[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


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” You’d never be happy Cora ! Shameless woman. …you think you can take him away from his family , I have his heir …I have his daughter ! What do you have ! She spat with hatred and I looked away as my eyes stung with tears .

Her words hurt so bad ,it felt like my heart was stabbed over and over again with a sword .

” Ivy that’s ENOUGH ! Dylan yelled angrily as he walked her out of his room ..

” You can’t say such things to her “I heard him say Immediately.

” Oh really ? She deserves to hear more after throwing herself at my man . ” She said glaring daggers at me .

“She doesn’t know how it feels because she has no Child ,if she did she’d know how Ruby will feel without a complete family ! You’re selfish cora ! She screamed and I let myself Walk over to his bed climbed untop slowly as i lay down Quietly.

Her words echoed in my head as tears rolled outta my eyes.

She was right … I don’t know what having a family feels like , I’d never know how it feels to have a child of my own …. ” My heart felt heavy and my head felt light .

I closed my eyes letting myself fall asleep .

” Is she okay ? I heard Bella’s voice in the background as her hand went over to my neck .

” Ivy … Said some hurtful things to her , she hasn’t said a word ever since ” I heard Dylan’s Worried voice and my eyes fluttered open immediately.

” Hey Bes … How are you ? Do you want anything ? Bella asked and I shook my head .

” I will excuse you guys to talk ” Dylan said stared at me camly then walked away.

” So…… You guys got back together ? Bella asked fighting a smile.

” Not really , I couldn’t accept his proposal with Ivy in the picture. I wanted them to talk things out before Going into a relationship with him . I guess things didn’t go as planned … She went crazy Bella ” I said as I remembered her outburst from earlier .

” She said I’m with Dylan, trying to separate the family she’s building because I don’t know what having a family feels like , or what having a child feels like’ i said and laughed bitterly.

” How ironic that it’s actually true .. I really don’t know … Maybe all I’m good at is actually hurting people” I said as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” That’s not true , that’s a very big lie . Yes you Fůçƙed up when you left Dylan … Agreed .

” But you’re one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me , I’d be d*mned if I let you believe all you’ve ever done is hurt people” She said angrily.

” Ivy went too far if she actually said that to you , she’s supposed to be mad at Dylan not you , she channeled her anger to the wrong person ” she said angrily.

” I Fůçƙed her fiance” I said camly .

” Cause he wanted to the Fůçƙed that’s it . Our gender should know these things … You don’t go fighting a girl that played a part in your man’s Deceit . Your man sold you out , the anger should be channeled in his direction .

” Anyone who saw her relationship with Dylan would feel nothing but pity for the both of them. She was just a responsibility for him , deep down Ivy wasn’t happy and that’s why she’s bitter about it because now he’s come back to you .

” I feel sorry for her , I really do . There was a time I wanted her for Dylan too but everything felt forced between the both of them . She deserves true happiness just like you and Dylan .” She said holding my hands lovingly.

” I ruined everything for them ” I said sadly.

” There was nothing in the first place Cora . If there’s one thing I learnt from my relationship with Kristov ,it’s that two people can make things work when they both give it a try together.

” After i Got deeper into my relationship with Kris ,there we’re times I felt we weren’t meant to be together because we are so different …I had my career there was a pregnancy in the middle ,he had the whole mafia thing in his neck …”

” But what saved our relationship was the fact that we we’re intentional about it ”

” Ask yourself this question . What exactly do you want ? Because trust me Dylan knows what he wants . It’s up to you if you want to let $h|t define who you are” She said and tears rolled outta my eyes.

” I’m scared …I’m scared Bella ” I said for the first time and she stared at me in shock.

My weakness wasn’t something I open up to anyone about ,so it came as a shock .

” It’s okay to be scared ” she said and I gave a nod as she pulled me into her arms and rubbed my back gently.

” You’re only human Cora ,it’s okay to cry…..it doesn’t make you weak ,it just proves you’re much human as the rest of us” she said voice breaking at the edge and I broke down completely.



” I called you and Cora back to Italy because Whatever game mikoy is playing , isn’t based in the phillipines anymore .He has an even stronger Aly here ,Who must also have an agenda against the De Luca’s .”

” Dylan are you listening to me ” The Don hit the table and I flinched .

” Yeah ,I’m listening ” i said immediately.

” You seem very distracted” He said camly .

” Love life ” Kristov teased .

” You know what ? Maybe we should talk about you first ,before you loose it ” He said with an amused smile on his face.

” We should not talk about business ? Frederico asked shocked .

” Wow ” Sergio said and Kristov mirrored their expression.

” Why are you acting like I committed a crime ? The Don asked and Dimitri laughed .

” You never let us drop business talks just like that ” Sergio said and he rolled his eyes.

” Dylan is a mess ,we should talk about it ,before he looses his mind ” he said and the others burst into laughter.

” I’m fine , Today has just been something else for me . I called things off with Ivy and she broke Cora with hurtful words

” Did you try to make her understand why things couldn’t work out between the both of you ? Frederico asked .

” I did ,she went aggressive and asked me to choose between Ruby and Cora “I said pinching the bridge of my nose .

” That’s a whole new level of madness ,I told you not get in a relationship with Ivy , something just didn’t feel right in the chemistry I noticed between you guys .
If you only built a relationship with your daughter ,she would have known her place in your life …even if you didn’t end up with Cora .

” Engaging her gave her false hope ,no one deserves that ” Kristov said frowning.

” I apologized countlessly
,Tried to make it up to her but then she makes it seem like Ruby is not needed and she only kept the pregnancy because of what she had to gain ,so since it didn’t work out …” I trailed remembering our heated argument.

” I tried to do right by her …I swear but I was dieing in silent ,it was way too toxic I just couldn’t handle it anymore ” I said and the Don smiled.

” You tried to be away from Cora …for all this time ,Grace knows I’m A dangerous man , leaving me is not an option ” he said like it wasn’t something serious .

” You’re scary ” Kris laughed.

” She knows before loving the scary man , look at me Dylan. Cora is a strong willing woman ,if she decided to come back to you ,I’m optimistic she’s not gonna look back anymore . ”

” She’s sensitive after all this drama ,that girl is stronger than you think ” he said and I gave a nod .

“Mikoy is launching his company …..very soon and that’s when we would know the person backing him up . Whoever that person is ,it’s definitely an enemy we’ve encountered before ….He or she seems to be playing this game hotter than I think ” The Don said changing the topic .

” What are you gonna do about Ivy ? Frederico asked .

” She knows better than to join the enemy ,I’ve done quite a research on her …she’s not innocent …but One thing I know is the fact that she doesn’t wanna go back to the street life again .” Gio said and I stared at him confused .

” Street life ? What are you talking about ” I asked in confusion.

” Don’t tell me you knew nothing about the woman you were in a relationship with ” he said camly .

” She was a Stripper ,we met in club ” i said and he smirked .

“Yes but before being a Stripper ,she was working as an escort with Valencia,. She has an history with The mental asylum ” He said and I froze .

” Wait what ? I asked in shock .

Valencia was one of the most ruthless Donna’s in the Italian mafia .

Everyone knew her as a cruel and Shrewd business woman when it came to her escort business .

But she respects the De Luca’s and give us our way when necessary .

” I didn’t know ….” I said softly.

” I didn’t say a word because everyone deserves a second chance at happiness , Ivy and Valencia didn’t end in good history though ,she used to steal from the woman ” Sergio said the Don suddenly seemed interested in the conversation.

” Steal what exactly ? He asked .

” H*Rd drugs … She was an addict , Valencia made sure she paid dearly for it . That’s when she went to get clean. … After which she had to spend sometime at the mental clinic due to the terrible reactions the Drugs gave .

She returned to her job as a Stripper and while trying to make something and rebuild her life , you came in like her knight in the shining armor.

” You knew all these and kept quiet Sergio ! I asked in hurt .

” It’s not in my place …” He trailed .

” You’re my brother ,you’re supposed to look out for me ” I snapped Angrily.

” I’m looking out for you ,there was no cause for alarm and I didn’t want to hurt you with her past ,since you guys where Gonna build a family together ,besides she hadn’t caused any reason to do that ” he said and I got up immediately .

” You don’t get it , She’s obsessed me already , and she left with Ruby . Let’s just pray she doesn’t decide to do anything crazy “I said and left the office in anger .

” Dylan ! I heard the Don call as I left angrily .

I was hurt ….I just want to nothing this painful feeling , everything is getting complicated .

I walked into my room and Cora turned to me with a bright smile .

” Hey ” she said softly and my heart warmed up .

” Are you okay ? She asked sweetly as she walked over to where I stood .

” I should be asking you Gioia Mia … [ My joy ] I said and she stood on her tiptoes and K!SSed my lips softly.

” I’m fine if you’re fine my Crown ” she said and I pulled her in as I ate into her sweet mouth .

Pulling her close by the waist ,at that moment I felt nothing , and had nothing to worry about .

She’s my safest place , my Safe Haven .

My Joy



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