[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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Even the thought of all the bl**Dy missions she might have gone through brought tears to my eyes.

She signed her own death. ..why ? Did I really not matter to her ?

I bowed my head and I couldn’t stop myself as I cried badly .

I didn’t just cry. ..I wept like my life depended on it .

She doesn’t care about my feelings , anger cursed through my veins at the thought of it .

I needed answers …. Someone needed to give me those answers before I Fůçƙing loose my mind .

I matched out of my office as I took heavy strides towards the Don’s office .

I was angry not just angry , I was bleeding ay Fůçƙing needed answers before I loose my mind .

I burst into the office without Knocking.

” WTF ….” He cursed as he dropped his glass of alcohol.

” What happened to your manners Dylan ! He snapped coldly .

I looked around and all my Brothers where around and some other important men .

” I need to talk to you ” i said camly .

” Is everything okay ? Frederico asked in concern.

” We can talk after this … Meeting Dylan … I won’t have you disrespect me … ” The Don said and Gio pleaded with me using his eyes.

” Punish me Don , do whatever you want but I’m not leaving until you answer my questions” I said as my voice broke at the Edge .

” What the Fůçƙ ” he cursed in unbelief .

” Fine , I can see you’ve lost your mind . Ecuse us ” He snapped his fingers and everyone left us accept Sergio .

” Gio ….” He said and Sergio sighed .

” I kinda handed some important files about Cora to him ” He confessed with head bowed .

” You what ! The Don cursed out in shock .

” You let her sign into Red Rose ” I said and he rubbed his forehead.

” That’s not in my place to tell Dylan ” he said camly .

That’s one thing I hated about this man , his ability to keep his cool …

” She won’t tell me anything so you better say something before I Fůçƙing loose it cause I’ve had enough !

” I’ve Fůçƙing had enough ! I screamed in anger .

” Cora. ..signed it herself ,I didn’t have a say in it … because she had every right to her life ,I can’t be bias …” He said and I scoffed out tears .

” You let the woman I love sign a death contract ….Massimo …your my brother ….you should know how this would hurt me , ” i said as my voice broke at the edge .

” You think I didn’t try to talk your stubborn woman out of it ? There’s little I could do when she let her Demons take full control of her ….I’m sorry but at some point in life I ……I didn’t want you with her because she was damaged beyond repair ….

” I’m sorry …But Cora doesn’t have the Will to leave , it’ll be so hard to pull her out of the web of pain she’s built around herself ” he said and I bit my lips as I cried .

” Why did she sign it ? Didn’t she know how bad it’ll break me ?

” I didn’t want anything else …I just wanted us to be together , I don’t know how to feel anymore after this …does she want to kill me ? I asked and Sergio looked away .

” Love is not supposed to hurt so bad ..right … loving Grace was it this hard ?

” Dylan …” He trailed.

” Answer me Gio was loving Neomi this hard ? I’m loosing it ….I’m loosing it …I can’t be strong anymore because even when I try to nothing these feelings I can’t control myself
….she’s all I think about ”

” It’s so hard ….” I trailed as I cried .

” She loves you Dylan that’s just what I can tell you ,I’ve watched her break down countlessly ,she’s so selfless…..

” I don’t want her to be selfless …you don’t want to tell me right ? Fine I won’t ask anymore …that’s just it .”

” Maybe we just aren’t meant for each other ” I said and made my way out of his office.

” Let him be , he’d be fine” I heard the Don say .

I moved back to my office and I sat down as my heart ached .

I just wanted to be left alone …

All alone far away from everything and everyone else.

Love has brought me nothing but pain from the beginning .

I’m done .



” Nothing Happened between us , he has a fiance ” I said and Bella sighed .

” I can’t stay with Kris for that long and not Fůçƙ him ” she said frowning.

” He’s your husband” I said and she chuckled
We stopped talking when we heard a knock on the door .

” Are you expecting anyone ? Bella asked getting up .

” Nope ,I’m supposed to see the Don ,but I left it for tommorow” i said wearing my room slippers properly.

I walked out and frowned when my eyes met with one of the Don’s personal guard .

” The Don requests your presence” he said and Bella frowned .

” I’ll be right back,I think it’s an Emergency”I said and for some reason I didn’t have a good feeling about whatever the Don was gonna tell me.

I walked into his office and Sergio stared at me then walked out .

” Sit down Bermundo” The Don said as he drank from his glass of strong wine.

” Is everything okay Don ? I asked and he pinched the bridge of his nose which immediately took my mind to Dylan .

” He knows ” he said and I stared at him in confusion.

” What ? I asked in confusion.

” He found out about your connection with Red rose , mikoy and your past ” He said and I froze .

” $h|t ” I cursed under my breath as my blood ran cold immediately.

” How. ….did it happen ? I asked trying to get over the shock .

” He got it out of Sergio …he was here a while ago ,Dylan is loosing his mind Cora it’s high time you relief him of this pain …before you kill him ”

” Ive never seen Dyl like that before ” he said and I got up before I could stop myself .

He was not supposed to find out , I thought I had everything under control …why is this happening .

He must be so hurt ..How do I look at him in the eyes and Explain everything …

Just how

He must hate me so much already ,all I’ve ever done was break him …

This is the limit already .

” Where is he ? I asked worriedly.

” His office , he shut the door and no one has the balls to go after him just yet …I told Gio to let him be ” he said and I left for his office immediately.

I knocked on the door and there was no reply . I rubbed my arms anxiously awaiting hid reply but when there was still no reply ,I walked in immediately and stopped on my tracks when his cold eyes met mine .

” What are you doing here ? He snapped Angrily as he set his files on the table and stared at me like I was a ruthless woman who needed no form of pity .

” I ……wanted to explain myself Dylan ” I said softly and he scoffed out loud as he laughed.

” Explain yourself ? Isn’t that too late right now ? You Hid things Cora not just things you watched me break down every single time ….” he bursted and I looked away.

” I thought my involement with the mafia was your reason …you lied ….” He trailed speaking about the past .

” I had to do it ” I said immediately ….as my eyes stung .

” You are literally a slave to the mafia Cora …! ” He bursted angrily as he moved away from the table .

” I don’t want you anymore ,I’ve learnt to live with the fact that I’d never matter to you in this journey of life …” He said as his eyes stung with tears .

He’s giving up on me , isn’t that what I always wanted ? Why is it suddenly hurting so bad ?

” Dylan I can’t be with you ,I’m a curse … ..I can die anytime. I’m a slave to the mafia…thats….what I signed up for ….I’m sorry ” She broke down completely .

” Then why do I desire you so much even though it’s wrong” He
asked as he walked close to me .

” DYLAN…..” I gasped as he pulled me into his arms my Ɓụťťs made contact with the table behind .

” Wait …we can’t ..m” she gasped as his lips met in a burning K!SS .

” Hmmn” I Mõ@ɲed into the K!SS as he grabbed my thighs and K!SSed me hard .

My eyes stung with tears at his roughness. Dylan was doing this on purpose.

He wanted me to feel his anger and the pain I caused him .

” Dylan … Slow down please” I managed to cry out immediately his lips trailed my neck .

” I’m sorry …. I’m sorry ….” I trailed out as I burst out crying.

” You’re …not ….Cora . That’s what you keep saying and then you shut me out ….I’m done ”

” I’m so done because loving you had brought nothing but hurt .! He snapped Angrily.

” Just say what you want to say …and leave ” He said coldly.

” Dylan ….I love you , I love you so much it hurts …” I said as my voice broke at the edge .

” I’m not a wicked person , I’m not selfish person either …. I love you ” I said and tears rolled outta my eyes uncontrollably.

” All I want is for you to be happy ….trust me ….that’s all that matters to me ” I said and he scoffed bitterly.

” Happy ? I’m not happy …you are my happiness you crazy woman !

” How can you feel you that leaving me will make me happy ? It kills me each time I have to look at you and we aren’t together , you keep pushing me away and you tell me you want me to be happy how contradicting that sounds” he snapped angrily.

” You won’t understand , I’m broken …you shouldn’t try to fix something broken …you’d bleed Dylan …

” I’m a mess …I can’t give you the happiness you deserve .

” Don’t tell me that ! You hurt us Cora. .you’re my woman …you’re all I think about …even when I sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. .how can you stand there and tell me you’re not my happiness ! He snapped and I cried badly .

” I don’t care what you’re going through …I just want you Cora ….”

” We can make this work …if we try ” he said crying and I cried out in pain .

” Dylan …you don’t understand , I have a lot of enemies from my father’s side ,that’s why I signed into Red rose ….”

” Don’t ruin the life you’ve built so far ,for a broken woman …..I’d only pull you down to hell with me …I’m sorry ” I said and he held my face close .

” Break me . .hurt me. ….just don’t let me go. ….” He whispered and I stared into his Beautiful eyes as I cried .

“I can’t have children Dylan ….I can’t bare kids of my own !

” You love children so much …how can you love with the thought that we can’t have our own kids ” I said and he froze as he stared at me .

” Ivy gave you Ruby ….you all deserve to be an happy family , Dylan …I want you to have that happiness after everything we’ve been through .

” I’m willing to watch you marry someone else , because you deserve to be Happy …my love for you is not selfish …

“It’s not as if I’m made of stone that I don’t feel things , I love you so much ….it hurts so deep …in my soul Dylan …

” When you both engaged …I stood acting so strong , even if it was killing me , I’m not as strong as you think . I’m just a shadow of myself .

“No no …that’s not true …how …can …you endure that pain Cora …” He asked as he cried .

” Look at me Dylan … Wherever we are …or wherever life takes us , my heart belongs to you …it’s only you …it has always been you ” i said and laughed sadly .

” I don’t care if you can’t have kids ,you …..had no right to make Decisions for me ! He said pushing my hand away.

” Dylan …”

” My love you for you is deeper than what you think Cora ! ”

” Dylan …” I tried to hold him..

” I want to be left alone ” he said as he turned away from me , I hugged him from behind.

” Dylan please …I’m sorry ..” I cried as he cried with me .

” Please leave Cora …I don’t want to be close to you ,I need to process all of this before I loose my mind .He said and I gave a nod .

” I love you Dylan …don’t forget that ” i said and as I left his office I burst out crying like my life depended on it .

I spoilt everything



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