December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )


By, Ella N.


“Ruin whose marriage?” Came Jaxon’s voice.

“Jax!” Margaret exclaimed and sat upright.

“Jaxon…?” She called slowly as she didn’t expect to see Jaxon around,especially not in her room.

She was surprised to see him,and at the same time,scared that Jaxon heard what she said.

She started praying seriously in her heart for Jaxon not to ask her that question again.

Jaxon walked into the room fully.

He was actually heading back to his room after he left Maisie and his Grand at the dinning.

So,he decided to check on his mom to be sure she’s alright,cos she’s been sleeping since he came.

He smiled as he walked until he got to his mom’s bed,and sat beside her.

“Jaxon,you….you’re around” she stuttered.

“Yes,mom. Are you surprised to see me?” Jaxon asked.

“Of course I am surprised, don’t you think I should be surprised?”

“I mean,before you left for school you said you were not coming back” Margaret said.

Jaxon chuckled.

“I know I said that,but that was said out of frustration from dad. I didn’t really mean it” Jaxon said.

Margaret smiled and hugged him tightly.

“When did you come” his mom asked.

“Almost two hours now” he replied.

Margaret widened her eyes.

“Have I slept that long?” She questioned.

“You are over working yourself, mom.” Jaxon chuckled.

“I know,right?” Margaret sighed.

Margaret just kept staring at Jaxon,wondering the sudden attitude.

“He’s really acting different” she wondered aloud in her heart.

She was still in her thoughts when Jaxon blew the bomb she has been praying he doesn’t ask.

“So,who is ruining whose marriage, mom?” Jaxon suddenly asked.

Margaret’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

It took her some minutes before she could process the question.

“Oh that. It’s just a client I introduced to my friend whose daughter is getting married.

“She’s in charge of the wedding decorations,but has been giving me one excuse or the other ” Margaret lied.

She knows what she just said is dumb,and fears Jaxon would not believe her.

That’s all she could come up with, anyway.

Even though it sounds dumb,she still hopes he doesn’t doubt it.

“Oh….okay mom,I will be in my room” Jaxon said.

Margaret heaved a sigh of relief, but in a way that Jaxon did not see.

“Okay,baby. Have you eaten anything yet?” She asked.

“Yeah, was with Maisie and Grand but I left them cos they were starting to suffocate me” Jaxon said as he started walking out of the room.

Margaret laughed as she watched him walk out.

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom, banged the door after her.

“Where the hell did he get my number, this is bad…very bad” she ruffled her hair as she pace around the bathroom.

“I’m doomed! He’ll stop at nothing till makes sure he exposes our secret.

“Calton will be so broken if he finds out Jaxon is not his son.

“This is bad” Margaret ruffled her hair more.


Ivy has been crying since they came back to their apartment.

Ivy has woken up long ago,she even woke up immediately after water was poured on her.

“Seriously,Ivy. Are you going to sit down there and continue crying because of that girl?” Isla asked.

She got another tissue and gave it to Ivy.

Ivy has been crying and wasting tissue like hell.

“Why shouldn’t I cry? Didn’t you hear the way he threatened me,all because of that poor thing” Ivy cried more.

“I still don’t get what Jaxon was doing with that low class girl,poor rat.

“Of all people,her? This is more than just meets the eyes.

“First,it was Carla’s boyfriend,Bullet. Now,it’s Jaxon” Isla said as she filled her mouth with popcorn.

Carla is seated with her legs crossed,operating her phone.

Harper just sat separately,saying nothing.She was only rolling eyes,especially at Ivy.

“Aren’t we gonna do something about that girl? We can’t just sit and watch her,right?” Carla said.

“She’s the poor girl here,she should be the one crying,not any of us” she added.

“She should get ready for me”” Ivy smirked amidst her cries.

“You’re still gonna faint” Harper mocked after she heard what Ivy said.

That’s the only time she decided to speak too,after Ivy had said that.

“Stupid girl,whose side are you even on?” Carla asked,already getting angry.

“Nobody’s. I’m on my own side” Harper replied.

“Did you give her her evening pills? I think her madness has started again” Ivy mockingly said.

“Watch your tongue Jaxon’s Ďïčk addict”

“It’s so Fůçƙing funny how you both call Bullet and Jaxon your boyfriends.

“If I can remember quite well,Bullet and Jaxon never asked you any of you out.

“You’re k!lling yourselves,fainting stup!dly because of their Ďïčks and the fact that they Fůçƙ well.

“That’s why you’re k!lling yourselves.

“Ďïčk addicts!” Harper released it to them.

She sat properly on the chair and continued what she was doing.

“Did you just say all that about us? Do you want to d!e?” Ivy threatened.

She stood up from her seat and went closer to Harper.

“At least,we have who Fůçƙ us. But you,has any guy ever found you attractive?” Ivy mocked.

“Fůçƙ off! If I want a guy,I’d get one without stress. I don’t cry for Ďïčks” Harper spat and left to her room.

Ivy and the rest were left in total shock as they watched her walk to her room.

“Is….she…..alright?” Isla asked.

“Obviously not,she needs to visit the psychiatric” Carla said.

Harper had been waiting for an opportunity to say this to her,she finally got it.


Some of the members were at the gym room training.

They’ve got a mission tonight,though not all of them will be going.

Felony was in too,punching bags,Foxfire and Maddog too,even the queen of lollipop (Atalanta).

Her legs are better now,and she can walk properly, unlike before that she could barely walk.

When Atalanta saw Felony,cos she was at a far end of the gym room.

She walked up to where Felony is and stood with lollipop in her mouth.

“Can I talk to you,please?” She asked nicely.

Felony looked at her and rolled eyes,without answering her,she continued punching her bag.

“Please,just one second” she said.

“Get the Fůçƙ off,I’m busy” Felony said,not sparing her a glance.

She continued punching the bags.

“I’m sorry,I’m sorry for trying to hurt you” Atalanta suddenly said.

“Humph!” Felony chuckled and looked at her this time.

“Heard you,but stay away from me. I’m dangerous” she glared at her and returned back to punching.

“Stupid!” Atalanta mumbled inwardly,rolled eyes and left.


“Thanks for saving me the other day” Atalanta said to Maddog.

“It was nothing” Maddog smiled.

“It was nothing? You Fůçƙing took a bullet for me” she said,shoving the lollipop into her mouth.

“I know,still, it was nothing. Just try and stay away from her.

“She doesn’t think twice before putting a bullet in anyone’s head”

“Imagine what would have happened to you if i didn’t intervene” Maddog said.

Atalanta rolled eyes and licked her lollipop more.

Maddog chuckled and shook his head.

“She’s cute,but arrogant,and I love it” he smiled.


“Felony,can I talk to you,please?” Falcon asked,expecting a positive reply from her.

She left the gym room and was about going back home.

“What do you want” Felony asked coldly.

“I…I like you,Felony” he said blatantly.

“Thanks,but keep it to yourself” she replied without looking at him.

“I’m serious,Felony. I don’t just like you,but I’m in love with you” he blurted out”

Felony dramatically walked closer to him,as if about to hug him or say I love you too.

“Say it again” she said,in a rather funny way.

“I said I’m in love with you and I can’t keep it to myself anymore” Falcon boldy said.

He knows the next thing that is going to happen,but he still has the courage to tell her,anyway.

He himself said he’s ready to die a happy death, as long as he died because of Felony.

Felony tightened her fists and was about unleashing it on Falcon.

“Punch me,shoot me,k!ll me,do whatever you want to do to me…but the fact still remains that I love you and nothing can change that!” Falcon yelled.

Felony was taken aback,and didn’t know when she dropped her hand.

She stared at him for a while,before going into her car.

She started the ignition and sped off as usual.

“I don’t know how long this might take,but I’m ready to wait” Falcon sighed.

**** 6PM

“See you tomorrow,babes” Ava said. She stayed in school till six,though they had no other class.

She just stayed with them in the hostel till it was time for her part time job.

“Aww,see you tomorrow,baby. But I wish you could just stay,we’ll miss you like crazy” Olivia said as she hugged her.

“Been a while you slept in the hostel,yunno” Winnie said.

“I know. I promise to find a day to sleep here again” Ava replied.

Winnie smiled.

After tomorrow’s class,we’re gonna finish our project,right?” Winnie said.

“Sure”Ava smiled and hugged all of them.


“Can I tell you something?” Freya asked Ava.

She is seeing her off,and they are just the two of them.

“Sure,baby. What is it?” Ava asked,awaiting whatever she has to say.

Freya sighed and kept mute for a while.

“I love you,that’s all I want to tell you” she giggled.

“Awww,I love you too, Freya” Ava gushed.

They hugged each other again before Ava left.


“You’re late,Ava” Gracie said.

Gracie also works in the cafe Ava works.

But she works full time,not like Ava who does part time.

“I know,right?” Ava sighed.

She briskly walked into the change room,and changed into her work clothes.

She then came back to join Gracie.

“Mr Reginald is not around? She asked when she didn’t see any sign of her boss.

“He left some minutes ago” Gracie answered.

Ava heaved a sigh of relief.

“Aren’t you stressing yourself too much? Working and schooling” Gracie said.

“It’s stressing, Gracie. But I don’t have a choice” Ava sighed.

“You’re such a hardworking girl,I admire you a lot” Gracie praised.

“Awww,thanks. You just boosted my energy” Ava smiled.

Gracie giggled and went back to what what she was doing.

**** 9:55PM ★

Ava arranged everywhere and put all the things their right places.

There was so much to do in the cafe,that’s why she’s still here.

Mr Reginald worsen everything when he came back.

She worked until it was almost 10,before she closed.

She started walking back home,cos her house is not that far from the place.

Though,it’s night, but everywhere is still bright cos of the lights.

She walked passed all the places that have lights, until she got a dark place.

She wasn’t scared though, cos she has always been passing through that road and nothing has happened to her.

She continued walking until someone started behind hair,his footsteps were so heavy that they got Ava really scared.

When it dawned in her that someone is after her,she started running.

But this time, she didn’t go far before the guy caught her.

He grabbed her violently,in a way that Ava became very scared.

“Help…..”she tried to scream,but the rest of the words remained in her mouth.

The guy shut her up with a slap.

Like Ava didn’t feel the slap at all,she thunderously slapped him back,making him go deaf.

“Fůçƙ!” he cursed and staggered back,spitting out blood from his mouth.

“Ɓîtçh!” he said and started chasing Ava who is on the run.

She didn’t reach far before he caught her again.

He dragged her again, in the most violent way.

Ava struggled with every strength in her,but the guy was obviously stronger than her.

He slapped her again for the second time,dragging her into a darker place.

She tried to kick him,but she was weak due to the slap.

All Ava could do that moment was cry.

“How do you want it? Brutal or brutal?” he intentionally asked,knowing very well what his plans are.

“None of the options,punk!” a voice said,and kicked him hard on the face.

The guy landed on the ground heavily like a fallen tree.

He didn’t stay long on the ground.

He got up to attack who kicked him,but before he got there.

Ava’s saver shot his head,then his chest,and lastly,two bullets on his Ďïčk,destroying it completely.

He went limp instantly.

“Bastard!” Her saver cursed.


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