December 2, 2023


( All I Want Is You… )


By,Ella N.

★{ RUIN WHAT…?}★

“Ambulance!!!” Harper screamed, mockingly.

“Ivy…!!! Isla and Carla called and ran to her.

“Get water or anything that can be of help” Carla said.

Jaxon stood there and did nothing, he was just busy rolling eyes.

Ava couldn’t believe that Jaxon protected her.

“He has repented indeed” she muttered.

Due to the noise,some students started gathering.

“What happened?” Some of them began asking.

“I think she fainted or something” one answered.

Ava was just staring at the clowns.

“How can she faint just because of what Jaxon said?

“You aren’t even strong enough, and you want to slap Ava? Death wish” Ava continued to converse with herself.

Olivia,Freya and Winnie came in when they heard what happened.

They had not gone back to the hostel, so they were close by.

“What happened?” They all asked as they ran in.

Though, Carla and her friends have already taken her out of there.

“She fainted” Ava answered.

“Why,from?” Olivia asked.

“Breakfast, served with hot coca cola drink” Ava sardonically said.

Winnie and the rest looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

Jaxon too has gone,so it’s just Ava and her friends now.

“What’s up with you and Jaxon” Olivia suddenly asked.

“Huh….I don’t get you” Ava said.

“Jaxon has changed all of a sudden and is now getting close to you” Winnie said.

“I know, right?” Freya joined.

Ava was left confused as she just stood, looking at them.

“What are you guys talking about” she asked, still not getting anything they’re talking about.

“I think Jaxon is falling for you,Ava” Freya said it out loud.

“Wha…t!” Ava choked on her spit.


“Jax,you’re back already?” Leo asked when he saw Jaxon walking in.

“She ruined it for me” Jaxon said,exasperatedly.

“Who ruined what?” Archie asked.

“Ivy and her stupid gang”

“She couldn’t even explain anything and i didn’t get to tell her what I wanted to. Fůçƙ!” He cursed and roughed his hair.

“What exactly did Ivy do?” Leo asked.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,it’s stupid” Jaxon said.

“Chill up,man. You still have plenty of time to tell her,yunno” Archie said,trying to cheer him up.

They all kept quiet for a moment before Jaxon spoke.

“I’m visiting home today” he said.

Archie and Leo widened their eyes when they heard that.

“What did you say?” Archie asked.

“I’m visiting home,why are you two being weird”

“Jaxon,last time we checked,you said you were never going back home” Leo said.

“I’ve changed my mind” he smiled and left for his room.

“Man,I love the new Jaxon” Archie said.

“Seriously man,women are wonderful creatures” Leo said and Archie chuckled.


Felony drove into their luxurious home,she inhaled sharply and got out of her black hummer.

They have just few maids in the White House,and it’s because of her dad.

Left for her alone,they won’t be any.

👥 She’s here

👥 Welcome,Miss

👥 We’ve missed you

👥 I wish she could just touch me right now

👥 Most beautiful lady I’ve known

The maids and few if the male workers talked as she walked into the house.

She smiled at some, and just passed some.

That’s why she does not want any maid around.

All those $h|t talking annoy her.


“Princess…” Her dad called the moment he saw her.

She smiled at him,but she hates the name princess. She always wants be called a lioness.

Felony walked briskly and hugged her dad like never before.

“Man,I missed you so much” she said,hugging him again.

Her dad chuckled.

“Your man missed you more,how are you princess?” Mr Brooks asked.

“Dad…when will you stop calling princess” Felony shook her head.

“Until you get married and have children” he said.

Felony laughed.

“Have children just rang in her head,and she remembered someone,but shrugged it off.

“Is mom around?” She asked.

“She went home” he answered.

“I’ve missed her though” Felony said.

“How is school my brain box” her dad asked.

“Good,but stressing” Felony replied.

“They’ve been over stressing my princess, haven’t they?” He asked playfully.

“Over stressing,dad” Felony said.

Mr Brooks chuckled.

They went in,after which food was served.

Felony and her dad talked and laughed while having their meal.

“How’s the States, dad?” She asked as she took another spoon of the food to her mouth.

“It doesn’t get any better” Mr Brooks said.

Felony chuckled.

They continued to eat and talk father and daughter’s talk.

After they were done eating, the maids cleared the table.

“Umm…dad I….there’s….

“Got a big surprise for you,princess” her dad said,not letting her say what she wanted to say.

Well,Felony was saying it like a whisper,so he didn’t hear her.

“A surprise?” She asked,wondering what that could be.

He’s always surprising her with gifts.

When they went out,she saw a white limousine parked outside.

“It isn’t my birthday dad,and this is the fifth car you’re buying for me”

“What am I supposed to do with all of them?” She smiled and shook her head.

“Well, use them all or dash some out” He chuckled.

“Thank you so much,dad. I love you” Felony said.

“You already know the answer” Her dad said.

Felony laughed.

“I need to get back to school, dad. I have lectures by 6” Felony said.

“That’s fine,princess” her dad said.

“Stop calling me princess already!” she yelled.

Her dad chuckled.

“Do you need more credit cards?” He asked.

“What for? They’re useless to me,yunno” she said,curving her mouth.

“I don’t want you lacking anything,princess. So tell me if you need more of them” Brooks said.

“F…she wanted to say Fůçƙ,but held it back and smiled.

“I have lots of them already, dad. I don’t need more” she smiled again.

“Alright, so are you taking your new car with you?” He asked.

“Ugh…..I wasn’t planning to,but now that you’ve asked,I will leave the hummer here and take the limo. Cos I know you won’t let me go if I don’t” Felony said,making her dad laugh.

“Are you going back to the US soon?” She asked after they were quiet for a minute.

“I don’t think so,got no business deal yet” he replied.

“Oh” Felony mouthed.

She hugged him again.

“I love you,my man” she whispered.

“Love you more” he replied and waved at her.

“Your happiness is all that matters to me,princess” he mumbled.


“Ava has a boyfriend now” Olivia said,twirling her waist.

“Quit talking nonsense” Ava fired.

“But it’s true,baby. For real,I think Jaxon has feelings for you.

“No doubts baby, you’re absolutely right. I mean, the Jaxon I knew was always grumpy and hated Ava” Winnie said.

“I am not a potato,am I? Everyone now has a boyfriend except me” Freya pouted.

Winnie and Lynx

Olivia and Leo.

“Unfortunately, Olivia is dating herself. But it’s still manageable” she continued.

“If I twist that mouth of yours,you won’t be able to eat for the rest of your life” Olivia jokingly said to Freya.

“But I’m not lying,you’re also a single pringle like me” Freya winked at Olivia.

~Single pringle ~ Ava and Winnie said at a time and bursted out laughing.

Olivia picked a pillow and threw at Freya who was laughing her @$$s out.

“Y’all will be shocked when Leo finally tells me that he loves me” Olivia stylishly threw her hair behind her back.

“You wish,just shut up and let me finish”

“As I was saying.

Olivia and Leo(manageable)

“Ava and Jaxon” Freya continued.

“Give it a break Freya,gosh!” Ava said.

She was on Winnie’s bunk,so she used a nearby pillow to cover her ears.

“You who is pairing people,who’s your boyfriend” Winnie asked Freya.

“I don’t have,that’s why I asked if I’m a potato” Freya said,making them to laugh.

“Alright,enough with the boyfriend talks. Who is ready for our Matriculation party” Ava asked.

“I am more than ready” Olivia said and gave a short twerk.

Her ɓȕϻ is so soft that she doesn’t need to shake much for it to bounce.

“Give us a break,twerk queen” Winnie snapped at Olivia.

“You should just ask me to cut some for you,instead of being jealous” Olivia said and twerked again.

“Pepper them baby” Freya said,and Olivia twerked more.

They all bursted at laughing.

“We should pick a day and go shop for the party,girls!” Winnie said excitedly.

“That’s why I love you,even though you’re annoying” Olivia said to Winnie.

Winnie glared and gave her a middle finger.

“How those girls keep fainting because of Ava still makes me laugh like crazy” Winnie said.

“They haven’t started yet” Freya laughed.

They all laughed.


“Holy $h|t! Is this…..

“A newly bought Limo” Felony completed it for Bullet who choked on his words.

“He got another one for me. Like,what the hell am I supposed to do with all those cars?” Felony rolled eyes.

She just drove the new white Limo her dad bought,into Bullet’s.

“He just loves his daughter,that’s all” Bullet said.

“Tell me about it” Felony rolled eyes.

Bullet just laughed.

“This is cool,even cooler than mine” Bullet said.

“That’s because it’s new” Felony replied.

“Humph!” Bullet chuckled.

“You didn’t tell him,did you?” Bullet asked expectantly.

“I couldn’t” Felony replied.

“Man….he’ll be mad at you when he finds out that,with all the money he’s got,his granddaughter is at the orphanage.

“I know…I know Bullet,please.

“I will get my baby girl out of the orphanage and he’ll get to know her,but not now.

“Still got blood to spill,like I said earlier.” Felony said.

“Can’t believe how long you’ve been able to keep this” Bullet said.

Felony closed her eyes and sighed.

“You think I don’t miss her? I miss her more than you think,Bullet” Felony said,placing her hand on her chest.

“I miss her” she said it again in a low tone.


“Jax Bebe….? Ahh! Jax Bebe is here!” Maisie screamed the moment she saw Jaxon’s car drive into the mansion.

“I’ve been fed with your tricks enough. I’m full and I don’t want more” Grand-Mapee said.

“I’m serious,Grand-Mapee. He’s here!” Maisie gushed,still looking outside.

Jaxon parked the car in the garage and got out.

He walked in and met Maisie and his grandmother.

It was after she saw him that she believed he’s around for real.

“No one told me Jaxon has a twin” Grand-Mapee joked.

Jaxon rolled eyes and chuckled.

He hugged her,and Maisie joined in the hug too.

“Can’t believe you came after all” Grand-Mapee said.

“He came because he missed me”Maisie said.

“Little devil,I didn’t come because of you alone” Jaxon chuckled.

That’s just the name he likes to call her cos she bugs him a lot.

“Dad’s not around i guess” he said.

“He’s out of town” Maisie said.

“Oh….thank goodness” Jaxon breathed heavily.

Maisie and Grand-Mapee both looked at each and started laughing.

“Where’s mom?” he asked.

“In her room sleeping” They chorused.


“Why did you come,anyway?” Maisie asked.

“Should I go back?” Jaxon rolled eyes.

“Hell no,Jax Bebe. I miss bugging you,yunno. You’re staying till next week,right?” Maisie winked.

“I should as well quit school” Jaxon joked.

“It won’t be a bad idea” Maisie giggled.

“Well,I just came to see you guys,that’s all” he finally said.

“Aww” Maisie gushed.

“Go shower and come back for supper,it’s almost ready” Grand-Mapee said.

Jaxon nodded and started walking up the stairs.

He felt like stopping at his mom’s room,but since she’s sleeping he didn’t want to bother her.

He went to his and had his bath,anyway.

Few minutes later,he came down to have his supper that has been served already.

Maisie and Grand-Mapee were already seated at the dinning,waiting.

“Mom’s still sleeping?” he asked as he pulled out the dinning chair to sit down.

“She’s exhausted from work,I think” Maisie said.

“Let’s just eat and let her rest” Grand-Mapee said.

They nodded and began eating.

The dinning was quiet for a while,only the munching of their food could be heard.

“So,Jaxon… you have a girlfriend now?” Grandma asked.

“Can I eat in peace? Shish! I knew you were gonna ask me this question” Jaxon said.

“Do you have or not,I have lots of them in store,you will just pick the one you like” Grand-Mapee winked at him.

“You’re unbelievable,Grand” Jaxon rolled eyes.

“You still haven’t answered the question” Maisie said.

“That’s why you’re my favorite granddaughter” Grand-Mapee said and gave her a high five.

“I’m actually your only granddaughter” Maisie reminded her,making grand to pout her lips.

“This is suffocating,I swear” Jaxon said,jealously.

“Tell us already” Maisie said to Jaxon.


“Ahhh! Is she cute,beautiful,adorable?” Maisie cut him off.

“I’m not doing this anymore. Off to bed” Jaxon said and got off the chair,going back to his room.

Maisie and Grand-Mapee stuck hands and laughed.


Margaret was still in her room sleeping when her phone started ringing.

She got up drowsily and got hold of her phone after it rang many times.

“An unknown number” she muttered before picking.

“Sweetheart. It’s been like forever” the voice said over the phone.

“How…di….you get my….number” Margaret stuttered as she already recognized the voicd.

“Don’t you think it’s time you told him?”

“I mean,he needs to know him too,yunno” the voice said again.

“We had a deal. I took one and you took one,what do you want from me again?” Margaret asked,already sweating.

“The deal has changed” he said.

“Stop calling me and do not try to ruin my marriage!” Margaret thundered,but he already hung up.

“Ruin whose marriage” came Jaxon’s voice.

“Jax!! She exclaimed.


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