December 2, 2023


(All I Want Is You….)

By,Ella N




“What’s up with you? You just left angrily the other day” Bullet asked Felony.

“You didn’t expect me to be happy after what that @$$shole said to me,did you? Felony said.

Bullet sighed.

“I really love what you did to her. I’m sure she’s learned her lesson” Bullet said.

“Hahahaha. You think she’s learned her lesson? I don’t think she has,cos she still behaves like a punk.

“I’m gonna deal with her more” Felony said.

“Why are they even here? She asked.

“Maddog is a computer whizz,he’s here to assist Codie” Bullet answered.

“And Atalanta? Felony asked.

“Dunno” Bullet simply said.

Just then,Carla walked in,looking at Felony weirdly.

Felony has already murdered her in her mind,just the burial ceremony left.

She doesn’t like one but,cos she behaves like hoe.

Hovering around Bullet like a fly.

“See you in class tomorrow” Felony said and left.


“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be sleeping? Bullet asked.

“I sleep when I want to,I’m not a baby” she said.

“Anyway, I am here because I’m horny, so horny that I can r*pe you if you refuse to Fůçƙ me” she said.

“Do you always get horny?

“You only come here when you’re horny” Fůçƙ! Bullet and cursed.

“Just start already, I’m not here to answer questions” she said.

“Out of my room! Bullet yelled.

She ignored him and started taking slow steps,sexily walking towards Bullet.

“One more step,and I will put a Bullet in that pu$$yhole” Bullet threatened.

Carla ignored him still,and continued to walk to him,doltishly.

Bullet got his gun and fired at her leg,without thinking.

“Ahhhhhh” she screamed and fell on the floor,holding her already bleeding leg.

“Are you rejecting me because of her? She asked, referring to Felony.

“Get out! Bullet said.

“You want to k!ll me because of that Ɓîtçh! She said.

Bullet’s eyes rolled to the back of his brain,when he heard the name she just called Felony.

He laughed within himself, and wished Felony heard that.

She would waste her life without thinking twice.

“Have you been sleeping with her? Ahhhh” she groaned in pain, her leg was bleeding badly yet,she was still talking much.

“And what if I am?” Bullet questioned,sardonically.

“You cheat! Ahhh!” She groaned.

“Don’t push me” he warned.

He took his phone and called a member who came to carry Carla out of his room,before he does something worse than that.

Tyrone came and took Carla to the sickbay,after which they got the bullet out and she was treated.

Though, she went to the hospital the next day, for proper treatment.


Ava woke up feeling tired, she barely slept last night.

She just kept crying and tossing around the bed.

Today,she and Winnie are going to Jaxon’s place to talk about their project and would probably start it right away.

She lazily got out of the bed,and went into the bathroom to have her bath.

Her phone dinged, indicating she’s got a message.

“Good morning, baby girl. I hope you had enough sleep?

It was a message from Freya.

They all saw how unhappy she was, after that drama yesterday.

So they were worried, especially Freya.

“Aww” she said.

“Thanks for your concern,baby. I did have enough sleep, hope you did too? She typed and sent.

She dropped the phone and got into the bathroom.

She hurriedly got ready and went out of her room to the living room.

She noticed her mum wasn’t around, probably must have gone to her truck business.

But there was a little note on the table. She picked it up and read.

“I LOVE YOU,HAVE A GREAT DAY IN SCHOOL” was boldy written on it.

“I love you too,mummy” she smiled and said,took a deep breath and left too.

Not like she’s happy with her yet,she just loves her mum more than anything,no matter what.

She definitely can’t stay mad at her forever.


They just had their 7:00AM class that morning and are done.

“Hey,girls! Time to go Jaxon’s” Winnie said.

“Really? Why? Olivia asked.

“Don’t you want to do your project anymore?

“You should go talk to Leo,fix a day and start your project” Winnie said.

“$h|t! I almost forgot about the project.

“So,I am going to Leo’s apartment for real? Olivia said,excitedly.

Winnie rolled eyes at her.

“Let’s go already, jeez! She said and pulled all of them along.


They all arrived at his place, thankfully, Jaxon and his friends were home.

He and his friends didn’t attend the morning class, so Winnie somehow thought they will not be home.

“What da!! Archie flinched the moment he opened the door and saw them.

It wasn’t just the four of them, two other students too,a boy,then Isla got paired with Leo and Olivia.

Then,Freya, the boy and Archive got paired.

Isla wasn’t there,though.

“What are you all doing here? Archie inquired.

“Here to talk about our project” Freya said.

Archie rolled eyes at them,but suddenly smiled when he saw Olivia.

“Who are you talking to? Jaxon asked Archie.

“Pretty girls” Archie said,then winked at Olivia.

Olivia scoffed and rolled eyes.

They entered inside fully.

“Crazy Winnie? Jaxon widened his eyes.

“What in the world are they doing here? Jaxon dragged Archie to one side,asking.

“They came to talk about the project,or something like that” Archie said.

“Seriously? Jaxon asked.

“Hmm” Archie shrugged.


“Hey,Jaxon” Winnie called.

“What? Jaxon asked.

“Grumpy fish! Winnie laughed within.

She grabbed Ava by the hand and went to Jaxon.

“We need to talk” Ava said.

“Talk about what? He asked,irascibly.

“Talk about our project,Mr grumpy head” Winnie derided.

Jaxon rolled eyes at her.

“Stop calling me that” he said,sternly.

“I will, when you stop acting like a grumpy old monkey” Winnie said.

“I knew it was a bad idea to be paired with crazy Winnie” Jaxon mumbled to himself.

“So,what do you want me to do? He asked, shrugging.

“When are we to start the project? Ava asked.

“Don’t know, don’t ca…..

Both Ava and Winnie dragged him to corner of the living room.

“Let go of me! Are you two crazy or what?

“Hey,don’t touch me! He said to Ava who rolled eyes st him.

“You should be happy a damsel touched you,I may not be rich like you guys, but I’m pretty as hell”

“And my nails? They’re one hell of a beaut” Ava said proudly.

“What……? Winnie dragged it.

“That’s my girl! She said and gave Ava a high five.

“Arrrgh! Too girlish,they’re suffocating me.

“Someone should get me out of this bondage, these girls Ṣūçƙ! Jaxon said aloud, attracting everyone’s attention.

He left them immediately, heading to his room.

“Hey,we haven’t even talked about anything and you’re leaving? Winnie said.

“Anyway,we’re starting our project tomorrow, Jaxon” Winnie yelled after him.

Jaxon didn’t reply,but gave them a middle finger.

They both laughed,in fact, everyone did.

“This project is gonna be fun! Olivia said.

“You must stop being grumpy before we finish this project” Winnie said,referring to Jaxon.

“Leo,when are we starting ours? Olivia asked,batting her lashes.

“Huh?” She asked like he didn’t hear her well.

“I said when are we starting our project?” Olivia asked again.

“Hmm,whenever you girls are ready, we’ll start” Leo shrugged.

“So,that means we can start even tomorrow, huh? Olivia asked.

“Probably” Leo scoffed.

“This is going to be the craziest project ever” he mumbled.


“If I didn’t force you to come,I know you would have still miss this class” Felony said to Bullet.

Bullet chuckled.

“Like you’re any better than me,you also miss classes like hell” he said.

“At least, I am better than you. You miss them more than I do” she said.

“I know,you don’t have to remind me about that all the time” Bullet rolled eyes at her.

“Hey,let’s take a stroll around the school,hey? Bullet said.

“I just want to enjoy the vicinity” he added.

“I would love to,bu got something to do once I get home” Felony replied.

“Fůçƙ! He cursed and ruffled his hair.

“See you later” Felony said,got into the car and drove off.

Bullet pocketed his hands and started strolling alone,enjoying the cool breeze that mother nature was offering.


“Okay,guys” I think we are done here” Olivia said.

“Let’s go,please. I need to sleep” Freya said.

“Even a pregnant elephant doesn’t sleep as much as you do,gosh! Olivia jibed.

“Hahahahahaha,pregnant elephant” they laughed loud.

Freya loves sleep like crazy….

“See you later,guys” Ava said.

“Where are you going? They all asked.

“I want to take a stroll” she said.

“Oh,we can come with you,yunno” Winnie said.

“No,please. I just want to be alone for a while,please” she amiably said.

They all smiled.

“We understand,baby” just be careful okay? And don’t stay too long” Winnie said.

“I won’t,bye” Ava smiled and replied.

She brought out her earpiece and phone, went to her playlists to look for a cool music that can cheer one up.


Started playing as she walked, she has nowhere in particular she’s going,just looking for anywhere peaceful.

She continued to walk until she got to a shady tree,a very calm and peaceful place. Exactly what she’s been looking for.

“Perfect place” she said and sat on the chair.

She interlocked her legs, and sat well while the music played.

“I can see you hurting

“I’ve been through the same thing

“Baby,don’t you worry,I got you.

She was enjoying it so much that she started singing along,but with her eyes closed.

Ava was so engrossed in the song that she didn’t notice someone standing in front of her.

She kept signing with eyes shut,till she heard.


She suddenly opened her eyes,only to see Bullet in front of her.

Without thinking much,she remembered Bullet.

“Hey…it’s you” she said slowly.

“You remember me? Bullet asked.

“Yea,sure. Aren’t you Felony’s friend? She asked.

“I am. I love your voice” he said again.

“Thanks” Ava smiled shyly.

That smile melted his heart,and he just found himself smiling too.

“You stay on campus? Ava asked.

“Yea,my house is just four minutes from here” he said.

“Mind taking a stroll with me? He asked.

“Umm….Ava thought for a while before saying she doesn’t mind.

Bullet and Ava walked while chatting.

Isla saw them both as they were walking and chatting.


“Your…I saw Bullet with that poor rat,talking and laughing” Isla breathed continuously.



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