December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You…)


By, Ella N.


“K!SS me,Desire” she smiled and said.

“Seriously,baby. Were you dreaming about the K!SS while still in coma?” Bullet joked.

Ava giggled.

“Come here” She said to Bullet, and he went closer.

“All I was dreaming of while in coma was your lips,I wanted to K!SS them so badly, but I couldn’t and that made me cry” Ava whispered.

Bullet bursted out laughing, while everyone kept looking at them, like…

“Oppression” Freya said, and everyone started laughing, except for Jaxon who only forced a smile.

Bullet K!SSed her softly on the lips and broke away.

Jaxon couldn’t stand it,so he left the ward and went outside.

“Satisfied now?” Bullet asked.

“I want more” she whispered, and Bullet bursted out laughing.

“Baby sis,you got me..all of us so worried” Felony as she stares at her sister.

“I am sorry, big sis” Ava apologized.

“Shhh…you don’t have to be sorry about anything, we should be the one to be sorry.

“I am happy you’re back,kiddo. That’s what matters to me” Felony said.

“I love you,big sis” Ava said,and tried to get up so she can hug her.

“Hey….big tigress, don’t hurt yourself” Bullet said,and Ava giggled.

Felony got up,and hugged her instead.

“I love you more,crybaby” Felony said,and everyone started laughing.

Ava pouted.

“You’ll always be my crybaby,don’t forget that” Felony winked, and Ava laughed.

Felony then left to go get the doctor .

“We’re so very happy you’re back,baby” winnie said,and hugged her.

Everyone took turns to hug her.

“Thanks, babies. And like I’ve always said,you’re my best friends forever. I love you guys so much” Ava smiled cutely.

“We love you more,baby” they said.

“So,what about me,Apple?” Bullet asked,jealously.

Ava giggled,and signaled him to bend low.

Bullet bent to her level to listen to what she has to say.

“I love you as much as you love Ṣūçƙing my Ɓø0ɓs” Ava whispered naughtily.

“Fůçƙ!” Bullet cursed, bit his lips and started laughing.

“And I badly miss Ṣūçƙing and bitting those pink babies” Bullet whispered back,naughtily.

They both laughed.

Winnie and co were just staring at the two love birds.

“Aww,don’t they look cute together?” Olivia said.

“I feel oppressed” Winnie said,sniffling,and pretending to wipe away tears in her eyes.

“Crazy girl,you have Lynx. Stop making Freya feel like a Single Pringle” Olivia said,and they all bursted out laughing.

Felony came in with the doctor that moment.

She smiled and went close to Ava,who was also smiling adorably.

“You’re such a strong girl to have survived this” The doctor said.

She said so,cos Ava was almost gone when Bullet brought her to the hospital.

If Bullet had wasted anymore time in bringing her,she would have d!ed.

She lost a lot of blood,and that’s what contributed most.

“Thank you,doctor” Ava smiled.

“You’re welcome,sweetie. I am happy you’re all hale and hearty.

“You know,even I the doctor,was really scared when you were brought in here. But I am glad we were able to do our work well” Doctor Liz said.

“Seriously,doctor. Thank you for saving my sister’s life.

“I don’t know what I would have told my parents happened to her” Felony said.

Doctor Liz smiled,satisfactorily and removed some of the equipments that were on Ava’s body,the ones that helped her fight for her life while still in coma.

They did a surgery on the part she was shot(her ribs)before taking out the bullets. So,it still has bandages on,which Ava finds uncomfortable.

The area was healing really fast while she was still in coma,even faster than the doctor expected.

“I need to get up,please. I’m tired of lying down” Ava said.

Felony and Bullet helped her up,she stood on her feet and smiled like a baby.

“Good,now let’s go home. I don’t want to stay here again” Ava said,and everyone started laughing.

“Calm down,Ava. You can’t go home today,you’ll be discharged tomorrow,I promise” doctor Liz said.

“Aww,but I’m okay already” Ava pouted.

“I know,but you still have to be under my supervision till tomorrow,please” Doctor Liz said.

“But doctor,is it necessary she stays?” Felony asked.

“It is,you’ll all go home tomorrow” the Doctor smiled.

“Okay,I will stay,as long as I have Desire with me” Ava said.

She hugged Bullet,resting her head on his chest and clinging tightly to his body.

“I’m always here for you,baby” Bullet said, K!SSed her hair,and started stroking it.

“Just wait till I separate you both” Felony said,and everyone started laughing.

“No way! You can’t,cos we’re inseparable” Ava replied,and clung to Bullet more.

“We’ll see about that” Felony smirked,and they started laughing again.

“They are really meant for each other,just get over her,Jaxon” Archie muttered to himself.


Freya left the ward to come take some air. The ward was smelling of drugs too much,and she hates the smell.

When she came out,she met Jaxon in his car,just sitting and operating his phone.

Freya sighted him,and went straight to where he is.

“Hey,Jaxon. What are you doing outside,are you okay?” Freya asked when she went to him.

“I am fine,Freya. What are you doing outside?” Jaxon asked too.

“I just came out to take some air,the ward smells too much,makes me want to puke” Freya said.

“I know,right?” Jaxon said.

“Yea,but that wasn’t why you left the ward,right?” She asked.

Jaxon sighed,and said nothing.

“Is it about Ava?” Freya asked.

“Maybe” Jaxon simply said.

“Aww,I know how you feel,Jaxon. But Ava is with someone else,and she’s happy with him.

“Just try and get over it,and be happy for her. You’ll find someone who will love you as much as you love her” Freya tries to advise him.

“You’re a handsome guy,yunno. So chill.” she added,trying to make him smile,at least.

Jaxon looked at her,and smiled indeed.

Freya smiled at him too.

“Now that’s all I wanted to see on your face” Freya smiled.

“Thanks,Freya. I think this was all I needed” Jaxon said,and hugged her.

Freya’s heart raced a thousand times as he hugged her.

“You’re welcome,Jaxon. I’m glad I was able to cheer you up” she said as they broke from the hug.

“I feel a lot better” he said,and Freya smiled.


“We’ll see you tomorrow,Ava” Winnie said and pecked Ava’s cheeks,Olivia did too.

“Where’s Freya” she asked.

“She said she needed some air,so I guess she’s still outside” Olivia answered.

Freya and Jaxon walked in together just that moment.

“What were you both doing outside?” Olivia whispered.

“K!SSing” Freya replied,and Olivia widened her eyes.

“Awww…are you serious?” Olivia whispered again.

“Shut up before I sew your mouth” Freya whispered back,and they both started laughing.

Freya went to Ava and hugged her too.

“See you tomorrow,baby?” She said and K!SSed her cheeks,after which,they all went home.


Winnie just arrived at Lynx’s place,it isn’t far from their hostel,it’s trekable.

So,she didn’t bother taking her car.

She’s actually here to see her boyfriend.

Yes! They’re dating now.

“How are you,baby?” Lynx asked the moment he opened the door and saw her.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” Lynx said,and K!SSed her hair as they hugged.

“Yea,I just wanted to surprise you” Winnie smiled and answered.

“I love surprises” Lynx chuckled,while Winnie smiled.

They entered the house fully,with Lynx holding her hand tight as if she was going to run away.

“So how are you?” he asked again.

“I’m fine,boo. Got back from the hospital not quite long,so I decided to come see you” Winnie said.

“How’s she now?” he asked.

“She survived it,she’s a strong girl,yunno” Winnie said.

“Thank goodness. Will go see her tomorrow” Lynx said.

“Please do. How are you,boo?” Winnie asked and made to sit,but Lynx signaled her to come sit on his thighs.

She smiled,and sat comfortably,facing him.

“I am fine,baby. Only that I was missing you” he said.

“But we saw yesterday evening” Winnie said.

“So? Am I not allowed to miss my girlfriend anymore?” Lynx shrugged,and they both chuckled.

“Let me get juice for you” Lynx said,about to get up,but Winnie stopped him.

“I am not a visitor,I know my way around. So sit your @$$s down,I’ll get it myself” she said,and got up.

“I’ll miss you” Lynx said.

“You’re crazy,and you know it” She joked.

Lynx laughed out loud.

She returned after getting the juice,and sat back on his thighs.

“Here,have some” Winnie said,handing him the glass of juice.

“I prefer something better” he said and pulled Winnie into a deep K!SS.

Winnie responded immediately,still holding the glass of juice.

But it got hotter,and so,she let go of the glass as it went crashing on the ground,with the juice splattering everywhere.

Lynx nibbled on her lower lip,making her gasp.

He used the opportunity to slid in his tongue,K!SSing her more.

They K!SSed for while before breaking away.

“I love you” Lynx said,K!SSing her again.

“I love you too,and your lips” Winnie said,and K!SSed him too.

“You’re crazy,and I love it” Lynx said,and K!SSed her deep.

“I know,boo. That’s my middle name” Winnie K!SSed him even deeper.

Lynx chuckled in her mouth,and deepened the K!SS.

He slid his hand in her top,and smooched her left Ɓø0ɓ,while the other played with her hair.

“Lynx…!” she Mõ@ɲed.


“What do you want,little devil?” Jaxon asked Maisie over the phone.

“I miss you,Jax Bebe. Can you come home?” Maisie asked.

“I don’t miss you,and I’m not coming home. If you don’t have what to say,then get off my phone” Jaxon said,and wanted to hang up.

“Wait,Jax Bebe. I have something to tell you” Maisie quickly said.

“What?” Jaxon rolled eyes.

“I told Grand-Mapee that you have a girlfriend now,and she’s bought a wedding suit for you already” Maisie lied,patiently waiting for Jaxon’s reply.

“What! Are you crazy?” Jaxon screamed.

“Is that a question or an answer?” Maisie laughed.

“It is clearly a question” he answered.

“How can you be asking me if I’m crazy when you already know the answer.

“Of course I am crazy” Maisie answered,and Jaxon couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you done? Now get off my phone” he said.

“No,wait! Have you bought your costume?” Maisie asked.

“What costume?” he asked,all confused.

“Costume for the clown job I gave you.
Do not disappoint me else,I’ll set your new car on fire.

“And you know I don’t say what I won’t do” Maisie threatened.

“I will k!ll you!” Jaxon shouted.

“That would be after you find another little devil like me that can frustrate your life. Until then,you’re stuck with me forever,Jax Bebe”Maisie smirked,even though Jaxon cannot see her.

She hung up immediately after saying that.

“Nooo…!” Jaxon screamed.

Archie and Leo bursted out laughing at him.

They could hear everything Jaxon and Maisie were saying,cos Jaxon put the call on loud speaker.

He was working on something with his laptop, so he had to put it on loud speaker.

“Swears,dude. Even the devil himself needs to learn how to frustrate someone from your little sister.

“I’d just run away and never return,if I had a sister like yours” Leo said.

“I even put her up for sale,but no one wants to buy her” Jaxon joking said.

Archie and Leo laughed their @$$ses out at the(no one wants to buy her).

“Swears,her craziness is second to none.

“So,Jaxon you still haven’t gotten over Ava” Archie said.

“I have” Jaxon replied.

“Then why did you leave the ward like that” He asked.

“What did you expect me to do,huh? Stay and watch someone I was in love,or trying get over with get K!SSed by someone else? Jeez!

“You won’t know how much it hurts until you’ve been there” Jaxon said.

Archie sighed.

“Hey…I’m fine,okay? It’s hard to just forget,but trust me,I’ve gotten over her.

“I’ll just keep being friends with her” Jaxon said.

“I am glad to hear that,Jax.

“What were you and Freya doing outside,anyway?” he asked.

“We were Fůçƙing,id!ot!” Jaxon rolled eyes.

“Ďïčk!” Archie laughed.


Ava has been discharged,and she’s been home with Felony since morning.

She feels better already,and has removed her bandages.

You won’t even know something happened to her,cos she looks strong.

“We are still going home to see mom and dad,right?” Ava asked Felony.

Felony was on the dinning table,not eating,but just sat there doing her thing.

Ava was seated close to the TV stan,chatting.

“Yea,sure” Felony answered.

“Gosh! I miss mom like crazy” Ava said.

“Mummy’s girl” Felony rolled eyes.

“Daddy’s girl” Ava rolled eyes too,and they both laughed.

“Big sis,did you find out who tried to k!ll me?” Ava asked.

“I did” Felony simply answered,concentrating on her phone.

“Really? Who’s the person?” Ava asked keenly.

“Don’t worry about them,I sent them somewhere” she said.

“Them? Wait,did you….

The doorbell rang before Ava could complete her statement.

“I’ll get the door” she said and got up to go see who is at the door.

She turned the door knob,and the door creaked open revealing Falcon.

“Hii….” Ava said slowly,staring at him.

“Hey,is Felony around?” Falcon asked.

“She is,and you are?” Ava asked,curiously.

“I am Falcon,her boyfriend,and I guess you’re her sister,huh?” he asked.

“Oh my gosh! Sis,your boyfriend is here!” Ava screamed it out loud.

“Have you gone cu cu,who’s my boyfriend?” Felony asked.

She left the dinning table to come see the said boyfriend.

“You have a boyfriend,but you refused to tell me. It’s not fair,big sis” Ava pouted.

“Shhh! I don’t have any boyfriend” Felony said.

Ava pulled Falcon in before Felony got there.

She rolled eyes immediately she saw it’s Falcon.

“What do you want?” Felony asked.

“I came to see you” Falcon replied.

“Okay,I’ll be inside” Ava said,and left them both.

“Now you’ve seen me,start leaving” Felony said,and Falcon chuckled.

“But I just arrived” Falcon chuckled again.

Felony rolled eyes and sat down as she began operating her phone again.

Falcon sat right beside her,very close to her at that.

“The Fůçƙ! Have you lost it? Move away or I move you” Felony said.

Falcon chuckled,staring at her lips.

“I’ll move,but can I do something crazy first?” he asked Felony.

Felony rolled eyes and moved without answering him.

Falcon moved closer again,staring her at her side view,especially her lips.

“I hate pests,and I k!ll them as well” Felony glared at him.

Falcon chuckled.

“There’s something on your face,let me help you take it off” he said.

“Thanks,but I didn’t ask you to…..

Falcon claimed her lips before she could finish talking.

Felony remained frozen.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t even move a finger.

Falcon K!SSed her lower lip softly.

When Felony got herself back,she pushed him away with force.

“Are you insane?” Felony asked,glaring at him.

“I am,because of you” he answered boldly.

“Fůçƙ it!” Felony ruffled her hair.

“How dare you K!SS me without my permission?” she asked.

“Because I love you?” Falcon blabbed.

Felony removed her gun as usual,it’s always in her pocket cos it’s small.

“Say it again” she said.

“I love you” Falcon said again.

“What the heck! I will k!ll you!” Felony threatened.

Falcon chuckled.

“What color of coffin do you want?” She asked Falcon.

“Any color,baby. As long as you and I can fit in” Falcon blabbed again.

“Fůçƙ you!!” Felony shouted and Cöçked her gun,pointed it at him.

“Say your last words” Felony said,pointing the gun straight at his face.

“I love you. Be my girlfriend,baby” Falcon blurted.


Felony shot in the air.


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