[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


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After my conversation with Bella, I knew what I want .And that’s spending the rest of my life With Dylan .

I’m tired of running away from my feelings . I’m tired of hurting him ,when all he has ever done is love me unconditionally.

As if hearing my decision , he walked into the room right that minute.

I turned to him with a bright smile .

” Hey ” He said softly .

” Are you okay ? I asked sweetly as I walked over to where He stood .

” I should be asking you Gioia Mia … [ My joy ]” He said and I stood on my tiptoes and K!SSed his lips softly making my heart
Warm up .

” I’m fine if you’re fine my Crown ” I said and he pulled me into his arms and ate into my mouth sweetly .

Pulling me close by the waist ,at that moment I felt nothing else but his sweetness.

I’ve never felt more at peace .

“I was scared you’d shut me out again ” he said after a while and I frowned .

” Really ? I’m sorry ” I said staring into his eyes .

” Why ? He asked holding my hands.

” I’m sorry for shutting you out and hurting you . You didn’t deserve any of that Dylan ” I said as my voice broke at the edge.

” Hey it’s okay , that’s in the past now . I just wanted us to do this together . I can’t promise you roses because it’s definitely not gonna be easy , but I love you …I want us together and I’m hoping you want this for real this time around . Cause once we are in there’s no going out ” he said and Chuckled out tears .

” I’m in Dylan , I know I can be preety annoying and arrogant. But I’d try for real this time around . Cause I want you and I’m not fighting my feelings anymore” I said and he pulled me in for a hug .

” So girlfriend huh ? ” He asked teasingly .

‘” You just broke up Mr De Luca ,how insensitive of you ” I teased.

” Say yes….Stop teasing me ” he said K!SSing my lips softly.

” Yes ” I whispered in between and he smiled against my lips.

” You make me so happy .. Gioia Mia” he said and I chuckled.

” The feeling is mutual Teddy bear” i said and burst out laughing as a frown appeared on his face .

” This is unfair ..I’m a full grown man baby girl ,call me My crown instead . I prefer that one ” he said and a blush stained my cheeks.

” I’m supposed to make the choice not the other way around ” I said and he pulled me into his arms from behind.

” You scent so nice …” He said and I blushed red .

This man is something else . How can he make me feel Ɓụťťerflies in my stomach without even trying to .

” I’m going to my room ” I said and he pulled me back .

” Stay with me love ,we just got together” he said K!SSing my temple.

” Dylan …I don’t think ..” i trailed.

” Don’t think …just feel. Now stay with me ” he said and I opened and closed my mouth like a fish .

” Stop staring at me like that ” I said immediately.

” Like what ? He asked teasingly as his hands went to my hips .

” You’re giving me that Fůçƙ me eyes Dylan ” I said and he threw his head backwards as he laughed crazily.

” Fůçƙ me what ? Are you serious right now ” he said in between and there’s something about a De Luca man laughing that gives a warm feeling.

” Can you do this always ? I asked walking close to him .

” What ? He asked cluelessly.

” Laugh always ? It feels so good to see you relaxed ” I said and his cheeks heated in a blush .

” He’s blushing ” I teased .

” I’m not blushing , stop it ” he said and I burst out laughing.

” You’re crazy ” He said and I laughed .

I stayed with him , and we took a shower together after which we went downstairs for Dinner.

It was a bit Akwared cause everyone knew we Fůçƙed and we are back together.

I felt a bit out of place , because a part of me still felt I did something unfair to Ivy .

Maybe I’d try apologising again and hopefully she doesn’t slap me again this time around.

” So ….” Dylan trailed .

” Goodnight ” I said and tried leaving but he held my wrist .

” Where are you going ? He asked in amusement.

‘” I have a room Mr Man ” I said hands on my waist.

” I didn’t say you don’t have one ” He said smiling.

” Dylan stop acting naughty ” I said and he chuckled.

” C’mon stay for tonight ,I won’t seduce you or do anything you don’t want me to Baby. ” He said and I nearly swooned .

This man is so Caring , I mean ..” I smiled at the end of my thoughts.

” So what do you say girlfriend ? He asked teasingly.

” Fine ,but keep your hands to yourself” i said as we walked towards his room .

” That is a promise I might not be able to keep , Sweetheart” he said and I turned .

” What’s with you and Sweetnames ” I asked as I turned .

” When a man loves a woman …he can do anything …..” He said singing a terrible off key and I burst into laughter.

” Don’t try to sing again My crown . Your singing is trash ” i said in-between.

” Oh no you didn’t say that ” he said and I laughed.

” Just don’t try to sing again ” I said and he chuckled softly.

” I love you Cora baby ….! ” He sang and I pushed his face playfully.

” It’s okay Dylan ” I laughed.

” The second attempt was better right ? He asked taking off his shirt .

” Could give me nightmares if I attempted to sleep ” I said and he turned .

” You’re just jealous of my talent ” he said pointing at me .

My eyes met with the painful marks of my nails on his back .

” Don’t be sorry ,I enjoyed it …” He said as if reading my mind.

” How did you know I was thinking about it ” i asked frowning.

” You fell quiet …Belle ” he said and I looked away.

” Does it still hurt ? I asked touching his back .

” I don’t feel it ,but anytime I think of it , I remember how tight and wet the inside of you felt that night , your soft and seductive cries of pleasure.” He whispered in my ears .

” Too much information Mr De Luca ,I’m sleepy ” I said and he chuckled.

” Scardy cat” he said and my jaws literally dropped.

” Say that again and I will wear jean P@ŋts to bed ” I said and he opened and closed his mouth like a fish.



As she slept In my arms ,my mind went back to my argument with Ivy and Sergio and the fact that she left with Ruby .

I wouldn’t try to separate a child from her mother but my life keeps getting more and more complicated.

Cora is the only thing keeping me sane at this point .

” Hey …are you okay ? I heard her beautiful voice and stared into her preety eyes.

” I. ..”

” Ah of cause you won’t be ,not after everything that happened ” she said sitting up .

” Go back to sleep Jewel ” I said and she held my face lovingly.

” Not when you’re not sleeping . She’s gonna let you see Ruby Dylan . Definitely not now because she’s hurt . But I’m sure she wants her daughter to have a father figure in her life ” she said Calmly.

” You’re not mad at Ivy ? She hurt you with words …she …” I trailed .

” Because she’s hurt .” She said softly .

” That doesn’t justify …her actions Cora ,you’re also human …” I trailed .

” I’ve heard worse Dylan …” She said and I pulled her in my arms.

” I’m sorry those things happened to you ” I said and she chuckled.

” you sound like I’m dieing , I’m fine Dylan. You’re here now. We are together now …and this happiness I feel is something I’m willing to be selfish about ” She said and my heart warmed at the thought.

” K!SS me …” She whispered against my lips.

” Wait what ? I thought …” I trailed and she placed a finger on my lips.

” Shhhhhhhh just K!SS me Dylan ” she whispered softly and I crashed my lips on hers .

She sat on either side of me as we K!SSed hungrily.

My hands went under her flimsy Nightwear as I cupped her soft B*tts.

She mo*bed Sweetly.

I sent my hands to her Beautiful Ɓø0ɓs as I played with them Making her high on it .

She helped me off my shorts and immediately her hands went down , I groaned in pleasure .

” Look at me Dylan ” she Whispered softly and there’s something about her boldness that turns me on crazily.

” Watch me take all of you ” she whispered and joined our bodies together.

Her jaws dropped softly as she threw her head backwards.

” Fůçƙ ” I cursed under my breath as my hands made way to her backside .

Pulling her to take me in a better angle.

” I …love you Dylan …” She whispered with each thrust .

I couldn’t help it,the way she worked it ,her cries of pleasure as she told me how important I was to her .

It was as if she was changing a narrative that had long lasted between us.

I watched as we covered in sweat ,as her Ɓø0ɓs moved with the Rythm .

We came from our high together and I changed the position .

” Oh Dylan …” She cried out as I took her from behind.

Her legs shook and her lips quivered ..

My Queen …

After our night of passionate lovemaking ,we slept in each other’s arms and I didn’t know when I slept off with Zero worries .

My phone rang and I opened my eyes immediately..

” What the Fůçƙ is going on ” I groaned in frustration as I picked the call with a sleepy voice .

” Dylan , Harmony is in labour ,we’ve taking her to the Hospital ” Sergio said and my eyes snapped open immediately.

” $h|t ” I cursed as I woke up immediately

” Joy what’s wrong ? Cora asked as she woke up immediately .

The sheets dropping to her waist as she watched me wear my shorts while looking for a shirt .

” Harmony and Emelio’s baby is on the way ” I said and her eyes widened.

” Like right now ? It’s 2am ” she said in shock .

” I’m coming with you ” she said as she got down and wore her room slippers.

” Jewel …” I trailed .

” I know it’s your family issue Dylan ,but I wanna be there too . Harmony is a good friend ” she said and my heart warmed up .

” Go get dressed ” I said and stared at her backside as she walked over to my Wardrobe.

I’m Fůçƙing Whipped.



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