December 2, 2023


(All I Want Is You…)

By,Ella N.



“Isn’t that Lisa? Oh my gosh!” Ava screamed excitedly.

“Who is Lisa?” The girls chorused, looking at each other.

“He’s my high school classmate” Ava answered

“He?” they asked at the same time, but Ava was not there to answer them,she already ran to him.

“Why is she calling him Lisa,if he’s a guy” Freya questioned.

“Hmmm” Winnie and Olivia shrugged.

The guy was standing in line with others who are waiting for their ordered food.

“Lisa!” She called again.

He turned when he heard the name.

There’s only one person who calls him that name.


His eyes widened, both in shocks and excitement when he saw Ava.

“Ava….? he called.

“Wait! What are you doing here?” he asked,in a rather funny way.

Cos,what do people do in school? To study of course.

“Schooling of course” Ava said,making funny faces.

“Damn! I’ve not seen you for like ever!” he said,frantically.

“Seriously, I’m so happy to see you” Ava said.

“I can’t believe we still came to the same school” he said,happiness written all over his face.

He and Ava were friends in high school, not very close though.

But he was the only person that liked,and was nice to her back in high school.

“When did you start? I trust you’re in your final year already” he smiled handsomely.

“You wish”

“I got admission this year,this is even my first semester” Ava said.

“Through scholarship” she added.

“Wow!” You’re one lucky girl,brainy” he said,praising Ava.

“I know,right? Ava said,fanning herself with her hand.

He chuckled.

“So,what about you? What level are you now?” Ava continued.

“Year two” he answered.

“Awww” Ava gushed.

Winnie, Freya and Olivia just stood,watching the two like they were acting a drama.

“We are not ghosts and are still your friends, yunno” Olivia rolled eyes.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,babies” Ava said and dragged him closer.

“Guys,this is my high school classmate, Lisa.

“Lisa,my best friends.




“They’re the best of the bests,and the craziest” Ava said,winking at them.

The three giggled and blushed at Ava’s words.

“When will you stop calling me Lisa,huh? He asked, chuckling.

“Still haven’t forgotten what happened in class that year,so the name will always be on my lips” Ava said,rolling her eyes.

Lynx chuckled again.

“I’m Lynx” he introduced himself as, and started giving them handshakes.

He shook Freya first,then Olivia.

When he got to Winnie,the handshake lasted longer than everyone else’s.

Her palms are so soft and smooth.

“Ummm……” Winnie dragged, slowly removing her hand from his.

She gave an awkward and embarrassed smile.

Freya,Olivia and Ava exchanged glances, and started giggling.

Lynx smiled cutely at Winnie before releasing his hand.

“So nice to meet you girls” Lynx said,his gaze still on Winnie.

“Happy to have you here too” the three chorused.

“You stay on campus, right? Ava asked.

“Sure,brainy” he smiled.

“Stop calling me that” Ava pouted.

“You are brainy, aren’t you? And I will stop calling you that when you stop calling me Lisa” Lynx said.

“Alright, you win” Ava said as they both bursted out laughing.

“Let’s go have something to eat please,I’m starving” Winnie said and pulled them along.

“Beautiful friend you got,Ava” he said to himself before going to join them.

They all ordered what they want, and Lynx paid for all the food and left afterwards.


“Who else saw what I saw” Freya said as she dragged them to one side.

“Lynx,right? I Fůçƙing saw it. I think he’s already crushing on our baby” Ava said.

“I know! He didn’t feel like leaving her hand,oh my gosh!” Olivia gushed.

“You’re all unpredictable, jeez!”

“Winnie does not do love,she’s only interested in kicking monkeys Ɓụťťs” she said and a loud laugh filled the cafeteria.

“Okay,I kinda missed this monkeys Ɓụťť talk” Ava said as they bursted out laughing again.


“How do you want your deaths, FRIED OR ROASTED?” Felony asked with rage as she continued to drag them like weightless pieces of log.

“How dare you try to kill me? How dare you!” She thundered aloud.

Bullet was on his way out.

He actually got ready that morning to go see Felony at the hospital.

But was shocked to the core when he came and met her,then the drama going on.

When he saw what was going on,he started laughing instead, like a crazy person.

He needs no one to tell him that Venom and Atalanta are the culprits.

He himself said it yesterday night that, whoever shot Felony has dug his or her own grave.

So he wasn’t surprised to see the crazy scene.

He put his hands in his P@ŋt pocket and stylishly walked closer to them with his blonde hair.

As if he’s in a fashion show, it was kind of funny to everyone.

He laughed and shook his head.

“Were you two high on drugs?”

“Why the Fůçƙ did you shoot her,why did you try to kill her” he asked.

The two goats couldn’t answer, as they were in pains.

Right now,they wish for nothing else,but death!

The pain was too much.

“Answer me!” Bullet thundered, kicking them both,not minding the pain they’re already going through.

They still couldn’t answer.

More members were gathered now,some murmuring,others,sympathizing.

Bullet left them and stood beside Felony to let her do her thing,since they refused to answer him.

“No one plays with the lioness’s tail and go Scot-Free.

“Did you two taste the devil’s blood last night,that made you shoot me”

“For what damn reason!?

“And you Fůçƙing thought you could get away with it” she laughed hysterically and kicked them hard,adding to their pain.

None of the members dared to say anything or try to intervene, cos even Lord Bullet himself is against what they did.

Even with the pain Venom was facing, she still took out her gun,her second gun from her pocket,and tried to shoot Felony again for the second time.

But Bullet shot it off her hand,and in the process,shot and cut off her two middle fingers.

“AHHHHHH” she screamed aloud in excruciating pains.

Her hands began shaking, her body writhing and of course, blood was pumping out like a pipe water.

Everyone gasped.

They kept wonder if Venom is alright.

Like,at this point, she’s supposed to be begging for forgiveness, but she still got the guts to do that.

Felony laughed,sinisterly.

“Brave girl” she said, derisively.

Venom has just increased her anger.

Somehow,she was thinking of forgiving them,but right now.

Nothing is going to stop her from wasting their lives.

“Say me hi to the devil, my ex sugar daddy” she said as she shot Venom on her chest,countless times.

Venom went limp instantly, and her blood spilled everywhere.

Atalanta was lying helplessly beside Venom.

Venom is actually the one who shot her,but they both conspired to do it.

And Atalanta was with her when Felony got shot.

Felony turned to her,pointing the gun directly on her forehead.

“Queen of lollipop”

“At the mention of your name,every lollipop bow in respect” she mocked and some people started laughing.

Funnily enough, even while all that was going on,Atalanta still had a lollipop in her mouth.

“But today is gonna be the end of that” Felony continued,and marched her chest.

“I’ve got lots of them for you in hell” she said and was about shooting….

“Please….!” Maddog ran and knelt down before her, begging.

“Move! Or I waste you both” she warned, but Maddog still kept begging.


She shot his thigh before he could finish.

“Move now!” She thundered.

Maddog still continued to beg,and she wanted to shoot again,but Bullet held her shoulder.

“Please” he said calmly.

“Arrrgh!” Felony gritted before putting her gun down by her side.

She glared at Atalanta spitefully, before stomping out of the hall,raging with anger.

Her neck was starting to bleed again, cos she was straining it too much with all that was going on.

She left to her house without looking at anyone’s face.

Bullet watched as she leaves,he ruffled his hair with his right hand,the other still in his pocket.

He’s frustrated and totally drained.

He thought of going to Felony’s, but he figured out she needs some time alone.

“Clean up the mess” he said to one of the members, then walked back to his room.


“You still haven’t told us why you refused to go home last semester” Archie said,referring to Leo.

Jaxon,Leo and Archie were in the chemistry lab,waiting for Ava and the rest to come.

They all agreed to start their project today,and that’s why they are there.

“Nothing,i just chose not to go home” Leo answered.

“Are you sure?” Jaxon asked.

“Fůçƙ off you two,and leave me alone!” Leo said.

Jaxon and Archie glanced at each other, and started laughing.

“Guess I’m not the only one with annoying parents” Jaxon jibed.

“Fůçƙ you!” Leo said again,giving him a middle finger.

The girls walked in just then.

Jaxon rolled eyes the moment he saw Ava and Winnie.

“Hey guys” They said as they walked in fully.

Everyone separated and went to their different pairs immediately,without wasting time.

Ava went for the lab equipments and took the ones mostly needed for the project.

After she finished bringing all the equipments,they wore their lab coats and goggles before starting.

Jaxon just sat down watching and rolling eyes at them like he’s not part of the project.

“Grumpy monkey. Are you just gonna sit there rolling eyes like a controlled zombie,and doing nothing?” Winnie said.

“What do you want me to do,crazy Winnie?” he asked rolling eyes again.

If eyes could fall off their sockets because of too much rolling,Jaxon would definitely lost his.

“Come assist with something,already. Jeez! Winnie said.

Ava went and got two beakers,and dropped them in front of him.

There was a five litter of acid on the table in front of him,so she dropped the beakers there.

“What the Fůçƙ are they for” he asked, agitatedly.

“Are you a student at all,gosh!” Ava rolled eyes.

“Concentrate the acid for us,we’re gonna need it” she said and returned back to Winnie.

He looked at the beaker,then the acid.

“How do they concentrate acid? He asked himself,stupidly.

He wanted to ask Ava and Winnie,but felt like he could do it. So he didn’t bother asking again.

Someone who attends class or does experiments with his course mates, only when Leo and Archie drag him there.


He fetched water from the sink in the lab,and returned back to the table.

Went further to wear his lab coats, since he wasn’t wearing his,yet.

He wore them,then wore his goggles too before proceeding.

After that,he returned back to the table and scooped enough quantity of water with the beaker,poured it all into the acid.

It didn’t take long before the acid started heating up, and boiling as well.

Jaxon watched as it started boiling, it seemed normal to him.

He felt proud,cause he was literally smiling at his stupidity without knowing.

Not until the boiling increased. He eyes widened and…..

“Blood of Jesus!

Blood of Jesus!

Jaxon started screaming.

At the third scream of blood of Jesus.

“Boom!” It exploded.

“Ahhhh” Jaxon screamed in fright. He froze on that spot.

Winnie and the rest ran to him the moment they heard the explosion.

They were just three feet away from him,though.

“What happened? They started asking.

Ava didn’t bother asking, rather, she started laughing at the clown in front of her.

He put his hands in surrender when the explosion took place, and that’s how he kept standing.

“Wow,Jaxon. I thought you were stupid, I didn’t know you’re incredibly stupid”

“Who in the name of science does not know that, you don’t add water to acid,but add acid to water?” She questioned as she already figured out what Jaxon did.

“How is he supposed to know when he refuses to attend lectures” Leo and Archie jibed.

Jaxon was still standing there like a clown that lost the address of the house he was sent to.

“Gosh! He looks like a rejected masquerade” Ava said loudly, laughing.

Everyone bursted out laughing.

Looking at how Jaxon stood with his hands still in the air in surrender, increased the laughter.

“Thank goodness it’s a less reactive one,you would have been roasted like a chicken” Ava continued to mock him.

“Fake scientist!” She added.

“I will kill you……he said and started chasing Ava who was still laughing at him.

“Help…!!!” Ava screamed,but still laughing.

“This is a science lab with chemicals and acids. Take your love making out!” Archie yelled.

“Best science project ever!” Ava screamed aloud,making everyone including Jaxon to laugh.


“When we tell you to attend lectures, you never agree.

“You were in the lab doing nonsense” Archie mocked while Leo laughed his @$$s out.

He just had his bath and was walking back to the sitting room.

They finished with their projects. Not really,cos fake scientist Jaxon ruined everything.

“Man! You looked funny as Fůçƙ,back there.

“For Fůçƙ sake,you don’t add water to acid,it’s very dangerous and can cause explosion

“You should be thankful the acid is a less reactive one,and you were sensible enough to wear lab coats else….

“You see this cute face of yours that girls die for? It would have become burnt offering” Leo continued to mock him.

He and Archie laughed,making Jaxon angry.

“I hate you,Lecturer Marcus” Jaxon said.

Leo and Archie increased the laugh.

“So,you and Ava were playing temple run in the lab,huh? I love such games” Archie said,raising his brows.

“Fůçƙ you!” Jaxon gave him a middle finger and chuckled.

“She’s kinda fun though,but annoying” Jaxon blurted and chuckled before he could stop himself.

“Say what…..?” Archie asked,widening his eyes.

“I think the acid explosion affected his Medulla Oblongata” Leo mocked.

“What,didn’t you see the way she was making me laugh in the lab? She’s kinda cute” Jaxon blurted again.

“Hospital!! Let’s take him to the hospital. My friend will not lose his Oblongata in Jesus name” Archie mocked.

“Amen!” Leo concurred,satirically.

Jaxon chuckled.

“You two are crazy. She’s cute and I kinda like her too” Jaxon threw the bomb.

“Blood of Jaxon!!” Archie and Leo screamed.


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