December 5, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )


By, Ella N.


“What…Ava asked, almost losing her breath.

She stared at Bullet like she’s seeing him for the first time.

Freya, Olivia and Winnie remained frozen on the spot with eyes wide opened.

Everybody in the hall left their mouths wide opened, eyes dilating more and more.

Felony was busy chuckling and smirking, she’s been waiting for the day Bullet would let his feelings for Ava, known.

Carla fainted after hearing everything Bullet said to Ava.

And when she woke up,cos Harper poured water on her like she promised.

She woke up and met the scene again, she fainted back for the third.

Ivy fainted when Jaxon K!SSed Ava, and has not woken up since then.

Leo and Archie took Jaxon away from the stage,before Bullet said all that.

He was bleeding and needed to be attended to, so they took him out of the hall.

Even Bullet was bleeding also,but not as bad as Jaxon.

Without saying anything else, he left the hall. All eyes on him as if they’re going to eat him.

He ignored all the stares and walked past them.

👥 So sweet,I wish my boyfriend did this to me

👥 What a bomb!

👥 I am here for you,if she doesn’t say yes

👥 Such a blast,I feel so jealous right now

👥 I swear,I’m breaking up with my boyfriend tonight

👥 This love confession came with thunder and lightning

👥 Ava is a hot cake,an extra expensive one

👥 Sweetest and hottest one ever, omigod!

Girls screaming and talking about it.

Ava was still standing there,trying to recover from the shock,the bomb.

It was such an atomic bomb, sent to her system, scattering and shocking her whole body.

Like a statue, she still stood on the same spot,with no idea on what to do next.

Totally confused,and contemplating on whether to follow Bullet immediately or not.

She suddenly moved,running to the person nearest to her,and that happened to be Felony.

She hugged her so tight and started sobbing on her shoulder.

“Let it out,crybaby” Felony said,as she began patting her back tenderly.

“Cry and express it the way you feel” she added.

Olivia,Freya and Winnie came to meet them immediately.

“Oh jeez! I hope she’s not sad” Freya said,worriedly.

“She isn’t,Freya. This is an uncontrolled emotional feeling,she’s just expressing it in the best way she can” Winnie said.

“Gosh! That was too emotional,it was a bomb that blew all our brains off” Olivia said and they started chuckling,except for Ava who was sobbing and sniffling.

“Now what?” Freya asked.

“Hmmm” Olivia and Winnie shrugged.

Felony pulled away from the hug to look at Ava’s crying face.

“And she would say she isn’t a crybaby” she said inwardly, and chuckled.

“Do you feel like seeing him now?” Felony asked,staring at her intently.

“Yes….I mean,no” Ava hiccupped.

Her friends started laughing.

“As crazy as can be” Winnie said.

They laughed again.

“It’s not funny” Ava said,amidst sniffles.

Winnie chuckled.

“Do you love Bullet too” Felony asked Ava.

“Yes I do” she answered shyly.

“Awww” her friends gushed.

“Single pringle like me” Freya pouted.

They all bursted out laughing,including crybaby.

“I think we should make a song out of this single pringle of a thing,we’ll make good money from it,yunno” Olivia winked at Freya.

“I concur,baby” Winnie winked too.

They started laughing again.


Ava got home and didn’t find her mom in the sitting room.

She sighed,then went to her mom’s room where she found her sitting comfortably on the bed.

“Mom…!” she ran and hugged her mom warmly.

“Okay….what’s this tight hug about?” Rose smiled,staring into Ava’s eyes.

“I always give you tight hugs mummy,don’t I?” Ava shook her head,smiling.

“You do,baby. But today’s feels different” Rose smiled.

“I am just happy,mom. Very very happy,that’s all” Ava said,her heart leaping for joy.

“I see,you had enough fun at your party,right?” Rose asked.

“I sure did,mom. One of my best days” Ava smiled.

“I love you my rare gem” Rose said and hugged her.

“I love you more,mummy. Goodnight” she K!SSed her both cheeks before exiting the room.

She felt like asking her mom about her sister and dad, but thought it would not be a good idea.

Since that was one of the reasons her mom landed in the hospital.

So,she decided to let it be for now,until she fully recovers.

She entered her room and plonked on her bed,a smile escaped her lips as she remembers everything Bullet said.

“I can’t believe he’s crazily in love with me yet,never said anything to me until Jaxon forced him to” Ava muttered,staring into space.

The thought of Jaxon struck her body,and she started thinking about it.

“Gosh! This is not gonna be easy” she said,feeling a bit sad about it.

She hissed,and shut her eyes,replaying what happened at the hall.

~ Do you know how hard it is for me to sleep without hearing your voice~

“Now I know why he calls everyday,gosh!” Ava giggled.

She got out of the bed,and took off her clothes before going into the bathroom.

All she kept thinking of while bathing,was Bullet.

“As crazy as can be” she giggled.


“I am never going to let him have me tonight,and It’s time I spoke up” She said as she sat on the bed,resting her back on the pillow.

It wasn’t long before Mr Adams flung open the door.

She quickly laid on the bed,pretending to sleep.

And as usually,he sat on the bed and started caressing her.

Being caressed by someone is something sweet and pleasuring,but she felt like she’s being prickled.

She doesn’t and has never enjoyed it.

He continued doing that,and was about stripping her.

She got up and picked the spatula she hid under the pillow,and knocked him hard on the head.

He went unconscious instantly.

She used that opportunity to pick few of her clothes,and ran out.

Although,they were securities around, but she miraculously escaped.


“Gosh….Ava! Yesterday was crazy as Fůçƙ!. Your crazy,robotic, insane moves are still playing in my head.

If I was asked in an exams to choose yes or no,whether you can dance,I would definitely fail” Freya gushed.

“Likeee….see the way she was twirling, whining, body swerving and…..

“Oh my gosh!” Olivia screamed.

“I bet that’s one of the reasons Bullet went crazy and threw that bomb at us,last night” Winnie said and they bursted out laughing.

“Ava,you’re gonna teach me all those crazy moves,I really want to learn” Winnie said.

“Don’t stress our baby for nothing, please. You that cannot dance” Freya and Olivia laughed.

“Shut up, last borns. Have you seen my inner dance moves?”

“They are crazier than Ava’s” Winnie said.

She moved away from them and started twerking her dry @$$s that never shakes.

Olivia,Ava and Freya eyes started bringing out tears due to too much laugh.

“Winnie…..! Please,my ribs are hurting. Stop dancing, don’t worry I will teach you” Ava laughed more,holding her belly that was starting to hurt.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see the inner most moves? Believe me,those once are killing!” Winnie said and began twerking again.

But Olivia quickly grabbed her waist, stopping her from twerking more.

They all bursted out laughing again,as soon as she stopped.

Even Winnie herself was laughing her @$$s out.

The laugh died down and they continued from where they stopped.

“Yesterday was super crazy and fun. I can’t believe he said all that to Ava” Freya said.

“I know,right? I can’t believe how much I was blushing, even though I was shocked like hell,I still managed to blush” Olivia said,funnily.

“You weren’t the only one,baby. I never saw it coming” Freya said.

“So…Ava. What are you gonna do about Jaxon?” They asked.

“I…I don’t know, seriously. I don’t know how to tell him, I’m scared I might hurt real bad.

“But you have to,anyway. He has to let him know you don’t feel same for him” Winnie said.

“I know,but I feel bad already, even though I’ve not told him yet” Ava sighed.

“I know how you feel,Ava. Gosh! I hate love triangles” Olivia said.

“Right? I am just waiting for the day Archie and Leo will start theirs with you” Winnie sardonically said.

“The winner would be announced in church,yunno” Olivia replied her.

They bursted put laughing.

“I saw how they got almost got each other blind yesterday, when we entered. Covering each other’s face” Freya laughed.

“Jeez!! Yesterday was just crazy” Winnie shook her head.

“Crazier than we imagined” Freya added.


“You still haven’t said what happened to your neck,Scarface” Maddog said to Scarface.

“I told I mistakenly hurt myself with a knife” he said.

“And you want me to believe that” Maddog said.

Scarface rolled eyes.

“Stop bothering yourself about this,I am totally fine. It’s just a minor injury” he said.

“Got my eyes on you” Maddog said, giving him the sign of I got my eyes on you.

Scarface chuckled.

“So no mission soon? Been long I kicked some @$$s” Scarface said.

“None yet,still working on it” Maddog replied.


“Get lost” Felony said to Falcon.

He actually came to see her,and she wouldn’t even let him talk.

“Fůçƙ! Can’t you at least be nice for once?” Falcon asked.

“I would have blown your brains off that head already,even I wasn’t nice” she replied coldly.

Falcon sighed,and at the same time, chuckled.

He just loves her and finds her interesting, even though she’s always cold.

She’s not only cold to him, but to everyone.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Get lost” she said again.

Falcon closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Hey….look there’s something over there!!! He screamed, trying to trick Felony.

He tried to run inside,but Felony kicked his leg.

“Nice try. Now get out!” she barked.

“Please, let me in” Falcon made puppy eyes.

She rolled eyes and let him in,shockingly.

“So why are you here? Are you here to eat my apples again?” She asked,in a rather funny way.

“Really? I would just come here because of apples?” He asked,laughing.

“So,why the Fůçƙ are you here?” She frowned.

“I am here to ask you out on a date” he said,bluntly.

Hearing that, Felony got up and removed her gun,and wanted to shoot…..

“Hold on,you need to know that I wore bullet proof. So,don’t waste your bullet” Falcon said, laughing.

“Huh!?” Felony creased her brows.


Jaxon was in the field with his friends, playing football.

After yesterday’s saga,he just decided to exercise,to clear his head.

He wasn’t injured from yesterday’s fight,only his nose was bleeding due to the punches he received from Bullet.

Though,he also succeeded in making him bleed.

Ava came to the field where he is,with her friends. But they stood a bit far away,watching.

When Jaxon saw her,he excused himself and went to her.

“How are you doing?” he smiled. He felt like hugging her,but he was sweating,and so,decided not to.

“I am fine,thank you. How are you?” Ava asked too.

“I am good,I guess” He replied.

Ava smiled,though she’s worried.

“I am sorry about yesterday” she started.

“It’s okay” he smiled.

They kept quiet for some seconds,before Jaxon spoke.

“You still haven’t said anything about what I told you” Jaxon said,staring deep into her eyes.

“Actually,that’s why I am here” Ava said,feeling bad already.

Jaxon impatiently stood,waiting for her to talk.

“You’re a cool,nice and funny guy,Jaxon. And I enjoyed every moment we shared.

“But…I..” She paused,took a deep breath and sighed.

Jaxon already got it,he already figured out what she’s about to say.

“I am sorry,Jaxon. But my heart beats for someone else,I am sorry” she said,little tears already forming in her eyes.

“Love can’t be forced,I understand” he feigned a smile.

Deep down,he’s broken. His heart shattered instantly,into tiny pieces.

“Sorry” she said and started walking away.

Jaxon stood still for as long as he can remember,without saying anything.

He didn’t even know he was crying until a tear dropped down his chin.

Ava got to her friends and hugged them tightly.

“You did it” Winnie said.

“But he’s broken” she said and looked at his direction,feeling sad.

“I know,Ava. But the heart beats for only who it wants. Cheer up,girl. He’ll be fine” Winnie said.

Ava hugged them more as she sobs.

“Crazy” Winnie,Freya and Olivia sighed.

“What do you do now” Winnie broke the hug and asked.

Ava only sighed and said nothing.


He got back from the gym,and just had his bath.

He sat on his bed,operating his phone. This night, he’s planned to call Ava, since they didn’t say anything to each other yesterday.

He suddenly heard a knock on the door.

He stood up and went for it,the moment he opened it.

He was shocked at who he saw.

It’s Ava!

They both just stood staring at each other without talking.

Her charming eyes staring deep in his,they were starting to drive him crazy again.

“I love you,too” she suddenly said,her tiny sweet voice echoing in his ears.

“You do,you really love me too?” He asked, all shocked.

“With all of me” she said.

That drove him nut immediately.

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to himself, staring deep in her eyes.

“What did you say?” He asked like he didn’t hear her the first time.

“I love…..

The rest was taken back into her mouth,cos Bullet raised her chin up and K!SSed her deeply.

Ava responded immediately.

He made slow careful moves with her until her back hit the door.

Bullet locked it and pinned her to the door,with his other hand holding her tiny waist.

He began K!SSing her hungrily, he K!SSed the space between her upper and lower lips,enjoying her peaches taste.

Switching from her upper to her lower lips,K!SSing it like his life depends on it.

Ava followed his pace,K!SSing him too in the best way she can.

He slid in his tongue, twirling,Ṣūçƙing,nibbling and K!SSing every corner of her mouth,as her taste makes him desire for more.

They moved away from the door,and started moving around as the K!SS got hotter.

Bullet’s hands moving around her body as he deepened the K!SS,sending Ava cold shivers that started driving her insane.

She Mõ@ɲed in his mouth,and that drove him crazier.

He carried her up like a baby.

Ava curled her legs around his waist like a snake.

She felt a hard lump on his below as she stayed on his body,but that didn’t matter to her. She was enjoying the K!SS.

The K!SS got hotter,hungrier, more aggressive and more intense.

Bullet deepened the K!SS even more,breathless and deep K!SS that left Ava gasping for breath.

He slid in his tongue again, but deeper this time as he started thrusting it in and out.

“Mmmm” she Mõ@ɲed softly.

Their eyes have been shot all the while, even while moving their eyes were kept shut.

They continued to K!SS until they reached the bed,Ava hit her leg on it and suddenly fell on the bed.

Bullet fell too and got on top of her,he went in between her legs and continued the hungry K!SS.

He K!SSed her crazily,and Ava’s gasps and Mõ@ɲs became louder when he started K!SSing, nibbling and Ṣūçƙing on her neck.

“I love you more than I love myself” he pulled away and said.

“I love you with all of me” she answered, looking deep into his eyes.

He K!SSed her nose,then gave her another deep K!SS again,and pulled away.

“I love you so much,Apple” he said.

“Apple?” Ava asked as she giggled.

“Yeah,Apple. Cos I couldn’t get my eyes off you the first day I saw you.

“You’re the Apple of my eye,baby. Without you I am blind” he said captured her lips again.

“K!SS me back” he whispered in her ears.


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