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BY:Anny Oluchi.


Lola swallowed back the bile in her throat. She felt a bit uncomfortable in his arms.

Myles realized his actions, he parted the hug and walked away from her.
He tugged of c*ndom from his Ďïčk and wore back his robe.

“Have you eaten anything since morning?” Myles asked and walked back to her.

Lola rested her Ɓụťť on the table before responding.

“Only tea and… ” She shook her head..

“Tea!” Myles gasped.

“Yeah” Lola replied lamely. “and some bread” added Lola.

“Who eats that little?” Myles asked in shock. No wonder she always feels weak after S£x.

“It was what Miss Hennessy gave us to eat” Lola replied truthfully; “I have ulcers and they worsen when I don’t eat too much and that’s why I feel nauseated”.

“You should eat more,” Myles said in a low voice and walked to the door.

“And maybe you should Fůçƙ less” Lola pouted her lips.

Myles halted his steps when he heard her. He didn’t realize a little smile played on his lips.

He left the inner room and used the intercom to order some food.

“Come out of there” Myles ordered and she stepped out wearing his robe.

He went to sit on his bed and stared at her. Lola stood, she was still feeling dizzy.

“Come here” Myles ordered and she sauntered to him.

“Sit” He tapped on the bed and she sat down.

There was silence between them till the maid brought the food. Lola was surprised to see the food, she didn’t actually expect it.


Lola looked at him and wondered what was wrong with him these days.

‘Why is he being nice to me?’ Lola thought.

Lola took her gaze away from him and sat on the floor to eat. Myles wanted to stop her but kept mute.

He didn’t understand his emotions but after that K!SS, he began seeing her differently and even strangely thinking about her.

Lola opened the plates and the food on the tray was the nicest she had ever seen and the quantity made her elated.

Lola ate the food like her life depended on it, she felt so hungry. She finished the jug of orange juice that was brought with the food.

Myles’ jaw dropped, he had never seen someone consume so much food at such a short time.

Lola burped loudly but became flushed with embarrassment. Lola stared at Myles and he had this blank expression but he truly wanted to laugh.

Lola stood up gently with the tray.

“Thank you for the food, sir” Lola said and bowed.

She prefers calling him ‘sir’ instead of master except he compelled her to.

She turned to leave.

“Wait” Myles ordered. “Come here”

‘Why is this man such a S£x freak?’ Lola thought and turned to him.

She walked to him and he motioned her to move closer to him. She leaned on him and he pressed his lips hard against hers.

“Yeah, I’m a S£x freak” Myles said and she was shocked.

‘Does he read minds too?’

“I don’t read minds, you just tend to say your thoughts too loudly, Go!” Myles ordered and she left from there.


Lola walked to the kitchen and placed the dirty dishes in the sink.

She recalled everything and touched her lips. Not even Shawn’s lips tasted good.

” Get your mind out of the gutter, Lola “Lola muttered and recalled what he called her.


It kind of made her smile.

“What are you doing here?”

Lola was startled but turned to see Hennessy.

“I came to wash the plates” Lola replied and turned to the sink to wash them.

Hennessy was a bit perplexed because she could smell Myles all over the kitchen. It was his scent.

Hennessy stared at Lola and she was wearing his robe.

‘That’s sir Myles’ favorite robe, what’s she doing with it?’


“Yes, Miss Hennessy” Lola replied and turned to her.

“Who gave you Sir Myles’ bathrobe?” Hennessy asked, curiously.

“He gave it to me,” Lola answered quickly, unaware of the danger she had just put herself in.

Hennessy had known Myles almost her whole life and he never shared his things with slaves, no slave ever smelled like him because they weren’t too close to him.

Lola finished washing dishes and left the kitchen.

‘What’s going on between them?’ Hennessy thought and clenched her fists.

Trent’s hideout>

Jake lowered his face and his eyes turned red. His Alpha power instantly healed his wound.

Jake’s eyes came back to normal and he stood up, taking Trent by surprise. Jake grabbed the knife from his hand and slashed his throat open.

“Arrrh” Trent choked and fell to the floor.

Jake swiftly threw the knife at Anna’s shoulders and she released Summer. Jake walked to her and grabbed her arm, he dislocated it.

“Aah!” Anna groaned loudly.

He did the same to her second hand and she fell to the floor in agony.

Jake turned to Summer who was shivering on the bed. He walked to her and sat in front of her.

“Are you alright?” Jake asked in a caring manner.

Summer sobbed and instantly hugged him. She thought he had died and that made her scared.

He didn’t know why but the hug made his heart skip a beat.

“It’s over now” Jake muttered and hugged her back.

It made Summer cry more like a baby.

Sully’s house>

Summer didn’t want to return home in her present state, therefore Jake offered to take her to his house.

Gwen and his mom were having dinner when they arrived.

“What happened?” Scarlett gasped and rushed to Jake.

“I’m fine, mom” Jake smiled and made Summer sit on the couch.

Gwen stared at Summer and instantly disliked her. Despite the bandage and brushed face, she still looked beautiful.

“Dear, you look terrible; do you need some tea?” Scarlett asked Summer.

Summer recognized her and became ashamed of herself. She had treated her badly when they first met.

“I will go get you some tea” Scarlett stroked her hair and left from there.

Summer stared at Gwen and the both of them seemed to dislike each other at first sight.

“Summer, this is Gwen” Jake introduced Gwen. “She’s my best friend”

Gwen felt hurt when he simply called her his friend.

“Nice to meet you,” Summer said, half heartedly.

Gwen hissed and left from there.

Jake smiled. “I will be back”

He left from there and followed Gwen to the guest room, she would be staying with them for a while.

“You didn’t have to be rude,” Jake scolded.

“Who is she?” Gwen folded her arms under her br**sts and asked.

“She’s…she’s my mate,” Jake said.

Gwen had never felt so heartbroken like now.

“You’ve found your mate” Gwen gasped, her eyes stung with tears.

She had not found her mate yet.

“I’m happy for you” Gwen forced a smile.

Jake didn’t know whether to smile or be sad by her response.

“Thanks” He replied dryly.

He went back to his room and took a shower while his mom took care of Summer.

Jake wore his pajamas and left his room. He strode to the sitting room and saw Summer standing by the window.

She was in his hoodie and it suited her well.


Summer turned to him and walked slowly to him.

“Hi” Summer replied with a voice a bit hoarse. “Thanks for saving me”

Jake smiled and took his hand to her hair, impulsively. His fingers trailed from the strands to her eyes and then her lips.

Her lips looked a bit swollen and red, they felt softer than velvet.

He pulled her closer and slammed his lips on hers, it was like there was a spark between them, something awakened.

Summer opened her mouth and he slid his tongue into her mouth, their tongues twirled in each other’s mouth.

Jake grabbed her @ss and pressed it in his hand, this time he didn’t know if it was him or his wolf.

Summer Mõ@ɲed into his mouth and roamed her hands around his hair. This wasn’t her first K!SS but it felt different and beautiful.

Jake grabbed her thighs and she hopped on his torso, wrapping her legs around it.

Gwen watched them K!SSing passionately and tears dropped from her eyes. She always thought Jake would be her mate.

But a mere human ended up taking her place.

‘we shall see about that’

Hunt’s mansion>Next morning.

Myles was alert and bothered when he was able to get to Tommy and found out Summer wasn’t with him.

Myles took along his guards and rushed downstairs to see Summer.

“Sunshine” Myles rushed to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Daddy” Summer called, teary-eyed.

Myles had never felt so irresponsible in his life, he felt disappointed in himself.

He called the doctor to check up on her and she narrated the ordeal to her. Anna had been arrested while Trent died but she didn’t disclose Jake’s identity.

“I’m sorry for not being there to protect you” Myles said sadly and pecked her forehead lovingly.

“It’s okay daddy, you’ve got your own life too; you’ve literally lived your whole life for me” Summer muttered with tears in her eyes.

They went through a lot together. Having a teenage dad wasn’t a walk over but they grew up together and Myles made maybe too many sacrifices for her. Even sacrificing his own soul to devils.

It was all for her to have a good life.

“I love you” Tears escaped her eyes and she embraced him.

“I love you too Sunshine. You are my whole life, it revolves around you” Myles said softly and K!SSed her hair.

He was angry at himself for her getting hurt but he owed his life to the person who saved her.

Maybe suicide would have been his next option if anything happened to her.


Cherry added the poison to Summer’s juice.

She had intentions of poisoning Myles but last night when she saw Lola wearing Myles’ robe she changed her mind.

She needed Lola out of her way. If Myles was to fall for her, he would never trust her again.

She did it secretly and gave the milk to Lola when she arrived at the kitchen.

“What’s this for?” Lola glared at her.

“It’s for Summer” Cherry replied and put it into her hand. She left before Lola could protest.

Lola rolled her eyes and exhaustedly left the kitchen.

Summer’s room>

“I would love to see Carding,” Summer giggled.

“Yes, he would love you to play with him,” Myles smiled.

“You are always too strict,” Summer glared playfully at him.

A knock came on the door and Lola stepped in after being given permission.

“Good morning” Lola greeted Summer.

“Your milk” She stretched it to her and Summer collected it.

“Stay here till I’m done Lola ” Summer smiled.

Lola rolled her eyes and stepped aside.

“Carding is quite naughty and he needs hard training as well,” Myles said with a smile on his lips.

Lola was stunned to see him smile, his smile was beautiful.

“You are being too sweet to the poor dog” Summer replied sarcastically and drank all the contents in the glass.

Father and daughter spoke, forgetting Lola’s presence.

“I love you dadd–”

Summer felt a terrible pain in her stomach and she gripped it tightly.

“Sunshine” Myles noticed her paleness.

She suddenly groaned loudly in pain.

“Sunshine!” Myles shrieked and pulled to himself, she kept groaning in pain and a drool of foam escaping her lips.

“Summer!!!” Myles screamed and turned to Lola.

Lola was shocked and scared

“What did you do to her?” Myles yelled in fear.

Hennessy who was close by heard the yelling and went to Summer’s room.

“Summer” Hennessy rushed out to call for help after seeing the situation.

Some men came and rushed Summer out of the room.

Myles launched against Lola, he grabbed her neck tightly.

“What did you do to her?” Myles strangled her with traces of tears in his eyes.

Lola choked with tears coming from my eyes.

“I didn’t… do anything…”

He tightened his grip angrily around her neck,Lola felt like she was going to die.


“Myles…” Lola choked and his eyes met with hers.

He instantly released her neck and rushed out of the room.

Lola dropped to the floor and cried heavily.



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