December 2, 2023


(All I Want Is You….)

By, Ella N.


★(BLOODY… )★


“Your…I saw Bullet with that poor rat,talking and laughing” Isla breathed continuously.

“What!!!!! Carla asked.

She stood up from where she sat.

She was in their apartment,since she couldn’t attend the morning class because of her leg. Even Ivy couldn’t attend the class.

So she was sitting on a couch, resting her leg on the center table when Isla came.

She sprang up instantly, ignoring the pain she feels.

“What the Fůçƙ did you just say? She asked Isla.

“I saw Bullet and the poor rat talking and laughing”

“You should have seen the way she was laughing,I bet he’s Fůçƙing her” Isla said,adding salt to the injury.

“Now it makes sense! Now I know why he has refused to touch me”

“I’mma kill that girl,I swear! Carla said,angrily.

She put on her shoes in a flash,and began limping as she walked.

“Seriously,Carla? Do you really want to stress yourself because of her?

“What makes you think Bullet would have anything to do with her,of all the girls, that poor thing?

“Sit,baby. She’s not worth the stress,we’ll meet her in class” Ivy said.

“I don’t care,and I can’t wait. Bullet is mine,and mine alone! She yelled as she started limping, heading to the door.

“Carla,wait! Isla said and followed her,Ivy did too,so did Harper.


“So,you stay on campus too? Bullet asked as they continued to walk and talk.

“Mm mm,but I spend some nights in the hostel if need be ” Ava answered.

Bullet smiled.

“What were you doing,sitting there alone? Bullet asked.

“I just needed some alone and quiet time” Ava smile prettily.

“Going through some $h|t,huh? I understand” Bullet said.

Ava didn’t say anything though, they just kept walking.

“You’re cute” he blurted even before realizing it.

“Umm,thank you…..? Ava said slowly as she blushed.

“So,tell me. How did you and Felony become friends? He asked like he has not been told before by Felony.

Ava kept silent for a while.

“I don’t want to talk about it,I’m sorry” she amiably said.

“That’s fine” Bullet smiled.

“I think I would have to go now” Ava said.

“Oh,already? Bullet asked, as he was really enjoying Ava’s company,and didn’t feel like ending the stroll with her just yet.

“Yea,I need to go now. My friends must be worried about me”

“It was nice having a stroll with you” she said.

“Same,hope to do this with you again” he said.

Ava smiled and said nothing.

“Can I have your contact, please? He asked nicely.


“Please” he quickly added when he saw that Ava was hesitant about giving out her contact.

“Okay…..Ava dragged it said as she collected his phone and typed down her number.

“Bye” she said,shortly and started walking away.

Bullet stood and watched her walk until she almost went out of sight,before he left too.


Codie and Maddog have been in the lab tracking Dagger.

They’ve once tracked him,but lost the location almost immediately.

“Have you been able to locate him again?” T-Bone walked in and asked.

“Not even a signal. That @$$shole is a bastard”

“The moment we were able to track,we lost signal immediately” Maddog said.

“I will k!ll him and cut off his head when we finally find that bastard” Falcon said.

“Is Lord Bullet not back yet” Maddog asked.

“Not,even Felony isn’t here yet. Haven’t even seen Felony today” T-Bone said.

“Everyone get ready,it’s possible you’re going on a mission tonight. Cos we won’t stop tracking till we track that @$$shole down” Codie said.

“Finally! Time to blow some brains off,Felony baby” Falcon said.

T-Bone rolled eyes.

“She’s gonna blow off yours first” T-Bone jibed.

“Then I’m gonna die a happy death” Falcon replied.

T-Bone rolled eyes again.

“Need to get high” He said and left.

“Wait for me,Ďïčkhead” Falcon said and followed him.

Ava was still listening to her song as she walks,heading to the hostel.

Carla and her gang appeared from nowhere and blocked her.

“So,it’s true? It’s Fůçƙing true,you Ɓîtçh!” Carla yelled.

Ava ignored them and continued listening to her song.

She just passed them and walked out.

“Did she, did that thing just walk out on us? ” Carla asked.

She limped as she went to Ava and pulled her by the hair to face her.

“You wĥõrë. What were you doing with my boyfriend?” Carla thundered aloud.

Ava looked at her,her earpiece still in her ears.

Still,she didn’t say anything but turned to leave.

Carla grabbed her phone from her,removed the earpiece and was about smashing it on the ground when Ava finally spoke.

“If you’re ready to join your forefathers, let my phone have any more cracks than it has” Ava threatened.

Carla and her gang mouths were agape.

Like,the hell!! Such guts!

They were still looking at her in astonishment when she stretched out her hand.

“My phone” she said and snatched it from Carla.

She plugged her earpiece back and started walking away.

“Come back here poor thing,I’m not done with you yet” Carla barked.

Ava slowly walked back, and stood right in front of her.

“What do you want from, me rich thing?

“That reminds me,is it your boyfriend I was having a stroll with?

“Damn! He’s so handsome. Now that he has seen me,I doubt if he’ll ever look at you.

“Be nice to people, stop bullying people, and lastly.

“Bath well,maybe he’ll start looking at you again,cos you stink” she said and left.

“What did she just say to m…..Carla didn’t complete her statement.

She fainted,shocking everyone.

“Ambulance!!!!! Harper screamed,satirically.


“Jax,when are we holding another concert? Seems we’ve forgotten about dance” Archie said.

“His dad has been bugging the hell out of him,that he’s forgotten about dance, even sports. Fůçƙ!” Leo cursed.

Jaxon scoffed and rolled eyes.

“That old man won’t just stop bugging my life.

“I don’t want his damn companies, he should look for someone else to run them for him,definitely not me” Jaxon said, feeling angry already.

His phone started ringing instantly.

When he checked, he hissed and rolled eyes.

It’s his little sister,Maisie.

“Jax Bebe” Maisie called,immediately he picked the call.

“What do you want,little devil?” Jaxon asked.

“I miss you,Jax Bebe. When are you coming back?”

“Oh! Can Grand Ma-Pee and I come visit?” She asked.

“What,are you crazy?” No body is coming here,and I’m not coming to visit anyone either” he said.

“Aww” Maisie pouted from the other end.

“Who are you talking to” came her father’s voice.

“Jax Bebe” Maisie answered.

“Give me the phone,Mr Calton said.

He collected the phone and started talking.

“Jaxon! You’ve stopped taking my calls,huh?” His father yelled over the phone.

Jaxon dropped the call immediately he heard his dad’s voice.

“Jaxon? Jax….!! His dad yelled when he realized Jaxon has dropped the call.

“Arrrrrgh! He dropped the call,he Fůçƙing dropped the call!!” He said,and aimed Maisie’s phone on the wall.

It broke beyond use immediately.

“He’s nothing like me,he’s too stubborn, doesn’t listen to any damn thing I say” Calton said angrily.

“Are you sure he’s my son,I’m starting to doubt this” Calton said,looking at his wife, Margaret.

She gulped down nothing.

“How can you say that, honey? Of course he’s your son, our son”

“Don’t you think you’re over reacting? Give him more time,besides, he’s still in school.

“Why not give him a little more time” Margaret said,massaging his shoulders and trying to cheer him up.

“Dad! You just broke my damn phone!” Angry Maisie who’s phone her dad just broke into pieces, yelled.

“Pick your Sim,go meet the driver to take you to the store,and get a new phone” Calton said.

Maisie rolled eyes.

“I just got that phone two days ago? Do i need to be changing phones like diapers now?” She muttered to herself before leaving.


“Heard Lord Bullet shot his girlfriend last night, why the Fůçƙ would someone shoot his girlfriend? Atalanta asked Venom.

Venom was seriously smoking and drinking.

“He was out of his senses,I guess. Or probably did that because of Felony.

“Cos I heard he was with her,but left before the shooting though.

“Fůçƙ! I hate her so much” Venom said,spitefully.

“I hate her more than you do. Aren’t we going to do something about her?” Atalanta smirked.

Venom smirked,viciously too,a devilish thought running through her mind.


“Any luck yet?” Bullet asked as he and Felony walked into the computer lab.

“We almost found his location again,but lost it” Codie replied.

“Keep trying,try harder” Bulled said,frustratedly.

Maddog and Codie continued to try their until they found his location when Bullet was about leaving.

This time,they didn’t lose it.

“Gotcha idiot!” Codie said aloud.

“Fůçƙ! The best news ever” Bullet said.

“He operates underground? Is he a moll or what?” Felony derides.

“He has a big factory underground where he steals all the drugs and weapons,and takes them there” Codie said.

“Call the rest of the gang,get everything ready.” Bullet ordered.

T-Bone bowed before leaving.


They arrived at the place and started jumping in,Bullet was the last to jump in.

“Dangerous,but sweet” Foxfire said.

They quietly started walking towards the factory in slow motion,with their black oufits and dark shades they all wore.

They met some guards at the entrance who almost started shooting. Three were zapped by Foxfire,and the others were taken care of.

“You want some lollipop?” Atalanta asked one who stood in confusion.

“Huh?” The guy said,and Atalanta used that chance to punch his eye.

He staggered back,bringing out his gun to shoot,but Atalanta was fast to shoot him first,twice on the forehead.

Blood gushed out of his head like water as he dropped dead.

Bullet and the rest were already in where a lot of them were.

Hard drugs and chemicals were in different beakers.

The intruder alarm started ringing out loud,calling everyone’s attention.

Soon,shooting started and a lot were already dropping dead.

Falcon and Felony grabbed two and took them to one side.

Felony punched hers,then sent him to Falcon who punched his too,and sent to Felony.

The both of them just kept tossing the two guys to each other,giving them hard punches on every part of their bodies till they almost bled to death before they shot them.

“Feels good,I love you,baby” Felony said and K!SSed the gun.

“Can I get a K!SS too” Falcon smirked.

“Yes,your lips will be so sweet to chop off with my teeth” Felony glared dangerously at him.

Falcon chuckled inwardly.

Felony already left him,shooting and killing more.


Bullet and T-Bone went to their boss’s room,a bit far from the factory.


One of the most dangerous mobs.

He was insanely smoking,and was surrounded by guards.

The guards wanted to start shooting,but he raised his hand up,ordering them to not shoot.

“I have been waiting for you” Dagger smirked viciously.

“And I have a gift for you” Bullet said and gave him an upper cut that almost removed his chin,cos his mouth was filled with blood immediately.

He tried to punch Bullet too,but Bullet dodged it and the punch met with the air.

T-Bone and his guards were dangerously fighting too,it wasn’t long before Felony and some the gang trooped on.

Bullet focused more on Dagger,giving him hard punches and heavy kicks with his boots.

He also succeeded in making Bullet bleed too.

They continued to fight, slap,punch and kick each other.

Bullet gave him a hard one on the nose which sent him to the ground, he landed on it heavily.

He moved closer to him,but before he got there, Dagger had already taken out his pistol and fired at his arm.

Bullet didn’t feel anything, as he went even closer. His arm was seriously bleeding though.

He brought out his penknife and flung it to Dagger.

It landed directly on his chest, it went deep as blood cascaded instantly and the pistol fell off his hand.

Bullet went go him and removed the knife, more blood pumped out of his chest.

He didn’t hesitate to waste him. He shot him consecutively till he was satisfied.

Felony and the rest(not all of them though) already wasted Dagger’s guards.

There was pool of blood in the whole place, with people lying dead.

“Accomplished” Bullet stated and began walking out.

He didn’t move up to two inches when Felony got shot on her neck twice.

“AHHHHH” She groaned and fell on the ground.

“Felony!!!! They all called.


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