[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , Ex , arrogance ,Hot , £řøťic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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” How was work ? Jacob asked as we smoked in his room .

” I met Viktor and trust me the guy knows I can be used for his advantage ,he said something about me gaining his trust ” I said and he smirked .

” Good one ….I feel we are playing our cards right , but even at that we need to make sure he trusts you on time ,that’s the easiest way we can get information we need ” he said and drank from his glass of wine .

” Is it really necessary for Cora to work at his mansion ? I asked and Jacob turned in my direction.

” Is there something you’re not telling me , I see the way you look at her Dylan I thought you have a fiance ” Jacob asked teasingly.

” It’s complicated …Cora and I used to have an affair in the past and …she cut me off when feelings got involved” I said trying to control my Emotions.

” That’s sad ” Jacob said as he poured wine into his glass .

” She doesn’t feel the same way for me I guess ,it’s my fault that after all these years my stupid heart has still refused to love another ….it’s like she cast a spell on me Jacob .

” But that woman broke me ..she left me to die , at least I deserve to know why I wasn’t worthy of her love ,it just hurts so much to come to terms with the reality” I said and Jacob rubbed his forehead.

” What do you want me to do ? He asked and I Smirked .

” I want to know everything …..about Cora …I’m not gonna take the easy route which is Sergio ” I said and he gave a nod .

” He’d tease the Fůçƙ out of you but,you will get the information you want easily . But don’t you think she’s going to get hurt that you didn’t ask her directly.” Jacob said softly.

” She wouldn’t tell me anyways…..She’s very secretive , thinking of if now ,I realize I never really knew who she was ….” I said and he sighed softly.

” Talk to Sergio ,you’d get the information you want faster …Dylan …but trust me it’ll be better if you ask her yourself ” he said and I looked away .

That night when I returned to our room , I saw her laptop open on the opposite table .

A glass of Coffee which she had already finished .
Her phone and some chocolates .

She was working . For some odd reasons , I sat down and stared at the file closely .

” Corazon Bermundo ” I read out and a frown graced my lips .

Corazon so that’s her name ? Yet all I ever knew about this woman was that her name was Cora the illegitimate Daughter of the Bermundos and our intimacy in the bedroom.

I rubbed my neck in frustration as my mind went back to the signs from the past .

Why was she always so secretive ? Should I check her laptop ” I Wondered and in that moment she opened the bathroom door and stopped right in her track when she met me sitted on the bed .

” Huh goodevning Dylan ” she said as she rushed over to where I sat and closed her laptop .

My eyes trailed what she was wearing as I bit my lower lip .

I warned her not to wear such dresses yet she chose to wear this flimsy Nightwear to bed .

I hated it ,I hate the fact that just staring at her In this seductive piece of cloth has me burning like this .

She seemed to have realised that I had my eyes on her the entire time ,she placed her laptop on the opposite table .

I pinched the bridge of my nose as my eyes blinded with Lū$t .

I thought I was in control of my Emotions ,I’ve always been ,so why is this woman cutting the strings of my control ?

” What are you wearing ? I asked in anger .

” What ? She asked as she made to tie her robe .

” What the Fůçƙ are you wearing Cora ? Are you trying to seduce me ? I asked before I could stop myself .

She stared at me wide-eyed . Her jaws literally dropped as she closed and opened her mouth like a fish.

” Stop being so full of yourself Dylan …I have better things to do than going around seducing you ” She snapped angrily .

” Then why are you wearing something so dirty ? Your whole body is on display ,what are your motives if they’re not about me bending you over and having my way with you ” I asked frustratedly.

I knew I was being a jerk right now ,but I lost it ,I lost every sense of reasoning when I saw her covered in barely anything.

” Stop talking to me like That Dylan you’re Making me feel so cheap ,stop it ….” She snapped as her voice broke at the edge .

” I know you hate me ,and you’re enjoying this game of hurting me but it’s not fair on me. …I can’t bare it anymore ” She said as her voice broke at the edge.

” But it was fair when you hurt me ? I asked and she shook her head as tears rolled outta her eyes.

” Dylan please ….” She said softly as her lips quivered in hurt .

I walked over to her and she stared at her feets immediately as tears rolled out her eyes.

I placed my hand under her chin and raised her face .

She stared into my eyes as tears rolled outta them .

She looked away immediately and I stared at her .

” Why are you crying ? I asked and she stared at me .

” Are you seriously asking me that question Dylan …you know what I’m sleepy” she said and pushed passed me as she walked over to the bed .

” No matter how you run Cora ,I would find out each and everything I need to know before our time here comes to an end I promise you ” I muttered under my breath .

I watched asleep and after a while ,I joined her on the bed .

She snuggled into me and my eyes opened immediately as my eyes moved to where she slept .

Her long lashes looked almost unreal , I stared at her Ɓụťťon nose down to her Enticing lips that where slightly patted.

Her robe a bit loose , showing off her assets .

I groaned softly as I tried to untangle myself from her grip ,she drew closer while sleeping .

I gave up and Decided to close my eyes for a moment .

Not long after that ,I heard trashing and muffled screams .

My eyes snapped open immediately and when I turned to my side ,there she was crying in her sleep.

I stared at her in shock as gasped for breath , her sobs sounded so painful and the fear was evident in her voice.

Nightmare. ..she was having a nightmare and sweating very badly .

That’s no ordinary nightmare Dylan she’s having a pannick attack ” I came to realisation and tried to wake her up .

” Please let ….me go ”

” Please ….pppppp” she cried.

” Cora. ….Cora ….wake up”I said while shaking her .

” CORAZON ! ” She woke up woke up with a jerk and I pulled her in my arms as she cried and tried to leave my arms .

” Let me go !

” Leave Me please ” she cried breaking down completely.

” Shhhhhhhh you’re safe breath. … Gioia Mia [ my joy ] .

” You’re safe it’s me Dylan ….no one is here I promise ” I said as I saw fear in the eyes of this strong woman I’ve known.

“He …….” She said pointing at the door and I knew she was still thinking about the nightmare.

I K!SSed her forehead and as she buried her face in my neck ,she cried .

“Shhhhhhhh Baby .n everything is okay ,I’m here no one is allowed to hurt you ” I said over and over again until she slept in my arms .

Even while sleeping , her hands held unto me In fear .

Who was chasing her in her dream ? Was that just a memory of something bad she had experienced in the past ?

If yes how often did she dream this kind of dreams , and who was there to tell her everything is okay ?

Has she been handling these painful experiences alone ? I wondered as I stared at her flawless face .

Thinking of it now ,I felt anger boil through my veins.

Who was the bastard that hurt her , that made her so Vunerable and helpless .

As I lay to sleep with Cora in my arms , Thoughts filled my mind .

I’d get to the bottom of this , She’s going to have to tell me everything because I’ve had enough …even if it means getting it from someone else.

I must find out .



Immediately I woke up ,my eyes met Dylan staring at me curiously .

I raised my eyebrows in confusion as I sat up ,I looked around wondering why he was sitted so close to me and even watching me sleep.

Was he planning to murder me in my sleep ,I wondered as my eyes widened in his direction.

“I brought you breakfast” he said and I blinked my eyes thrice .

And he suddenly brought me breakfast ,what if he mixed something in it ?

This man 😏

” Don’t you have work ? I asked suspiciously.

” I wanted to make sure you’re okay “he said and my jaws literally just dropped.

” Oh okay” i said akwardly as I got down from the bed I went straight to the bathroom,I paused and checked if he was still there .

He was still sitted in the same space and it didn’t look like he was living anytime soon .


What is wrong with this man ? Just yesterday he was angry that I should learn to control my @$$ .

Then mad at me for my Nightwear ,now he’s being extremely nice .

I frowned as I stared at myself in the mirror ,I removed my robe and decided to take my bath .

I brushed my teeth and as I got ready to switch on the local shower it broke .

Oh Fůçƙ

I frowned as I tried to bend down and fix it .

” Oh please calm down ” I cursed as the water soaked my nightwear .

Making it hug me like a second skin ,I shifted the bucket close as the water filled it .

I shifted my wet hair to the corner and the bathroom floors was already filled with water .

” Cora is everything okay ? I heard Dylan’s voice .

” I kinda broke the tap …Dylan ” I said and he walked in before I could stop him .

My jaws literally dropped. The audacity of this man , couldn’t he have At least knocked .

” Dylan you can’t just badge in like that ,I could’ve been Ɲ@kēɗ ! I snapped angrily with my hands folded .

He didn’t say anything ,the proud arrogant peaCöçk just continued fixing the tap like I wasn’t talking to him .

I stared at his strong arms and the way his sweat P@ŋts lay Dangerously low .

I could see the V sign leading to his …I cleared my throat as the water wet his shirt making it hug his skin .

He stood up after fixing the tap .

” You should waited for my permission before coming in Dylan ….” I trailed and he chuckled as he stared at me .

” I’ve seen every Fůçƙing inch of your body …Cora ”

” I’ve had you up against the bathroom walls …bent you over and even had you in a bathtub before …. there’s nothing new ” he said camly like he didn’t just blow me off with his R rated vocabulary.

” Dylan that’s …..” I trailed .

” Rest ” he said immediately and my cheeks heated in Embarrassment as he removed his shirt and threw it in my direction before strolling out casually.

This man is insane.



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