December 5, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )


By, Ella N.


“Huh?” Ava said,still in total confusion.

Ava kept mute and couldn’t say anything,cos she doesn’t know what to say or the answer to give.

“Umm…..i….Jaxon” she paused.

Jaxon was quiet, just staring at her and obviously waiting for a positive reply.

They both stayed quiet,saying nothing!

Jaxon’s heart beating, and hoping she doesn’t reject him.

When it became too quiet, Jaxon spoke.

“Please say something, Ava” he said.

“I am not sure about this,Jaxon. Give me some time to think about it” Ava replied.

“That’s fine by me,just don’t take too long. I love you,Ava” Jaxon said and hugged her.

“Thanks,Jax” she replied.

“Goodnight” she added.

“Goodnight, Ava. Do have a good night rest” Jaxon said,and she nodded.

“Our baby….” Ava’s friends said slowly.

“I can’t wait for when you’ll resume school. Gosh,the class was so boring today without you” Freya said.

Ava giggled.

“I can’t wait,either” Ava said too.

“Thanks, babes for coming. You’re such amazing friends,I love you guys so much” she said and started hugging them one at a time.

“We love you too,baby” they chorused.

“Bye..” they said as they got into the car.

She waved at them,and stood watching, until the car went out of sight.

She headed back in,smiling.

What Jaxon told her just hit her brain.

“He loves me? And wants me to be his girlfriend. Wow!” She said as she walked in.

“So,Jaxon is in love with me. Is that why he has changed? Gosh!” Ava said and finally got to her mom’s ward.

She sat beside her and started caressing her hair again, while smiling.

“I love you” she smiled.


Jaxon and his friends just got home,feeling all tired.

They really spent much time at the hospital, since morning that they went.

While on their way home,all that has been going through his mind is Ava.

He wasn’t even concentrating on the drive home, he’s worried.

Worried that Ava may not feel same for him,worried that she might turn him down, and worried that Ava might take too long.

He loves Ava so much that he wishes Ava just said yes.

Well,at least he has freed his mind,but right now,his prayer is for Ava to love him back.

“You told her,huh?” Leo said.

“I did” Jaxon said.

Leo smiled.

“So…what was her reply?” Archie asked.

He was operating his phone,so he dropped it,and stared at his friend.

“She said I should give her time to think about it” Jaxon replied,a smile escaping his lips.

“Do you think she loves you too?” Archie asked.

“I don’t know, man. All I pray for is for her to say yes.

“What if she says no” Leo asked, looking at him.

“I don’t know” he replied simply.



“I’m ready,mummy” Ava said as she walks out of her room.

Her mom feels better now,though not that strong yet.

“My friends and I are going shopping after school,and maybe stop at the shop. Remember tomorrow is my Matriculation.

“Woo hooo! Ava screamed,dancing around like a baby.

Rose laughed at her daughter’s silliness,shaking her head sideways.

“My boredom pills. I can’t imagine a life without you” Rose laughed more.

“I’m always here for you” Ava giggled.

“You still haven’t found out about who paid my hospital bills and our house rent?” Rose asked.

“Still on it,mom. I seriously don’t know who is so generous yet,wants to remain unknown” Ava said.

“It’s quite funny,baby” Rose replied,smiling.

“Seriously funny. Okay,see you later more,mom.

“Bye,mummy” she said and exited.


“Grand-Mapee!!” Maisie shouted loudly,calling Grand to come check her dress out.

She’s been trying different dresses,looking for a perfect one that she would wear to Jaxon’s Matriculation party.

Jaxon already told all of them not to come,that he would be fine. But definitely not Maisie and Grand,they’re never going to listen.

“Silly girl. If I am not mistaking,the party is for a guy named Jaxon,not Maisie. So pick any dress,I am tired already” Grand said.

“The party is for Jax bebe,so it’s mine also. Get up and come check this one out. Trust me,this one will blow your mind” Maisie said,trying to get her Grand off the couch.

“Calton and Margaret…..? I think it’s time we sold this girl out for some time” Grand said,frustratedly.

Neither Margaret nor Calton was home though,just Maisie and Grand-Mapee.

Maisie laughed her @$$s out,but continued dragging her Grand to the room.


“Bye……Lecturer Marcus,we’ll miss you” the students said.

Deep down,they are happy the class is over,cos everyone wants to prepare for their Matriculation party tomorrow.

“Miss your @$$ses,not me. I know you’re all happy because I’m leaving” Lecturer Marcus said.

They all bursted out laughing.

Ava and her friends weren’t excluded.

While in class,Ava kept taking glances at Jaxon.

She still hasn’t given him any reply yet. Her heart isn’t just telling her to.

“What time are we going for our shopping? Winnie said.

“No specific time,any time we’re all ready,we can go” Olivia answered.

“Alright. So,what should we do now?” Winnie asked.

“Let’s just sit and stare at each other” Freya said,funnily and they bursted out laughing.

“Ava… aren’t saying anything,what’s up with you?” Olivia asked.

“Nothing,I’m fine” She smiled.

“That’s not true. C’mon,say it or we force you to” Freya said.

“Yea,spill it” Winnie joined.

“Gossips,I know you won’t let me rest until I tell you” Ava rolled eyes.

“We do that for a living” they said and started laughing.

“Okay…..Jaxon asked me out” Ava said it out loud.

“What!?” they all chorused.

“Yeah….” Ava replied.

“For real? Since when?” they chorused again.

“Since last week”

“What! And you’re telling us now,gosh,Ava” they frowned.

“I know,and I’m sorry,babes. I’ve just been choked up with so many things that I even forgot to tell you.

“We understand. Anyway,did you say yes?” Olivia asked.

“Nope,I told him to give me time to think about it” Ava answered as she drank from her juice.

“You’re still not sure if you feel same way for him.

“But it’s one week already,don’t you think it’s long enough? Winnie asked.

“I don’t know,Winnie. It’s frustrating.

“What’s on your mind? Freya asked.

“I…I don’t know” Ava stuttered.

They suddenly went silent and said nothing again.

After some minuter,Ava spoke again.

“What would you do if you think two guys are in love with you,not sure about one though?” she asked.

“Oh…i sense a love triangle here” Winnie smiled.

“Well,the question here should be,who does your heart beat for?” Winnie asked.

“I think I’m in love with Bullet.

“He’s the only one my heart beats for,but I don’t think he feels same way for me,he’s not saying anything” Ava said.

“Awwww” the girls gushed,their cheeks turning red already.

“So,what are you gonna d o now?” Winnie asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s go do our shopping, please” Ava said,trashing her juice can in the waste bin.


“Ohmigod! Carla,this is fire! Isla and Ivy gushed at Carla’s dress.

Truth be told,the dress really looks good on her. They did their shopping some days ago,and today they are just trying their dresses out.

“If Bullet doesn’t notice me tomorrow, I wonder who else he would be looking at” Carla said as she dances,showing off her beautiful dress and curves.

“Seriously, baby. They will all be left agape by the time we show up” Ivy said,showing off her own.

“I wonder what that poor rat is gonna wear tomorrow” Ivy said.

“One of her old rags of course” Isla said as they bursted out laughing.

Harper hissed.

“You know what I’m gonna get for y’all? Bottles of water,cos you’re gonna be fainting without break,tomorrow” Harper said.

“Stupid girl!” They shouted after her as she walked out on them.

Harper gave them a middle finger,raising it high up in the air.


Immediately after class,Jaxon and his friends headed to the dance hall to practice for tomorrow.

“She still hasn’t said yes?” Archie asked.

“She hasn’t,and that bothers me a lot. Why isn’t she saying anything? I thought she said she likes me too” Jaxon said.

“Chill, man. I bet she will come around,let’s just continue, please” Leo said.

“What if she says, no?” Jaxon asked.

“I should be the one asking you that, cos I don’t know what you will do if she says no” Archie said.

“This is crazy, damn!” Leo said,shaking his head.


Ava laid on her bed,while going through her phone. Actually chatting with friends.

She and her friends did mad shopping today.

Different types of dresses that they bought, not only for the party though.

She was still chatting with them when Bullet’s call entered.

Her heart skipped and she could hear it,so much that she held her chest.

“Gosh,can you stop doing this?” She said to her heart,as if it can hear her.

She smiled before picking up.

“How is big tigress doing?” Bullet asked the moment Ava picked.

“She’s all good” Ava giggled.

“What’s up with you?” Ava asked.

“Nothing,I just called to check on you. So,I heard tomorrow is your Matriculation” Bullet said.

“You heard or you know” Ava rolled eyes,like he can even see that.

Bullet chuckled.

“Will you attend the party?” She asked.

“I won’t miss it for anything, it’s my big tigress’s Matriculation party, yunno” Bullet said.

“Yea,yea” Ava giggled.

“How’s your mom?” He asked.

“She’s stronger than ever” Ava said in a happy tone.

“Great” Bullet replied.

They both didn’t feel like ending the call,so they spoke for long before Bullet decided to let her go, since it’s late too.

“I will see you in school, tomorrow” he said.

“Sure” Ava said too,and hung up.



“They’re gonna faint over and over and over!!” Olivia screamed.

“Seriously. I think we should get shock absorbers,slippers and buckets of water to pour on some people,cos this dressing of ours is….


The girls screamed in excitement and started laughing so loud that they almost brought the building down.

“Gosh….Ava! How did I not see this at the boutique,it looks so good on you”

“I know,right?” Ava replied,showing of her dressing.

She cat walked to the entrance door and stood,striking poses like a model.

She swayed her slim body,curves and hair, making her look hot and S£xier than ever.

Ava cat walked back to them,giving them her charming smile with her light make up that brought out her inner most beauty.

When she got to them,she smiled again and winked.

“Oh,I’m gonna…..


Winnie,Freya and Ava screamed it out.

“Your brains are working well,babies” Olivia said and they bursted out laughing again.

“Let’s go,babies. We’re all done,right?” Winnie asked.

“Sure” they all said.


Everyone is seated,anxiously waiting for the party to start.

The Matriculation itself has taken place since morning. The party is organised by the Matriculated students,that’s why it’s happening now,coupled with Jaxon and co’s concert.

Archie has been looking for Olivia,and Leo?

Well,looking for Olivia too.

“Hey,dudes. Have you seen…..

Jaxon’s jaw dropped as he couldn’t complete his statement. Archie’s dropped,likewise Leo’s.

THE CHARMING FOUR just entered the hall.

They were cat walking in slow mo,swaying their bodies,flaunting their hairs from side to side.

Jaxon’s eyes were fixed on Ava,with his mouth wide agape.

Just then,Bullet and Felony came in too, through the main entrance.

His jaw also dropped,eyes widened in complete admiration. He knows Ava is beautiful but today,she’s super,dazzling,breathtaking,in fact,she’s on fire and Bullet is about to get burnt by that fire.

“Your girlfriend is a hot model” Felony teased. Even she,was admiring her fellow girls.

They look too hot for anyone to not admire or look at them countless times.

Everywhere went silent.

Carla and Ivy already fainted when they saw them. Back at their apartment, they thought Ava was going to wear some cheap clothes.

Well,not when she has rich and amazing friends.

Meanwhile, Archie and Leo have been fighting on who to look at Olivia the most.

Archie would cover Leo’s eyes with his palm,Leo would do same to him,like babies.

THE CHARMING FOUR finally walked and joined the rest.

👥 they are hotter than fire,Fůçƙ!

👥 I didn’t know Ava Rose is this hot and Șëx¥

👥 I am free to ask her out, right!!?

A guy screamed out loud and everyone bursted out laughing.

“You look incredible” Jaxon compliments as they hugged.

“Thanks,Jax” she smiled.

Bullet and Felony joined in.

“Big tigress,you’re breathtaking” Bullet said,as he K!SSes her forehead.

“Thanks” she smiled and hugged him.


The party has been going on and everyone is having a good time too.

Ava sat with her friends,close to the stage.

After some time they all went to the stage to dance although,not everyone.

Ava and friends were on the stage too,dancing.
Everyone dancing and enjoying his or herself.

Ava got got into the dancing spirit, so much that she lost her brain totally.

Dancing crazily like a dance goddess, she swerved her body, giving crazy and gobsmacking moves.

She suddenly started dancing like a robot, as if there’s no bone in her body. Her flexible slim body,making the dance look so easy.

She was madly dancing,from breakdancing to whining and twirling,shocking ever Fůçƙing person in the hall.

No one has ever seen her dance,she always says(I don’t know how to dance).

They all made way for her,now left alone to dance.

Bullet couldn’t even breath well,his breathe was taken away,until Jaxon grabbed Ava and K!SSed her deeply like never before,shocking the life out of her and everyone.

He couldn’t control himself at all,seeing her dancing drove him crazy.

Out of the blues,he received a very hard punch on the face.

When he saw who punched him,he returned it back with full force.

“How dare you K!SS her,how dare you touch what is mine?” Bullet thundered aloud,punching and kicking him more.

Blood started coming out of Jaxon’s nose,even Bullet’s too.

“Bullet…”Ava called slowly,but he wasn’t listening,he isn’t satisfied yet.

He went again, punching Jaxon harder.

Ava managed to pull him with the little strength she has,she turned him to face her.

“Why the hell do you keep doing this? Why do you always get angry when you see me around a…..

“Because I am in in love with you,Ava. I love you with every Fůçƙing thing in me. Do you know how hard it was for me to sleep,the first day I saw you? Do you know what your voice did to me? I barely slept the first day I heard your voice,all that was ringing in my head was your voice. Do you know what I did to myself,the night that bastard made you cry? How hard it is for me to get you off my mind? But I can’t. It got worst the day i K!SSed you. Do you know how difficult it is for me to sleep without hearing your voice? Fo you know how i badly want to call you baby? Tell the world that you’re mine,show them how much I love you? I love your crazy innocent character, I love your giggles,I love your tiny little waist,I love your eyes,your jovial life,I your smile,I love your smartness, your cleanliness, your dressing. Every damn thing about you,I love and cherish so much!


“What….? Ava said,almost losing her breath.


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