[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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With each step I took towards my room ,my heart bled . Everything was just too much for me …my head felt heavy and my heart felt like it’ll rip out any moment from now .

” Babe is everything okay ? Bella asked immediately I got into the room .

” What happened ? Aria asked in concern and I noticed Neomi sitted at the opposite side .

” He found out Bella …he found out everything …Dylan doesn’t wanna see me anymore …he hates me ” I said over and over again as I cried .

” That’s not true babe , Dylan can never hate you ,he’s just upset ….” Bella said while rubbing my back camly and Aria brought a glass of water for me .

” C’mon drink up dear you look like you wanna pass out ” Neomi said and helped me drink up .

” He doesn’t wanna see me anymore, he said he’s done ” I said again.

” Probably said that because you hurt him way too much Cora , everyone knows just how much Dyl loves you ” Bella said and I bit my lower lip as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” Cora you Fůçƙed up that’s okay , Everyone had Fůçƙed up in one way or the other , you’re not the first an won’t be the last . There was a time when Frederico hated me with every bit of him … Because I ran away from our wedding ” She said softly.

” Moving past that hurt and choosing to love me again wasn’t exactly an easy decision for him but he did it … With time after we talked things out …that’s what you and Dylan need to do .

” I hurt him ” I mumbled again and Neomi smiled.

” At least you’ve come to the realization that you’re not supposed to make Decisions for a De Luca. …mine didn’t end well when I tried to seek divorce from Sergio ” she said and we all turned to her .

” Wait what ? We all said and she laughed.

” Man bent Me over and by the time he was done with me , I don’t know what leaving him means again ” she said and for a weired reason ,We all burst out laughing .

I smiled softly and chuckled again . ” Everything will be okay …” She said camly .

” I need to get him back ,I don’t care about anything else anymore …I don’t care about the mafia ..or my revenge or his family …I know I sound selfish …but I want to be selfish just this once ” I said and everyone smiled.

” Well that’s the spirit ” Bella said and I looked away.

” I feel bad for Ivy though ,I believe she saw the signs from the start yet still went in a relationship with Dylan … something I Wouldn’t do if I where In her place …I rather be with a man that loves me more .. ” Aria said and I didn’t know what to say or feel about that .

” There are times when I wanna feel sorry for that girl but she oozes bad energy ..I mean …she feels like we are are enemies or something. I tried making a conversation with her once and she kept answering in monosyllables ,I guess it had something to do with the fact that we are bestfriends” Bella said frowning.

” Everything will be fine though ” Neomi said and Pat my back softly.

After they left that night ,I don’t know how I managed to sleep because my brain kept replaying those moments in his office over and over again.

The next morning I left my room and went over to the sitting room ,Dylan wasn’t sitted for Breakfast with the family .

I just wanted to see him to make sure he was fine .

” Hey Cora join us for breakfast dear ,I haven’t seen you since you guys came back ” Dylan’s mom said as she gestured towards the chair on the opposite side.

Immediately I sat down ,Ivy got up and excused herself from the table after glaring daggers at me .

I felt uncomfortable , like I intruded in her space or something.

After breakfast I helped ma’am Giovanna to the kitchen and she Chuckled.

” Cora …” She said smiling and I stared at her .

” He’ll come around ” she said softly and I blushed In Embarrassment.

” I’m sorry I hurt him ” I said as my eyes stung with tears .

” He’d come around trust me ” she said and opened her arms .

I moved into them and I couldn’t help myself as I cried in her embrace .

Dylan did not return home that night and the next day ran out without me getting a glimpse of him .

I was loosing my mind , I just can’t bear the fact that he’s avoiding me after our conversation.

Was he really done with me ? I wondered as I tied the string of my Red dress .

I wore my Diamond laid sandals and pulled my hair in a messy bun as I walked towards Sergio’s office.

It’s already late but I need to talk to Dylan and if there’s someone who knew his whereabouts it’s definitely Sergio .

I knocked before walking inside. He stopped talking and stared at me with eyebrows raised .

Kristov on the other end stared at me then back to Sergio .

” I’m sorry I badged in… But I couldn’t stand outside anymore … ” I said trying to hold back my Emotions.

” I didn’t ask you to come inside” He snapped as he closed his laptop and loosen his tie .

“I’m sorry.. I just really need to talk to Dylan ” I said as I bit my lower lip trying to calm down.

” I don’t know where he his ” he said rudely and I rubbed my arms softly.

” Gio I’m sorry , i know I’m not your favorite person when it comes to Dylan … But I really need to talk to him please”I said as my voice broke at the edge .

” Are you really sure you want to talk to him ? Because I don’t want you to hurt my brother any further than you’ve already done ”

” He deserves more than you’ve ever given him … I’m sorry if I’m hurting you Cora … I’m just protective of him ” Sergio said and I gave a nod .

” I understand ,but give me just one chance ,just this once I promise I won’t do it again ” I said rubbing my arms sadly .

” Gio stop scaring the poor girl ,you want them to be together ” Kristov said Rolling his eyes and Sergio chuckled.

” I’m not joking though ,she hurt too much I’ve told her my mind ” He said and Kristov rolled his eyes.

” He’s in his private mansion ..here’s the Address it’s a 1hr drive from here ” Kristov said and handed me a short note .

” Thanks Kris I really appreciate” I said softly.

” I got you Corz ” he said and I smiled at his kindness.

” Wait ” Sergio said and handed me a pair of keys .

” I knew you where gonna come asking for him sooner or later …he doesn’t have guards there ,you’d need this just in case ,since he isn’t gonna open the door for you ” He said and tears rolled outta my eyes as I quickly wiped them .

” Thanks Sergio ” i said and he pulled me into his arms.

” He’d come around Cora , He loves you ” he said Calmly.

” Thanks Guys I really appreciate” I said as I left his office.

I got into my car and as I drove towards his mansion it felt like the longest journey of my life.


The man I want to see right now ,I just want to apologise for everything .

When I arrived at the mansion , I got down from my car and stared at the large gate.

His mansion was situated in a quiet environment .

How can he be here alone ? The interior of the place was a treat to the eyes.

Very beautiful and luxurious , definitely something a De Luca would own.

” You’re welcome ma’am ,Boss Sergio said you’d be coming ” The gate man said as he let me in.

” Oh ” I said and handed him the keys to my car ,so he could drive it in .

” I didn’t know someone else was here ” i said and he laughed.

” I’m the only one working here ,the Boss doesn’t like anyone else coming here except him ” He said and I gave a nod .

I hung my sling bag properly as I walked close to the main door.

It was cold outside and I began to regret my choice of coming to his place without a jacket .

I even forgot to change from my dress because I was in a hurry .

The dress had zero resistant from the cold , It’s actually a Valentine Gift from Bella last fashion season .

My crazy bestfriend and her wild taste for fashion .

I opened the door and as I got inside the Mansion ,my eyes trailed the way it glitrered clean .

Dylan has always been a neatness freak ,I stared at the Beautiful photo of him on the wall and his designer chairs .

Down to his glass table and other amazing furniture .

I heard footsteps and his voice followed .

” What are you talking about Sergio ? Don’t tell me you badged into my house again ? Why do I need to come downstairs ? I heard his Manly voice and I turned to the direction .

He stopped talking when his eyes met mine .

” What the Fůçƙ Sergio ! He scolded and I bit my lower lip nervously .

He looked so handsome and Sexy standing there .

He was clad in a flimsy white Shirt that hugged his body like a second skin .

Showing off his ripped body …I tried to pull my eyes off as they went down to his sweatP@ŋts that hung dangerously below his waist.

I could swear he wasn’t wearing any shorts under that thing ,I could see the V shape leading to his lower region .

Why did this place feel so hot all of a sudden.

” What the Fůçƙ are you doing here ? He asked coldly as he walked down the stairs.

” Huh ….I ” I trailed as my eyes trailed to his handsome face . His hair was a bit wet ..his skin showed the fact that he just walked out of the shower .

My eyes trailed from his hazel eyes to his cherry lips .

” I wanted to talk to you ” I said immediately .

” I’m sorry but I don’t wanna talk to you ,please use the door ” he said and my heart squeezed in hurt .

” Dylan I’m sorry , I know it’s not gonna change anything …but …” I trailed .

” Exactly it’s not going to change anything ,you can’t just hurt me break me as you wish then come back and expect everything to be okay ” he said angrily.

” Dylan …I’m sorry ” I said and Ṣūçƙed on my breath when his eyes scanned my dress .

He looked away then back at me .

” How long the you want ? Months weeks days …just tell me … please” I said and he sighed .

” I don’t know just leave” he said and I gave a nod sadly .

” I’d be outside untill you are ready to talk ” I said and he looked at me in disbelief.

Immediately I stepped out of his house ,as if the universe was against me an heavy downpour began .

I bit my lower lip as I cried .

How can he be so stubborn ? I wondered as my lips quivered from the cold .



” I’d be outside untill you are ready to talk ” She said and I looked at her in disbelief.

How can she be so stubborn ?

But isn’t this what you always wanted my mind asked and I rubbed my face tiredly.

I frowned as a heavy downpour began and the noise outside was something else.

She must have gone by now , she’s not crazy to stand outside the rain is she ? I wondered and I walked towards the door … immediately I opened it my eyes widened to see her standing right there .

In the rain soaked from head to toe .she hugged herself close as her hair fell over ,she stared at me innocently.

” What the Fůçƙ are you doing under the rain you stubborn woman ! I scolded before I could stop myself.

” Is she trying to kill me or what ?

” You asked me to leave ,I’m not leaving until you take me back ” she said and my eyes softened.

” You’re gonna get sick ” I said as I stepped into the rain too .

” What are you doing ? She asked in suprise .

” I’m doing what you’re doing ” I said and she walked into my arms got on her toes pulled me into a K!SS .

My hands went around her waist as I ate into her sweet mouth .

I couldn’t feel the heavy downpour that splashed on us anymore ,the pain in my chest seemed to have reduced immediately our lips met .

” I’m sorry ….” She said immediately we broke from the K!SS and I crashed my lips on hers again .

I carried her in my arms as I made my way into my sitting room .

We K!SSed hungrily as our tounges fought for Dominance.

She stared into my eyes as our foreheads met .

” Stop me now if you don’t want to do this , cause once I start … I won’t stop .. picolina” I said and I sent my hands downwards with a smirk .

” Don’t stop … Dylan ” She whispered against my lips and I lost it .

” Ahhn ” she cried out as my Ṣūçƙed on the delicate flesh on her sensitive neck .



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