joked and they laughed again.

Their food,steak and kidney pie, was served already before they even came.

They decided to come visit since their parents won’t stop bugging them.

Everybody sat down,and Rose started dishing out the food for everyone.

They were eating,talking and laughing. Ignoring table manners,but Felony wasn’t really eating. Ava noticed it and became worried.

They were half way gone with it when Felony spoke.

“Mom…dad…” She took a deep breath.

“I have a daughter” She blurted out.

Rose’s spoon fell off her hand, Colton choked on his water,and Ava… She wasn’t shocked.

“What!!?” Rose and Colton asked at a time.

“How…princess?…. Are you kidding us right now?” Colton asked.

“I am not,I have a daughter and her name’s Royalty Adams-Brooks” Felony said.

“Adams? You mean Jerry Adams,my friend?” Colton’s eyes widened.

“Yes,dad” Felony started shedding tears..

“What the heck! How…when..where” Colton didn’t know which to ask first.


After Rose left Colton with Whitney,things went from bad to worse.

Colton kept struggling and struggling, making sure Whitney is alright, and living healthy.

Things weren’t easy for him,but he was trying his best.

He finally secured a job,and things got better.

While working under someone, he was building himself too and planning to own his own company.

Not until he was frame of drug trafficking. By then,Whitney was eight years already.

He was arrested and jailed for years.

So,he sent Whitney to go live with his friend(Jerry Adams) who offered to help.

Everything was going well,until Whitney grew older and Jerry started finding her attractive and sexy.

She was only 11 then,when he started raping her.

Even with pleas, he doesn’t listen. He’d beat her up,and force himself on her if she refuses, and threatens to k!ll her if she tells anyone.

At age twelve,she started seeing her menses, but Jerry didn’t care.

He kept raping her,and giving her pills to take to avoid getting pregnant. When he finds out she’s pregnant, he’d beat her until she loses the pregnancy.

That’s how it continued until Whitney decided to run away. She was pregnant again, and didn’t want to take anymore pills,nor k!ll her child.

She wanted to keep it,even though she has no idea what she’s doing, nor has anyone to turn to.

She ran away with the pregnancy still twelve years old. Obviously too young to bear a child,though she looked way older than her age.

She was humiliated and called names… But she didn’t listen to anyone,all she wanted was to keep her child.

It was then,Bullet came into the picture.

It was Bullet who helped her. He got her a place to stay. Since his father is a rich man,he had the money also.

She stayed there until she gave birth, and took the baby to the orphanage, where they could take care of her better than she can.

It wasn’t easy at her young age…she had a lot of complications,and went through hell,so much pains before she bore the baby.

Whitney joined the Mafia at age 16…but no one knew her real age cos she looked older than an 18 years old.

She hated men and despise them so much,and swore to take revenge on Jerry.

Jerry is the reason she became so cold,and heartless. Her coldness worsens,each time she remembers her past.

She started building her father’s company, where he stopped from,with the help of Bullet,and was doing great.

She is actually the reason her dad is the richest man in England.

Colton finished serving his jail terms, came back and continued from where her daughter has reached.

But she never told him about anything that happened while he was in jail.


Roe’s tears could fill up a bucket as Felony told them everything.

“Now I see why you’re mad at me,my baby. All these wouldn’t have happened if I stayed with you while your father was in jail” Rose cried.

Ava was crying as well,and Colton was fuming with rage.

“Why did you choose to keep quiet,why didn’t you tell me,princess?” Colton asked.

“Cos you won’t handle him the way I want it” Felony replied.

“What do you mean by that?” Colton asked.

Felony chuckled viciously.

“I’m a Mafia,dad” she smiled, sinisterly.

“A what?” They asked st the same time.

But Felony already left the house.

She drove back the her apartment,crying.

She was insanely driving like a senseless person.

When she got home, she took out a pack of cigarette,a lighter and alcohol.

She lightened up the cigarette, smoking and drinking crazily. Her eyes have already turned red, and she has smoked like five already.

“You’re d£ad,Jerry Adams” she chuckled senselessly and smoked more as tears rolled down her cheeks.


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