[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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” The Don had asked for your presence back in the De Luca Estate ” Jacob said as he ran his fingers in his hair .

” Wait I thought we had to stay here for a month ? I asked and he sighed .

” It’s kind of complicated I think the game has changed or something ” He said and I gave a nod .

Whatever reason they wanted us back home so soon ,must be really important .

” What about your parents ? And our jobs here …isn’t that the only lead we have on Viktor ” I said in frustration.

” Calm down man ,I`m sure the Don has another plan or something …. Where’s Cora ? He asked and I frowned .

” I …I have no idea ” I said as realization Dawn on me that I haven’t seen her since I got back.

“I don’t know,I haven’t seen her after I got back from work ” I said and Jacob cursed under his breath .

” C’mon we need to track her down ” he said and we both left the house ,it had stopped raining and it felt cold outside.

Cora is way too stubborn sometimes and the thought that she’s out in the Cold was enough reason to get me angry again but I controlled my Emotions.

” I’ve found her ,What is she doing in that area ” Jacob asked and I didn’t say a word .

” Wait stop the car ” I said when my eyes caught a familiar figure sitted in the roadside bench .

I got down from the car and walked in her direction.

Even with the disguise I could tell who she is . ” Cora ” I called and she raised her eyes which widened in suprise.

I stared at her outfit with a frown on my face .

She was barefooted and her eyes looked red and swollen from crying .

Her lips pale and quivering from the cold .

” We should leave it’s not safe here ” Jacob said trying to reduce the tension.

She didn’t say anything,just stood up and walked with us Quietly .

Lucky for us ,We managed to sneak into the house without anyone from the house noticing us .

” Be gentle in your approach Dylan.. ..You have a bad temper ” Jacob reminded me as I made my way after her .

She was Quite the entire time and i just stared at her wondering what happened .

Why was she sitted alone in that place , and what was she crying about .

Different questions filled my mind and not knowing an answer to them was making me crazy .

” We are returning to Italy tommorow morning .. Don’s Orders ” I said and she stared at me without a word .

” Is everything okay ? I asked worriedly .

” I’m fine ” she said as she lay on the bed and closed her eyes .

Why is this woman so mysterious ? What secrets is she protecting to the point of hiding them even when it hurts so much .

I changed and joined her on the bed ,I stared as her long Beautiful lashes touched her face as she slept peacefully .

Why was she crying ? My mind asked again .

I sighed softly as I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep .

*Please ….stop ….stop please *

*Don’t please no no no ahhhhhhhhhjjjj ! She woke up screaming.

” Hey it’s okay ….it’s just a nightmare ” I said in between as she screamed while sweating crazily.

” He ….he …” She trailed.

” Is gone , there’s no one here my love. ..it’s just me and you picolina ….look at me it’s Dylan ….Your Dylan ” I said holding her Cheeks and she burst out crying badly .

I gathered her in my arms as she cried .

My heart broke hearing her painful sobs .

” Shhhhhhhh” I cooed as I rubbed her back sweetly.

I helped her back to bed and K!SSed her forehead as I watched her sleep camly .

I made a mental note to get the information I need from Neomi immediately we get to Italy .

I’ve had enough of the secrets , she’s hiding too much and it’s killing me .

The next morning before I could get ready , She was already prepared to leave .

” Cora ” I called and she turned .

I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms .

She hesitated for a while before wrapping her hands around me .

Tears rolled out of her eyes wetting my shirt . Jacob offered to handle his parents just in case they asked of our whereabouts.

We walked out together and Jacob drove us to the airport himself .

At that moment I didn’t know what to feel anymore , We we’re going back to Italy which means ….

She has the opportunity to hide and create more distance between us .

After hours of the private jet landed in the De Luca Estate .

As I walked out …my eyes met Ivy and my Daughter Ruby smiling in my direction .

” Oh my goodness Dylan I missed you so much ” Ivy said and engulfed me in a hug as she K!SSed my lips and handed Dylan to me .

Cora stared us me and when our eyes met she looked away immediately.

” Baby ,you must be so tired after the days journey c’mon we need to catch up ” Ivy said sweetly as we walked in together .

What is running through Cora’s mind ? What is she planning .

” Ahhhhhhh I missed you Corz” Bella said as she engulfed her best friend in a hug .

” Hey Dyl ” she waved as Ivy glared daggers at Cora .

” I’m tired Bella ,is the Don in his office ” she asked and i stared at her in concern .

” Hey babe ” Ivy said pulling my face in her Direction she K!SSed my lips softly.

” You just arrived Corz ,you should rest first there’s no need to hurry ” Bella said and I left with Ivy .

I will find out all she’s hiding myself and everything is gonna be okay .

” How was the trip ? Did you and Cora …” Ivy trailed .

” Please Ivy ” i said and she sighed softly .

“Do you really want to be in this relationship Dylan ? You’re hurting me badly ,I don’t know what black magic Cora has put on you .” She spat angrily.

” Ivy ” I called softly.

” Why do you hate Cora so much ? I mean she has done absolutely nothing to you , it’s not her fault that I couldn’t get over her is it ? I asked and she gasped in shock .

” Dylan your feelings for her shouldn’t matter ,it shouldn’t be your priority we have a child together ” she scoffed crying.

” Agreed and trust me that’s the best gift in my life ,but you can’t force matters of the heart …

” Cora is buried so deep in my heart , Killing me would be the only way to give her place to someone else , I’m sorry Ivy it’s not your fault …You don’t deserve something like this ” I said and she burst out crying.

” Dylan stop …stop talking just stop talking ! How can you spit such Nonsense after all we’ve been through together? You showed me love at the lowest moment of my life , you are a pure Soul Dylan …you deserve better than that Cora ” she said while crying.

” I hate it that you can’t move on , I know I should never have seduced you in your lowest moment , I shouldn’t have ”

” But I loved you ,I still love you ,that’s why I made love to you in that state …I thought bearing your child would heal the sounds Cora created and make you fall for me ”

” But it’s still Cora ….it’s still that wicked woman !

” A woman that left you to die Dylan ….a woman that’s so selfish !” She spat angrily.

” STOP IT ….” I Yelled angrily and she flinched .

” Do whatever you want Dylan …but get this straight ,I’m not leaving your life ….I’m never giving up on you for that b!tch ” she said and left the room angrily .

I ran my fingers in my hair in frustration.

Later in the evening , I left my room and decided to check on Neomi for the files .

“Hey bro you’re back ? Kristov asked as we shook hands.

” I’m just returning from the hospital ,we’d talk later …
” He said and hurried up .

I walked into Sergio’s office and turned back immediately .

” Fůçƙ can you guys stop behaving like horny teenagers ” I asked with a frown on my face.

” Hahahaha I’m a married man bro , I have the license to Fůçƙ my woman ” Sergio said grinning from ear to ear as I turned back .

” There’s a word called Filter De Luca ” I said and Neomi laughed .

” Sorry Dyl , your brother can be so naughty ” Neomi said with a chuckle.

” The Data you asked me to pile up ” Neomi said and handed me the file.

” Why do you need her data Dylan ” Sergio asked camly .

” You told him ” I asked Neomi .

” He was already on it before I started ,this Fůçƙer knows everything ” Neomi said Rollin her eyes.

” I like with when you call me Fůçƙer mia cara …” Sergio said sweetly.

” Enough of the public display of affection ” I said and Sergio laughed.

” You have no love in your life , you’ve started acting bitter ” He mocked and I sighed .

” It’s heaven when you have someone you love added with mind-blowing Lovemaking ”

” I don’t need the Details” i said knowing where exactly this conversation was heading.

” I don’t think you’re ready for whatever that file is carrying ,I will recommend you asked her but …we all know she won’t tell you ”

” Cora is one of the strongest persons I know , an asset to the mafia that’s one of the major reasons the Don let’s her have her way .

” She’s skilled ,trained …smart and efficient and she has what many lack ,the heart of sacrifice even if it kills her ” he said and Neomi gave a nod .

I moved to my office sat down and brought out the papers and flashdrive .

As I sat down ,my eyes scanned through every content .

From her identity as a Bermundo and how she was adopted by her maternal Aunt .

Mikoy Reyes the Underground Lord and …my bl**d boiled as I got information of her abuse.

This Bastard was the cause of her nightmares.

As my hands scanned the last set of Documents ,my heart squeezed In hurt when I saw her signature .


Rose …

She’s signed into the protectors , Why would cora do this to me ? The protectors where the soldiers that worked to death for the De Luca’s …they’re not aloud to have a say in their live …

They where to live and die for the mafia ,how could the Don let her sign this ? What was the bargain .

Even the thought of all the bl**Dy missions she might have gone through brought tears to my eyes.

She signed her own death. ..why ? Did I really not matter to her ?

I bowed my head and I couldn’t stop myself as I cried badly .

I didn’t just cry. ..I wept like my life depended on it .



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