[ Dylan’s Desire 🍆 ]

# 6 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2023


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful


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Why is he staring at me like that ? I wondered .

Was it just my thoughts or Dylan had been staring at me ever since he entered this House.

I hope he hasn’t found another reason to start a fight with me ? I’ve done nothing wrong .

I pulled my dress down a bit , but stopped myself immediately . What’s the use of pulling my dress down ?

It’s not like I’m dressed in an indecent manner ,I thought with a frown on my face as I tried to leave the room he cleared his throat which made me halt my steps immediately.

” Come over here ” his hard and distant voice called out go to me . Ever since I hurt Dylan , he’s distanced himself even his Emotions.

” Huh ” I answered immediately I got to where he was sitted .

” How was your first day ? What did you encounter at the mansion ? He asked proffesionally.

” Nothing much , everything was preety normal , even the head maid was preety nice … According to her the Boss doesn’t come over that much but he comes by whenever he wants to ” I said and he pinched the bridge of his pointed nose .

” Then I see no reasons why you should still be there ” he said and I rubbed my arms .

” I don’t think so , at least I should stay untill I get something lucrative out of that place, stop making me feel like I’m not good at this Dylan ” I said and he didn’t say a word afterwards.

” Don’t wear this dress next time ” he said immediately as he removed his belt from his waist slowly.

“” Why shouldn’t I ? It’s a preety decent dress ” I said immediately .

I mean he can’t just start dictating what and what I shouldn’t wear ,it’s Embarrassing.

“Well I don’t care what you think , it’s not decent for me ” he said and tried to leave but my jaws literally dropped.

I walked over and held his hand ,he flinched as he withdrew it almost immediately.

” I don’t know what you have against me Dylan ,but I can’t go about covering myself like an abomination ” I snapped angrily.

I was tired and angry already ,I hated it when anyone made a comment about my outfit and now even when I dressed decent he’s decided to make an issue with me .

” This is a knee length dress Dylan ,it doesn’t even have a low neckline ” I explained , patiently even if all I wanted to do at that point was snap .

” Well you’re in this room with a guy ….” He began .

” You should put that In consideration whenever you decide to bounce your backside all over the place ….” He said in frustration and I folded my arms in amusement.

” Well the so called Guy should learn to keep his eyes to himself and stop staring at my bouncing @$$” I said and he pinched the bridge of his nose again .

Stared at me then Chuckled bitterly .

He strolled towards the bathroom without saying another word and I glared daggers at his retreating figure.

Dylan was just too annoying for my liking .

How is it suddenly my fault that I have an @$$ that doesn’t listen to me , how was I supposed to stop it from shaking when I walk .

It shakes no matter what I’m wearing ,so why is he suddenly blaming for even the smallest things.

It’s like even my breathing is making him angry .

So what should I do ? Vanish into thin air .

” Pompous arrogant peaCöçk ‘ I muttered under my breath as I matched back outside .

I stood for a while then took a deep breath , I was sick and tired of his attitude already.

I know he doesn’t like me,but at least he should be civil because we have to work together .

I got my act together then smiled as I got downstairs .

‘”Nuella darling Berna just brought the stuffs from the market and we wanna make some pancit and Kare kere with Rice I’ve missed eating kare kare ” Aunt Elise said her Filipino accent dripping from each word.

” That’s gonna be so delicious ” I said and Berna smiled .

” You can make it we’d just assist …let it be your day ” aunt Elise said smiling.

‘ Aunt she’s our guest ” Berna said immediately.

” Oh please Cora is a nice girl she’s definitely gonna do it ” she said teasingly.

I didn’t say a word as my mind moved down the memory lane ,I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked .

Cooking used to be my passion , but I had a very traumatic childhood that stopped me from doing the things I loved .

Thinking of it now ,I’m not sure I can actually cook anything nice .

It might be a miracle if it comes out nice .

I had an idea how to prepare both Dishes anyways.

The pancit a dish influenced by the Chinese , Are Noodles that can be mixed with whatever meat or vegetables the stomach desires .

Kare Kare on the other hand is a native Filipino dish ,a stew with vegetables, oxtail and a thick savoury peanut sauce .

The Kare Kare is a Filipino comfort food ,I made a mental note to keep Dylan away from it .

As I set to cook ,I could hear Aunt Elise and Berna Beckering at each other .

Then started talking in hushed voices excitedly as they helped me with the ingredients.

Everything about preparing that dish brought back beautiful memories of my mom and aunt …yet also bitter memories of mikoy .


” What are you doing here huh ? Mikoy yelled angrily as he grabbed the the innocent little girl by the hand.

” How many times have i warned you about trying to cook in this house ! You and your worth`less aunt want to waste my Resources right ! He yelled as he sla`pped her .

” I…m sorry ” she cried as he carried her in his arms and placed her hand on the body of the hot pot .

” You deserve anythin`g got it , you deserve nothing ! He screamed and Sue cried as her hands hurt with blisters .

” Nonsense ”


I sniffed back tears as my heart bled , mikoy ruined my life , he’s always there no matter where I look and how I cry .

How can he be so cruel , I’m going to make sure he dies a miserable ….one after everything he’s done to me .

” Are you okay Nuella ? Berna asked and even Aunt Elise turned in concern.

” I’m fine it’s just these ” I said pointing at the onions I was cutting.

” Oh sorry ” they both said playfully as they laughed.



” You haven’t called since you got there Dylan … When are you coming back our daughter wants you to come back ” Ivy said immediately and I bit my lower lip.

” How are the both of you doing ? I asked trying to ease the tension between us .

” I’m not doing fine Dylan …. How can I be fine when Cora is in your room , have you slept with her already ! ” She said and I felt insulted Immediately.

” What is that supposed to mean Ivy ? I called to talk about us and our daughter , why is Cora in the picture ” I asked trying to hold my annoyance.

Here am I trying to control my desires for that forbbiden woman and here was Ivy my fiance , plainly asking me if I’ve Fůçƙed her .

” Dylan …answer me please ,don’t hurt me. ..d…” She trailed .

” I don’t need to hurt you Ivy because you already hurt yourself countless times by being so annoyingly insecure ! I snapped angrily.

” I haven’t done anything with Cora and I’m not planning to ,one thing you should understand that your being so insecure won’t stop me from Fůçƙing around if I want to ,but I’ve chosen to be faithful so stop frustrating me I don’t like it ,it’s stressing me out and Makin me sick ” I said frustratedly and she cried .

I guess it’s because I raised my voice at her .

” So I’m now Making you sick ,is that what you are insinuating ? How can you still want a woman who broke your heart over and over again and left you to die ” she asked inbetween her tears .

” Ivy please….stop complicating things for me …..you’re not helping me or yourself ” I said and she cried .

” I gave you a most priceless jewel , I gave you Ruby ….” She said in-between her tears .

” I know … and I appreciate you for that ,I respect and care about you do much. ”

” That’s not what I want Dylan …I love you ” she said crying .

” I have to go Ivy …I won’t be calling back ,for a while ” I said and Ended the call .

Ivy was making life hard for me ,why is she trying to compare herself to Cora …what happened to our agreement ?

She knew what she was getting herself into ,I’ve respected and made sure her needs are met ever since she left her job as a Stripper , so why is she trying to make me feel like a bad person.

All she keeps talking about Is Cora Cora Cora and it’s Seriosely starting to get on my nerves .

Her insecurity seems to have taken a turn for the worse when Cora and I went for this trip .

I Freshened up and changed into a white shirt and Shorts ,I wore my room slippers and went downstairs for dinner.

The dinner table was filled with outsiders too , Jacobs mom said their neighbors heard the smell and decided to join us .

One thing I noticed about the family was the fact that they’re cheerful givers.

” I heard you made the dishes Nuella …this tastes amazing ” Jacobs mom said and aunt Elise joined with the chipping in .

The whole table bursted with joyful Comments as even the neighbors kept talking about the amazing cooking.

Berna informed me that I shouldn’t eat the kere kere and I guessed it had something I was allergic too .

Cora didn’t talk through out the dinner and i had so much Questions in my mind .

Cora cooks and I’ve never heard of it .

There are so many things you never knew about this woman Dylan .

Well because all she ever showed me was her body .

Did you try to know more than her body Dylan ? My mind mocked .

I …..wanted to be in a relationship with her isn’t that enough to tell her how …much she meant to me .

” Ivy wants to be in an emotional relationship with you , isn’t that enough reasons to know how much you mean to her ? My conscience asked .

I can’t open up emotionally to anyone because …..I’m too hurt .

Why do you think she didn’t want you in her life ?

Why ? My mind asked and I stared as she laughed with Berna .

Why did she reject you ? If not anything, you should know why it didn’t work out before this one month runs off .


I need to know the truth and I don’t care how it’s going to happen.



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