December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.


“Fůçƙ! What!” Bullet exclaimed as his eyes dilated more and more.

Ava was just busy giggling and staring at him.

“Why are you shocked” Ava asked, rolling eyes.

“I am not only shocked,Apple. I am electrified”

Ava giggled.

She slid in her hand under his shirt,and started running her fingers on his chest, and at the same time, drawing circles on it.

“You see why I was shocked,you’re just too naughty to be a virgin” Bullet said,and Ava bursted out laughing.

She continued rubbing his chest even as she was laughing.

Her hair sprawled on the bed,as Bullet kept looking at her and enjoying what she was doing to him.

She wasn’t trying to turn him on or anything, she just liked it and was enjoying it too.

Plus,she started pinching his Ɲīpplës,sending him sparks of light.

Bullet was slowly getting turned on,and gradually getting hard.

“Okay….you have to stop doing that. If I get hard, you won’t like what will happen to you” Bullet smirked.

“I love crazy” she said.

“You’ll hate crazy,when you taste the real crazy beneath me” Bullet smirked again.

“Then,I’ll have to run for my life,cos I love crazy” Ava giggled.

“I promise it won’t hurt.
I will only insert the tip,just the tip of the crazy” Bullet said naughtily, holding his forefinger in demonstration.

“I don’t think I will feel it” Ava replied naughtily too.

“Then,I’mma insert the whole crazy,all at a go without warning.

“That way,you’ll greatly feel it in your womb,and start screaming my name crazily” Bullet smirked.

Ava gave a loud laugh,and flicked his nose.

“Don’t corrupt me,I am still a Virgin?” Ava said,naughtily.

Both he and Ava bursted out laughing.

“Look who’s talking” Bullet said and poked her nose,then K!SSed her shortly on the lips.

All along,he has been on top of her,while talking dirty and being naughty with each other.

“I love you,Apple. I crazily and insanely love you” he said and leaned in,K!SSing her tenderly and sweetly.

“I love you,baby” he said again after breaking from from the K!SS.

“I love you,Desire. Madly madly love you” Ava replied, staring deep in his eyes.

“I don’t think I can live a day without you,you’ve become my addiction” Bullet smiled.

“Neither can I, Desire” Ava smiled back.

Bullet got off her and laid back on the bed beside her.

“I was very worried yesterday when your line wasn’t connecting” he breathed in.

“I’m sorry for getting you worried” she apologized.

Bullet smiled and nodded.

“So,how did you find out about your dad,and Felony being your sister?” He faced her,and asked.

“It was crazy as Fůçƙ. It’s still crazy to me,cos I still can’t explain it” Ava smiled.

Ava started telling him how it all happened.

“That’s quite crazy” Bullet said.

“I know,right?” Ava said.

“But she’s still mad at mom,even though she explained everything to her. She’s still mad at her” Ava said.

“I don’t think she’s really mad at her for leaving, I think they’re other reasons too” Bullet said.

“What do you mean,Desire?” Ava curiously asked.

“Don’t worry,Apple. She’d tell you all about it,when she’s ready” Bullet said and K!SSed her.

“Do you have classes today?” He asked, trying to change the topic.

“Sure,I have lectures this afternoon. But I’m making Shepherd’s pie with big sis first” She excitedly said,jumping and sitting on him.

Bullet chuckled at her babyish behavior.

“Cool, I’d love to have some” Bullet said.

“I’ll specially make yours for you,baby” Ava said,smiling.

Bullet smiled too,and pulled her closer to himself, K!SSing her again.

They broke away and got out of the bed.

“Gosh! Did we break all these?” Ava asked as she looked at the broken perfumes.

Bullet chuckled.

“Next time we might break the TV” Bullet said.

They both started laughing.

Ava picked the newly bought iPhone that has now become a disaster,having pity on it.

“This is too expensive to break” she pouted.

“I have extra two,so it was useless” Bullet said.

“Then why did you buy it,since you didn’t need it” Ava rolled eyes.

“I don’t know, just felt like buying” Bullet replied.

“Crazy” Ava shook her head.

“I have to go now, Desire. See you later,I love you” she said and pecked him.

“I love you more,baby” Bullet replied and K!SSed her before she left.


“Big sis,you have potatoes in the house,right?” Ava asked.

They actually want to make the pie now.

“Sure, lots of them” Felony answered as they entered the kitchen together.

They brought out all the things needed for the pie,and soon,Ava started showing and explaining to her how it is made.

While making the pie,they chit chatted and laughed along the way.

Felony was over joyed,cos she can’t remember the last time she had this kind of moment with anyone.


“That was kind of easy,but it takes time to get ready. Someone might just die while waiting” Felony scoffed.

“It is worth the wait” Ava laughed.

“I don’t have that patience” Felony rolled eyes.

Ava laughed again.

They cleaned up the kitchen first,then set the dining table before proceeding to eat.

“You’re gonna be making this more often” Felony said as they began eating.

“I will,big sis. But mom’s taste better,she’d always make them for you” Ava smiled.

Felony rolled eyes when she called her mom.

“So,big sis. Why did choose Felony as a name?” Ava asked as she takes in the pie into her mouth.

“It’s just a nickname I like” she replied, simply.

“Hmmm” Ava hummed.

Felony’s phone beeped that moment,indicating a message.

She took it and read…


The message read.

“Sweet”she smiled ominously,then dropped the phone and continued eating.

“Do you have lectures today?” Felony asked.

Ava was starting to ask too many questions, so she asked in order to divert her attention to something else.

“Yea,by 1PM. Will be leaving once I’m done eating” Ava said.

“Oh,there’s something I need to tell you” Ava frowned.

“I’m all ears,baby sis. What is it?” Felony asked, as the drinks her water.

She took the napkin and cleaned her mouth,then looked at Ava.

“It’s about my friend who has been a Ř@pê victim for long now,but has managed to run away” Ava explained.

“The Fůçƙ!!” Felony cursed,as she threw the napkin away.

“Who’s the punk?” She asked,referring to the rapist.

“Her uncle”Ava replied.

“Nam?” Felony asked.

“Jerry Adams” Ava answered.

Felony smirked when she heard the name, but it turned into a smile you never want to see twice.

“I just want justice for my friend” Ava frowned.

“She’s gonna get justice for sure” Felony answered.

“When,sis? Ava asked.

“When I am fully ready” Felony smirked again.

“He might run away before you’re ready,big sis. I don’t want him to run, or try to harm my friend” Ava said.

“He can run,but cannot hide. He’ll meet meet his death when I am ready.

“He’s a special person, and his death will be special” Felony answered with another smirk.

“Are you sure?” Ava asked.

“I don’t say things I won’t do,crybaby” Felony answered.

Ava laughed at the crybaby name.

“I love you” Ava said.

“I hate you” Felony joked,and they both started laughing.


Winnie,Freya and Olivia were anxiously seated and waiting for Ava to come.

She called them yesterday after the meeting with her dad and sis,though she hasn’t told them about anything yet.

“Ava!!” They all chorused the moment she worked in.

“How are you,baby girl?” Winnie asked.

”damn! Do you know how much you made us miss you yesterday? Olivia said as she hugged her.

“And how much you got us worried” Freya said too.

“I’m sorry,boos. Yesterday was crazy” Ava said and they all turned to look at each other with questioning looks.

“Crazy? What do you mean?” They asked at a time.

“Okay…you’re gonna doubt this,but I found my dad and sis yesterday” Ava said.

“Aaahhh!!!!” They screamed in excitement,attracting other students attention.

“How did you find out?” They asked.

“After we…..

She explained to them and another loud scream came echoing.

“Wait,you mean Felony is your blood sister and Colton Brooks,the stinkingly richest man is your dad?” They asked.

They could barely say the words properly because of too much excitement.

Ava nodded.

“Ahhh!! They screamed again.

“Hey…!! say hello to the newest richest girl on campus,Ava Brooks” Winnie screamed as she climbed the desk.

Olivia and Freya joined in,dancing and screaming their lungs out.

👥 Have they gone crazy or what?

👥 How can Colton Brooks be her dad,such an expensive joke.

👥 I’ve always known Winnie as a crazy person.

👥 These girls are jokers.

👥 Now I’m starting to see the resemblance between Ava and Felony.

👥 I think they’re serious.

Most of the students started talking within themselves.

Some were doubting it,while others were somehow believing.

“Did you hear what I just said?” Winnie asked Carla Ivy and Isla.

They were there too,listening but they didn’t believe it.

She went to their desk,and sat at the upper side,facing them like a criminal trying to scare someone.

She looked them in the eyes and started laughing, mockingly.

“She’s the richest girl on campus,and you know what that means?

“It means, you’ve become poor rats, stinking poor rats” Winnie said,and everyone bursted out laughing.

“In your dreams,we all know this is just to fit in. But guess what? She’ll always be a poor rat and her dreams of being rich will never come true.

“Let her keep dreaming” Carla said.

Isla and Ivy bursted out laughing as they stuck hands.

“Dreams do come true, sometimes, but hers will never come true” Isla spat.

They were all still talking when a student ran into the class.

“Guys…guys! Have you seen the news?

“Our course mate, Ava is Colton Brooks daughter” I just saw it now on the net,it’s all over..

“Ahhh! She’s here already” he screamed.

“Check your phones!” He said and everyone brought out their phones.


The news read,and they displayed photos of them at the hospital.

How they got all that is what Ava is still trying to figure out,but she just laughed anyway.

The moment Carla and Ivy read it,their phones fell off their hands and they past out instantly.

Even Isla fainted this time.

“Water!! Ambulance!! Harper appeared from nowhere and screamed.

The class roared with laughter.

“No,I think they need anointing oil this time” a student said.

“Or hot water,to boil their brains” another said,and they bursted out laughing again.

“This is just the beginning” Olivia and her friends started laughing, most of the students joined in the laugh.

👥Tell us how it happened please.

👥 We’re dying to know, please.

👥 Please marry me,I promise to be a faithful husband.

👥 It’s like you want Bullet to fry your testicles.

The last student said and they bursted out laughing

Ava was getting tired already.

“Is this how stressful being rich is?” Ava asked, and they all bursted out laughing.

“Welcome to the club” Winnie said.

“Wooooo!!! They all screamed and started playing drums with the desk.

“Champagne!! Does anyone have champagne here?” Winnie asked.

A student just brought out two from her backpack and popped it.

“Woooo!!” they screamed as she shook it vigorously,making it pour on them like rain.

“Jeez!” Ava widened her eyes.

“Do you actually walk around with champagne in your bag?” Ava asked.

“I carry them around in case of emergencies like this.

“Always be prepared to shock your village people before they shock you” the girl answered funnily.

“Yessss! Village people like those three jobless monkeys lying there on the floor,who faint for a living” Winnie sardonically said.

Everybody in class fell off their seats because of too much laughter.

“I’ve never imagined a day like this in my entire life” Ava said.

“It still feels like a dream to you,right?” Freya asked.

“Seriously,baby. I’m still dreaming,I think” Ava answered.

Her friends started chuckling.

“Fate brought you together” Winnie smiled.

“Swears,Ava. You should be thankful to Jaxon” Olivia said and they started laughing.

“Where is he,by the way?” Ava asked.

“Heard he went home yesterday,but should be back today” Olivia replied.

Ava sighed.


After having their 1PM lectures,they sat back in class just talking.

“Ava,have you told Felony about Freya’s matter?” Olivia asked.

“You mean,my big sister?” Ava intentionally asked.

“Oppression” Winnie said,and they started laughing.

“I’ve told her about it. She said he’s special,and his death will be special too” Ava said.

The three girls glanced at each other in confusion.

“What does that now mean?” Winnie asked.

“I seriously don’t know what she meant by that,either. My sister is a weirdo” Ava said.

They laughed.

“Are you just realizing that?” Olivia said as she laughs.

“But we are so happy for you,baby. This is the best news ever” the girls said.

“Thanks,babes. I am happy too,not just because my dad is rich,but the fact that I found him,and I have a sister” Ava smiled.

They were still talking when Leo came in.

“Can I talk to you,please?” Leo asked Olivia.

“Why?” Olivia asked back.

“Please,just for a minute,I will tell you but not h…

“Baby,do you want lunch?” Archie walked in and cut him off.

“Of course,sweetheart” Olivia said.

Archie went ahead to K!SS her lightly on the lips.

Leo’s eyes widened as he started tightening his fists.

“What are these two up to?” Winnie and Freya asked each other.

“They’re obviously dating,can’t you see?” Ava said it out loud.

“Noo!” Leo shouted.


“Alright,family. Y’all know my birthday is in a week’s time.

“Jax Bebe,I am coming to your school tomorrow, to distribute my birthday cards to your friends” Maisie said.

“What the hell! You wouldn’t dare, little devil”Jaxon glared.

“Like I’m gonna listen,you know I don’t say things I won’t do” she smirked.

Jaxon rolled eyes and sighed in frustration.

“So,I made a list of what each of you is buying for me” Maisie continued.

She’s actually celebrating her twelfth birthday in a week’s time,and she’s been talking about it non stop.

“Here we go again with the little devil’s birthday talk. Don’t you get tired?” Jaxon rolled eyes.

Since he came home,all he’s been hearing is birthday this,birthday that.

And his dad too,has stopped bugging him with the owning of companies, so he comes home more often now.

“Respect your old age,Jax Bebe” Maisie glared.

Margaret started laughing at the two cat and mouse.

“Since when did people start imposing other people on what to buy for them on their birthday” Grand-Mapee asked.

“Since Maisie is about to clock twelve” Maisie said.

“For how long did you carry this girl,again?” Grand-Mapee asked.

“Just 7 months, she was eager to come explore the world” Margaret said.

“I see” Grand smirked.

Everyone started laughing.

“Okay,here’s the list I made” she started.

“Dad,you’re buying the latest Limousine for me,whether you like it or not,else you’ll lose all your ATM cards.

“What!” Calton exclaimed.

“Mom,you’re buying a laptop and makeup kit for me.


“Grand,you’re buying a violin for me,let me have mercy on you.

“Seriously?” Grand said.

Maisie rolled eyes.

She kept quiet for a while,just staring at Jaxon and smirking.

“So,what am I getting for you,little devil?” Jaxon asked.

“Nothing much,Jax Bebe. You’re just gonna be the clown.



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