December 2, 2023


(All I Want
Is You…)

By, Ella N


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Her voice sang melodiously in his ears as he stood still staring at her for close to five minutes.

He didn’t even know when his gun fell off his hands.

When Ava found out he was still standing there yet,not shooting.

She raised her head up,though she was scared.

But she summoned the courage to do that.

When she raised her head up,their eyes met and the lights shone brightly on her face,revealing her beauty more.

He blinked his eyes,and stared into Ava’s like he misplaced something in there.

By now,he had picked his gun and was still pointing it at Ava,but had no guts to shoot.

“Don’t kill me” she said again with her cute little voice.

“GET OUT OF THERE! THE POLICE ARE GONNA GET YOU… Codie’s voice pierced in his ears.

It was then he came to his senses and started running out,but kept looking back at Ava until he went out of sight.

He got out from the back door of the hall,so the police didn’t see him.

Others had already gone,it was just him that was behind.

Cos Ava took his attention.

He got into his car and drove off speedily.

The police sirens came sounding in the atmosphere.

It wasn’t long after he left,when the police arrived.

Few people were injured, Jaxon even got shot on the hand.

The police came and interrogated some people.

Blood spilled everywhere.

They called the ambulance,which later came and carried the three that died,away.

Ava got up and started looking for her friends.

People were still running helter skelter, even after the Mafias left.

She checked everywhere till she finally found them on back stage.

“Ava…..are you okay? Hope you’re not hurt?
They all asked at the same time as soon as they saw her.

“I am fine,how about you guys? She asked,squatting down to their level.

“We are fine,so happy none of us is hurt” Winnie said and pulled them into a tight hug.

“Gosh! This night is the craziest night ever” Olivia said.

“It definitely is” they all concurred.

“Let’s go back to the hostel, please” Freya said,they nodded and left the hall.

“Jaxon!! Archie and Leo ran to him as he was on the floor.

His arm has been bleeding non stop.

He held the spot tightly where he was shot,as more blood gushed out.

He has a lot of blood,and was losing a lot as well.

Archie and Leo ran to him and helped him up.

“Take me to the hospital” he said, feeling weak.

“Man! You’re bleeding so badly” Leo said.

“I know, man. Just take me to the hospital” he said.

Leo quickly left him with Archie to go get his car.

He came back with his car minutes later.

He didn’t park too far from the hall,so it didn’t take much time before he came.

The three walked out of the hall,with Jaxon still bleeding.


The doctor did a surgery on Jaxon’s arm,after which the bullet was taken out of his hand.

“You’re fine now” the doctor said to Jaxon.

“Thank you,doctor” Leo and Archie said.

They all left the emergency room and entered the car,then drove off.


“Those guys ruined my night for me. I didn’t even get to see Leo” Olivia said exasperatingly.

“You that were fainting anyhow in the hall,how is those people’s fault? Winnie asked.

“Gosh…..!! My heart remained hanging in the air”

“Bristol University won’t be the end of Olivia, never! Olivia said as they started laughing.

“But Leo might be the end of you”

“What the hell were you doing in that hall,fainting anyhow? Winnie laughed.

“I don’t mind fainting over and over,as long as it’s for Leo.

“I feel like fainting right n…..

“Shut up” Winnie shut her up,covering her mouth and stopping her from completing the statement.

Everyone started laughing.

“Let’s sleep, please. The night is far spent” Freya said,yawning.

“She’s right, goodnight guys” Winnie said.

“Softy,come sleep here with me” Winnie said to Ava.

Ava shook her head and smiled before going to join her.


“Man! I can’t believe what you said actually happened” Archie said,taking out a bottle of juice from the fridge.

He poured some into the glass and sat down tiredly.

“How did you even know something like that was gonna happen? Archie asked.

Leo rolled eyes.

“You guys never believe anything I say,do you? He answered Archie with question.

“I’m beginning to get scared of you,this isn’t the first time.

Are you a soothsayer or something? Archie asked,raising his brows.

That really got Leo laughing.

“You’re crazy,go to bed,kid” he said.

Archie frowned. He’s actually the youngest among them.

“Call me a kid one more time and I will chop off your Ďïčk. So badly that you’ll never be able to Fůçƙ a hole for the rest of your life” he threatened.

Leo laughed even more.

He collected the glass of juice from him and gulped it down his throat.

“Fůçƙ you! He said,dropped the glass and went to his room.

Archie kept looking at him until he entered his room.

Jaxon already went to bed since they got back.

So it was just him alone in the living room.


The gang sat in the big hall,the lower part of the penthouse. They were smoking and drinking.

“We got them good” Falcon derided and laughed.

Felony wasn’t smoking though, neither was she drinking.

She just sat on the long chair that is in the hall.

She removed her gun from the strap and used it to her caress face,while she kept looking at the door to see if Bullet would walk in that moment.

They returned back to the penthouse like 15 minutes ago,but Bullet was yet to come back.

“Where do you think Lord Bullet would be”? T-Bone walked up to her and asked.

“Don’t know” she simply said.

“Why not cool off your head while we wait for Lord Bullet to come back?”? Falcon said, handing her a bottle of alcohol.

“Get lost!” She sneered.

“I know you don’t drink,but this is really good,trust me” Falcon insisted.

“Get the Fůçƙ out of my sight” she replied him.

“Damn! I’m only tryna be nice,why are you always this cold?” Falcon asked.

Felony took him unawares and kicked him off the floor.

He fell down heavily.

She pinned him down with her boots and pointed a gun at him.

“You wanna know why I’m cold? Ask the devil when you get to hell” she said.

She was about pulling the trigger on him when another member(Venom) shot the gun off her hand.

“What the hell do you think you just did?”she asked him.

“Saving his life,got a problem with that? Venom asked.

Felony smiled dangerously before picking her gun.

“I still wonder why I have not put a bullet in that head yet” she said,pointing the gun at her,Venom did same too.

They both about to pull the trigger when Bullet finally walked in.

“What the Fůçƙ! He cursed.

“Put those guns down!” He commanded.

Felony smirked before slowly putting the gun back to her strap.

“What took you so long?” She asked Bullet.

“Nothing” Bullet sighed and went to his unit.

Bullet entered his living room,and went into the kitchen.

He got a bottle of chilled water,and heads to his room.

Got to the room and took off his mask,drank from the water,then gave a sigh of relief.

He laid on his king sized bed, brought out his gun and K!SSed it before putting back in the drawer.

“Mission one accomplished” he said, laid back again, and shut his eyes.

Memory of the scene that took place almost an hour ago started playing in his head.

From the shooting, k!lling of Sniper, then…..

“DON’T K!LL ME,PLEASE” Starting playing in his head,and he found himself chuckling for no reason.


“Humph!” Fůçƙing crazy
I don’t think I’m ready to di…he stopped himself from saying it and inhaled deeply.

“Need to clear my head” he said and brought out a pack of cigarette,lightened it up and started smoking.

He closed his eyes as he puffed out the smoke,it spread all over his face.

As much as he tried to get her off his head,her cute voice and face kept appearing.

He doesn’t know why,but he just finds himself smiling at every thought of her.

After he was done smoking. He took off his clothes and got into the shower.

“DON’T K!LL ME,PLEASE” her voice sang again as the water rushed down his body.

He closed his eyes, letting the water run down freely as he continued to smile.


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