December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.


“What!” Jaxon exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

“It’s not funny,yunno. I should probably go back to school” Jaxon said.angrily and left them.

“Don’t forget to buy the wig cap” Maisie shouted after him.

“Little devil,I should have thrown you out since you came” he mumbled and continued walking the stairs.

“I don’t even know who sent me to come” he added.

It was just Margaret and the rest that were left in the sitting room.

Her phone suddenly started ringing, and when she checked the caller,she started sweating instantly.

She ended the call and acted normal.

The call came again after some minutes,same thing happened. She ended the call.

“Why are you ignoring your call?”. Calton asked.

“It’s not important” she answered shakily.

“You’ve been ignoring your calls lately,do you mind telling me what the problem is?” Calton asked.

“Sweetheart, it’s just an employee I sacked because of laziness,she’s been bugging me since then to take her back.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with her again, that’s why I don’t want to pick her calls” she lied,hoping Calton believes her.

Calton looked at her,and sensed there’s something up,but decided to let it be for now.

This isn’t the first time he has seen her ignore her call,she’s been doing it for the past few days now.

And now she’s lying about an employee.


Bullet just came back from his afternoon lectures, he didn’t even enter his room well,when his dad’s call came.

He rolled eyes at the caller,and was getting angry already.

“I told you to leave her” Colton Kray said.

“Why should I leave her? I love her” Bullet answered boldly.

“Stay away from her!” His voice thundered aloud.

“That’s the last thing I will do,dad” Bullet replied.

“No son of mine will be with an enemy’s daughter” he said.

“That’s your problem, dad. Not mine,you don’t treat me as your son,anyway” Bullet replied.

“And how is she your enemy’s daughter?”

“You know the rules” he said,ignoring his question.

“And I will Fůçƙing break those damn rules, just to be with her” he said angrily and hung up.

Bullet flung the phone away, and ruffled his hair,scattering his hair in frustration.

“Why can’t he just let me have peace,Fůçƙ!” Bullet cursed.

He took his pack of cigarette and started smoking.

He does that most times when he’s angry or frustrated.

He was smoking crazily, and has smoked two already,taking the third one.

“Ahhh!” He screamed and threw the cigar pack away,including the one he was about to smoke.

“I love you,Apple. And nothing can separate us,not even death.

“I love you insanely,and anyone who tries to come between us will die gruesomely,that includes my dad,I swear” he ruffled his hair again as be paces around.


Leo stood and watched them as they leave,he couldn’t say anything.

He was speechless as there was nothing to say at that moment.

“Why are you getting angry that Archie and Leo are together?” Winnie asked angry Leo.

Leo glared at her and tightened his fist more.

“Hey,monkey. Go put all your anger on Archie and Olivia,not me” Winnie glared back.

“If you had her time,and didn’t act like she never existed,this may have been you,not the other way round” Ava joined in,and rolled eyes.

“Non of these is helping” Leo frowned.

“Do you love Olivia? Cos I don’t understand this sudden pestering around her” Winnie said.

“Stop talking nonsense” he replied.

“It’s too late already,Olivia and Archie are already dating. Didn’t you see the two love birds?” Freya purposely said.

“Shut the Fůçƙ up!” Leo thundered,and walked out angrily.

Ava,Winnie and Freya started laughing,the moment he left.

“He’s pained” Winnie said,and they laughed.

“But do you think they are really dating?” Freya asked.

“I think so,you know Archie has always had a crush on Olivia,so I guess they are dating for real” Ava replied with a shrug.

“So,you no longer have our time because you’re dating Bullet” Winnie said.

“What are you talking about,haven’t we been having fun together?” Ava giggled.

Winnie rolled eyes,making Ava to laugh.

“How’s mom,anyway? She asked.

“Yea,how’s she?” Freya asked too.

“She’s good. Obviously with her husband,and doesn’t even have time for her baby anymore” Ava said,jealously.

“Awww” Winnie and Freya gushed.

“You’ve been enjoying her all this while,allow your dad enjoy her too” Winnie said,and they laughed.

“Yea,yea,whatever” Ava rolled eyes.

“You’re sleeping with us today,do not try to argue,cos it ain’t gonna work” Freya said.

“I wasn’t even going to argue,cos of big mummy,Winnie. I don’t want to be spanked” Ava joked,making them to laugh,especially Winnie.

“Be watchful,he’s got crazy insane men” Bullet said as they started making slow and quiet moves.


“That’s the place” Codie’s voice said over their headphones.

They came to a stop as as soon they heard him.

It’s actually the mission they didn’t go on with,the other day.

“Be watchful,he’s got crazy insane men” Bullet said as they started making quiet moves.

“We’re insane too” Falcon said,as he smoked his cigarette,insanely.

“Should we blow some brains off,together” He turned to Felony who has been playing with her gun,and asked.

“I’ll blow yours first,if you bug me” Felony glared.

Falcon chuckled,he threw the cigar away and got into action when the first guy approached them.

The gang separated.

Another guy approached Bullet,and threw the first punch at him,but he dodged it.

He threw the second one,Bullet dodged again.

At the third one,he grabbed him aggresively and twisted his neck.

He threw him down,and shot him, he went limb instantly.

More started coming,and a crazy fight ensued.

A girl approached Felony,and immediately started throwing punches.

Felony smirked and started hers too.

She grabbed the girl and punched her hard on the face,she fell heavily on the ground.

Felony went closer and stood in front of her,she was starting to bleed already as a result.

“Do you want to say to say hi to the devil,my sugar daddy?” she smirked.

“Do you want to taste blood?” the girl asked back, and kicked Felony off the ground,making her fall heavily too.

She’s also as good as Felony herself.

Felony quickly got off the ground.

“Not bad” she smiled malevolently as they started fighting again.

“Not bad” she mimicked Felony,and that got her angry.

Felony tried to kick her,but she dodged.

She jumped up like a prey mantis and kicked Felony,sending her to the ground again.

Felony smiled sinisterly,and got up.

She stylishly walked to her and laughed.

“Nice moves,but I think you need to learn more” she said as she flipped and kicked her on the chest real hard.

She landed on the ground and started gasping for breath.

It was that hard,that it made her lost her breath.

Felony didn’t care about her lost of breath,the girl has already risen her anger demon.

She grabbed her on the collar and started giving her incessant punches on the face,until she lost four of her teeth.

The girl gathered the strength left,and tried fighting again.

But she went down that moment,when Felony shoved a knife in her chest.

She then removed it with force,and blood spewed out immediately,and she went down.

“Fůçƙ! I didn’t get to say my favorite thing before she died” she derisively said and wiped the blood off her face.


Falcon has been battling with his too.

Bullet has k!lled more than four already,and is handling another one whom he shot many times until his heart came out.

That’s actually their boss he just k!lled gruesomely.

Foxfire has been zapping and taking a lot down too,likewise the rest of the gang.

Felony was on another one,it didn’t take her much before she took him down.

She came to join the rest of the gang afterwards.

“He’s all yours,baby” Falcon pushed the one he was fighting,to Felony.

“Thanks,but call me baby next time and lose your Ďïčk!” she turned to Falcon and glared.

Falcon chuckled.

The guy took that opportunity of Felony not concentrating,and tried to shoot her.

Felony back flipped and kicked the gun off his hand.

“Wait,do you have eyes behind you?” Falcon asked,funnily.

“Shush!” Felony shut him up,and turned to the guy.

“Say me hi to the devil,my ex sugar daddy” she said and pulled the trigger,shooting him consecutively until he d!ed.

“I love you,baby” she said and K!SSed her gun.

“My turn” Falcon said.

“Do you want to say hi too?” she asked Falcon with a grin.

Falcon laughed,and shook his head.

Most of the members joined Felony and Falcon,while others came with the weapons too.

That’s actually what they came for.

Bullet came last,and they started moving out,after which they set the place on ablaze before going home.


“Most of you did nonsense in the last project,I think I should give you another one to do” Lecturer Marcus smirked.

“Nooo!” the whole class screamed in objection.

“Lazy @$$ses” he said and left the class.

“He’d be a good clown for my little devil’s birthday” Jaxon laughed inwardly.

“Hey,Jax. How is your health now?” Ava asked.

“I feel better,I guess” he forced a smile.

Ava smiled awkwardly too.

“I asked after you yesterday,and I was told you went home” she continued.

“Yea,I did. How are you,by the way?” he asked.

“I am good,thanks” she answered simply.

“I heard the news” he smiled.

“Oh,you did” Ava smiled.

“Sure,it was all over the net,yunno” he said.

“I am happy for you,Ava” he added and hugged her.

The hug didn’t even last long,cos Maisie walked in instantly.

“Wow! Jax Bebe. Is this your girlfriend?” Maisie asked.

Jaxon’s eyes widened.

“Maisie,what the f….how did you get here?” Jaxon asked.

Maisie rolled eyes and didn’t answer him.

She turned to Ava and hugged her tightly.

“I love you already,will you be my best friend?” she asked Ava.

“Awww,of course,princess. You’re so beautiful,what’s your name and how old are you?” Ava asked as she bends to her level.

“I am Maisie,Jax Bebe’s little devil” Maisie said and turned to glare at Jaxon who just rolled eyes at her.

The students in the class bursted out laughing.

“Your sister is a full packaged vibe” A student said and they started laughing.

“I’ll be clocking 12 in a week’s time,that’s why I’m here to distribute my birthday cards” Maisie continued.

“Such guts” Jaxon said.

“Respect yourself” she curved her lips and said.

“You’ve got a cute and crazy sister,Jaxon” Ava laughed.

“Yea,cute,crazy and annoying” Jaxon answered,already pissed.

Maisie already left them to start distributing the cards,with some of the students helping her.

She’s just too fun with a crazy vibe,that everyone loves her.


“How many movies are we watching?” Ava asked Bullet.

“As many as we can” he answered.

They are actually having a movie night together,she’s been at his place since she finished her 4PM class.

She stays in school with Felony now,so no rushing to go home anymore.

And she also told Felony about it.

“Gosh,I’m so excited” she said.

“Likewise,baby” Bullet said.

Ava smiled.

“But I need to bath first,before we start. Today has really been hectic,I doubt if I can even finish a movie” she said.

“We’ll see” Bullet chuckled.

She left the sitting room,and went straight into the bathroom.

She took off her clothes,and was left only with her undies.

She then went into the shower and turned it on,and the water started running down her smooth and silky body.

While she was bathing, an idea popped in her head.

She got out and took her phone, then went back in.

“LET’S PLAY NAUGHTY” She smirked.

She went back into the shower with the phone.

It’s a new waterproof phone she got from Felony’s gadgets room.

Bullet was in the sitting room,anxiously waiting for her to finish up.

His phone suddenly beeped,and a message from Ava popped up when he opened it.

~Do you mind scrubbing my back for me? ~

The message read.

He chuckled when he read it.

~ Naughty games,huh? Bring it on,baby~

He replied,attaching an emoji with a raised brow.

Ava sent a laughing emoji that made him laugh too.

He dropped the phone,and in a few seconds,another one popped in.

~What would you do if you were here? ~

She sent another one.

“I’ve got the craziest and naughtiest girlfriend” he laughed,before replying her.

~ Don’t tempt me,Apple. You won’t like the result~

He replied,with a fire burning emoji,trying to tell her she’d get it hot from him.

Ava sent a lot of laughing emojis.

She was really enjoying the water as it ran down,wetting from her hair down to her body.

After a while,she sent another one.

~I’m actually horny right now ~

She sent without checking what she wrote,well.

Her eyes widened when she finally saw what she wrote.

“Noo!” She exclaimed.

What she actually meant was,hungry not horny.

Bullet barged in not long,he already took off his clothes in the room,and was left with only his boxers.

He stood first,feeding his eyes.

Her very flat tummy,tiny waist and curves made him hard instantly.

This is the first time he’s seeing her Ɲ@kēɗ body,and damn! She’s hot!

He got into the shower too,chuckling at Ava who was trying to cover her Ɓø0ɓs,though she still had her ьѓä on.

“I love you,Desire. But go back” she said,funnily.

Bullet laughed out.

“I love you,Apple. But I wanna bath with you” Bullet said and went closer as the water started pouring on him too.

“Shower s£x,the best” he whispered in her ears,naughtily.

Ava giggled.

They started K!SSing,not an aggressive or hungry on,but a deep,romantic and passionate one.

He stood behind her and grabbed her tiny waist,but put his head forward,while she threw her head a little backwards,making it easy for the both of them.

Bullet grabbed her face with his right hand,while he slid in the other in her P@ŋtie,as he began to rub her below sweetly.

In no time,Ava started Mõ@ɲing, getting him harder.

The water pouring on them,spiked the mood.

“Apple?” He called,faintly and deepened the K!SS.

“Mmm” she answered,as she couldn’t open her mouth.

“I love you,I am insane about you” he whispered as he slowly took off her ьѓä,revealing her full cup Ɓø0ɓs and pink n!pples,that drove Bullet mad instantly.

He could clearly see them,even though he was behind her,hugging her closely to himself,making her feel his already hard member.

He began K!SSing her neck,Ṣūçƙing and twirling his tongue on it.

“Desire…Ava called for no reason.

He started smooching her Ɓø0ɓs sweetly,before turning her to face him,and took the left one into his mouth.

Ṣūçƙing it like a baby,and at the same time,giving it little bites.

“Ooh…Desire,that’s so sweet” Ava Mõ@ɲed.

“Apple…?” He called again,Ava answered.

“Have you ever used a wheel chair?” He asked, as he took the right one this time,while smooching and fondling the other.

“N…no,baby” Ava Mõ@ɲed.

Her sweet and soft Mõ@ɲs coming out of her tiny voice,drove him insane.

He was getting harder and harder.

“Apple…?” He called for the third time, Ava answered.

“Ever been crippled?” He asked, twirling his tongue on it and Ṣūçƙing it harder this time…making her Mõ@ɲ more.

“N…no,Desire. Why are you asking me all these?” She asked,amidst gasps.

“Cos I’m about to cripple you” he answered.

“Mummy….!!Ava exclaimed.


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