December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.

★ { K!SS ME, DESIRE.. } ★


“What happened to my sister? What the Fůçƙ happened to her!?” Felony asked, fuming,raging and about to explode.

“Who the hell shot her,who is behind it!” She asked simultaneously at the top of her voice as she paces around.

Bullet has been crying non stop like a baby,ever since it happened.

“Arrrgh!” Felony screamed angrily.

“I will k!ll,destroy… I will rubbish…k!ll that person gruesomely without thinking twice.

“Arrgh!! She growled like a wild beast.

Her eyes turned red instantly,and her anger growing bigger.

The more she thinks about it,the more angry and terrifying she becomes.

“I left her under your care,I Fůçƙing did,Bullet.

“What were you doing? Why did you leave her side!!!” Felony started crying too.

She ruffled her hair,walk from end to the other.

“Who the hell shot my sister!!” She screamed again,and started punching and kicking Bullet.

“You were supposed to protect her…why did you let that happen? She punched him even harder,kicking and punching more.

“I deserve everything…. Punch me and kick me harder. You can k!ll me as well,this is all my fault.

“Apple!!” Bullet cried louder.

Felony took out her gun and pointed it straight at Bullet,directly on his head.

She’s angry and going insane,and obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing… Her mind and brains have left her body, she’s totally out of her mind.

“Shoot me,Felony. Do it as many times as you wish. Please, just do it” Bullet cried and begged Felony to k!ll him.

Felony kept pointing the gun at him,but couldn’t shoot. She just can’t.

“Noo! What am I supposed to tell mom and dad? Noo!” She cried out loud and stormed out,heading back to her apartment.

Even the devil himself will be scared to look at her angry face.

It was terrifying!

“I am sorry. I am sorry,Apple. I should have been the one, not you” Bullet kept crying.

He went to his drawer and took out a penknife.

He flung open it,and started stabbing himself,blood started rushing out immediately.

He wasn’t satisfied, it wasn’t painful enough,so he stabbed himself more.

His arm,wrist, and shoulders. He kept stabbing them, yet it wasn’t painful enough.

He stabbed his wrist again, until he gave himself a big cut,so big that you can see the veins.

A lot of blood rushed out,splattering all over the place.

He fell on the ground, holding his bleeding and hurting arm,as he continued to cry.

“I love you,Apple. I love you” he added,lying on the ground and crying more.

He got up after a while, he was still bleeding badly though.

He took out his gun,a new one he hasn’t used, and walked out of his room.

Looking like an upset devil, a scary and angry one at that.

He ignored his pains,and got into the car,with the bleeding arm,then drove out.

For him not to feel the pains,shows how angry he is.


Bullet came to a stop the moment he reached his destination.

He has been bleeding all along,while driving.

His stabbed parts of the body were starting to hurt more than before,but he ignored the pains and blood that was coming out.

To him,nothing is as painful as Ava’s condition.

He’s been crying too,that he almost got himself in an accident.

His whole body has been soaked with blood,that makes him look like a zombie.

Bullet loaded his gun with as many bullets as the gun could take.

After he was done loading in the bullets,he closed the gun,then took his handkerchief and rapped his wrist.

But it got soaked immediately.

He got out of the car and started walking in.

Some of the mobsters that saw him,left their mouths wide opened,and confused.

Bullet started shooting. No one in particular,but shooting everyone near him due to the anger in him.

Some started running away,while some were dropping d£ad as a result.

While shooting,he was bitterly crying,and has k!lled a lot already.

No one dared to shoot back or try to attack,since he’s their godfather’s son.

“Where’s he!!” he thundered aloud,asking the guy near the door.

As soon as he answered him,Bullet grabbed him,opened his mouth and shot him straight in his throat. He dropped d£ad instantly.

He opened the door,and stormed in angrily.

He met his dad right away,and pointed the at him without wasting time.

“Why did you try to k!ll my girlfriend? Speak fast or k!ll you” Bullet said,ragingly.

Colton Kray laughed.

“Are you out of your brains?” He replied with a question.

“I don’t have time for $h|t,I do not have the Fůçƙing time for anyone to play dumb with me.

“Why did you try to k!ll my woman?!” Bullet thundered. His voice echoing in the whole hall.

Some mobsters were at one end,hiding and listening to what was going on.

“You think I tried to k!ll her? If that’s what you think,then you’re dumb” Colton laughed.

He took out his cigarette to start smoking,but Bullet shot it off his hand.

“Answer me!” Bullet thundered again.

The members that stood beside Colton were about to shoot Bullet,but he ordered them to stop.

“I wouldn’t only try to k!ll her,but waste her life straight away” he answered.

“I did not try to k!ll your damn girlfriend,I have no idea what you’re talking about.

“You want to k!ll your father because of a woman? Then go ahead and do it,i dare you” Colton said.

“She isn’t just a woman,but my girlfriend,my life. And I can k!ll anyone for her sake,I can k!ll anyone who tries to hurt or harm her,and that includes you” Bullet said,boldly.

Colton Kray laughed hard,staring at his son who was still pointing the gun at him.

He wasn’t even shaking,he isn’t scared at all.

“If he did not do it,then who did?” Bullet questioned himself.

“A gruesome d£ath awaits whoever did this” he said.

He slowly dropped his gun,the blood coming out of his wrist, soaked the handkerchief and was pouring on the ground.

The spot he stood on,there was blood all over it already.

After he dropped the gun down,he turned to start leaving.

“I have something to tell you” came Colton’s voice.

“I don’t want to listen to any dumb thing you have to say. Keep the darn thing to yourself” Bullet said,coldly.

Colton chuckled as he watches Bullet walk away.

“Even if it’s about your mom and twin?” he blurted out.

On hearing that,Bullet stopped on his track instantly.

He walked back to his father,and looked him in the eye.

“What the Fůçƙ did you just spew out” Bullet asked,banging the table.

“You’re a twin” He said again.

“I am a what?!


Felony had not been in the house,for almost the whole day,and just got back home now.

She refused to call her dad and mom,cos she doesn’t want them to know what has happened to Ava.

Especially her mom who has a heart disease,she would d!e at once if she hears that Ava was shot.

She didn’t enter quite well,when her phone came ringing.

Her heart skipped when she checked and saw the caller.

It’s her dad.

She swiped green,before speaking.

“Hey,dad” she said.

“How are you,princess? What is going on?

“Why is neither of you picking your calls? Your mom and I have been worried,yunno” he said.

He barely took a breath while saying all that.

“Dad! We’re fine,nothing’s wrong with us” Felony lied.

“I’m glad to hear that,princess. But why have the both of you been ignoring our calls? He asked.

“We’ve been busy with school work,that’s why” Felony said,and her dad sighed.

“Where’s your sister? Can I talk to her now? He asked.

“You can’t,cos she’s sleeping already” Felony lied again.

“Alright,now we know you’re okay. Goodnight,princess” he said,and hung up immediately.

Felony sighed and cleaned the tears that were forming in her eyes.

She stood up from where she sat,and went straight to room as she was getting angry again.

She opened the drawer,and brought out her gun,then left the house without wasting time.


“When I said I was gonna k!ll her this time,I wasn’t joking” Carla said as she and Ivy rebelled. Celebrating Ava’s d£ath.

“Pour me some more,baby. She’s d£ad for good,and Bullet is all yours now” Ivy laughed.

“Likewise you,baby. You can have Jaxon back now” Carla said as she poured more into her glass.

“No darn person will know I did it” Carla laughed.

They were still celebrating and rejoicing when their door suddenly opened with great force.

And to their utmost surprise. There,stood Felony who was smiling nicely.

“Nice party you got here,can I join you? Oh,don’t worry about the answer,I’m in already” she said,nicely.

She stylishly and sardonically walked to them and sat down without invitation.

Carla and Ivy were starting to shake,but controlled themselves.

“Bring in more bottles,please. Looks like the party just started” she smiled.

All she’s been doing is smiling.

“I…think….think these are enough” Ivy stuttered.

“Shut the Fůçƙ and do what I asked you to” she said,without smiling this time.

Ivy brought as many bottles as they were,and put them in one place.

Felony stood up and broke all the bottles of drinks.

The drinks spilled all over the place,as she broke more.

She raised her head to look at them,smiling dangerously.

“So,you had the guts to shoot my sister,huh?” she said,facing Carla.

“I…don’t…know what you’re ta….

“Shut the Fůçƙ!” Felony shut her up with a back hand slap,and her left eye went blind instantly as a result.

“Take off your shoes,and tops,now!” she thundered.

They didn’t hesitate to do as were told,they took them off immediately and were left only in their bras.

“Step into the broken bottles,lie on them and start rolling” Felony ordered.

“Do not waste my time,cos I don’t have much” she added.

As soon as Carla and Ivy stepped into the broken bottles,their feet starting bleeding.

“Ahhh!” they screamed as they laid on them and began rolling.

Carla would rolled to the other end,Ivy would do same and when they return back,their bodies hit each other’s,adding more pain to it.

“Please spare us,we promise to stay away from her,we won’t even look at her face again” they started begging.

Felony laughed,mockingly.

“Because of you my sister is in the hospital,fighting for her life. She has refused to wake up and talk to me,and you want me to forgive you?” Felony raised them up,and gave them resounding slaps.

The place was filled with their bloods already,and they were crying also.

The more Felony thought about Ava,the more angry she got,and that increased the torture they were receiving.

She was even crying as a matter of fact,which worsened it.

“Pick up the broken bottles” she said as she let go of them.

They picked them up immediately,staring at her and awaiting what is coming next.

“Start stabbing yourselves with them,deep cuts or I do it myself. And trust me,you really don’t want me to do it myself” she said.


The rest were left in their mouths,cos they received unforgiving slaps from Felony.

Their eyes got swollen and were ready to pop,especially Carla’s.

“Ahhhh!” Carla screamed when Ivy gave her a big cut on the face,and blood rushed out immediately.

She did same to Ivy too,and the same scream echoed in the room.

They kept stabbing themselves with the broken bottles until they became weak,so weak that they found it difficult to move their hands.

All they could do was cry out blood.

Felony took the bottles of drinks she set aside,opened them and started bathing Carla and Ivy with them.

“After putting my sister in that condition,you came here to celebrate, thinking with your dumb heads that she d!ed,huh?

“We are the Brooks,and we don’t d!e easily,you id!ots!” she said as she continued to pour the drinks on them,and kicking them as well.

She threw the bottles away and brought out her gun,handing it over to Carla.

“Shoot!” she ordered Carla.

“Ahhh!!” Carla screamed when Felony gave her another back hand slap on her left cheek,cos she was being hesitant.

“Ahh!” she screamed again as her cheek stung hellishly.

She held the gun well,and pulled the trigger,sending Ivy to the other world instantly as she dropped d£ad.

Felony abruptly collected the gun from her.

“Say me hi to the devil,my ex sugar daddy” she said and shot her on the throat.

“I love you,baby” she K!SSed it and left.


Ava has been in coma for two days now,though the doctor said she’d be alright,but everyone is still worried.

Winnie and all her friends,including Jaxon,Leo and Archie are always in the hospital,and they are all here right now.

The news hit them real hard,that they cried so much,especially Freya who couldn’t stop crying.

Felony still refuses to let their parents know.

“Any good news?” Bullet asked as he entered the ward. He went home earlier,as ordered by Felony. Cos he was in the hospital all through,laying beside Ava,and refused to eat or even drink water.

So,Felony forced him to go home,and have some rest,since he didn’t sleep throughout last night.

“Not yet,the doctor just left now. She still said the same thing.

Bullet sighed,and sat beside her,took her hand and K!SSed it.

“You’ll be fine,Apple” he whispered.

He started caressing her hair affectionately,and staring at her face.

“You should all go back to school, don’t you think?” Felony turned to Winnie and the rest, and asked.

“No…no,please. We are not in a hurry to go back,we want to stay with our baby” Winnie said.

Felony smiled,and nodded.

“Hey! Hope you ate before coming back?” She turned to Bullet and asked.

“Yea,yea” Bullet rolled eyes.

Felony chuckled.

While they talked,Ava gave a light sneeze and held held Bullet’s palm tightly.

“Baby…?….Apple!” Bullet screamed,everyone sprang up immediately, on hearing that.

“Gosh! She’s up!….Olivia and the rest screamed happily.

“Fůçƙ! Jaxon,Leo and Archie cursed.

“Baby sis….!!” Felony called and sat even closer to her,as if she should just enter her body.

Ava smiled cutely, her cute smiles that melted everyone’s heart as they stared at her beautiful but weak face.

“Apple…you’re alive!” Bullet screamed again.

Ava held his hand tighter, and smiled.

“K!SS ME,DESIRE” She smiled again and said.


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