December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )


By, Ella N.


“Look away, little tigress. Or I K!SS you” Bullet smirked.

“What?” Ava asked,still staring at him like she didn’t hear what he just said.

Bullet was staring at her too,moving his head closer.

Ava opened her mouth to utter a word,but he already crashed his lips on hers.

He K!SSed her lightly.

And Ava surprisingly responded,but it didn’t last up to two seconds.

Cos she suddenly broke away from the K!SS.

She was completely lost,that she got off his body immediately she came back to her senses.

Their eyes met again, and she shyly looked away.

“I’m sorry,I didn’t mean to do that” Bullet apologized immediately,and got off the floor too.

He really didn’t intend to K!SS her, he just said that playfully.

But her lips were just so tempting that he couldn’t help it.

Worst,she kept staring at him with those charming,killer eyes.

“It…it’s okay” Ava smiled sheepishly.

She took off the boxing gloves and handed them back to him,smiling cutely.

“I should get going,see you later” she added and briskly started walking away.

“Little tigress… Your jacket” Bullet said.

“Oh,forgot it’s mine now” she smiled and turned back to pick it from where it hung.

“Thanks,bye” she scurried away.

Bullet smiled as he watched her leave.

He touched his lips and licked them,replaying the K!SS in his head.

“Peaches taste” he smiled again.


Jaxon and his friends,plus few other dancers walked into the dance hall,as Ava did too.

They came to practice for the up coming concert.

She’s actually here,cos Jaxon begged her to come.

He smiled when he saw her,Ava smiled too.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I’m okay,thanks” she replied simply.

“You know how to dance,right?” He asked.

“Naa,I don’t” she lied.

Of course Ava knows how to dance very well.

“Don’t worry,I will teach you” he said and held her hand.

Leo and Archie looked at each other and chuckled.

“Can’t believe how Jaxon started liking Ava,all of a sudden.

“I just hope she feels same way for him,too” Archie said.

“Hope so too,dude” Leo replied, and they both walked to join others.

“No,no…no” Jaxon shook his head.

“Start again” he said to the dancers that were already in the hall practicing before he came.

Ava giggled at that.

“He’s cute that way” she mumbled and continued watching him.

“You,go behind…. You,come to the middle” Jaxon said,arranging and putting them in the right order.

“Let’s dance” he said, holding Ava as they started dancing.

Ava is having a good time,dancing with Jaxon.

But she isn’t really enjoying it,cos she’s not in the mood to dance.

All that is running through her head is the K!SS.

She shut her eyes as the scene came playing in her head again.

Then,she opened them and smiled for no reason.

“You said you don’t know how to dance” Jaxon said.

“This is rubbish, not dance” Ava said, referring to her dance moves.

Jaxon stared at her and started laughing.

“You’re quite funny.

“I like you,Ava. More than like,but I will leave it just there for now.” he finally said it.

Ava turned to look at him with shock written all over her.

“You do” she asked.

“Yeah,for real” Jaxon answered.

She smiled and kept mute for some minutes without saying anything.

“Are you okay?” Jaxon asked when he noticed how quiet she has become.

“Did I say something bad,I’m sorry….

“No,no…not that. I sort of like you too” she smiled.

“Really?” Jaxon raised his brows.

“Yep. It’s not bad,is it?” She rolled eyes.

“Of course not” Jaxon chuckled.

“Let’s just dance” he said and held her again.

Archie and Leo just kept watching them,though they were conducting the dance that Jaxon was supposed to conduct.


“Why is Ava not back yet,thought she only went to return the jacket” Freya said.

“Hmmm” Olivia and Winnie shrugged.

“I will call her” Olivia said and dialed her.

Ava suddenly appeared before her phone even started ringing.

“She’s here,our celebrity baby is here” Freya said,sillily.

They started laughing as she walks to meet them.

‘”What took you so long?” Olivia asked.

“I was in the dance hall with Jaxon and his friends” she replied.

Olivia, Freya and Winnine exchanged glances.

Ava rolled eyes and giggled.

“I was dancing, duh” she said,making funny faces.

“Okay……?” They all said.

“Okay…. What?” She asked.

“Just tell us,please” Olivia said,anxiously waiting.

“You guys are so unbearable, gosh!” Ava frustratedly said.

“We do that for a living” Olivia and Freya said at the same time.

“Last borns” Winnie rolled.

“Thanks,big mummy” Olivia sarcastically replied.

They all started laughing.

The three stared at Ava, expectantly.

“Stop staring,it’s creepy. Gosh!” She shook her head.

“Tell us and we promise to stop staring” they replied.

“Well,he said he likes me” she said.

“I knew it!” The three said and bursted out laughing.

“Gossips” Ava jibed as they laughed more.

“Wait,you’re still wearing Bullet’s jacket,you didn’t return it?” Winnie asked.

“He said it’s mine now,he refused to take it” Ava said as they started walking out of the cafe.

“Pour me some water,my brain is catching fire” Olivia joked.

“There’s something fishy somewhere” Winnie said,nodding her head like a lizard.

“We’ll get the full details soon” Freya said.

They started laughing again.

“This weekend is SCHOLARS NIGHT OUT,hope you will attend this one” Olivia asked Ava.

Yeah,every last weekend of the month is their scholars night out.

Ava hasn’t really attended any yet,cos of her part time job.

Other departments do theirs too,but scholars night out is mostly for science students,from all levels.

“Guess I will attend this one” Ava answered.

“Yes!” They all screamed.

“Unfortunately, no boyfriend” Freya pouted.

“You’re alone, cos I have mine” Olivia said.

“Same Leo that keeps ignoring you? You’re a single pringle,baby” Freya said.

Winnie and Ava looked at them and started laughing.

“Definitely not Leo, I’m done with him” Olivia said.

“Huh?” Three asked at a time.


“So,you finally told her” Leo said.

“I sure did. Plan was to tell her my feelings, but that would be too sudden”

“Well,she said she likes me too” Jaxon said,happiness written all over him.

“Woo,that’s cool. I hope she feels the same way for you” Archie joined in the conversation.

“High hopes,dudes” Jaxon chuckled.

“And if she doesn’t?” Leo suddenly asked.

Jaxon said nothing.

“Scholars night out is this weekend. Will you attend?” Archie asked Leo and Jaxon.

“Like we’ve ever missed any?” Leo and Jaxon laughed.

“Hope I find a good Pů$$¥ to Fůçƙ,been a while” Leo winked.

“Man wĥõrë” Archie and Jaxon said as they started laughing again.


“We’ve not really talked about your school since you started” Rose said to Ava.

She and Ava are in the sitting room,eating.

“I know,mummy. I’ve missed our mouth watering talks” Ava said,scooping the food into her mouth.

“Seriously,baby. If I say I don’t miss them,I’d be lying” Rose answered.

“Gosh,you love gossiping” Ava joked,making her mom to laugh.

“So,how have you been coping? Hope the stress isn’t much?” Rose said.

“Not at all,mummy. Stress is part of the fun,yunno”Ava giggled.

“Definitely,my love” Rose replied.

“How many friends have you made,they are friendly people in your school,I hope” Rose said.

“Lots of them,mummy. Can’t even count” Ava answered.

“Are you kidding me? So I am a mother of a celebrity now” Rose joked.

“You can say that again,mum” Ava winked.

The both of them bursted into a loud laugh.

They kept silent after the laugh,and just continued eating.

“So,was that your boyfriend? The guy who dropped you last night” Rose threw the bomb at Ava.

Ava choked on the water she was drinking.

“Sorry dear” Rose said,patting her back affectionately.

Ava stared at her mom,who smiled at her intentionally.

“I’m waiting” she said.

“Gosh! He’s just a friend,mom” Ava replied.

“But you hugged him so tight yesterday night” Rose raised a brow.

“You’re suffocating me,mummy. I’m off to my room” Ava said and stood up,walking to her room.

“Get yourself a boyfriend and get married,I want grandchildren,Ava” Rose shouted after her,jokingly.

“Ahhh!” Ava screamed and closed her ears as she ran even faster into her room.

Rose was left in the sitting room alone, laughing her belly out.

“She’s just so adorable. My beauty goddess” Rose said and laughed.


Ava plopped on her bed,her hands still covering her ears.

“I can’t believe that woman,I can’t believe she saw us” she said,unbelievably.

While that was going on,her phone buzzed.

It’s a message from their group chat.


She smiled while reading it.

“Haven’t even told mom yet” she said and dropped her phone,about to go have her bath when it started ringing.

It’s Bullet!

“Hey,what’s up?” she asked immediately she picked the call.

“Nothing much. How are you?” Bullet asked.

“I’m good,and you?”

Bullet said same.

“Just called to check on you,and also apologise for what happened today” he said.

He just reminded her of the K!SS.

It suddenly started playing in her head again,but she shrugged it off immediately.

“It’s okay” she smiled,though Bullet obviously can’t see it.

“Thanks,little tigress” He joked.

“Okay,you have to stop calling me that” Ava laughed.

“Why” Bullet asked.

“Because I’m a big tigress” She replied with a funny tone.

Bullet laughed.

“Your wish is my command,big tigress” Bullet replied.

They both laughed over the phone.

“Will you be attending scholars night out,tomorrow?” He asked after they both kept quiet for a while.

“Sure,what about you?” Ava asked.

“I will. Will be happy to see you there” he said.

Ava just giggled and said nothing.

“Okay…I’m gonna let you rest. See you tomorrow, V” he said.

“See you tomorrow” she said too,and hung up.

She drooped her phone and went to have her bath, after which she slept,wearing Bullet’s cozy jacket.


“I hate his class,damn!” Students nagged.

They just finished receiving their 5PM class,and it just ended now.

“I will see you later,Archie” Olivia said to Archie who winked at her.

“See you later,Olive” Archie replied, happily.

Freya,Winnie and Ava looked at each other in total confusion.

Leo and Jaxon were not left out.

“Did she….,never mind” Leo said.

Archie has been crushing on Olivia long ago,but Olivia didn’t have his time,cos she was busy crushing on Leo who has been ignoring her.

“See you later,Ava” Jaxon said to Ava.

Ava nodded.

“Single pringle” Freya pouted when no one said anything to her.

“Awww,don’t feel bad,baby. You will get the most handsome one,trust me.


“Spill it,why the sudden switch” the three girls dragged Olivia to a corner.

“Nothing, bye” she said and ran off,heading to the hostel with her bag pack,dangling behind her.


“OMG! I’m gonna faint” Olivia said,gushing over Ava’s dressing.

“I know, right?” Winnie and Freya gushed too.

“Who’s got the brains?Ava!

“The beauty? Ava!

“The curves? Ava!

“Killer smile? Ava!

“Charming eyes? Ava!

The girls started signing praises to her.

“Whoa!!” They all screamed out excitedly.

“Stop making me shy,please. Y’all look amazing too” Ava said.

“We know,but yours is killing,Ava” They all chorused.

“Let’s go already,can’t wait to see Archie” Olivia said.

“I think she’s gone cu cu” Winnie said,making a $©®£wing sign on her head.

“I heard that” Olivia shouted.

They bursted into a loud laugh.


“Finally here” Jaxon said to Ava.

She smiled.

Ava drove with Jaxon,Freya drove with Winnie,Olivia with Archie,then Leo drove alone.

The BULLTASTIC 4 came too.

“You’re beautiful” Jaxon compliments Ava.

“Thanks” she smiled.

They all got out and walked into the Lounge.

Many other students started coming too and soon,the place was filled with excited students.

Archie and Olivia just sat separately,chatting.

Freya and Winnie sat same place with Ava and Jaxon.

Carla and her gang sat a bit far from them.

Ivy is just busy glaring at Ava,who doesn’t give a Fůçƙ.

Felony and Bullet arrived too,not long and he’s been searching for Ava.

The crowd is much,so it’s not that easy to find someone.

He called her instead,and she directed him to where she sat.

Most of his members came too,but they didn’t come same time.

Ava sighted them and got off the chair,going to where they are.

She hugged Bullet,then Felony.

Jaxon tried his best not to show his jealousy when Ava hugged Bullet.

“I thought you were not gonna come” Ava said.

“Told you I would come,didn’t I” Bullet asked.

“You’re extremely beautiful” he compliments.

Felony stared at them,smirking.

“I didn’t know you were friends with my crybaby” Felony smirked again.

Ava giggled.

“Let’s go join others,please” she said.

“Sure” Bullet said.

They walked to where others are and sat,not too close though.

Drinking,dancing and flirting going on. Some were even K!SSing and banging themselves at one corner.

Meanwhile, Leo is stylishly looking at Archie and Olivia who are having a good time.

“Lynx! You came” Winnine said when she suddenly saw Lynx.

He walked up to them,and joined.

“Single Pringle” Freya said again for the tenth time.

And this time,no one could hold their laughs, they all let it out loudly,including Freya herself.

Drinking and dancing continued,people playing different games.

Some, snooker, others,balling, and most of them playing table tennis.

“Our group is boring,let’s play a game,please” Harper suggested.

Yeah,she sat with Ava and the rest,not with her bully friends.

“T&D,please” A student suggested too.

“Perfect game” They all chorused.

Everyone sat in a circle,no need to spin any bottle.

“I’ll go first

“Olivia,T or D?

“T” Olivia answered.

“Who are you crushing on,Olivia?” Winnie asked.

“Archie” She replied immediately.

“Whoa!! Everyone wowed.

Leo’s expression changed,when Olivia didn’t call him like he expected.

Everyone had their turn till it got Jaxon’s.

Bullet and Felony didn’t join the game,so they sat at one end watching.

“Jaxon,T or D

“D” Jaxon answered.

“Okay. I dare you to K!SS Ava” Harper intentionally said,cos of Ivy.

Ava’s eyes widened,and her heart started pulsating.

Ivy tightened her fists.

Bullet’s expression changed. He held his glass of wine tighter.

Jaxon smiled and stood up,moving close to Ava.

Ivy tightened her fists more.

Bullet’s glass of wine could be heard cracking,due to the pressure he’s putting on it.



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