December 5, 2023


( All I Want Is You…. )

By,Ella N.


★(DID YOU SEE MY…..??) ★


“I’m exhausted,gosh! We couldn’t even do anything, all thanks to Jaxon” Olivia said as she sat on the chair heavily.

She has a cup of ice cream in her hand that she’s eating to cool off her head from the crazy explosion that Jaxon caused.

“Hey,don’t finish that! Freya yelled as she ran and collected the ice cream from Olivia.

“Give me back my ice cream!” Olivia said,standing up from her sit.

“Catch me if you can” Freya said as she began eating the ice cream.

Winnie and Ava just sat there watching the two.

“You see what I face every time? Jeez!” Winnie said to Ava who kept chuckling.

Olivia started walking up to Freya,glaring at her.

“If you finish that ice cream, you’re gonna lose your incisors” she threatened.

“Empty threats” Freya giggled and scooped more into her mouth.

She stuck her tongue out at Olivia.

“Winnie! Aren’t you gonna say something?” Olivia said.

“Kill yourselves, when you’re done I will bury you”

“I did not kill my parents, so you two can’t kill me” Winnie funnily said.

“What’s this one saying?” Freya,Olivia and Ava bursted into a loud laugh.

“What are you now feeling like?” Olivia asked,rolling eyes.

“Your mum,cos you two behave like babies,jeez!” Winnie said.

Freya finished the ice cream while the conversation was going on.

When Olivia remembered the ice cream, she turned back to Freya, only the see her with an empty cup.

“When I said you were gonna lose your incisors, I wasn’t joking” she said and began running after Freya.

“Save me” Freya Freya jibed.

“Last borns” Winnie mocked.

“Okay,guys. See you guys tomorrow” Ava said and stood up.

“See you tomorrow, baby. We’re gonna miss you,be safe” they all said.

“Ava hugged them all before leaving.


Felony was inside, operating her system when her doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is that?” She asked,she still opened it anyway.

“Crybaby?” She called.

“Hi Felony,sorry I’ve not come to visit since then” Ava said.

“Come in” Felony smiled and said.

She entered,and sat down comfortably.

“To what do I owe this visit, crybaby” she asked as she made to sit too.

“Nothing,I just said I should come say hi,before leaving” Ava answered.

Felony said nothing though.

Ava saw her hurt neck,and then…..

The tattoo on her chest,cos she’s wearing a ьѓä top,almost like a ьѓä itself.

So the tattoo was visible.

Ava wants to ask about her neck,and at the same time,she’s curious about the tattoo.

A tattoo of a young girl in pains,from the look at the tattoo you could tell she was crying.

Ava couldn’t hold back her curiosity,so she asked.

“I love your tattoo, but why do you have such a tattoo” she summoned the courage and asked.

Felony smiled and sat down.

“It’s a memory,a sad and horrible one” she answered and returned back to her computer without saying anything else.

“How have you been?” She asked Ava who is still thinking about what she said.

“Been good,thanks.

“Is there anything I can assist you with” Ava asked.

“Naa,crybaby” she answered.

“Stop calling me a crybaby” Ava pouted.

“You will always be my crybaby” Felony said,still focused on her system.

Ava giggled and shook her head.

“Can I make something for you?” Please, you’ll like it,trust me” Ava said.

Felony looked at her,chuckling and shaking her head.

“Alright,crybaby. The kitchen is that way” she said,pointing to the left.

Ava smiled and went in.

“Goodness gracious! Two beds can get in here and they’ll still be space” Ava gushed at the large kitchen.

“Money is good!” she said.

She started searching for things she’d use in making whatever she wants to make.

“Stupid,why didn’t I ask her to show me where the things are.

She was still talking when Felony walked in.

“What is crybaby making for me?” Felony asked as she walks in. She figured out Ava would need some things and doesn’t know around,so she decided to join her.

“Shepherd’s pie” Ava answered.

“My favorite. Mum makes the best” Felony said.

“Aww” Ava said.

“I hope it tastes as good as mum’s” Felony said.

“I’m gonna blow your mind” Ava said,and they both bursted out laughing.

Ava finished making it minutes later and took it to the living room.

Felony had left the kitchen earlier,so she was on her system when Ava brought the pie.

She’s doing her assignment that’s why she’s been on her system for long now.

Ava walked in with the pie and dropped it on the dining table,while Felony kept looking at her.

She got up and went to meet Ava at the dining.

“Humph!” she chuckled as she stared at the pie.

“Have a taste already” Ava said.

Felony pulled out the dining chair before sitting.

She’s still wearing her ьѓä top and ɓȕϻ short,revealing her flat tummy and she also has a ring on her belly Ɓụťťon.

So,while she proceeded to sit,Ava’s eyes darted to her tattoo again.

She likes and admires it a lot,cos it fits her skin. But then,she kept wondering why Felony has such tattoo,tattoo of a girl crying.

She was still staring at the tattoo until Felony snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Fůçƙ! This tastes even better than mum’s” Felony said as she dug in more,devouring it.

Seems she was even hungry,cos she was murdering the pie.

“Told you I was gonna blow your mind” Ava smiled and said.

“You sure did” Felony said as she cleaned her mouth with the napkin.

“Where did you learn how to make this?” she asked after gulping down a glass of water.

“Mum taught me. She sells them,yunno. Food truck ” Ava smiled and said.

“Your mum has a truck business? Cool,will come patronize you guys some day” Felony said.

“Gosh! I will be so happy if you do” Ava said,while Felony smiled.

“Thanks for this” she said.

“I should be thanking you. I don’t know what would have become of me after that night if you didn’t intervene” Ava said.

“Glad nothing happened to you,crybaby” Felony said.

“Gosh! Stop calling me a crybaby,I don’t cry anymore” Ava pouted.

“Oh,are you a badass now? Felony jibed.

“Yeah,a bad mouthed badass” Ava answered.

Both Felony and Ava herself bursted out laughing.

One minute silence followed after the laugh.

“Oh my God! It’s five already,I’m late for work” Ava exclaimed when she checked the time.

“Late for work?” Felony creased her brows.

“Yeah,I do lot of part time jobs to support my mum,that’s what we rely on” Ava blurted before running out in a hurry.

“Such a hardworking girl that needs assistance” Felony mumbled,and returned back to her computer.


Ava got just in time,but met her annoying boss,Mrs Koko.

“Thank your stars you came just in time,you’d have been fired” She said.

“Good evening,ma’am”
Ava greeted and rolled eyes,but didn’t let Mrs Koko see it.

She walked passed her and went into the changing room,then wore an apron.

Got a book and pen,and went to the customers to start taking orders.

After she had taken all their orders,she started serving food to all the hungry customers immediately,without wasting time.

She served everyone else,then went to serve the last person,a guy.

“Good evening,sir” she greeted respectfully. Though he looks young but she still greeted with respect.

The guy looked at her and licked his lips.

As Ava bent to drop his food,he slapped her @$$s.

“What the hell!
“Did you forget your brain in bleach,and come here with an empty skull? How dare you touch my @$$s”? Ava thundered and slapped the nonsense out of him.

“How dare you slap me,are you crazy?” The guy yelled.

“Why did you slap my @$$s,you pervert! Are you mad?” Ava yelled back.

Mrs Koko came out when she heard the commotion.

“What’s going on here,why are you polluting the environment with your noise?” she asked.

“Your maid slapped me,she raised her dirty hand on my face” the guy said,angrily.

“Ava,why did you do that to my customer?” Mrs Koko asked.

“Ma’am,he slapped my @$$s first” Ava said defensively.

“Pervert!” she added.

“You better do something or I will stop coming here” the guy threatened.

Mrs Koko looked at the guy,then at Ava.

The guy is actually her biggest customer,so she didn’t think twice.

“Customers are always right. Ava,you are fi…..

“You can’t fire me because I quit the job first!” Ava cuts her off.

“I already planned on quiting this darn job,long ago” She said,angrily.

She left them and went into the changing room,removed the apron and dumped it.

She walked back to them,glared at Mrs Koko and the guy before stomping out.

Mrs Koko stared at her until she went out of sight.

“I can’t believe I’ve lost this hardworking girl just in a blink” she muttered and sighed.


Mr Adams entered his niece’s room while she was sleeping peacefully.

He sat on the bed,and started caressing her,from her thighs up to her b*obs,which he pressed hard on.

She flung opened her eyes and sprang up,sitting upright.

“Uncle! What are you doing” she questioned.

“How are you my angel?” he asked foolishly.

She kept mute and didn’t reply him as she’s scared,and already knows what is about to happen.

“Uncle,please” she begged.

“I’m not going to hurt you,just behave yourself and give it to me,that’s all” he said,shamelessly.

“Please uncle,I don’t want to do it” she begged as she was already in tears.

“Take off your clothes” he ordered.

“Please,this is wrong uncle” she said.

“Don’t tell me what is wrong and right” he said and pounced on her,taking off her clothes violently.

She tried to to fight,but he slapped her,making her to keep shut.

Without warning,he shoved his whole length in,sending the most painful pleasure down her spine.

He banged her hard,P@ŋting and sweating until he was satisfied.

“Always obey and do as I say,you won’t get hurt” he said.

He wore his clothes before heading out of the room,leaving her there to cry her eyes out.


Bullet just got back from Felony’s place.

He went to visit her later on,and even ate the pie Ava made,but Felony didn’t tell him who made it though.

He took out his cigarette pack and brought out one,lightened it and smoked his brain out.

After he was done smoking,he went into the bathroom and had his bath.

He came back to the room,wearing his shower dress.

He inhaled and picked up his phone,going through it,then he remembered he has not called Ava since he collected her number.

He smiled at the thought of her,before dialing her number.


She just finished having her bath and sat on her bed Ɲ@kēɗ,not totally though.

She wore her underwear, but up was bare.

This is a habit she has been trying to do away with.

She likes to walk Ɲ@kēɗ in her room.

Her phone started ringing suddenly, and she wondered who could be calling her at that hour.

Ava didn’t feel like picking,but her mind just kept telling her to.

“Hello….?” Her tiny voice said.

“Hey,Ava. It’s Bullet” Bullet said straightaway without wasting time.

“Oh….hi Bullet” she said slowly as she smiled.

“Your voice sounds even sweeter on phone, how are you?” He asked.

“I am fine thank you. How are you too?” She asked.

“Cool” he simply said.

They spoke for a while before….

“Can we switch to video call? Please, wanna see your pretty face” he said.

“Sure” Ava said and switched to video.

Immediately she showed her face on the camera, she remembered she isn’t wearing anything.

“Ahhhh” she screamed and dropped the phone, ran to her clothes and picked a top,then returned back.

Bullet was there saying hello…hello until she came back.

She picked up the phone,showing her beautiful face as they began talking.

“Did he see them,what if he saw them?” she kept asking herself.

“Why did you scream like that, what happened,I didn’t see you again after the scream” Bullet said, concerned.

“Oh jeez!! I think he saw them,he saw them!” She screamed aloud in her mind.

“Umm….did you see my bo….

She wanted to ask if he saw her b*obs,but held her question back.

“Umm,never mind. I’m fine,my phone almost fell off my hand, that was why I screamed” she lied.

Bullet chuckled.

“I see,she’s your baby, huh?” Bullet asked, making her giggle.

“You’re pretty and cute” Bullet said.

“Thanks” Ava blushed.

“I should be thanking you for letting me see your beautiful face” Bullet said.

Ava blushed again.

“Why are you still up this late?” He asked with a concerned voice.

“Maybe I knew you were gonna call” Ava answered while he chuckled.

“Hey,let’s do a road workout tomorrow, please. I’d love to do it with you” he smiled.

“Uhh,okay…..?” Ava said as if rejecting it.

“But I get tired easily, so I might bore you” she said.

“Don’t worry about that,I will carry you on my back when you get tired” Bullet blurted.

“Huh? Ava asked.

“See you tomorrow” he chuckled and said.


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