December 5, 2023


(All I Want Is You….)

By,Ella N.



“Next time you call me names. I will disfigure your face,beh£ad you and send your head to the devil for sacrifice”

“I once dined with the devil, and he’s my ex sugar daddy” Felony said,fiercely.

She adjusted her jacket,dangerously before walking out.

Atalanta held her bleeding arm,her blood was gushing out like a pipe that’s got a hole.

Bullet was at one end watching the whole scene.

He stood still,smiling for no reason.

From the beginning, even while they were still at the CLAN.

He knew Atalanta was gonna get it hot from either of the members, sooner or later.

Cos of her arrogance and pride.

“Fůçƙ my damn Ďïčk!!! Maddog cursed.

He and Scarface were still running around the house, until they ran into the hall and met the bloody scene.

“This was a total knockout…. Damn!

“She’s the baddest of the badasses” Fůçƙ!

“All hail Felony…the Devil’s ex sugar baby” Falcon said and they bursted out laughing.

The members kept talking.

They already know the kind of person Felony is,except for the newbies.

So,everything they said was just lauding.

Venom quickly ran to her and helped her up.

She wasn’t in the hall when the fight took place,so she was totally dismayed to see Atalanta in that state.

“Fůçƙ! This is crazy….she cursed.

She took her out of the hall,straight to the sickbay,traces of blood were made as they both walked out.

Foxfire looked at Venom as she took Atalanta out.

“Jokers” she mumbled and chuckled.

She turned to T-Bone who was staring at her,everyone was staring.

Felony already left with anger, to her apartment.

Foxfire looked at T-Bone and winked,then smiled naughtily before she left.

T-Bone understood that,and followed her almost immediately she left the hall.


“The quiet badass! See what Felony did to her cos of you” T-Bone said as he walked into the room.

He grabbed Foxfire and pulled her to himself.

She gasped and giggled.

“That was a welcome gift” she giggled again and bit her bottom lip.

She ran her fingers on his body.

“I want to sleep with your Ç0çƙ in me,till next morning” she whispered,naughtily.

“Your wish is my command” T-Bone chuckled and replied,before attacking her lips.

She pushed him to the bed and got on top him,doing justice to his body.

The rest that could be heard were her crazy loud Mõ@ɲs,as T-Bone drilled her hard.


Atalanta’s arm has been treated and bandaged, though she was still bleeding.

Cos the cut is a deep one.

“Who the hell is she? Atalanta asked Venom,making a pop sound with her lollipop as she took it out of her mouth.

Even with the pain she’s going through, there is a lollipop in her mouth.

“She’s Felony, Lord Bullet’s friend.

“Because she’s friends with Lord Bullet,makes her think she’s the boss of everyone.

“She should enjoy that while it lasts, cos….Venom paused and smiled sinisterly.

“She’s so gonna pay for what she did” Atalanta stated.

Tyrone walked in with another bandage and other equipments for treating wounds.

Tyrone is also a member, and he’s the one in charge of the sickbay.

He actually came to change her bandage that was already stained with blood again.

“Sit up” he said to Atalanta.

“You don’t tell me what to do,fool” she said to Tyrone.

“Suit yourself,then” Tyrone said and walked away.

“Hey,come back here,my arm! She yelled at him,but he never came back.



“What time is the class? Jaxon asked Leo.

“Are you a student at all? You never know when we have classes nor know the time.

“F**ck,dude! You’re unbelievable” Leo said.

He rolled eyes at him.

“Are you gonna tell me or not. Or you wanna keep acting like my dad” he said,exasperatedly.

“Talking about your dad,why didn’t you go see him like he asked? Leo said.

“That wasn’t what I asked you” Jaxon said grumpily.

“Alright,fine! Class is by 10,and Professor Marcus said we’re gonna have projects to do”Leo said.

“You dare not miss this class,cos you’re gonna get zero in your test” Archie jibed.

“Why does he have to give us projects now that I have decided to attend his class? Jaxon wheezed and asked.

Jaxon hates projects and hates classes,especially Professor Marcus’s.

“You should ask today when you get to his class” Leo and Archie mocked.

“Ďïčkheads! He cursed.


Ava and her friends were already in the science lab waiting for the Lecturer.

Carla and her gang came in too,not long.

Followed by Jaxon,Leo and Archie.

“Is Jaxon really attending class today,unbelievable.

“My one and only crush.

“Mr grumpy is attending class today?

Their course mates murmured as Jaxon and friends walked into the lab.

“My baby! Ivy ran to him.

“What happened to your hand? She enquired.

She and her friends weren’t at the concert when the Mafias came.

“None of your business,you never cared until now. So why the pretense? Jaxon said.

“Jaxon,I had no idea you have an injured arm,why do you think I’m pretending?” she asked.

Jaxon didn’t say anything but walked out on her.

“Such desperation. He doesn’t have a thing for her yet,she wants to be his girlfriend by all means” Harper muttered.

Professor Marcus walked into the lab and everywhere went dead silent.

“The most strict and wicked Lecturer I know” a random student said,lowly.

“Don’t forget to add the big belly and flat @$$s” another said.

The students close to her started laughing.

“May I know what is funny? Lecturer Marcus asked.

“Nothing,sir. We were just anticipating on the project you’re going to give us” they lied.

He hissed and pulled his trousers up,adjusted it and made it sit well on his stomach before he started.

The students couldn’t hold back the laugh,they just let it out loudly.

But he did nothing,seems he’s not even in the mood to scold anybody.

“Like I said in our previous class. I’m giving y’all projects to do,and I’m pairing you up” he said

“Paired? The students started murmuring.

“I wanna be paired with Jaxon” Freya and Ivy said at the same time.

“I wanna be paired with Leo,please” Olivia and Isla said.

“I wanna be paired with my brainy baby” Winnie said,referring to Ava.

“Be quiet,all of you. I am doing the pairing,not you” lecturer Marcus said.


“I can’t believe we got paired with grumpy Jaxon” Winnie said to Ava.

Ava smiled happily.

She,Ava and Jaxon were paired up.

Jaxon was so angry that he got paired with them.

Girls!! Especially Ava.

He hoped to be paired up with his friends,but reverse was the case.

“I can’t believe this! My dream has finally come true. I feel like….

“Faint…..” Winnie cuts in.

“I hope you won’t be fainting anyhow in the lab and spill all the acids and chemicals,silly girl” Winnie said,jokingly.

“Whatever. I am just so excited! She gushed.

“Hey,let’s have some fun,maybe dance or something,since we have no other class today” Freya said.

“You’re the realest,baby. Why didn’t I think of that? Winnie said to Freya and brought out her phone.

“I wanna get high to kick some @$$s” started playing on her phone.

She connected it to her MP3,the song blared up in the whole class.

They had already gone back to their main class.

“Ay….ay….ay” Freya started making silly dance moves to the silly song.

“Wait,wait,wait! Crazy Winnie dear,is that the only song you got on your phone?”

“Who’s @$$s do you even want to kick? Olivia asked Winnie.

“Someone might get his or her @$$s kicked,yunno” Winnie said.

Olivia rolled eyes and ceased her phone from her.

She started going through her play list.

She scrolled down until she found one titled….


“Perfect!”She said and clicked on it,stopping the other one from playing.

“Aww,I was so in the spirit already” Freya who has been dancing rubbish all the while,pouted and said.

“Shut up,lazy dance spirit” Olivia jibed.

“Put a hump in ya back and shake ya rump(HEY!) let’s go!

The song started playing out loud.

“Bounce that @$$s up and down to da flo.

“Shake that $h|t till you can’t no mo’

Winnie was dancing crazily,jumping from one desk to another.

“Shake what ya mama gave ya,baby” Freya boosted her spirit.

“Ma mama did not give me any @$$s but I will shake my bones” Winnie said while she continued to dance nonsense.

Students around were laughing their @$$s out at Winnie’s silly dance moves.

She was twerking,but nothing was shaking.

“Step aside! Olivia pushed her out of the way.

She dragged Ava into the dance floor and started twerking insanely,though Ava wasn’t really interested.

She was just busy laughing.

“Twerk that monkey till you can’t no mo’The music continued.

Winnie started twerking crazily the moment she heard TWERK THAT MONKEY.

“Ay…ay…ay” Freya kept cheering.

“Twerk that monkey,let me see ya get low.

“Freak that n!gg@ till ya $h|t gets sore.

The song was playing loudly.

The dance got hotter until Isla came in with her friends.

She dragged Ava by her top to face her.

“Listen. The fact that you got paired with my Jaxon should not make you try $h|t,else I will k!ll you.

Ava gave her a cute smile,that even Isla herself did not understand.

She returned back to dancing.

“Ava Rose. Why are you even using your mother’s name as surname,don’t you have a father or something?

“Oh….I guess your mum was a wĥõrë that’s why why she gave birth to you without a f…..she did not finish talking,as Ava grabbed her and gifted her three hot slaps.

“Did you drink a mad monkey’s blood before coming to school today? Ava asked,and showered her with another one.

Everyone was like….



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