[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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” Wow so it’s my fault , innocent me that decided to sleep with a S£X god ” I said as he laughed.

” There’s nothing Innocent about you with that sinful backside woman ” He said and my jaws literally dropped.

” You’re such a ….” I trailed and he moved towards me.

” Such a what ? he asked seductively and I blushed red as memories from last night came running .

” We can’t do it again I’m someone’s daughter Mr De Luca” I said and he threw his head backwards as he laughed crazily.

” I’m someone’s son too Tesorina” he said and I smiled.

” What’s with you and these sweet names ,the last time I checked you hated me ” I said arms folded and eyebrows raised .

” Was protecting myself from actually letting my feelings for you control me ” He said K!SSing my temple.

” So you never hated me ? I asked playing with my fingers.

” I can never hate you ,I just felt hurt for your constant rejections” he said calmly .

” Which I had no right to have done in the first place ,I’m sorry ” I said and he smiled .

” We have alot to talk about ,but first let’s freshen up ” he said and carried me in his arms .

I couldn’t help but smile at the baby girl treatment .

He helped me get ready and applied lotion on my skin .

I helped wash his hair and he held my wrist when I tried to go downwards.

” Don’t …” He said his voice strained .

” Why ” I asked confused .

” I might take you right here and now , you know you’re not fully healed ” he said and blushed red .

This man is something else.

” Oh my God ” I said when I saw the hickeys on his neck and my nail scratches on his preety back .

” I’m so sorry” I said as my hands trailed his back .

” It’s okay ” he smiled.

” It’s not okay ,this won’t be healing anytime soon ” I said with a frown .

” Chill I’m not feeling it that much , Besides you can’t use your legs too ” he teased and I pushed his face as I laughed.

” Deny it then ” he said teasingly.

” Avoid me ” i said pointing at him and he slapped my Backside teasingly.

” Dylan ” I screamed in annoyance and he laughed.

He sweeped me off my feets as he walked back to the room .

” What am I supposed to wear now ? I said frowning and he chuckled .

He changed into a khaki shorts and t-shirt .

Which he paired with a fancy room slippers .

” Your shirt ? See why you shouldn’t have ruined my dress last night ” I said as he helped me into his shirt and boxers .

” You don’t say that to a hungry man Gioia Mia [ my joy ] he said and I chuckled.

” Awwwwwwwwn you’re so cute my Orsetto [ Teddy bear] ” I said and his jaws literally dropped.

” Wait what ? He asked as I laughed .

” My Orsetto,you’re so cute ” I said pulling his cheeks .

” Cute ? What the Fůçƙ …I’m supposed to be hot , handsome sexy or something not cute . And now you’re calling me Teddy bear ? Don’t call me that in front of anyone ” he said as he frowned .

” Orsetto ” I said as I laughed.

” My Orsetto….” I said Teasingly and his Cheeks heated in a blush.

” Ah he’s blushing ” i said and laughed as his face got a deep shade of red .

” You’re crazy ” he said as we both laughed .

We went to the kitchen together ,I mean He carried me to the kitchen.

Dylan is such a drama king sometimes. He keeps asking if I was okay now .

” Does it still hurt ? He asked as he brought out the foodstuff to make breakfast .

” You didn’t sleep with a virgin my Crown so rest ” I said playfully and he stared at me with jaws dropped.

” Say that again ” he said Sweetly.

” What ? I asked feigning innocence .

” You said something just now ” he said.

” Rest ? I asked smirking.

” You’re something else” he laughed.

” My crown ” I whispered softly and he smiled making his cheek raise , showing off his Beautiful dimples.

” I love it ” he said and my eyes stung with tears .

” I’m sorry for all the time I hurt you ,it wasn’t …..infact you didn’t deserve any of that Emotional stress ” I said and he K!SSed my forehead.

” Neither did you deserve it , My Joy . No one deserves to go through Emotional stress ” he said and I gave a nod .

We silently had breakfast after which we sat together in the sitting room taking icecream.

” Mikoy was my aunt’s husband …an abusive manipulative and disgusting man ” I began and he stared at me calmly.

” Sweetheart it’s okay if you can’t talk about it now ” he said and my heart swelled at his care .

” I want to ….” I trailed as I poured out my heart telling him everything he needed to know .

” I signed Red rose because …I needed the protection that came with fully belonging to the De Luca’s and because I thought you deserved better. And I wanted to protect you from the enemies I made in the course of rendering my services in the mafia . You are my weakness .

” I’m sorry that I hurt you ,I’m sorry that I complicated things for us ” I said and he K!SSed my forehead.

” It’s okay love …Mikoy would be brought to justice …I promise you ” he said and my heart warmed up .

” I met him you know , That night you and Jacob came to get me ” I said and he cursed under his breath as he pulled me in his arms and rubbed my back.

” He was right in front of me and I could not do anything , that man ruined my life ….he …..” I trailed as i felt numb .

” Everything will be fine” he promised.

” I want you to be safe Dylan that’s all I want ” I said and he gave a nod .

We went back to talking about random things.

” Soooo…..you’re my girlfriend now right ? He asked teasingly.

” I don’t date married men ” I said laughing.

” I’m not married” he gasped in shock and I laughed harder .

” I attended your engagement ….” I teased .

” So what ” he asked and I shook my forehead.

” You have a fiance , Dylan no matter what we feel about each other , it doesn’t change the fact that you cheated on her … ” I said and he sighed softly .



” Fine , I’d set things straight with her ” I said camly .

” I’m sorry for her , she doesn’t deserve any of this ” she said and I smiled in her Direction.

” Stop thinking about sad things , C’mon ” I said and she smiled melting my heart in the process .

We spent the whole day in my Mansion ,We even made Sweet love In the late in the evening and Decided to leave the next morning.

She cooked Italian for Dinner after which we slept Cuddling .

The next morning I drove us down to the De Luca Estate .

“Bye ” she whispered softly as she K!SSed my lips before going in her direction.

I made to go to my room and bumped into Dad .

” Hey Dad ” i said as my cheeks heated in a blush .

” Cora huh ? He said teasingly.

” Who ? I asked feigning innocence.

” Oh please son , I saw the romantic gesture . So you guys finally together again ? He asked and I rubbed my forehead.

” Not exactly , we’re still working on it ” I said and he smiled.

” Make things right by her and Ivy …” He said and I gave a nod .

” I will Dad ” I said and he excused me .

I checked my pocket and my phone wasn’t with me , I think I left it With Cora .

I’d just go and get it later .

Immediately I got Into my room , my eyes met Ivy sitted on my bed with arms folded angrily.

” Ivy ” I said in shock .

” Dylan … Where are you coming from ? She asked immediately like a fight was about to happen .

” I needed space to clear my head , I’m just coming home ” I said and she stared at me.

” We need to talk Dylan , what do you want from this relationship” she said Angrily.

” Calm down, we would talk like mature Adults when you’re in the right state of mind ” I said Calmly ,not wanting to hurt her feelings.

” We must talk about it now , right NOW ! She screamed angrily .

” Ivy …..” I trailed tiredly.

” Answer me Dylan ” she said desperately.

” I can’t do this anymore , I can’t be in a relationship that’s turning into bondage . You’re not happy I’m not happy , Ruby isn’t gonna grow up in a good … Place when it comes to the both of us ” I said softly.

” Are you breaking up with me Dylan ? We can make this work . Think about our daughter ” she said holding my hands.

” Think about yourself Ivy , you deserve all the love in the world , which I can’t give you . Trust me I’ve tried to love you romantically , but it’s not working. I’m not happy you’re not happy too ” I said and she scoffed .

” You Fůçƙed Cora right ? Dylan you Fůçƙed that ….. Sha`meless home breaker ! She screamed crazily.

” Ivy stop it , it’s not her fault . I cheated on you .. yes I fcked her I’m not gonna deny it . I’m sorry , but this is not a healthy relationship for the both of us , not even Ruby ” I said and she cried .

” Fine…. You’ve never cared about our daughter in the first place , I’m leaving and I’m taking her with me ” she said immediately.

” Ivy … It’s okay if you want to take her with you , but I’d do everything to make sure you’re both comfortable .
I can sign one of my mansion for you , or if you want it in a different country. . I can buy you a house. Get you a job.

” And pay child support for our daughter , you’re free to live your life and date someone else ” I said and she stared at me .

” You’re hurting me Dylan , it’s you I want . That’s the reason I had Ruby in the first place ” she said in hurt .

” What’s the use … Then ”

” You can’t say that Ivy she’s our daughter ” I said in disbelief.

” My daughter Dylan you have to choose Ruby Or Cora ” she said angrily.

” I can’t do that I love them both ” I said softly.

” Them ? What about me …. don’t I deserve you ? She asked crying .

” Choose Dyl ” she said again and I looked Away.

At that moment Cora walked to the door And stopped with my phone in her hand.

” Cora …it’s always her right ? Fine then you’d never set your eyes on my daughter after this . Start a life with your Cora ” she spat with hatred .

” Don’t say that Ivy ,I’m her father .” I said and she matched to the door .

” You sl*t ” she slapped Cora in the face .

” Fůçƙ ivy stop it ” I said holding her by the wrist .

” You’d never be happy Cora ! Shameless woman. …you think you can take him away from his family , I have his heir …I have his daughter ! What do you have ! She spat with hatred and Cora looked away as her eyes stung.

” Ivy that’s ENOUGH ! I said angrily as I pushed her out of my room ..

” You can’t say such things to her “I said Immediately.

” Oh really ? She deserves to hear more after throwing herself at my man .

“She doesn’t know how it feels because she has no Child ,if she did she’d know how Ruby will feel without a complete family ! You’re selfish cora ! She screamed and Cora Walked over to my bed and climbed untop slowly as she lay down Quietly.

I handled Ivy on my own and when I got back , she was fast asleep her face dried with tears .

” I’m sorry Gioia Mia ….I’m so sorry” I whispered softly and more tears rolled outta her eyes.



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