December 5, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.


“Wait, you’ve always been a victim of what!?

“Oh dear,Freya” Ava called as tears started forming in her eyes already, attempting to fall.

All of them pulled her into a sisterly hug.

They stayed in that position for long before they pulled away.

“Is this what you wanted to tell me the other day, that you ended up saying you love me?” Ava asked as she cupped her face tenderly.

Freya nodded.

“Then why didn’t you tell me,why didn’t you tell us about this before now?” Ava asked as she sobbed.

“I was scared, he threatened to kill me if I spoke up” Freya cried.

“Wait,wait,wait! The first day we went for shopping, you were limping.

“And when Ava asked you,you said you sprang your ankle,is he the reason too? Olivia asked.

Freya nodded again.

“Oh jeez! This is insane!” Olivia sobbed.

“Freya baby, you’ve been going through all these,but never showed it,you never acted like one who is going through any pain.

“Why did you decide to stay and keep quiet, why didn’t you run away like you just did now” Winnie said,wiping her tears.

“He’s the one taking care of me,alright. He gives me everything I need, pays my school fees, my clothing, food and everything.

“He’s the one who does all that for me,only that he’s a beast” Freya cried.

“He does everything for you? What do you mean? Where are your parents? And I thought he was your dad” Winnie said.

“I lost both parents when I was young,and he took me in since then” Freya increased the cry.

“Okay…I think I’m gonna lose it,if I hear any more of this” Winnie said as she ruffles her hair crazily.

“We’re so sorry, Freya. You’ve been going through all these,and we didn’t even have a clue”Olivia hugged her more.

“I can’t believe you’ve been passing through all these yet,you’ve always been happy and acting like you’re okay.

“What kind of a heart do you have,what kind of a person are you?” Ava cried.

“I am human, okay, just like you” Freya said as she managed to smile.

“Gosh! She’s even still smiling. You’re indeed a strong lady,but you should have spoken up long ago.

“What do we do now. Justice must be done, that monster has to pay dearly for every pain he has caused our baby” Olivia said,sniffling.

“Should we go report to the police, we have to act fast” Winnie said.

“No,no,no. The police aren’t going to do anything,he’d be arrested of course, but be released afterwards.

“I will tell Felony about it” Ava said.

“Felony? Are you sure about this?” Winnie asked.

“Trust me,Winnie. She’s the only one that can handle this in the best way” Ava said,as she pulled Freya into another hug.

“We are very sorry,baby” they all joined in the hug.

“But seriously, Freya. We are your friends, you shouldn’t have kept any of this away from us.

“You should have told us when we became friends,and about your school fees and everything.

“Aren’t we here? Why did you decide to stay in hell when you have us” Winnie said.

“I didn’t want to bother you girls, taking care of me. I’m sorry” she said, wiping her tears.

Winnie shook her head in frustration.

“So,where do you stay now? You know what,it doesn’t even matter where you stay now.

“You will no longer stay there,you’re living with us in the hostel,henceforth” Winnie said.

“Absolutely” Olivia concurred.

“What would I do without you guys” Freya smiled.

“We are always here for you,baby” Winnie hugged her.

“Let’s go back to the hostel, please. So Freya can have some rest.

“Don’t worry,Freya. Justice will definitely be done,and that monster called an uncle,he should get ready for his death” Ava smiled, positively.

They left the cafeteria,about going to the hostel when Bullet came.

“Desire!!” Ava screamed, excitedly as she rushes to his car.

Bullet came out and walked to her before she got there.

“Gosh! I missed you like crazy” she said, and hugged him warmly.

“How are you,Apple?” Bullet smiled,and K!SSed her forehead.

“Apple,Desire? Oh gosh! They already gave each other pet names” Olivia gushed.

“I know,right? Crazy as can be” Winnie said.

Freya just sniffed and smiled at them.

“I am fine,baby” Ava replied.

She went back to her friends,especially to Freya and hugged her okay.

“See you later,babies. Freya,be okay for,please and make sure you have enough rest” she said and started walking back.

“Get us ice cream when coming back,okay?” Olivia said.

“Sure” she smiled and left.

Meanwhile, Carla, Ivy and Isla were watching them all along,with Carla boiling with anger.

So hot like a volcano about to erupt.

Bullet opened the car for her,she entered and he did too.

They K!SSed deeply before pulling away.

“I couldn’t sleep all night because of you” he said and K!SSed her again.

“Even after the call?” She chuckled.

“Like that helped,it worsened it” Bullet rolled eyes.

Ava chuckled again.

He paused, staring into Ava’s.

“What?” Ava asked, raising her shoulders.

“I could just eat you up right now” he said, naughtily.

“Pervert” Ava giggled, and he laughed.

“Where are we going?” She smiled and asked.

“Anywhere you want to” he replied.

“I didn’t know you were a dancer” he continued.

“Well, I don’t show it” Ava replied.

“I am not gonna ignore those crazy robotic dance moves. I can’t believe this slim body did all that” Bullet said,making Ava to laugh.

“Do mind if I get you registered in a dance school? I don’t know if you can juggle both.

“I can’t ignore your talent” he said.

“If it won’t be too much for me,I don’t mind” Ava answered.

“Okay….we’ll find out on our way” he said, started the ignition and drove out.


“Gosh! This is crazier that I thought” Isla nagged.

“So they’re dating now? Are we not going to do something about that girl? ”

“How can a common poor girl steal our men from us?” Ivy said,angrily.

Carla grinned wickedly.

She picked up her phone and made a call.

~ I will give you the feedback once it is done. Today will be her last day on earth ~

The husky voice on the other end said,viciously.

She hung up and dropped her phone, smiling dangerously.

“What are you planning?” Ivy asked.

“Something sweet,she wouldn’t know what hit her” Carla replied,sinisterly.

“I feel so horny right now” she said,rubbing her pu$$y.

“Go use a d!|d0 or something” Ivy suggested.

“It doesn’t satisfy me as much as Bullet used to,I miss his Ďïčk so badly. It makes me crazy always, but all thanks to that Ɓîtçh,that poor thing,I can’t have it.

“Too bad that will end today,and I will have Bullet back” she said as she tries to pleasure herself, but it wasn’t working.

“This is insane! Jaxon doesn’t even look at my face.

“Why the hell did that girl come to Bristol, why the Fůçƙ did they give her a scholarship!” Ivy screamed at the top of her voice.

“Stupid thing,can’t wait to get rid of her” Isla said.

“Where is Harper,by the way” Isla asked.

“Does she even matter? She should Fůçƙ off” Ivy said.

Carla has already left them to her room,looking for what to satisfy herself with.


“Jaxon!!” Archie and Leo screamed as they got in.

“Dude! What have you done to yourself?” Leo asked.

“She rejected me” he cried.

“Fůçƙ! Damn! This is crazy. Man up,Jaxon. She chose who she loves, you can’t force her to love you” Archie said.

“But I love her,I desire to be with her” he cried and cut himself more, before they could cease the knife from him.

He started bleeding more than before and instantly went unconscious.

“Jaxon!! They screamed again and raised him up.

They rushed him to the hospital as quickly as they could.


Bullet and Ava stopped at an ice cream to get some,cos big tigress wanted one.

“What flavor do you want?” Bullet asked her.

“Vanilla,my favorite” she giggled.

“Can you stop doing that? It drives me crazy, don’t make me do crazy things right here and now” Bullet chuckled.

“I love crazy” Ava laughed, and he laughed too.

“So,what flavor do you want?” She asked Bullet too.

“I want peaches,the flavor on your lips” he answered.

“We’re in public,Desire. Control yourself” she laughed.

“Do I care” he chuckled.

Ava rolled eyes.

They brought their ice cream,after which they collected and left. Though Bullet didn’t buy for himself.

He said he would eat from Ava’s.


“Dad,can’t you just stay for at least one more week? I will miss you lots,yunno” Felony said.

She’s been on the phone with her dad for close to an hour now.

They’ve been talking about random things,plus,he’s going back the States today.

“I have go back today, princess. Aren’t you coming to see me off?” He asked.

“I won’t,and I’m not a princess” she said,and her dad bursted out laughing.

“Because I refused to stay?” He asked,still laughing.

“You already know. Damn! You didn’t even tell me you were living today,till now. That’s not fair” she frowned.

“I’m sorry,princess. But it came promptly” he answered.

“Alright,alright. What time is the flight?” Felony asked.

“6PM. So,are you coming?” he asked.

“Maybe I will,possibly won’t” she replied.

“You’re are one stubborn princess I got” He chuckled.

“I’m your one and only,you have no choice” she replied.

“Okay dad,I’m hanging up now. Might see you later” she said and hung up.


“Do you like the headphones” Bullet asked Ava as he watches her admire and touch them.

From the ice shop they went somewhere else.

They’ve gone to many other places and have had so much fun. Ava is even tired cos of too much fun.

“I definitely want one,Desire. I’ve always wanted to have one of these” she said,excitedly.

Bullet stood smiling, when Ava picked one and put them on.

She closed her eyes and started moving her body,even though there is no song playing,she was dancing.

Bullet couldn’t help,but stare at his beautiful girlfriend in admiration.

“I love you” he said.

Ava creased her brows,and stopped dancing.

She rapped her hands around his neck,and stared into his eyes.

“You do? I had no idea this freaking handsome dude loves me” Ava said,playfully.

“I love you too” she added.

“That’s too plain” Bullet frowned,but gave a little smile.

“Plain? How do you want it?” She furrowed.

“It should come with a K!SS” he said.

Ava giggled,and leaned in.

They K!SSed each other and forget they are not at home.

👥 Can’t my boyfriend be this romantic?

👥 They look so cute together

👥 Beautiful,handsome and adorable. Aww

People started admiring them.

After buying more things, they went back home.


Ava rushed to the hospital immediately Leo called and told him that Jaxon wants to see her.

Bullet dropped her in school, she got a call from Leo as she was heading back to the hostel.

With that, she didn’t bother going again, she just headed to the hospital.

He gained his consciousness not quite long after they brought him.

“He said he’ll only be fine if you come” Leo explains.

“How are you,Jaxon?” She asked,with care in her voice as she sat on the bed.

Jaxon just hugged her straight away.

“Jaxon,what have you done to yourself?” Ava asked,looking at his hurt wrist.

“I felt hurt,you rejected me” he said,sadly.

“I am sorry,Jaxon. But….

“Don’t say it,I know what you’re about to say. Just tell me you love,even if it’s just as friends” he said.

“I love you Jaxon, and you’re a very good friend” Ava smiled,he smiled too and hugged her again.

“Thanks for not refusing to come” he smiled.

“I am always here for you,Jax” she smiled too.

“Okay…I need to get back before my friends start getting worried” Ava said and stood up.

“See you,Jax. Might come back to check on you again before going home. If it won’t be too late” she said and left.

“Dude is going crazy” Archie said to Leo and they started chuckling.


Ava just decided to walk back to school since the hospital isn’t far from it.

Plus,she wants to do some exercise too.

Along the way,she’s been thinking about Freya’s case.

She also planned to go tell Felony about it. Then again,Jaxon got himself hurt because of her.

So many things running through her head.

“I hope you find someone who would love you back,Jax” she muttered.

She noticed a car following her. She’s been noticing since she and Bullet went out,but she just ignored it.

The car disappeared suddenly,but the guy that has been following her was already in front,surprisingly.

He was holding a gun,pointing it directly at her,but she she didn’t see him,cos he was a bit far away.

Just when he was about to pull the trigger on her,Ava got hit by a car instead.

She’s been thinking of so many things that her mind left her.

“Fůçƙ! The guy cursed and drove off speedily.

The man who hit Ava came out the car with his driver.

He was heading to the airport, for his flight is is by 6,but this happened instead.

“Gawd! Take her to the car right now!” He yelled,he doesn’t even care about his flight anymore.


“Why does this have to happen today that I have to return back to the States?” He said as he ruffles his hair frustratedly.

Ava started receiving treatment the moment she was brought in.

The car didn’t really touch her, she went unconscious out of fear.

“Princess, you have to come to the hospital right now. I think I have killed someone’s child” he said.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Just come” he said and hung up.

“Crybaby?” Felony called as she entered Ava’s ward.

“Crybaby? Do you know her?” Her dad asked.

“She’s my friend,dad. What happened to her” Felony asked.

“She got hit by us”

“What?! How?” Felony asked.

“There is not time for that, just call her family, if you know any” Mr Brooks said.

“I’ll just go get her mom,I don’t have her phone number” Felony said and rushed out immediately.


“Hospital? You told me my baby is fine, what are we doing in the hospital?” Rose asked.

Felony didn’t tell her about Ava’s accident because of her problem.

“Your daughter is fine,ma’am,i mean mom” Felony changed it.

Cos Rose has told her before when she once visited, to be calling her mom,not ma’am.

“She just ran a little temperature while in school, that’s why I brought her here” she lied.

She followed her until they entered the ward Ava and Felony’s dad are.

The moment they entered, he turned to look at them,and….

“Rose…?” He called, his blood draining out of his body instantly.

“Colton….?” Rose called, all shocked.

“Dad…? What’s going on,do you know each other?” Felony asked.

It took him almost five minutes before he could answer. They just stood staring at each other.

“Th…that’s your mom,princess” he stuttered.

“My what?!!! Felony exclaimed.

“Is….is this… little girl Whitney?” Rose stuttered as she started crying immediately.

Ava regained consciousness that moment,and…..

“Mom…? Where am I? What’s going on?” Ava asked weakly.

“That’s your elder sister,Whitney. And your dad,Colton” Rose said as more tears rushed down.

“What?! Felony and Colton exclaimed at a time.

“My what?!!!


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