[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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” How is she doing now ? Is she okay ” Bella asked as she rushed into my room where Cora lay unconscious .

We moved her to my place after the doctors where done .

” She’s still unconscious , but Kris assured us she’s out of danger ” I said and she heived a sigh of relief.

” Glad to hear that , I was worried when my manager told me what happened ” She said and I smiled.

” I caused it though , I made things worse ” I said and she chuckled.

” Oh c’mon it’s not easy to be with mikoy in one space and not want to end his life , not after everything he put our girl through” she said and I gave a nod .

” He careful Dylan , in all Cora would want this fight to end with everyone alife ” Bella said and Pat my back .

” I will come to check up on her again . Yvonne is awake ” she said and I gave a nod .

” Everything is complicated Bella , Veronica is alife , I thought the whole De Nero drama is over , but now my step sister is alife ..and she’s out to end the De Luca’s” I said and Bella cursed under her breath.

” Everything will be fine , you have Cora in your life and when you have the person you love by your side , you can fight anything ” she said and I smiled.

” Kris is beginning to rub of on you” I said and her jaws literally dropped as we both laughed.

” I will let that slide because I agree he did make me a better version of myself ” she said and I heard noise which made me turn .

” My joy ” I said softly as I walked over to where she lay .

Her eyes fluttered open and a small smile played on her lips.

” Are you okay ? Do you need anything ? I asked and she shook her head softly.

” Hey my fighter ” Bella said teasingly.

” I’m glad you’re okay” she said and Cora smiled.

” I will escuse the both of you to catch up ” she said teasingly and left us together.

Cora didn’t say anything after that , just fell back asleep.

I called Kris and he chuckled at my worried state .

“It’s just the medication , she’s gonna be okay” he assured me and Sergio chuckled.

” Stop worrying too much figlio , Cora is a strong woman ” mom said and Pat my shoulders.

” She’s my life , she makes me happy and completes me in a weired way you know” I said and they Chuckled.

” My crown I’m hungry ” She said as I did some work on my laptop .

I stopped immediately and went over to where she lay.

” I’m hungry ” she said pouting cutely as she tried to stand up .

” My love you’re not strong yet ” I said and she frowned .

” But I’m hungry ” she said and I chuckled.

” What do you wanna eat ? I asked and she Smiled.

” Noodles and boiled eggs ,that’s what I’m craving …” She said and I chuckled .

” Noodles ? I asked with an amused smile .

” Yea ,is anything wrong ? She asked and I shook my head .

” Of course not ,I’d go ahead and make it ” I said and she sat up softly.

” Okay ” she said and walked a bit ,then turned to check if it was really my girlfriend ,I mean it was just too shocking.

When I got into the kitchen , I met Frederico doing something in the kitchen and Massimo sitted on one of the stools .

Kristov and Sergio seem to be very busy and I frowned .

” I didn’t think I’d see the day you guys decide to grace the kitchen again ” I teased and Massimo rolled his eyes.

” They blackmailed me into coming with them , this is so humiliating” he said frowning.

” Cooking In the kitchen ? You’re not even the one cooking ” Kris said pointing the spoon at him .

” I’m supposed to be in bed , letting my wife spoil me ,Dyl and Cora already stressed the fuvk outta me ” he said and I shook my head.

” Just tell us ,you want to go ahead and spread the Donna’s legs ” Sergio said and his face heated up in a blush .

“Fůçƙ mas is blushing ” kristov teased .

” I’m not blushing ,I don’t blush ” he denied immediately .

” I’m a proud blusher when Neomi is involved . You can say I blush for a living” Sergio said and we all burst out laughing at his craziness.

” Sergio are for real right now ? Fred asked .

” I said that, meaning every single word of it. I love that woman ” He said smirking.

” Remember when Gio used to say the woman that’ll tame him has not been born yet ? He was changing girls like skirts ” Kris said and Gio rubbed his forehead.

” It’s not my fault that girls easily crush on me ” he said and Massimo laughed .

” Girls easily cry when you are involved , anyways ” Emelio said coming in with a bottle of wine and Sergio’s jaws literally dropped.

“We look alike ,you’re supposed to have my back ” Sergio said immediately.

” Not when we are talking about the past here ,Kris had the most responsible Character when it came to women….” Emelio said.

” That’s a lie ,I think I was responsible too ” Massimo said and everyone turned their eyes to him .

” Should we remind you of your long line of mistresses …” Frederico asked .

” I’m better than you though ,I didn’t go around Fůçƙing my secretaries ” Mas said .

” Ouch ” we echoed as we burst into laughter.

” That’s a low blow Donn” Rico said pointing at Mas.

” You started it ”

” Sergio was the king player anyways , man got humbled by Neomi … That stabbing brought him to his senses I guess ” I said and everyone turned to Sergio .

” Yeah … Anytime I try to misbehave , I remember the fact that I’m married to a woman who’s nickname is poison, she stabbed me and left me at the point of death ” he said and everyone chuckled.

” I need to make noodles ,I have my woman waiting for me ” I said and they burst out laughing.

” Woman huh ….see who was deing in a relationship with someone In the name of responsibility ”

” Fine roast me ,I accept I did wrong ” i said and they Chuckled.

I finished Making her food and took it with me to the room .

” Hey love ” I said and she stared at me .

” Smells yummy” she said and my eyes trailed her outfit .

She was clad in a transparent white dress .

As I watched her eat ,a smile of satisfaction graced my lips.

” You’re so beautiful” I said and she chuckled.

” What’s with the romantic mood ,my crown I’m eating .” She said .

” I’m taking you on a vacation after this whole fiasco dies down ,I need to spoil my baby silly ” I said and she smiled.

” Where would you like to visit ” i asked and she stared at me .

” Somewhere different maybe an African country for a change” she said and I let her eat .

” Join me ” she said joined her .

My phone rang in the middle. I picked up and Cora stared at me .

” Hello DYL ” I heard Ivy’s voice at the other end .

” Huh ..” i trailed and stopped myself from voicing Ivy’s name .

Cora stared at me interest.

” I need to go ” I said immediately I cut the call.

“Go where ? It’s evening …and I want you here with me ” she said and I bit my lower lip.

” It’s very important baby ,but I promise I will be fine ” I said and she sighed .

” At least tell me where you’re going ,I don’t feel too good ” She complained.

” Maybe you’re worrying too much ? I asked and K!SSed her forehead then down to her lips.

” I love you ,you know that right ? I asked And she chuckled.

” Yeah ,I know and I love you more baby” she said and I walked over to the closet to change Into something more comfortable.

” Dylan stay …. please” she said and I sighed .

My mind went back to what Ivy said .

” Trust me ,we will talk about this when I get back ,I’d text Sergio If I get into trouble” I said and she gave a nod .

I arrived at the address Ivy sent and as I got down from my bike , I placed a call .

” Come inside Dylan ” she said softly .

I walked into the compound and there she was wearing a long robe that flowed to the ground.

” You came ,I knew you will come for me ” she said and for some wiered reason ,I didn’t like how her voice sounded .

” You said I should come and take my daughter , You sounded really genuine over the phone Ivy” I said and she smiled.

” Relax Dylan …what are you so worried about ? I don’t bite do I ? She asked walking into the house and I joined her .

” Where’s Ruby ? I asked and she frowned .

” She’s asleep ,can we stop talking about her now ! She asked angrily.

” We can’t stop talking about her because that’s what I’m here for . ” I said and she scoffed .

” So now what you want to run away to Cora ? A childless woman who can’t give you children. ? I found out everything Dylan .

” Did she tell you about all her dirty secrets her dark past ? She asked angrily.

” it’s not in your place ….” I trailed .

” It’s in my place because I love you ,why can’t you see it . Is it untill I die ? Should I die ”
She asked crying.

” Ivy I’m sorry ,trust me I’ve tried to love you ….it’s just not working even when we were together and it’s never gonna work .

” Why because of Cora ? She spat .

” It has always been Cora ” I said and she untied her ribbon .

” Dylan I know what can help ,let’s just make another baby together ” she said taking off her robe and I looked away immediately she stood stalk Ɲ@kēɗ in front of me .

” Ivy respect yourself ,I’m leaving ” I said angrily and tried to leave .

” Dylan I’d kill myself” she said and I turned just to see her pointing a gun at her forehead.

” Stop this madness ivy ” I said and she walked close to me .

” I love you, Dylan I really do okay ” she said and I froze as I stared at her in shock .

” I’m so sorry ” she said crying as she pulled off the knife from where she stabbed me .

I looked down as blood gushed out of the injury .

” I’m sorry Dylan …I’m so sorry ,but if I can’t have you ,no one else should. I rather watch you die than let Cora have you ” she cried as I fell to the floor .

My head felt light and my vision blurry .

” Please… call the doctor….” I managed to blurt out as I felt life leaving me in bits .

” Okay …no no …please no ,you can’t leave Dylan just close your eyes baby die on me please…Cora can’t have you ….” She said and I shut my eyes as pain ate into me .

I’m going to die ….



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