[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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Last night too much for me , I didn’t talk to her when I returned to bed , She tried to touch me twice but I rolled to the other side .

I walked out of the bathroom and our eyes met ,she looked away immediately and muttered a quick goodmorning.

” Good morning” I said as I tried to walk passed her she rubbed her face .

” We are supposed to join Jacobs mom at the farm ” She said softly.

” I know ” I said and walked out of the room .

” Dylan ..” she called immediately we walked out together and I turned with eyebrow raised .

” Huh ….the thing is ,about last night ….” She trailed nervously.

” Forget it happened ,I probably had too much Alcohol in my system ” I said and her eyes flashed with hurt .

” I understand ” she said and walked passed me .

Is she join to the farm dressed in that ? I wondered as I stared at the dress she wore .

It was a black floral dress that ended just before her knees and black Cute yellow sandals that complimented her skin .

We walked out to the sitting room and his mum smiled in our direction.

” Good morning guys , We’ve been waiting for the both of you , Jacob won’t be joining us he has something to take care of ” his mom said and I helped his Dad raise his bag as we moved out of the house .

” You join us on this truck , sit with your husband dear ” Aunt Elise said and Cora stared at me nervously.

” I….” She trailed

” Sometimes you guys act so stiff around each other ,it’s hard to believe you’re married ” Aunt Elise said laughing and my heart skipped a bit immediately.

“We are married ” I said immediately and got into the car .

” Shhhhhhhh Elise ,can’t you see they had a fight ,it’s couple stuff they’d probably settle themselves ” Jacobs mom said softly ,but it was loud enough to get to my ears .

Cora joined me and through out the ride ,I could hear her heart beat tensely.

She’s scared and it’s very obvious ,it’s because of what happened last night.

We arrived at the farm and I stared as many local farmers helped in the harvesting and there where other workers with machines too.

” This place is so beautiful” Cora said and Berna chuckled.

” Dad and mom fell inlove here you know ” she squiled as she told Cora the love story in excitement.

” C’mon son ” His Dad said and I joined him as we moved to where some of the men worked .

I noticed women walking around with the harvest as they moved them to a huge wharehouse built with woods .

” Where’s your son Jacob ” one of the men asked him .

” He’s got work , couldn’t make it ,this is Elroy ” he introduced me .

” Handsome and strong looking lad huh , I see you’re married …I like it when you get hooked early ,it’s fun ” One of the men said immediately as he shook hands with Me.

” Not until she starts behaving like an evil spirit ,all wives have it in them ” another guy said and Jacobs Dad laughed.

” Ah any wife that doesn’t act like an evil spirit is fake ,all wives have it in them ,women in general … “The other guy said and everyone laughed .

” Sometimes they act like children ,they don’t know what they want , and wants to be pet like a baby ” Another said shaking his head .

” That doesn’t change the fact that when they love ,they love with their all and can sacrifice for your happiness …that’s if she’s a good woman ” The last guy said and my eyes moved to Cora as she laughed while holding an healthy looking potato .

Her hands where stained and Berna helped her tie her hair in a pony.

” You stare at her with so much fire in your eyes yet you’re still keeping the distance between you too .” He asked patting my back .

” I’m mad at her ” I said before I could stop myself.

” It’s okay to be ,but don’t stop talking to her …” He said and I gave a nod .

It’s complicated ,I can’t keep talking to a woman who thinks it’s fair to hide things from me , It’s so unfair .

I heard her crying last night , she still has feelings for me ,strong feelings at that. Yet she decides to stay away from me because of reasons best known to her .

I’m going to get the truth out of her , somehow.

I don’t know how but I will ,I deserve to know the truth .

I stayed with the men until it was getting a bit late and they started leaving .

The weather was getting a bit bad and everyone decided to pack up .

” Where’s Nuella ? I asked Berna .

” She left to get the last set of potatoes and she’s gonna drop them off at the wharehouse ” she said and I gave a nod .

” I’m leaving with Aunt Elise and mom ” She said and I gave a nod .

Immediately she left I decided to wait for the stubborn woman .

She walked out of the farm she tripped over and I held her just before she would land face first on the muddy floor.

” I’m sorry Dyl ” she said and I gave a nod.

‘ Be careful you would have hurt yourself ” I said she blushed in Embarrassment.

I helped her with the bag and just as if it was planned it started raining immediately.

” Fůçƙ ” I cursed under my breath as we tried to get to the wharehouse on time .

We got to the wharehouse and the rain hit the muddy floor as the sound of the rain filled my ears .

” It’s heavy ” Cora said frowning and that’s when I noticed her how the dress hugged her like a second skin .

Her lips pale from the wetness and I stared as the water dropped down her Beautiful legs .

” Dylan They may leave without us ” she said in pannick.

” They left already ” I said trying to stop my eyes from swaying .

It slowly started to get dark and it didn’t look like it was gonna stop anytime soon.

She gasped immediately the lightening strawk ….

” Aahhhh ! She screamed in fear …as she stared outside the window.

” Hey ….calm down ” i whispered softly and she screamed again as it strawk the second time.

“He……he….he….” She said in-between her breath and I held her face close .

” It’s me ..
Just me …look at me Cora …He’s not here ,it’s just me and you okay ” I said over and over again as I rubbed her hair she moved into my arms as I stroke her long silky hair .

The lights in the wharehouse switched off and she screamed.

” Shhhhhhhh it’s just me and you ….Cora no one is here ,I swear I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you ” I assured her .

My heart hurt seeing her pannick like this ,Cora is a strong woman who knows how to defend herself and all , The Don wouldn’t involve her in the activities of the Mafia .

These where symptoms of a painful memory ,What was she doing outside during lightening .

It was preety obvious because the attack came immediately the lightening started ,did someone lock her outside while it was raining ?

Who is the He. …that she keeps getting pannick attacks about ? I wondered and the more I thought about it ,the more my head hurt .

I I brought out my phone and switched on the light as I walked over to the fire place and lit it up .

The Wharehouse was huge with different apartments .

I switched on the fire and glanced at her from the Conner of my eyes as her lips shook from the cold .

I walked over to the comfortable chair at the opposite side .

” Come ” I called and she walked over to me on baby steps .

She looked so cute and I tried to control my eyes from wandering down her Enticing figure .

It was so cold yet I was already feeling Hot ,I had naughty thoughts running through my mind .

I held her preety hands and pulled her into my laps .

” Dyl….an” she trailed in shock as she tried to get up immediately.

I chuckled softly as my lips trailed her ears . I felt Spark’s run through my veins .

This woman didn’t need to do anything to have me burning for her .

” Dylan …” She muttered under her breath as she tried to leave my laps I sent my hands to her cold thighs pulling her closer .

My strong fingers digging into her things …

” Dylan ….we …” She trailed and I Ṣūçƙed on her tender neck .

” You still feel the same ,still scent the same …. Roses ” I muttered under my breath as I tried to control the desire that pulled in my veins.

” F…..k ” she cursed under her breath as my fingers trailed her thighs she shifted on my laps making her @$$ Rub the sensitive part of my body .

” You’re making me insane without even trying ….” I whispered softly as I pulled her back into my lap ,She whimpered softly as her eyes met mine .

I K!SSed her shoulders down …

She moved her hands to my arms as she tried to stop me .

” Dylan …this is so wrong ” she muttered under her breath.

” Shhhhhhhh ..just feel it ” I muttered under my breath as I sent my fingers in between her legs .

Beads if sweat rolled down her forehead as her lips parted in O shape…

She shut her eyes and I stared as her Beautiful face ,showed different espressions of just how much I had an effect on her .

I grabbed her @$$ then pulled her closely.

I smirked when I felt the lace of her P@ŋties ,I shifted it a bit and let my smart fingers trail the Wetness of her body .

” Dyl …wait ” she tried to stop me and I sent it in .

” Ahn. …” She mo`aned as her voice broke in the end .

” Breath Cora ” I said when I noticed how tight she was down there ,how could she be so tight ,how is that even possible .

She’s a beautiful woman and definitely would’ve had time to date after our affair.

Could she …..” I trailed as I sent it in and out while staring at how she cried out in pleasure in my arms .

I trailed my lips on hers and ate into them softly .

She gasped in shock and that’s where the fire exploded . Immediately our lips met it attracted something strong …it ignited the fire in us .

She moved her body to the Rythm as I added under finger stretching her further .

” Dylan ” she cried my name as I K!SSed her neck back to her lips .

” I want to be inside you ” i said before I could stop myself.

” Oh my goodness ” she gasped in shock as she got up from my laps immediately.

” What’s wrong ” I asked immediately.

” Everything ….I’m sorry I led you on ,we shouldn’t be doing this , you have a fiance ” she said immediately and I rubbed my forehead .

” Cora ….don’t do this now you want this as much as I do ….you know this ” I said and she rubbed her face.

” We can’t Fůçƙ ”

” We can ,and I’m going to make sure we do it …I don’t care what you or anyone thinks….” I snapped angrily and her eyes widened.

$h|t why did she stop , I imagined myself pounding Into her with reckless abandoned and her soft cries of pleasure .

This woman would be the death of me .



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