December 5, 2023


(All I

By: Ella N.K

GENRE: College romance

TAGS: Bullying, Hates, Sad memories, College,Love triangles,Sports, S£x,Dance, Bloodshed,Rapes,Mafia, Heartbreaks, Family, Deaths, Jealousy, Secrets, Suspense, Friendship,Revenge.


She grew up and has gotten used to being alone,with no sibling, no friends. The only best friend she has is her mom.

She doesn’t know her father, if he’s alive or dead.

In fact,she has no father, cos she grew up to know only her mother,Rose.

Because of this,she was always bullied in high school. The fact that she bears the name ” Ava Rose” .

They always make fun of her not having a father.

Ava lives in England with her single parent who happens to be her mom.

She’s a very brilliant girl with a contagious smile,her eyes are worth to die for.

Her K!SSable lips and angelic voice,a good dancer too.

Top it all,she’s got the sexiest body that get men crazy.

But all these features are a waste,if I should put it that way.

Cos she’s from a(we are managing) home,her beauty is hidden in her tattered and old clothes she wears always.

Ava is a highschool graduate,but that’s just where her education ends.

She couldn’t further her education to a higher one(college) because her mom cannot afford it.

She had to stay back after highschool to assist her mom in her little business(food truck business)

She also does menial jobs to support her mom,at least, to pay bills and other necessities.

Her mom’s business isn’t even something to rely on,so there was no hope of furthering her education.

No day passes,without Ava crying and wishing life wasn’t unfair to her,especially when she sees all her mates in school.

She never lost hope just yet though,cause she kept applying for scholarships with each opportunity she gets,even though she doesn’t get any,she kept trying.

Then,her prayers and hard work paid off and she finally got a scholarship.

It was the happiest day of her life,her dream has finally come true. It is what she has always prayed and wished for,to go to college.

She was awarded a scholarship due to her brilliancy,to study in Bristol University.

A school of the highest and mightiest,a school full of rich spoilt brats.

Only the rich have a say,the poor are being trampled on.

Headquarter of bullies,even the bullies get bullied sometimes.

The authorities have little to no say in the school, cause it’s a school of billionaires children.

Can Ava cope with the cold attitudes of the rich brats,who see the poor as nothing?

Can she study to the end,even when the rich make life a living hell for her?

Would she be able to adapt to her new life,mingling with the rich?

What happens when a Mafia and a regular both fell for her?

What awaits Ava in Bristol University?

All these questions will be answered as you read further.

Just follow this story back to back, to get your answers.

You really don’t want to miss this,it’s gonna be a bomb as always!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


( All I

By: Ell N.K


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Mummy…..she heard Ava calling her,she was attending to a customer when Ava came calling.

From the look on her daughter’s face,she could tell there was good news.

“Mummy” she called again with the most beautiful smile her mother has ever seen.

“What’s behind this happy face? Rose asked.

Ava didn’t answer her mum,but rather hugged her tightly.

“I got it,mummy. I finally got it” she added,a smile not leaving her mouth.

“I got the scholarship! She screamed it out,almost making her mum go deaf.

Rose’s eyes widened.

“You did? Like,you really got the scholarship.

“This is one of your pranks,huh? Her mum asked,not believing her.

Cos,Ava has applied for scholarships countless times without being given any.

“Take this and see for yourself” Ava said,handing her mum the sheet of paper she printed out from the cafe.

“You really got it,oh my goodness! Rose exclaimed.

“Yes mummy. Since four days ago,I already thought I was not going to get it. So I stopped checking and had no idea I have gotten it.

“So that means you can start school even tomorrow? Rose asked.

“Even this instance,mummy” Ava replied happily

Rose was way more than happy,this is what her daughter has always wished for,and her dreams have finally come true.

“We should be celebrating this” Ava said

“Yes baby,we should” Rose quickly said and started gathering the things together.

“You want to close already? Ava asked.

“What’s the use of staying when there are no customers” Rose said.

Ava looked at her and smiled sadly.

There are days that,not even one single customer buys food from them.

The food truck business just keeps dwindling everyday, cos there’s no money to stock it.

Rose held onto her daughter as they walked home.


The Harts family all seated on the dinning table having their supper, when Jaxon walked in.

He rolled eyes at no one in particular, as he got in.

“Another dance class? Football? His dad asked.

Jaxon is a grumpy,impatient and hot tempered dance instructor and loves sports too. He’s very good in both.

Jaxon rolled his eyes again, but this time,at his dad.

“Dad,stop bugging me,please. I am a dancer,I love it and you can’t change that.

“I am an adult and I know what I want, you can’t choose for me.

“I don’t want to handle the company,cos I’m not interested. Besides, I’m still in school” Jaxon said.

“If you keep bugging me with this,I will go back to school and never come back” He said.

“Talk to your son” his dad simply said.

Without saying anything else, he walked out of the dining room.

Jaxon’s father is the second richest billionaire in England. He wants Jaxon to run his companies, but Jaxon is interested In something else.

“Jax bebe!” Maisie,Jaxon’s little sister called.

“Stop calling me that” Jaxon fired”

“What? I love you,Jax bebe. And I’m your baby sister,so i can call you any name,right? Right? She doubled the question.

Jaxon rolled eyes at her.

Jaxon and Maisie are always fighting like babies. Maisie is just 12,while Jaxon is 22,but it’s always as if they’re mates.

“Jaxon,you just have……

“Not now, mom” Jaxon cuts his mum off.

He already knew what she was about to say.

“We’ll talk about this later” Margaret said and left.

It was just Jaxon,Maisie and their grandma(Grand Ma-pee).

“Why are you looking at me like that,Grand Ma-pee? Jaxon questions when he noticed his Grandma staring at him,funnily.

“Have you found a girlfriend yet? She blurted.

“Give me a break,Grandma. You guys are suffocating me in this house.

“I’m going back to school first thing tomorrow morning” Jaxon said and left the dinning.

“I will bring one for you,if you don’t mind” Grand Ma-pee said loudly as Jaxon walked away.

She and Maisie laughed and high fived, before continuing with their food.


It was morning,the next day.

Ava was set and ready for her first day in school.

“Oh my! Is this my daughter? Rose asked,staring at Ava who walked down the stairs.

“You look incredible, baby” she said.

“It’s the same clothes I’ve always worn,mummy. Nothing new” Ava chuckled.

“But you always rock in them” Rose replied with a smile.

“I’m ready” she said and pecked her mum.

“Wait,let me get your food” Rose said and entered their small kitchen.

She brought the food,specially packaged for Ava to take to school.

“What are you doing, mummy?

“I am in university now,not kindergarten” Ava laughed as her mum handed the flask of food to her.

“You’re not going to reject mummy’s food, are you? Rose pouted.

“Fine,fine. I will take it” Ava smiled beautifully.

“Bye, mummy” she said.

“Bye,baby….make lots of friends and have fun,okay? Rose said.

“Sure mom” she replied.


Ava walked and stopped right in front of the big building.

“Bristol University,here i come. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply.

“Wow! This is way more beautiful and bigger than I thought” she excitedly said.

“She walked in as other students did too.

“Hi” she said to a student, but she only rolled eyes at her and walked away.

“Dirty” the girl mumbled.

Ava shrugged and continued walking till she got to the science lap.

🗣️ Who’s that? Why is she dressed like that?

🗣️ Gosh! What is she wearing? That rag she’s putting on stopped trending like five years ago.

🗣️Her old rags for me.

🗣️She’s a newbie, I guess.

🗣️Gosh! She’s ugly and spokes me.

🗣️ I think that’s one of the poor rats that has been given a scholarship.

All the students on the hall way laughed at the last statement made by Carla.

Carla is the bully mistress,she and her gang.

The worse and last person you would ever want to meet on campus.

Too proud,arrogant and mean, spoilt brat.

Ava walked up to them and stood.

“Hi guys,I’m Ava. Please can you show me to the chancellor’s office? She asked nicely.

Carla smiled sinisterly,looking at her friends.

“With pleasure” she replied with an evil grin.

She signaled one of her friends, Ivy. Ivy nodded,she understood that.

As Ava and Carla were about leaving. Ivy grabbed her backpack and threw it on the ground.

The other put her leg on the way,making Ava to trip,she fell on her face.

They all started laughing.

Ava tried to stand up,but Carla matched her with her leg,pinning her back to the ground.

“Poor rat. Who said you could come to this school and order Carla around?

“Do I look your mate, class?

“Gosh! You stink. Did you have your bath before coming here? She spat.

Ivy,Isla and Harper laughed.

“Probably didn’t, cos they have no water at home” Isla said and they laughed again.

Ivy unzipped Ava’s backpack and poured out every damn thing inside.

The flask of food her mum had given her, emptied out on the floor.

They bursted out laughing at the glimpse of the food.

“Oh my gosh! What are you? 5?

“Does this place look like the stupid kindergarten you went to? Carla asked, taking her legs off Ava who was already in tears.

“Awww,she’s crying. How cute” Harper said,satirically as they all laughed.

“What have I done to you guys,to deserve this harsh treatment? Ava summoned the courage to ask.

“Did she just ask that?

“Firstly. You don’t talk when I talk cos your breath stinks and makes me wanna puke” Carla derides.

She packed the food in her hand,as she started rubbing it all over Ava.

Her friends laughed.

“Secondly. You offended by coming to this school.

“I hate poor people, cos they creep me,they make me wanna puke” she spat.

“Such a loser” Isla said.

“Welcome to Bristol University” Ivy seconded.

“We own this school” Harper added.

“And we don’t associate with poor rats like you” Carla finalized and spat.

They all laughed.

“Oh my gosh! He’s here” Ivy announced and all of them drifted their gaze at who she was referring to.


How’s the story so far,babies?🥺🥺

Do you like it? Should I continue?

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