December 5, 2023


(All I Want Is You…)

By, Ella N.




Ava slept in her friends hostel since she couldn’t go back home that night,as it was late,coupled with the crazy concert.

So,she returned home very early in the morning the next day,cos she needed to go to work.

As they have no class today, she seized the opportunity to go to work in order to have some money in her hand.

Ava has her own keys to the house,so there was no need to wake her mum.

She quietly went to her room and took off her clothes, then went into the bathroom.

She switched on the tap,letting the water flow freely into the bucket.

After the bucket was filled with water,she took the bailer and scooped some,poured the freezing water on her body.

“Jeez! This is freaking cold” she fluttered.

But she has no choice,she just has to bath it like that.

She returned back to the room after she was done.

The event of yesterday suddenly ran through her mind.

“Who was that guy? Gosh! Yesterday was crazy… I almost got shot” she said as she took a deep breath.

“Bristol University is one hell of a school” she said while creaming her body slowly.

“Oh,you’re awake” good morning, mummy” she greeted.

“Good morning dear. Ready for school? Rose asked.

“No,mum. I don’t have any lectures today” she said.

“Oh,so where are you going? Rose asked inquisitively.

“I’m off to work” she simply replied.

“Baby,aren’t you over stressing yourself? You’re supposed to rest today that you have no lectures” Rose said.

“I’m fine,mummy. I need money,we need money.

I need to buy your drugs,okay” she said and pecked her before leaving.

“Come have your break……Rose tried to say but she was out already.

“What would I do without you,baby? She behaves exactly like her dad” she smiled sadly and said.


Bullet was doing his morning workout at the gym room when his phone rang.

He took it out of his pocket and checked who it was.

“Father” appeared on the screen.

He glanced at it for a while,then took a deep breath before picking the call.

“Hello,dad” he said.

“I want to see you in the CLAN,right now” his dad said.

He closed his eyes and took another breath.

“I just knew he only called to see me” Bullet said.

“What’s up with you,are you alright? Felony asked Bullet.

“I am fine. It’s just Godfather that wants to see me” Bullet said.

“Hmmm” Felony hummed.

“I know, right?

“Can you follow me to get some drinks? Need to stock my fridge,it’s empty” he said.

“Why not ask one of the guys to do that for you? Felony asked.

“I want to go by myself, let me enjoy the environment.

“But your dad” Felony said.

“I will see him later” He replied.


Ava walked into the cafe and met Mr Reginald,her boss.

“Good morning, sir” she greeted, respectfully.

“You don’t come to work any day you feel like,Ava” Mr Reginald said,ignoring her greetings.

“I’m sorry,sir,but this is happening because of school” she said.

“I won’t be called wicked if I fire you” Reginald said.

“I’m sorry,sir. Please don’t fire me,you know I’m in school now” Ava said.

“Then you should quit the job and focus on one thing” Reginald said.

“…no,sir. Please don’t fire m….

“Get to work! He cut her off.

She scurried away immediately.

People started coming few minutes later.

She was standing at the bartender station,making and attending to people who came to buy drinks.

She served the last person, then another came.

They were two.

After she served the last person, she returned back to get more drinks.

And when she turned….

“Crybaby? Felony said when she saw Ava.


“Felony” Felony completed it for her as she couldn’t recall the name.

“What are you doing here? Ava asked,with a bright smile on her face.

“Decided to patronize the local bars” Felony smiled and said.

“Oh. It’s so great to see you again,thanks again for saving me the other night” she said.

“It was nothing,just stay away from that Zone always” she said.

“You work and school? Felony asked.

Ava smiled and nodded.

“Hey,Bullet. What kind of drinks and how many are you buying? Felony asked Bullet.

“Five bottles of Whiskey,and…. He paused the moment he saw Ava.

“This face,this face. I’ve. seen her before,Bullet thought.

“DON’T K!ILL ME PLEASE” suddenly popped in his head.

“She’s the one! She even looks more beautiful than yesterday” he said within.

He locked eyes with Ava’s, and stared at her without saying anything.

“Umm….the drinks” Ava said as the stare was becoming awkward.

Felony stared at the both of them,wondering if they know each other from anywhere.

Ava brought the drinks that they asked for and packaged them.

“Thanks for patronizing us” Ava said.

Felony just smiled.

“See you around in school,crybaby” she said.

Ava giggled.

“My name is Ava, not crybaby” she said,smiling.

“I prefer crybaby” Felony simply said. Ava chuckled again.

“Bye” she said as they started walking out. Bullet gave her another stare before walking out.

“Why was he staring at me like that? Maybe he knows me from somewhere, or I look like someone he knows” Ava said,shrugging her shoulders.

“Get to work,Ava” she slapped her cheeks and returned back to what she was doing.


“You know her from somewhere” Felony asked,when they entered the car.

“Huh? Bullet asked,his mind wasn’t there, it was somewhere else.

“Do you know each other” she asked again

“Naa,she just looks familiar, like someone I know” Bullet replied.

“What did you save her from, anyway? He asked.

“From a rapist, she almost got R@P£D by a punk” she said and ignited the engine.

“It’s not new in Bristol, yunno. And why are you calling her a crybaby? Bullet asked.

“Cos she was crying non stop,the day I saved her” she said.

Bullet chuckled for no reason.

“Girls who cry easily are always cute” he blurted out.

“Huh? Felony asked.

“So,what did you do to the punk” Bullet switched immediately.

“I sent him back to the devil” she said.

“The lioness!” Bullet chuckled.

She rolled eyes and punched his shoulder.

Felony is the only person he jokes and is cool with,the rest dare not call him even by his name.

“She’s pretty though” he complimented.


“Is someone in love with her already. I saw how you were staring at her”

“Are you head over heels with her,already? Felony teased.

“Just drive us home” Bullet said.

She obeyed and sped up crazily without saying anything else.


“He didn’t come like you requested? Grand Ma-Pee asked her son,Calton.

“He didn’t, mother. He never showed up,I waited for him at the company throughout yesterday, but he never came.

“He’s getting on my nerves, mother. Jaxon is trying to get on my other side” Calton said.

“You really should let him choose what he wants,son.

“You’re only going to keep hurting yourself, he loves what he does and there’s nothing you can do about it.

“Stop stressing the poor boy,he’s still in school remember that”

“The earlier you realize this,the better for you” Grand M-Pee said.

“We’ll see about that” Calton said.


🗣️Godfather’s son is here?

🗣️What is he doing here,I thought he’s in school.

🗣️Heard Godfather sent him.

🗣️Who is he? He’s so hot.

🗣I wanna date him,he’s too hot.

🗣️You better not say that to Godfather’s hearing,cos he will skin you alive without blinking.

All the CLAN members continued to murmur among themselves.

Some don’t know who Bullet is cos they are new.

They were all bowing as he walked passed them.

Bullet walked straight into an almost dark hall,a very long and enormous one.

They were lots of members in the hall,and at the extreme end of the long seat like a throne,sat Godfather.

He wore a long black robe that looks like a hoodie,he covered his face with the hoodie.

“Father” Bullet called and bowed in respect.

“You came late” His father said,he interlocked his palms and used them as support to his chin.

“Father,I had a class that’s why I couldn’t come early” Bullet lied.

“You dare lie to me” his father said.

Bullet’s eyes widened.

“How did he know I’m lying” Bullet said.

“Father,how did you…

“I’ve got my eyes everywhere” he cuts in.

“I’m sorry,dad” Bullet apologized immediately.

“Heard you wasted Sniper and his boys yesterday” Colton said(his actual name)

“Yes,father” Bullet answered and smiled.

“Good job”

“You still haven’t been able to track Dagger? He asked.

“We haven’t yet,Dagger is smarter than we think” Bullet said.

“Humph! Colton chuckled.

“You are going back with two new members. Atalanta and Maddog” he said.

“Why father? what for?

“Just do as I say” Colton said.

Atalanta and Maddog walked in immediately Colton sent for them.

Atalanta is arrogant,bossy and full of herself,and likes showing off too.

She’s always with a lollipop in her mouth,you can never catch her without a lollipop.

Maddog? Well,his names says it all.

Bullet left with them after having a deep discussion with his father.


Everyone’s gaze drifted to Bullet and the newbies.

🗣️Who are they?

🗣️Why are they here?

🗣️The girl looks arrogant.

🗣️I love her already. Venom said

🗣️I hate her already. Foxfire said.

🗣️And no one is talking about the guy.

🗣️He’s cute though, but looks crazy.

Bullet walked through the hallway with them while the gang kept murmuring.

“Show them to their rooms” Bullet said to Scarface and Venom who excitedly took Atalanta to her room.

“Mind sharing the room with me? She asked.

Atalanta rolled eyes and took the lollipop out of her mouth.

She stylishly stood,checking the room out.

“Don’t mind. The room isn’t that bad” she arrogantly said,returning the lollipop back to her mouth.

“That’s so rude…..Venom dragged it.

“My kind of person,I love you already” Venom said.

Atalanta rolled eyes at her again,and continued licking her lollipop.


“Here,we’ll be sharing this room” Scarface said to Maddog as he shows him around the room.

“Cool gadgets” Maddog said and started touching them.

He got to one that looks like a telescope and was about touching it,but Scarface hit his hands off it.

Maddog chuckled.

“Secret weapon,huh? He asked.

Scarface said nothing.

“Why are you called Maddog? He asked.

“You’ll find out soon” he chuckled and said.

“Why are you two here? Scarface asked another one.

“Too many questions make me hungry.
Well,I don’t know,Godfather asked to come” he said.

“Hmmm” Scarface hummed.

“Friends? Maddog asked,offering Scarface a handshake.

“Friends” He answered.

Maddog gave him a hard punch on the face the moment he said friends.

“Fůçƙ! What did you do that for,Ďïčkhead? He asked.

“You asked why I’m called a Maddog,huh? He said,raising his brows.

“Huh? I will show you what a real Maddog can do” Scarface said and picked a laser.

Maddog ran out immediately he saw that.

Scarface face chased after him,as Maddog was busy laughing and running for his dear life.


Felony and Foxfire were seated in the hall,talking. Though, both of them don’t talk much,but they vibe with each other very well.

“I’m hungry,who’s the cook here? Atalanta walked in and asked.

She walked to where Felony and Foxfire sat,and stood arrogantly.

“I guess you’re the cook here,get me something to eat” she said to Foxfire,rudely.

Felony looked at her in shocks,like what the hell!!!

Foxfire being a quiet person, she didn’t say anything. Her quietness is dangerous.

“It’s clear you’re not gonna last in this place.

“If you’re hungry,get your Fůçƙing flat @$$ into the kitchen and make food for yourself.

“Nobody is your slave” Felony got up and said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,pu$$yhole” she insulted Felony.

“Felony smiled dangerously, trying to keep her cool.

She was about walking back to her seat,when she heard Atalanta call her coward.

With a slow turn,she landed hot slaps on her face.

Atalanta staggered and gave Felony one on the face too.

She was about giving her another one,but Felony grabbed her hand and twisted her hand.

Atalanta’s bone could be heard cracking.

“Whooa!!! All the members said.

“Arrrghh!!! She groaned in excruciating pain.

Even with her broken hand,she threw a punch at Felony,hitting her face really hard.

Felony fell down and instantly,her mouth started bleeding.

She touched her mouth and noticed she was bleeding.

Atalanta just woke her anger demon!

Felony got up and went straight to Falcon, she collected the bottle of alcohol he was drinking.

She walked angrily to Atalanta,while emptying the bottle of alcohol.

When she got to her,she broke the bottle on Atalanta’s head.

The bottle broke into different pieces.

She picked one and held Atalanta’s hand,shoving it deep into her skin,giving her a long deep cut.

“Arrrrggh!!! Atalanta cried out loudly as her blood gushed out profusely.

“Next time you call me names,I will disfigure your face, beh£ad you and send your head to the devil for a sacrifice”


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