December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.


“I want more,Fůçƙ me again till I forget my surname” Ava said.

Bullet widened his eyes in shocks.

He was still breathing heavily,but his breathe stopped when he heard what Ava just said.

“Apple?” Bullet called as he pulled the duvet up to cover them. He already changed the blood stained bedsheet long ago.

“Did you just ask for more?” Bullet said,and K!SSed her hair alongside,stroking it.

She giggled and rested her head on his chest.

“If not that I personally popped your cherry a while ago,I would never believe that you were a virgin. You’re too naughty,Apple” Bullet chuckled.

Ava giggled again,drawing circles on his broad chest.

“Do you really still want more?” he asked,staring at her face.

“Uh huh” Ava answered,and Bullet chuckled.

“Okay…we’ll have more,but I want you to get out of the bed first” Bullet said.

“No,I’m Ɲ@kēɗ” Ava pouted and rested her head more on his chest.

“Are you shy or what?” Bullet laughed.

“I am,I don’t want you to see my Ɲ@kēɗness” she pouted.

Bullet laughed loud.

“But you and I just had s£x minutes ago,and I saw everything on your body” Bullet laughed.

“That’s true, but my sense had left me then that’s why I wasn’t shy” she said funnily, making Bullet to laugh harder.

“Fůçƙ,Apple! You’re super crazy” Bullet said and K!SSed her lips shortly.

Ava giggled.

“Can you get out of the bed for me,now? Please” Bullet said.

“Why? She simply asked.

“Just do it,baby. You can take the duvet with you” he said.

Ava nodded and rapped herself with the duvet,while still lying down.

She slowly got out of it,and felt a sharp pain in her below.

When she was out of the bed,standing on her feet. She tried to move, but fell back on the bed,landing on Bullet.

Bullet laughed and whispered in her ears.

“Do you still want more?” He asked, laughing.

“Noo….you’ve paralyzed me” she said.

Bullet laughed again, and hugged her tight.

“I’m sorry” he said and K!SSed her for some seconds.

“Let’s go bath, I will bath you” he said.

Ava nodded, and Bullet carried her on his back,straight to the bathroom.

He dropped her in the bathtub, cos he has a shower and a bathtub.

He bathed her,scrubbed her body like a baby,he even washed her below for her.

But they ended up having s£x again in the bathroom,which she enjoyed even with the soreness.

He took her to the room,and dressed her up with his shirt.

Ava was busy giggling and smiling, cos he’d stop and K!SS or tickle her within.

“Let me go bath too” he said, and left.

Ava nodded.

She took her phone, and started going through her messages from her friends.

She laughed out loud at their crazy funny messages.

She dropped the phone on the table,then her eyes caught something.

Some papers with her mom’s name on it.

They’re papers from the hospital.

She widened her eyes.

“Wait…he’s the one who paid mom’s hospital bills?” She asked herself,smiling.

Minutes later, Bullet finished bathing and came out.

“For how long were you planning to keep being anonymous?” Ava asked,showing him the papers.

“Damn! You saw them. I’m sorry, Apple. I just didn’t didn’t want you to start thinking of paying me back or anything” he said.

Ava rolled eyes,but smiled,she managed to get out of the bed,and limped to where he stood.

She hugged him tightly, and K!SSed him.

“Do you know what you did for my mom? You saved her life that day,you stopped her from dying, and I am very grateful to that.

“I will forever be grateful. I love you,Desire,and I will cherish you till my last breath” she said,hugging and resting her head on his chest.

Bullet hugged her back,K!SSing,and stroking her hair.

“I love you more,Apple,till death,even after death,I will still love you in the other world” he said.

Ava smiled and pinched his n!pples.

“Fůçƙ!” He cursed and bit his lips.

“Should we go another round?” He asked, naughtily.

“No!” Ava screamed,limping back into the bed as fast as she could,leaving Bullet to laugh his @$$s out.

“You’re starting your dance classes tomorrow” Bullet said.

“Yes,baby. And I’m so excited!” She said happily.

Bullet actually registered her in a dance school, even before she found her dad and sis,but tomorrow would be her first day.

“We’re going together, right?” She asked smiling.

“Sure,baby” he replied.

They K!SSed deeply before breaking away.

They went to the sitting room to watch their movie.

Ava sat on the sofa,with her head resting on his thighs as he kept stroking and massaging her hair.

They chit chatted,while watching the movie.

They watched a romantic movie,about to start another,but Ava dozed off before it even started.

She was damn tired.

Bullet chuckled,staring at her beautiful sleepy face.

“For your first time of having s£x,you were unbelievably fierce in bed,and you drove me in insane.

“I love you with my life,my big tigress. I can k!ll myself if anything happens to you.

“I love you insanely,and I don’t think I can survive without you” he said and K!SSed her forehead.

He carried her in bridal style,heading to the bed,where he laid her gently in it like a baby.

He pulled the duvet and covered her up,then K!SSed her hair and forehead before getting into the bed,after which he slept off too.


Colton sat on the sofa watching his favorite station,smiling and feeling happy all the way.

He still can’t believe he has his wife back after so many years.

He wasn’t happy with her for leaving him and Whitney,but still,he forgave so easily and quick.

He loved Rose so much and cherished her a lot back then,and now he loves her more.

Cos she didn’t just come back,but came with another princess for him.

“I can’t believe you still love this station. It’s old and local,yunno”Rose said as she sets the dinning table.

Colton chuckled.

“The fact that I have money now doesn’t mean I won’t love old things anymore” He said,and turned to face her.

“The humble man I got married to”Rose smiled heartily.

“Everything is set,darling”she said.

Colton dropped the remote controller,and went to the dinning.

“Sumptuous” he winked at his wife and said.

“Foodie” Rose laughed,and started dishing out the food.

“You know I don’t joke with my stomach” he said,and Rose laughed.

They talked and laughed while having their meal.

“I called Ava many times last night,but she did not pick. I hope she alright” Rose said.

“I know she is. Have you called Whitney to ask?” Colton asked.

“She still doesn’t want to talk to me” Rose sighed.

“She’d come around,just give her some time. Whitney is one hell of a stubborn girl” Colton said.

“Till when,darling? I miss her,yunno. I just want her to talk to me,call me mummy like she used to” Rose said,sadly.

“Give her time,sweetheart. You know,I once left her too” Colton said,and dropped his fork.

“What do you mean,darling” Rose asked curiously.

“I was once jailed” Colton blurted.

Rose’s eyes almost popped out of thier socket.

“You what!!” Rose exclaimed.


“Good morning,sis. Ava greeted Felony as she enters the house.

“Are you okay?” Felony asked Ava who awkwardly walked in.

She just left Bullet’s not quite long to come prepare for her afternoon lectures.

“I am fine,big sis. Why did you ask if I’m okay?” Ava asked.

“How many movies did you watch?” Felony asked,ignoring her question.

“Like three or so” Ava replied,making funny faces.

“And?” she asked.

“And what” Ava asked confusedly.

“What else did you do,aside watching movies?” Felony asked,smirking.

“Nothing,we just watched movies,that’s all” Ava rolled eyes.

“But you’re limping,why?” Felony said.

“I am fine,sis,jeez!” Ava shook her head.

Felony smirked.

“I love you,sis” Ava said and pecked her cheeks.

She started walking to their room,but stopped when she remembered something and turned back.

“Bullet is actually the one who paid mom’s hospital bills” she said.

“Oh,he told you” She said.

“I found out. Wait,you knew?” Ava asked.

“Yea,he asked me not to tell you” Felony answered.

“That’s not fair” Ava pouted.

“At least you know now” Felony said.

Ava rolled eyes.

“I need to tell you,mom and dad something” Felony suddenly said.

“Really? What’s that?” Ava asked eagerly.

“When you get back from school and your dance classes,we’ll go home” Felony said.

“Okay,sis. Love you big time” Ava said and pecked her again before leaving.

Felony closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I love you too,baby sis” she muttered,and went into the kitchen to get some juice.

Ava’s limping ran through her mind,and she smirked.

“I’ll k!ll you,Bullet. If it’s what I think it is” she laughed within,and poured some juice into the glass for herself.


Ava walked into the class,and saw her friends who kept looking at her until she walked up to them.

“Have I added some weight? Cos this stare is freaking me out.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked her friends.

The girls started laughing.

“Looks like someone really got banged last night” Olivia winked at Ava.

“Lower the volume,please” Ava whispered,and they bursted out laughing.

“Aww,she really did and is not denying it” Winnie said.

“Seriously,I lost my V-card to him last night” Ava said shyly.

“Aww,so happy for you baby” they all gushed.

“I knew they were having more fun than us,yesterday” Winnie said,and they started laughing.

“You’re crazy,Winnie. I swear!” Ava said and they laughed again.

“So you’re starting your dance classes today” Freya said.

“Sure baby,I am so excited” Ava said,happily.

“Are you sure you can dance well with this awkward movenent of yours?” Winnie asked.

“Jeez! Is the awkward movement that obvious?” Ava asked,funnily.

“It is very obvious. In fact,anyone who sees you would know you got banged” Winnie hyperbolized.

“Lower the volume,please” Ava said again,and they bursted out laughing.

“Don’t listen to this crazy girl here,she’s just hyperbolzing” Olivia said.

“She’s crazy,alright” Ava said.

“How was the sleepover,babies?” she asked.

“It was fun and crazy,all thanks to the queen of crazy,Winnie” Olivia and Freya said and started laughing.

Winnie chuckled and rolled eyes.

“Gosh! I love you guys so much,my best friends forever.

“Through you,I learnt how to stand up for myself.

“Thank you Freya for being there,the first day I came and was humiliated. Thank you,babies. I love you girls dearly” Ava said.

“Awww,we love you more,baby” they gushed and hugged her.

While they were still hugging,Freya’s phone started ringing in her hand.

She broke from the hug to check the caller,and saw that it’s an unknown number.

She didn’t feel like taking the call since it’s an unknown number,so she allowed it to ring until it stopped.

Few seconds later,it started ringing again.

She sighed,and swiped green before placing it on her left ear.

“Hello….?” she said slowly,cos the caller wasn’t saying anything,so she spoke first.

~You can’t escape from me,princess ~

The voice said.

Freya’s phone fell off her hand instantly as she recognized the voice.

Ava and the rest noticed it and ran to her,she was already shedding tears.

“What’s the problem,Freya? Why did you drop your phone like that,and who called you?” Ava asked,simultaneously.

“He’s gonna k!ll me” she cried.

“He? Who are you talking about?” they asked at a time.

“My uncle,he’s gonna k!ll me” she cried more.



Maisie sat in the living room alone watching TV,when Grand-Mapee joined her.

“How did your birthday invitation go?” Grand asked as she sat next to Maisie.

“It went well. I made friends with a lot of them,Grand.

“I already have a bestie,she’s so beautiful. And there’s another one too,I pray they come for my birthday party.

“I’ll be so sad if my bestie doesn’t come.

“Guess what,Grand. I gave all of them VIP cards” Maisie said excitedly.

“Parrot,do you breathe at all” Grand rolled eyes.

Maisie frowned and pouted.

“What about Jaxon?” she asked.

“Ooh! I caught him hugging my bestie,I think she’s his girlfriend.

“They were even about to K!SS when I entered” Maisie hyperbolized.

“So,Jaxon has a girlfriend now” Grand smirked.

She sat closer to Maisie,and knocked her head with her walking stick.

“Ouch….! Grand,what did you do that for?” Maisie winced,rubbing the hurting spot softly.

“Go read your books,and stop talking about K!SS” Grand said.

“But you wanted to hear a hot gist” Maisie pouted,still rubbing that spot.

“Shush!” Grand shushed her.

“I will hide your walking stick in a place you’ll never find it” Maisie said.

“Are you still here talking?” Grand asked, and raised her walking stick.

“Ahhhh!” Maisie screamed and ran off.

“Silly girl” Grand mumbled and took the remote controller to change into another channel.


“You’re gonna teach me how to drive next” Ava said as he and Bullet entered the car.

She’s done with her lectures,and she’s ready to go for her dance class now.

About Freya, she’s going to tell Felony about it,as soon as she gets back.

“Sure,baby.I’ll gladly do that, as long as it comes with a lot of deep K!SSes” Bullet smirked.

“Of course,Desire. Our lips will swell up,badly” Ava answered,and they both laughed, then K!SSed briefly before Bullet drove out.


Twenty minutes later,Ava and Bullet arrived at the place.

Bullet came out and opened the door for her.

“I love you” Ava smiled and whispered as she got out of the car.

“I hate you more” Bullet whispered back,and they laughed.

“Finally here. But I want ice cream, baby” Ava pouted.

“Queen of Ice cream” Bullet said, and she giggled.

There was an ice cream shop one feet away from the school.

So, they bought it then,started heading to the dance school.

“Wait…my phone. I think I forgot my phone in the car” Ava said.

“I’ll get it for you” Bullet said.

“I can do that myself,baby. Jeez! The car is just two feet away.

“Just open the car please” she said.

Bullet chuckled and pressed the car key,instantly opening the car.

“Can I get a K!SS, at least?” Bullet asked.

Ava shook her head and K!SSed him,before leaving,while Bullet kept staring at and smiling.

She opened the door and got the phone.

She smiled,while Bullet was smiling too,anxiously waiting for her to come meet him.

She started walking back to him,but didn’t walk up to three inches when Bullet heard gunshots.

And the next thing he saw was Ava, slowly going down.

“Ahhh!” She screamed in pains,holding her ribs. She was shot twice on her ribs.

“Apple!!” Bullet screamed too, and ran to her,he grabbed her before she could reach the ground.

“Baby….Apple…. Bullet called as blood splattered on the ground instantly. He started shedding tears immediately, seeing the condition Ava is in.

Ava held his face,and smiled painfully.

Blood was starting to come out of her mouth too.

“Don’t bother taking me to the hospital, okay? Cos I won’t survive, it hurts so bad” she said,with teary eyes, and her mouth full of blood.

“Stop talking nonsense, I’m taking you to the hospital” Bullet cried.

“Stop crying,Desire…” She coughed out more blood.

“I love you,Desire. Thank you for everything you did for me,thank you for loving me with your whole heart.

“Thank you for saving my mom’s life,and being a part of me.

“There’s something I need to tell you” she smiled a painful and hurting smile, that made Bullet cry more.

“You remember what I did last night,that made you Cvm inside me? I did it on purpose, cos I wanted to carry your baby.

“I wanted to have your baby grow inside me.

“But life has it’s own plans” she cried painfully.

“Stop talking $h|t…just stop it…stop,stop…stop!” Bullet cried louder as she started vomiting blood.

“One last K!SS,Desire before I die” Ava cried.

“You’re not dying, stop saying this if you don’t want me to kill myself” Bullet cried.

“Please, just one last K!SS,if you love me” Ava begged.

Bullet K!SSed her,and his mouth was filled with her blood. He began to cry again.

“Tell big sis that I love her so much….please take good care of her” she cried.

“I love you,Desi…..she complete her statement.

Her eyes slowly closed,her body completely went limb, and she gave up the ghost.

“Noooo! Apple….wake up! Noo!


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