December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Ella N.


“Huh? An anonymous?” Ava asked.

She doesn’t even know if she should be worried, happy or cry.

Who paid such a huge sum of money and chooses to remain anonymous.

aside her rich friends in school who aren’t even aware of her mom being hospitalized,there’s no one else she knows that can do such.

God indeed sent someone to save her mom’s life.

“How’s my mom doing?” Ava asked the second time.

“She’s alright. Hopefully by tomorrow, you should be able to see her” the doctor said and returned back to the ward.

They’re two of them in the ward,that’s why he was able to come out.

Ava heaved a euphoric sigh of relief and sat on the chair.

She placed hand on her cheeks,looking at different directions.

Little drops of tears dropped down her cheeks as she kept thinking about her mom.

She knows the doctor has assured her that her mom will be alright, but right now,she misses her more than anything.

“Chill, crybaby. I thought you said you don’t cry anymore” Felony said,sitting down beside her and rubbing her back benignly.

“I miss her already, Felony. I really do.

“I would be laughing my @$$s out right now, if she wasn’t in there” Ava sobbed.

Felony looked at her and smiled.

“I see,you’re mummy’s girl,huh? The doctor said she’s gonna be already,hopefully by tomorrow.

“Let’s just trust him,huh?” Felony said.

Ava nodded.

“Thanks, Felony. Thank you so much for offering to help.

“I really don’t know how to thank you,but just know that I am very very grateful for that” Ava hiccupped and said.

“Anything for my crybaby” Felony smiled.

Ava smiled too,then it suddenly went quiet.

“I know it isn’t the right time to talk about this.

“But your boyfriend has been trying to reach you. He’s been worried about you all day” Felony said, staring at Ava to see her reaction.

“Boyfriend? Which boyfriend?” Ava asked.

A tiny furrow appeared in her forehead until she frantically ironed it away,then she looked at Felony.

“Bullet, he’s been worried about you” Felony purposely said it again.

Ava’s heart skipped immediately she heard,Bullet.

“Oh” she mouthed.

“Well,he’s my friend,not my boyfriend” Ava corrected.

Felony chuckled.

“So,why did your heart skip when I mentioned his name” Felony asked.

“Is she a witch or what, how did she know?” Ava wondered in her heart.

“I am hungry, need to get something to eat” she said as she didn’t want Felony to talk more about it.

“I will get you something to eat” Felony laughed.

She got off the chair and started heading out.

Immediately she went of out sight, Ava took her phone to check.

She gasped.

So many missed calls from her friends.

Since her mom’s incident, she barely touched her phone.

Not when she was running around,looking for help. Where was the time to check her phone.

She saw Bullet’s calls,and her heart skipped again.

“I hope he’s still not mad at me” she sighed.

Then,her friends calls too.

She smiled at the thought of how her friends care so much about her.

She felt like calling them back,but it’s late already, and they’d probably be sleeping already.

Ava rested her head well,on the chair. With her arms placed on the armrest as she kept thinking about her mom.

“You’ll be alright, mummy. And I will be here until you wake up and make me laugh like you always do” she said.

Her mind suddenly remembered what her mom was trying to say about her sister,the name she was trying to call.

“W..W..haa! Could it be Winnie?

“Same Winnie in school who happens to be my friend?

“No no,it can’t be. They’re lots of people with names that start with the letter W,it possibly can’t be Winnie.

“But then,if Winnie is actually my sister, I’d be so happy” she smiled.


Winnie,Olivia and Freya just received their morning lectures, but didn’t find Ava.

“Crazy Winnie. I didn’t see Ava In class today,what happened? Is she alright?” Jaxon asked.

They’ve all been worried about Ava,even Jaxon and his friends.

“We don’t know, Jaxon. That’s what we are trying to find out.

“Who knows her home address let’s go to her house” Archie suggested.

“Great idea,man. Winnine, you know her house,right?” Jaxon said,already getting ready to follow Winnie.”I do” Winnie answered.

“Then let’s go already” Jaxon said,bringing out his car keys.

“I didn’t come with my car,so y’all have to wait for me to get it” Winnie said.

“But my car is available” Jaxon said.

Winnie rolled eyes.

“It obviously can’t carry us all” she said.

“Okay….hurry up,please” Jaxon said.

Winnie smiled and left.

The hostel is not far from where they are,so it won’t take long before she comes back.


“How’s my mom? Can I see her now?” Ava sprang immediately the doctor came out.

She actually slept on the chair she sat on yesterday,since she wasn’t allowed to enter the ward just yet.

“Doctor! You’re not answering me. How’s she,can I see her now?” Ava asked again.

The doctor shook his head,disappointedly and sighed.

“I am sorry,but we lost her last night. I’m sorry” the doctor said and shook his again.

“You are joking,right?” Ava smiled.

“We tried our best” the doctor said.

Ava stood up like an insane person,running into her mom’s ward which the doctor was trying to stop her.

“Noooo! Mom!!!!” Ava screamed her lungs out,losing her voice in the process.

“Mummy!!! Noooo!” She slumped on her mom.

“Noo!” She screamed again and woke up with tears.

It was then she realized it’s just a dream.

“Such a terrible dream. Nothing will happen to you,mummy. I promise, you’ve always been a strong woman that I admire. Nothing will happen to you” she said again.

She stood up and wiped her tears.

Felony went back home last night,after staying with her for long.

She went looking for the doctor in his office,and found him there, thankfully.

“Good morning, doctor” she greeted, respectfully.

The doctor greeted her back with a smile.

“Can I see her?” She asked straight away.

“Sure,come with me” the doctor said as they both walked out of his office.


Ava’s heart couldn’t contain the happiness when she saw her mom.

She’s sleeping so peacefully, like nothing happened to her,except for the Ventilator and tubes on her chest.

“She should wake up any moment from now. It may take hours,but she’d definitely wake up soon” the doctor said.

Ava smiled.

The only thing that is dancing in her belly right is happy Ɓụťťerflies.

Thanks to whoever paid for her mom’s treatment, her mom’s life has been saved by that person.

If she happens to find out about that person, she’s going to cherish and and always be grateful to the person.

She couldn’t have asked for more.

“Thank you so much,doctor. You don’t know what you have done for me” Ava smiled.

“I only tried my best,God did it” the doctor smiled too,then left.

“I love you,mummy” Ava said as she sat beside her mom.

She took out her phone and dialed Winnie,telling her everything.


“Change of plans,everyone. Ava is in the hospital with her mom. She had a heart transplant” Winnie said when she came back.

“What?!!! They said at the same time.


All of them rushed in the as soon they parked their cars.

“Ward 18” Jaxon said to a nurse who directed them.

The nurse did not even finish talking, they rushed in immediately.

All of them ran to Ava and hugged her,choking her even.

“We had no idea something like this happened.

“Called you severally, but you never picked.

“Now we know why you did not pick any of our calls.

“We are so sorry,baby” Winnie, Olivia and Freya all said at a time.

“It’s okay…we should all be happy that she’s alright” Ava smiled.

She looked at Jaxon who is standing beside her.

She stood up and hugged him,then hugged her friends too.

“How are you?” Jaxon asked,K!SSing her hair.

“All better, unlike yesterday that I looked like an insane person” Ava said.

“Awww,our baby has gone through so much stress” they all said.

“I am a strong girl” Ava made funny faces.

They laughed.

“How are you too?” She turned to Jaxon and asked.

“I am good,now that I know you’re alright” Jaxon replied.

Ava smiled.

“How is she now?” Olivia asked.

“She’s all good. The doctor said she’d wake up any moment from now” Ava answered.

“Thank goodness” they signed and took turns to K!SS Rose’s forehead.

“Gosh,Ava! Now I know where you got your beauty from. Your mom is so beautiful” Freya said.

“Right?” All of them chorused and started laughing.

Few minutes later *

Felony and Bullet came in too.

Ava’s heart raced again at the sight of Bullet.

She’s happy he’s here,and also worried that he may still be mad at her.

The girls gasped when they saw them,already blushing on behalf of Ava.

Jaxon’s face changed. Leo and Archie noticed it immediately.

“Crybaby” Felony winked.

“Stop calling me a crybaby” Ava snapped,pouting as everyone chuckled.

“She said her name is big tigress” Bullet joked.

They all laughed,except for Jaxon.

Ava’s heart skipped again for the hundredth time because of Bullet.

“Wait,he’s not mad at me?” She questioned herself as she stared at Bullet who was also staring,with his sleepy eyes.

“How’s she?” Felony asked,looking at Rose.

“She’s better” Ava replied.

Felony and Bullet also went forth to K!SS Rose’s forehead.

He then turned to face Ava.

“I am…..” Both Bullet and Ava said at the same time.

The rest just kept looking at them.

The girls exchanging glances, Leo and Archie looking at Jaxon who doesn’t look happy at all.

And Felony? She’s busy smirking at Ava and Bullet.

Bullet held Ava’s hand and took her a bit far from others.

“I am…..” they said at a time.

“You go first” Ava said to Bullet.

Bullet took a deep breath.

“I am sorry for trying to tell you how to live your life,the other day. Guess I crossed my boundaries” Bullet said.

“It’s fine. I am sorry too,for saying all that to you. I wasn’t thinking straight” Ava said.

Bullet looked at her,lovingly and pulled her into a hug.

“Are we good now?” Bullet asked,waiting for a sweet reply.

“Of course” Ava said,smiling.

Bullet hugged her again,but K!SSed her forehead this time.

“I’m permitted to do this,huh?” Bullet asked.

Ava only giggled and said nothing.

“Now I know where your beauty comes from. Your mom is more than beautiful,and I’m happy she’s alright now” Bullet said.

“All thanks to an anonymous who saved my mom’s life,but chooses to remain anonymous.

“Felony told me about it. You have people who care about you,yunno” Bullet said.

“That was way more than care,and I must find out about that person.

“You know how much ten thousand dollars is,it’s a huge sum of money” Ava said.

“I know” Bullet chuckled.


Rose slowly and weakly opened her eyes.

The first person she caught sight of when she woke up is Winnie,cos she sat very close to her.

“She’s awake!!” the girls screamed out loud.

You need to see how Ava got there,when she heard her mom is awake.

In fact,she flew.

Even though Rose is weak and cannot even talk,she still smiled at her daughter when she saw her.

“I love you so much,mummy” Ava said as she caresses her hair benignly,giving her countless K!SSes on the forehead.

Olivia and the rest were just staring at Ava and her mom,adoringly. With happiness written on their face.

“Be right back,guys” Ava said before going to get the doctor.

Jaxon was smiling all through as he watched her leave.

Bullet isn’t left out.

“I don’t think I’d be able to sleep tonight,I have to tell her” Jaxon said,inwardly.

The doctor walked in with Ava behind him.

He adjusted the Ventilator and put it well,did other things that needed to be done too.

“Please,try your best not to make much noise,she needs to rest right now” the doctor told Ava.

“We will,doc. Thank you” Ava replied.

“Thank you,doctor” Bullet said.

He and the doctor smiled at each other before he left.

“Phew! So glad mom is awake,I can’t express the joy in me”

“I almost died yesterday. Gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared before” Ava said.

“So sorry about that,Ava” all of them said.

They stayed with Ava till evening,before they started leaving.

It was Bullet and Felony that left first,then Jaxon and the rest prepared to leave too.

“Can I talk to you,please?” Jaxon moved to Ava’s side and asked.

Ava is seeing them off and they’re all heading to where they parked their cars.

“Sure,Jax. What is it?” Ava asked,curiously.

They both moved to Jaxon’s car,not too far from the others,though.

“You’re beautiful,Ava. I really enjoy the times I spent with you. I know this isn’t the right time to say this,but I can’t hold back the feelings anymore.

“I love you,Ava. For real” Jaxon said.

“What… do?” Ava asked slowly. She wasn’t expecting and never saw that coming.

“So much,Ava. Will you be my girlfriend,please?” Jaxon shot it straight up.



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