December 5, 2023


(All I Want Is You…)

By, Ella N.



“Felony!!!! They all called and ran to her.

The gang ran to where she was lying,a lot of blood had already spilled on the spot she laid.

Bullet turned too and ran to her,he also was bleeding from the arm he got shot.

But he ignored it,Felony is more important to him right now more than anything else.

“Move! Bullet thundered,and everyone gave way for him.

He knelt in front of Felony whose neck was bleeding badly and unceasingly.

“Felony….hey buddy….you’ll be alright. I promise you’re gonna be fine” Bullet said as he rubbed her face gently.

Everyone stood watching her as more and more blood gushed out.

Foxfire and Falcon knelt down too, watching her agonizingly.

“It hurts so bad….”Felony slowly said as she placed her hand where she was shot.

“She shoved her fingers in,bringing out a Bullet out of her neck”

“Felony!! What the Fůçƙ are you doing? Foxfire and Bullet asked at the same time.

She smiled,painfully.

“I am,okay? Felony is stronger than you think” she said weakly.

“Take me to the hospital” she said it like a whisper as she was gradually loosing her voice.

Blood was coming out of her mouth and nose now.

She shoved her fingers in again, trying to take the second bullet out,but was stopped by Falcon.

Bullet used his hand to apply a lot of pressure on the hole,as more blood was still coming out.

It did help,cos it reduced the bleeding.

“Take me to the hospi…..she wanted to say again, but went silent as she couldn’t complete her statement.

“Noo! Felony….hurry up,she’s gonna die if we waste more time!” Foxfire yelled!

“Nobody is dying” Bullet said as he proceeded to carry her,but Falcon begged to allow him carry her,since he was bleeding too and needs help.

He agreed and allowed Falcon to carry her instead.


The nurses brought a stretcher immediately Felony was brought in.

It was just Bullet,Falcon and Foxfire that went to the hospital, cos Bullet asked the rest to go home.

Felony was taken into the emergency room,and surgery started immediately.

The doctor removed the second bullet from her neck,and did a blood transfusion, since she lost a lot of it.


“How is she,doctor? Is she going to be alright?” Bullet asked when the doctor came out of the ward.

“She’ll be fine” the doctor said and left.

Bullet exhaled deeply,closing his eyes.

He and Falcon went home,while Foxfire stayed in the hospital with Felony.


Bullet entered his room still bleeding.

The shirt he used to tie his shot arm has completely been soaked with blood.

He dropped his gun and heads for his first aid box.

Got it, and brought out the necessary equipment needed to treat an injury.

He removed his shirt which he used to tie around his shot arm to reduce the bleeding.

After doing so,he took out the bullet,and more blood gushed out.

“Ahhh” he groaned in pain as he cleaned the wound,and began treating himself.

“Bastard!” He cursed Dagger,as he continued.

After he was done, he returned the box back and laid on the bed,thinking about Felony.

“Who the Fůçƙ shot her?” He questioned himself as he sighs heavily.

“Whoever shot her has dug his or her own grave.

“Cos the Felony I know is not gonna stop until she finds that person.

“Humph! her hidden camera” he smirked.


Rose was searching for something in her bag.

She actually was ready to go to work,but was looking for something cos she needs it at the shop.

“Goodness! Where the hell did I put it?” She asked no one in particular as she continued to ransack.

She stood at akimbo, now doing eye searching. But still didn’t find it.

She went to her bag and opened it,emptied everything in it.

Everything scattered on the floor,she squatted and started searching again until her eyes caught a photo.

An old photo of her first child, but not Ava.

She smiled and sighed as she started walking to the living room.

Totally forgetting what she’s actually looking for.

She sat down on the couch and started rubbing it affectionately.

“I’m sorry,my baby. I’m sorry I had to leave you,it was the dumbest and stupidest thing I ever did”she said and K!SSed it,then a tear dropped down her cheek.

“I’m even ashamed to tell your sister that I left you and your dad because I was….

“Mummy” Ava called from inside,when she woke up.

Rose quickly hid the photo and cleaned her tears.

“Baby,you’re up” she said as Ava walked into the living.

“Good morning, mummy” she greeted.

She hugged and pecked her.

“You did sleep well,huh?” Rose asked.

“Yes,mum. Hope you did too”

“You don’t look happy, mummy,what’s wrong?” Ava asked.

“I am fine,baby. It’s just our rent that will be expiring next week, and the landlord has already come to threaten.

“If we don’t pay before then,he threatened to throw us out”

“I don’t even know where to get the house rent from,the truck business is not helping matters” she cried.

“Mummy,stop it. I have told you countless times to stop crying,I hate to see you cry.

“It hurts me very bad each time you do this” Ava said and pulled her into a hug.

“I will make sure we get our rent ready before next week,even if it means doing more jobs” Ava assured her mum.

“No,baby. I should be the one doing that, not you.

“Look Ava,you need to focus on your studies, okay?
My brainy baby,I don’t want you distracting yourself more” Rose smiled, and rubbed her cheeks lovingly.

“I won’t get distracted, mummy.

“We need the money,okay? Plus,you need to visit the hospital for your checkup” Ava said, hugging her more.

“What would I ever do without you,my love” Rose said.

“You always have me,mum.

“I have to go now,I’m running late for school” Ava said and left.


Felony slowly and suddenly opened her eyes.

She looked around, trying to get up,but her neck was hurting, so she laid back.

But got tired of lying down.

She tried again, and succeeded in raising herself up.

She looked beside her bed and found Foxfire sleeping.

She smirked before slapping her head.

“Wake up,lazy bones. People who look after sick people in the hospital don’t sleep and lazy around” she said,and slapped her again.

“What the Fůçƙ! Felony!” Foxfire said,drowsily.

“Wait,were you really shot or you were pretending, cos what the Fůçƙ?

“You don’t look like one who got shot yesterday and almost died” Foxfire said.

Felony rolled eyes.

“Shut the Fůçƙ and take me home,I’m tired of staying here.

“Forgotten I’m the lioness,and lions don’t die easily? She said,fiercely.

Foxfire chuckled and rolled eyes at her.

“Long live the lioness” she said and they both bursted out laughing.

“Where’s the doctor? I need to go home” Felony said.

“I’ll get him for you” Foxfire said and left.


Foxfire and the doctor walked in together.

“Good morning doctor,I can go home,right?” Felony asked.

“I would advice you stay here one more day. You have to get better and recover…..

“Don’t worry doc. I’m fine and I’ve fully recovered” she interupted.

The doctor shook his head as he finds Felony kind of funny,but stubborn though.

“If you insist,but It would be good if you spent another night here” the doctor said.

“Thanks doctor” Felony said and got off the bed,she completely ignored what the doctor said.

“Stubborn lioness” Foxfire joked as she saw Felony getting off the bed and leaving.

“Thanks doctor” she said too,and followed Felony.

They entered her car(Foxfire’s). She went to the penthouse that night to get the car.

Foxfire drove out of the hospital insanely,Felony asked for it.


Winnie,Olivia and Freya were at the cafeteria.

There is no lecture today,so they’re just in the cafe,chilling.

They’re actually starting their project today,and are waiting for Ava to come.

“I woner what’s keeping Ava” Freya said.

“Seriously,she should come already,and give us the gist” Olivia said.

“Gossips” Winnie jokingly said.

“We gossip for a living” Olivia and Freya said at the same time.

“Aww,jinx!” They said again at the same time and gave high fives.

“You both behave like last borns,jeez!” Winnie mocked them.

They laughed and gave each other high fives again.

Winnie’s phone started ringing that moment.

“It’s Ava!” Winnie screamed excitedly.

“Where are you guys? Checked the hostel,but didn’t see you”Ava said over the phone.

“We’re at the cafeteria,hurry up,these last borns are driving me nuts” Winnie replied,eyeing Freya and Olivia.

Ava chuckled and hung up.


Foxfire drove into Felony’s apartment and parked before they got out.


“The house is yours” Felony said to Foxfire and left to her room to have her bath.

“You don’t have to tell me,baby” Foxfire replied,then entered the kitchen to make food.


Felony slowly and carefully took off her clothes,making sure she doesn’t hurt her neck.

She took a deep breath before going into the bathtub after she was done removing her clothes.

She actually prefers the shower,cos the water just flows down her body freely.

But right now,she has no choice,her neck is getting in the way.

Nevertheless,she went in and laid inside the bathtub,her neck outside.

The event of last night started playing in her head,then she remembered her camera.

A very small,and almost invisble camera that she carries about,especially when going on missions.

She quickly washed herself up and got out of the bathtub.

First thing she did after toweling herself was the camera she checked.

She transfered the content to her laptop and watched everything that happened last night.

Her eyes widened,and she became furious instantly.

“Just like I suspected” she smirked dangerously,cracking her knuckles.

She wore her clothes in a swift,picked up her gun and stomped out,clenching his fists.

“They’re Fůçƙing dead!” she thundered aloud as she got to the living.

Foxfire was as confused as a clown.

“Felony! What’s going on?” Foxfire asked,completely lost.

“I have sacrifices for the devil,they’re Fůçƙing dead!” she said again,she was losing it,and anyone who stands in her way right now will get hurt.

She drove out of her apartment senselessly,like a zombie that’s lost its sense.

Foxfire drove hers too,following her.


“We heard Carla fainted yesterday because of you,gist us baby” Winnie said.

Ava laughed out loud first before telling them.

“Okay,so I was having a stroll with Bullet yesterday,and…..

“Wait,Bullet? You mean the same one we all know? Olivia asked,widening her ears to hear more.

“Yea,you know him?” Ava asked.

“Of course,who does not know Bullet the best friend of our popular badass and richest girl on campus,Felony.

“Gosh our baby is now a celebrity.

“You made friends with Felony,now Bullet? Oh my gosh!” Olivia gushed.

“We know,right?” Winnie and Freaya gushed.

“You guys are unbelievable” Ava laughed.

“Isn’t that Lisa? Oh my gosh!”Ava screamed.


Felony entered the hall with anger written all over her.


All the members gasped,the ones that are aware of what happened to her last night.

They are all shocked to see her standing so strong,someone who literally passed out yesterday before she was rushed to the hospital.

She ignored them all and heads to Venom and Atalanta’s room.

She barged in without invitation.

Venom was smoking as usual,and Atalanta was climbing to her bunk when she got shot on both legs by Felony,instantly paralizing her.

She did same to Venom,who got her own gun and tried to shoot Felony,but she wast too fast.

She shot her both legs too,and made her unable to move.

Felony went closer and started dragging them effortlessly,like two goats about to be sacrificed to the gods.

Their bloods made trails as she dragged them to the hall where everyone is.

“How do you want your deaths,FRIED OR ROASTED?” She asked with rage.


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