December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )


By, Ella N.

{THE Fůçƙ IS MY MOM..?}

“Fifteen thousand what?

“Where am I supposed to get that kind of money from?” She asked as she broke down.

“Mummy…oh God!”

“Where the hell am I supposed to….to…get that?” She repeated.

“The earlier you bring the money, the better, so we can do the transplant before it becomes too late.

Ava remained in that position, speechless.

The only thing happening right now is her cries.

“Where….who…how,nooo…Mum!!” she screamed as she got up, trying to run into the ward.

But the doctor stopped her.

“You can’t go in now” the doctor said.

Another loud cry could be heard,as she slumped down.

The nurses and people around were even feeling for her.

She buried her head in her thighs as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, soaking her clothes as well.

“Should I go tell Winnie, or Olivia? No,I can’t!”

“Jaxon,Felony or Bullet? Hell no! Oh mummy,I’m sorry….I don’t know what to do” she whimpered.

Suddenly, Ava sprang up,and ran out of the hospital, still crying.


Ava rushed into the cafe where she does her part time job,like a crazy person.

Fortunately, she met her boss just at the entrance.

She fell on her knees immediately, more tears running down as she explains to her boss.

“I don’t have that kind of money,Ava. But I will give you what I can” Mr Reginald said.

He shook his head as he went in to get the money.

“Ava, what’s the problem? What happened?” Gracie asked.

“M….my….mum… mum is dying, Gracie” Ava said,her lips shaking like one who is freezing.

“Don’t say that, your mom won’t die” Gracie rebuked.

“She’s in the hospital, and ten thousand dollars is required before any treatment commences.

“Ten thousand what?” Gracie’s eyes widened.

“I am dead,Gracie. I don’t know where to get that kind of money from.

“How much do I even have in my account? Oh Lord, my mom!” She screamed again.

Gracie held her tight, hugging her.

“I will give you what I have,Ava. Just stop crying, please” Gracie begged.

“Nooo….I can’t…I’m done for!….my mom!” She cried.

“Ava,I told you your mum is going to be alright, you have to stay strong for her,okay? But where is your dad?” Gracie asked.

Ava looked at her, and increased the cry.

“Oh jeez! I shouldn’t have asked” Gracie mumbled.

Mr Reginald finally came out with an envelope, handing it over to Ava.

“That’s five hundred and fifty dollars, it’s all I have.
But please, return it when due” Reginald said.

“Thank…you…thank you so much, sir” Ava said,appreciatively.

Even though the money is not even up to quarter of what they need,she still appreciated.

She ran out immediately, heading to where she doesn’t even know,no direction or destination.

She’s just running, cos she doesn’t know who else to ask for help.

Before she left,Gracie also gave her the little she has.


Codie is in the computer lab alone.

There is no hacking or tracking to do,so Maddog isn’t in the lab with him.

So,since there is no one,he took off his shades and hoodie,revealing his face.

He wheezed and smiled,weirdly.

Nobody has seen his face,and he doesn’t leave the computer lab either.

Well,everyone thinks so.

He does leave the lab,but no one sees when he leaves or comes back.

And he’s always available when he’s needed.


He was about putting his hoodie and shades back on,when the door flung open.

It’s Scarface!

Scarface jaw dropped, the moment he saw his face.

“G…..g…..” He stuttered,staggering back.

Before he could say anything else, Codie grabbed him and put a knife on his throat.

“If you tell anyone about me,it will be worst than this” Codie said, giving him a big cut on the neck,with the knife.

“Ahhhh! Scarface screamed as blood started coming out.

Codie glared at him viciously as he threw him on the ground.

Scarface staggered again, holding his bleeding neck as he got up and walked out of the lab.


“What the Fůçƙ did you do yesterday at the night out?” Felony questions.

“What are you talking about” Bullet asked, not really getting her.

“You pulling Ava out of the game yesterday, when that guy was about to K!SS her.

“You even broke a glass with your damn palms.

“Why were you so upset about it?” She asked.

“I don’t know” Bullet answered.

“Are you in love with her?” Felony asked.

“I don’t know” Bullet answered.

Felony looked at him and smirked.

He said he doesn’t know,but his eyes are saying something else.

Bullet’s phone started ringing, and when he took it out to see who the person is.

He sighed.

It’s his father, Colton.

“Father…” He called,immediately after picking.

“Come to the Clan,I want to see you” he said and hung up.

“Fůçƙ,Fůçƙ…just Fůçƙ it! Why does he only call when he wants to see me?” Bullet ruffled his hair.

Felony laughed, mockingly.

“He’s your father” she said, still laughing.

“It’s not funny” Bullet glared,but Felony laughed more.

Bullet sighed and threw his phone on the bed.

He’s worried about Ava, and now his dad wants to add more to his problems.

“Go see your father,I’m going home” Felony said and stood up.

“Enjoy” she winked and left.

“She isn’t picking my calls,hope she’s already and not mad at me” Bullet mumbled, worriedly.

He got himself ready and drove out.


Ava ran until she got to school. She doesn’t know when she got here,and why she’s even here.

She felt like going to the girls hostel to ask for help,but she stopped.

Jaxon’s place….she stopped too.

Bullet’s place…? She still said no.

She kept pacing around until she bumped into Felony.

“Crybaby..?” Felony called slowly.

“Fůçƙ! You’re crying. What happened?” She asked,with great concern.

“My mum…she’s dying” Ava said.

“What! Don’t say that. What happened, where is she?” She asked.

“Heart problem. She’s at the hospital right now,and needs ten thousand dollars for a transplant” Ava explained.

“Is that why you’ve been crying? $h|t!” She said,taking Ava by the hand.

“Take me to the hospital” she said as she opened the car door for Ava.

Ava entered,and as usual,she drove speedily to the hospital.


Bullet got out of his car when he entered the Clan.

He handsomely walked in,heading to his dad’s.

Members were greeting, others staring at him like they are seeing him for the first time.

👥 Wish I can be his girl for just a day.

👥 I bet his Ç0çƙ will be so damn good,just the way he’s handsome.

👥 God father will kill you two

👥 I don’t mind dying for him.

👥 He’s just too handsome

👥 Fůçƙ my damn @$$s

The last girl said and blew a bubble with her gum.

Bullet walked past them,ignoring their stares and greetings.

He walked into his dad’s room,where he met him sitting and smoking.

“You came” Colton said as Bullet walked up to him.

“You asked me to” Bullet replied him,acrimoniously.

Colton chuckled, puffing out the smoke that spread all over him.

“You’re growing” Colton said.

“Growth is constant and inexorable” Bullet replied, already getting pissed.

“Interesting” Colton chuckled again.

After staying quiet for minutes, he continued.

“Who is she” he asked.

Bullet was left in total confusion as he has no idea what or who he’s talking about.

“She? Who are you talking about?” Bullet asked,still in confusion.

“The girl you’re falling in love with. The one that has been distracting you” he said,not sparing him a glance.

Even though Bullet isn’t sure of his feelings yet, he figured out who his dad is talking about,and his eyes widened.

He kept mute,wondering where and how he got to know about it.

“I don’t know who or what you’re talking about” Bullet said,pretending not to know.

“Don’t play dumb with me” Colton said.

Bullet rolled eyes,and looked at him sternly.

“How did you know about this?” Bullet asked,his eyes fixed on his dad,and anxiously waiting for an answer.

“I got my eyes everywhere” He said,still not looking at him.

Bullet scoffed.

“I am not being distracted by anyone, don’t I carry out the missions I’m supposed to……

“She’s still a distraction” Colton cut him off.

“What do you even want from me?

“What kind of a father are you? You hate to see me happy.

“Why do enjoy doing this,for Fůçƙ sake,I am your son!” Bullet yelled.

“And you know the rules?” Calton said,ignoring every other thing Bullet has said.

“And I will break those damn rules because of her.

“You never want to see me happy,father.

“I do every Fůçƙing thing you want,or ask me to do.

“But you don’t appreciate any.

“I have been trying to ignore the fact that I don’t even know who my mom is, because you have refused to tell me.

“But you just reminded me of it again.

“Tell me,godfather Colton Kray.

“WHO THE Fůçƙ IS MY MOM?” Bullet asked,and banged the table.

Colton chuckled again.

That’s all he’s been doing since Bullet came.

Colton still didn’t answer him.

He just kept staring at Bullet funnily.

“Good night” Bullet said,banged the table again and started walking out.

His dad refused to answer him,so there’s no need staying.

“Call me when you need anything” He said.

“I hate you” Bullet turned back and shouted,then stormed out.

Colton looked at him until he went out of sight.


“I can’t believe he wanted to see me because of that” Bullet said as he got into his car.

He sat in the car for close to ten minutes.

He rested his back on the seat,thinking about Ava so much,that he almost slept off in the car.


Ava’s friends have been calling her,but she’s not picking any.

“Maybe she’s sleeping already” Olivia said.

“Tch! This is just 6 O’clock. How can she be sleeping by this time?” Winnie said,worriedly.

“Hmmm. Then why isn’t she picking her calls? Olivia asked.

“No idea. Gosh,I’m just so worried about her.

“You know she left school all moody. I just hope she’s alright” Winnie sighed.

“I know she is. We’ll see her in school tomorrow,and if we doesn’t come….we’ll go to her house.

“You still remember her home address,right?” Olivia asked.

“Sure” Winnie answered.

She went to her closet and picked her Pjs,slipping them on fast.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to bed already?” Olivia said,staring at her.

“That’s obviously what I am about to do” Winnie rolled eyes.

“Hell no! Not when an interesting movie is going on” Olivia said and dragged her to the seat,making sit heavily.

“You’re so unbearable,jeez!” Winnie rolled eyes.

“I know,duh!” Olivia replied as they both giggled.

Winnie kept mute and stared at Olivia,smirking.

“Weirdo,what is it now?” Olivia raised her shoulders.

“What’s up with you and Archie,thought you were crushing on Leo and not him” Winnie said.

“Just shut up and enjoy the movie” Olivia said.

“Yes ma’am” Winnie answered,zipping her mouth.

They both laughed and continued watching.

“The movie is actually interesting,but I wish Ava were here” Winnie sighed.

“Same here” Olivia said,filling her mouth with popcorn.


Felony came to a halt as soon as they arrived the hospital.

Ava was so impatient that she couldn’t wait for Felony to park the car well where every other car is.

She rushed into the hospital in a flash,even though Felony is the one making the payment.

“Her mother’s daughter” Felony smiled,seeing how Ava is so worried and concerned about her mom.

“Wish mine is still alive” she sighed and followed up in a rush.

Ava pace around while waiting for Felony to come.

She has somehow stopped crying,but tears were still coming out of her eyes.

“Where is the doctor,and your mom’s ward” Felony asked as she came in.

Ava was about to answer when the doctor came out of the ward with gloves that he was taking off his hands.

Ava’s heart skipped a million times in just a second when she saw the doctor.

The doctor did not just come out of her mom’s ward,but he came with gloves which he’s literally taking off.

“How is my mom,where is she?” Ava asked with tears already attempting to fall.

“She will be alright,hopefully. The transplant is taking place right now” the doctor smiled.

“Huh?” Ava and Felony said at the same time.

“What are you talking about,doctor? Thought you said it’d only commence when payment has been made” Ava sniffed,as she wipes her tears off.

“Yeah,and that’s because payment has been made already,just in time. Cos we almost lost her” The doctor gave another smile.

“What….?” Ava and Felony said again,looking at each other.

“So….someone pa…paid ten thousand dollars for mom’s heart transplant?” Ava stuttered. Tears coming out again.

“Even more than what was needed” the doctor said.

Ava hiccupped and swallowed nothing,she’s completely shocked that she instantly lost her voice.

God must have sent an angel from heaven to come save her mom just in time,she thought.

“Who is this person,please?” she managed to ask.

“An anonymous” the doctor answered



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