[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


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” I had fun … thanks a lot Ma’am ” I said with a smile on my face as we strolled into the house with the stuffs we bought from the market .

” Welcome mom .Hey Nuella ,Elroy arrived a little while ago and he asked about your whereabouts” She said and I gave a nod .

” Oh okay I’d just check what he wants ” I said and walked towards the direction of our room .

It was already dark when I walked into the room .

My jaws nearly dropped in suprise when my eyes met with Dylan ,he looked way too calm for my liking.

And there was this dark aura of arrogance and Sexiness surrounding him .

” We need to talk ” He said and I stared at him .

What does he want us to talk about ? After he nearly ruined my game with Viktor this afternoon.

” About what ? I asked and tried walking passed him but he held my wrist and pulled me into his arms.

” What are you …..” I trailed in shock as he raised my hair softly.

My heart pounded against my chest as I stared at him in confusion.

” Dylan ….” She trailed in shock as his hot lips trailed my tender neck .

I felt the spark as it ran from my veins straight to my core .

Wetness pulled inbetween my legs as he sent his hands down my hips .

” Stop it Dylan ” I said immediately as I moved away from him .

He ran his fingers in his hair in frustration .

” You have a fiancee Dylan , if this is your way of trying to hurt me , I’d appreciate it if you don’t do it “I said and he stared at me .

” Hurt you ? You think I have the guts to hurt you Cora ? There are times when all I’ve ever wanted was to hurt you but then …. I can’t … Because … It’s not working ! ” He said and I stared at him in shock .

” I know you don’t love me … Fine I agree , but why ! Why Cora don’t I deserve to know the reason why ? He asked and my lips quivered in hurt .

” Dylan let’s not talk about this ….” I said as I tried to control my Emotions.

” We need to talk about this Cora , because I need to move on ,I need to move passed the pain you put me through .” He said and i took a deep breath in and out.

I can’t … telling Dylan now would make me the most selfish woman alive .

His daughter deserves to have a complete family ,Ivy…..

I can’t , I just can’t .

I have nothing to offer this man ,I just can walk into his life and shatter it all over.

My eyes stung as I stared at him .

” I have no reasons Dylan ,it was fun while it lasted that’s all I have to say ” I said and he rubbed his face .

” No…..It wasn’t just the s£xu@l aspect Cora ,if all I was to you ,was a good Fůçƙ ..why don’t you have another man in your life ? It’s been a few years , you should have moved on by now …” He trailed and I bit my lower lip.

” I do have my fun ,I don’t have to prove it to you ” I said and turned around as I quickly wiped my tears .

” Then why are you crying ? He asked and I burst out crying badly .

” Goodnight ” I said and walked away from where we stood together .

My heart squeezed in hurt as I got into the bathroom ,I leaned on the door and wept badly .

” I’m sorry Dylan …but you deserve to be happy and Ivy can give you that happiness. ” I said in-between as I cried .

I know telling Dylan the truth will end up With a lot of heartbreaks .

He’d never want to leave me again , What gain would I have when I ruin his happy life with Ivy .

She gave him such a priceless gift ,why should I separate Ruby and her parents .

Thoughts filled my head as I sighed in pain.

When I got back to the room ,he was sitting on the opposite couch in the dark .

My heart pounded against my chest as he stared at me with hurt filled Eyes.

He didn’t say a word ,just lit up his ciggerrate as he smoked in silent .

He was angry and I knewI just increased the misunderstanding between us with what I just did .

” Dylan ” I called camly but he didn’t say a word .

” Dyl you need to stop drinking and smoking this much …” I said as my eyes moved to empty pack of cigarette and the Bottle of strong alcohol.

I wonder where he got it from , definitely Jacob’s room .

” Who you are ? My Doctor ? He asked and I rubbed my forehead.

” Fine I’m not your Doctor , and I’m definitely not your favorite person right now but ….I care about you …” I said and he laughed bitterly as he took a gulp from his glass .

” Care …”

” Care …do you even know how deep that word is miss Bermundo ?

” You don’t break a man you care about , you don’t lie to a man you swear you care about ” he said and bit his lower lip .

” Dylan you won’t understand …..I’m doing this because it’s for the better ” I said and he scoffed .

” Fůçƙ you …..Fůçƙ you Corazon ” he said and my heart skipped a bit .

” Cora …my name is Cora ” I said immediately.

” How much more will you lie Cora ? What part of what we had was true .

” Everything… Everything was true Dylan ….trust me ” I said before I could stop myself as I burst into tears all over again .

” You don’t know how much you mean to me Dylan ….stop doing this ,I’m not as strong as you all think I am ” I said and he bit his lower lip.

” I don’t want you to be strong , I want you to let me in …. please ” he said as his voice broke at the edge .

” I’ve been through $h|t Cora …do you know how hard it’s been for me while growing up .

” Tell me whatever happened to you ,why you’re having constant nightmares ,why you’re shutting me out. I’d listen ….I swear ….” He said as tears rolled outta his beautiful eyes .

” Life has been so hard being Dylan ….my Birth parents didn’t want me , because my mom was a mistress to my Dad …she had her wicked motives …

” I grew up in foster care …do you know what it was like going from one house to another ? But I had to cope …it got to the point I got molested by one of the women who was supposed to be my foster mother ” he trailed as his voice broke at the edge .

” They’d beat me up and starve …me ” He said and I covered my mouth as I cried .

The Foster care was Doom …I’d die if I kept returning to the tutore so I ran away from home .

That’s how I grew in the streets and joined different gangs ,fine I was a bad boy …but I had to be one to survive.

I got my rank and became an official trainer ,I got into the De Luca family when Yvonne paid me to train the Donna ” he said and pinched the bridge of his nose .

” Grace ” I muttered under my breath .

My first love was Anna . .I met her in a really low point of my life , I didn’t know she entered my life with a motive ….” He trailed as his voice broke at the edge .

” I loved Anna with everything in me ,I had seen a future with her ….yet at the end she was just a gamer …I was just a Fůçƙing pawn in her game to end the De Luca’s ,do you know the most painful part ….? She was the youngest sister of my biological mom .

Giving birth to Sergio and I was just a game to that woman , birthing sons with two different mafia leaders was just yet quest for power , she was a homewrecker a backstabber and the fact that she involved her sister and was heartless enough to make her use me …..


” Anna showed me the love ,graced the bed of her Nephew just for a game of power …all my life I’ve been used Cora ….used to get what they want .

” I’m human too ,I have feelings too ….why can’t anyone see that ? He asked as he broke down I bit my lips as I tried not control the sobs that tried to escape my mouth .

” I had to kill Anna because it was my duty to the mafia ….even in her death my heart bled because I loved her ,how sick of Me to have loved my own aunt ” he said softly .

” It’s not your fault ” I said Immediately as I cried .

” I got officially adopted into the De Luca’s by Santiago and his wife Giovanna after the truth of my relationship with Sergio came out .

They tried to show me love , ….but then nothing could take away that pain …in my heart .

Not until you came along , like a breath of fresh air .

Your beautiful smile ,that Hardworking spirit and class ….I found myself drawn towards you .

But then you wouldn’t let me in , and when you finally agreed it was because of what you wanted to gain .

” You didn’t see the pain in me Cora ….”

” I’ve always been the guy that hides my pain from the world , I thought you where different Cora ….I bared my heart to you ….” He trailed and I cried .

” I’m sorry ” I cried .

” What did you do at the end ,you pushed me away …you keep doing it over and over again ….even now yet my stubborn heart can’t get over you ….” He screamed.

” You think I haven’t tried to forget you ? He asked softly.

” That’s why I gave Ivy a chance ,I told her I just got out of a relationship….that I wasn’t ready for another , but what did she do ? In my moment of weakness ….she took advantage of it …

” All you women have done is use me , and dump me when you get what you want ” he said bitterly.

” That’s not true , you mean a whole lot to me Dylan ” I said trying to wipe away the thoughts that he didn’t matter.

” It’s true , Ivy wanted me and in exchange she gave me Ruby …You wanted S£X that’s why you stayed with me and when you got bored you left ….” He trailed

” That’s not true ,stop saying that Dylan ” I pleaded in between tears .

” I want to end this hurt …Cora …trust me .”

” Dylan ”

” I regret the day I fell for you …m” he said crying.

” I regret it ..so much because now i can’t move on …., Everywhere and everything I do reminds me of you … and the desire to have you burns so deep even when I know it’s wrong ”

” I want to feel nothing when I look at you …..I don’t deserve this hurt …I ….” He trailed

” Dylan please…….”

” I won’t ask about the past anymore ….I won’t …I won’t try to beg you to come back to me ”

” Just don’t tempt me….I can’t control my desire for you , this Burning ….is something I can’t control ” he said sadly .

” Dylan ….I ” I trailed .

” Save it , I’m done ” He said and stood up , as he strolled towards the bathroom I covered my face as I cried bitterly.

” Maybe one day I’ll tell you everything Dylan , maybe when that time comes ….the universe would let us be happy ”

” I’m sorry ….Dyl ”

” I love you so much , I. ….. you’ll always be in my heart …” It hurt ,it hurt so much I was familiar with pain but this one ate too deep .

Way too deep ….too deep I just wanted to feel numb .

Love hurt

Love hurt way too much .



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