(sold…mated…to you)🔞

BY:Anny Oluchi.

CHAPTER 33 & 34
18+ rated.
★(feeling sick)★

Gasps escaped her mouth, breathing out on his lips as he plunged his finger on and out of her Pů$$¥.

“Aah” Lola cried out, holding tightly to the sides of the bathtub. She wished she could sink her fingers into it.

He fastened his pace and her body was jerking upwards more aggressively than usual.

“Ah…Arg!…plea–”Lolo yelped and her eyes met with his.

Her Mõ@ɲs were becoming increasingly loud and incoherent. Myles slammed his lips on her shutting her up till the time she Çvḿmed.

Myles parted the K!SS and Lola Mõ@ɲed out. She cleared her throat and stared at his lips.

She wouldn’t deny that he tasted so sweet and sugary. She took in her trembling lips to prevent her lips from crashing against his, again.

She hated him and this was just S£x. One she had never had before.

Myles couldn’t hold back his urge anymore, he grabbed the top of the dress and ripped it open.

“Ha!” Lola gasped shock, she was not putting on a ьѓä, so he grabbed one of her perky Ɓø0ɓs and enveloped his lips around her Ɲīpplë.

Lola Mõ@ɲed and wrapped her hands around his slightly wet hair. Myles began Ṣūçƙing her Ɲīpplë furiously making her cry this time.

Her Ɲīpplës hardened the more he Ṣūçƙed her. He totally tugged of her dress from her body and moved his lips to her other Ɲīpplë.

They tasted succulent in his mouth.

He pulled her much closer and used one of his hands to spread her legs. Lola swallowed hard when she felt his hard, er*cted Ďïčk touching her entrance.

“Put it yourself” He released her Ɲīpplë and commanded.

Lola blinked at him.

Myles frowned at her and she got the message.

“Ehhh…aah” Lola whimpered as she tried fixing his size onto her. She had to spread her legs wider to enable him to penetrate into her.

“Hmmm” She whimpered as his whole member entered her, she was wet which made it a little easy.

She stayed still and stared at Myles blankly.

“Are you telling me that you have no idea what to do?” Myles questioned, there was annoyance in his voice.

“No” Lola shook her head.

She was never interested in S£xual things or even movies. She could hardly name five movies that she had watched.

“Ride me”

“Ride you, you aren’t a bike” Lola muttered cluelessly.

Myles slapped his hand on his head. He never met such a dumb, blabbermouth like her.

“What century are you?” Myles gasped..

“I was in my own little world before you bought me like a merchandise and–” Myles slammed his lips against hers to shut her up.

Each time her lips moved, it was so alluring. Lola delved her tongue into his mouth, roaming it around beneath his tongue; their tongues were tangling in each other’s mouth.

He noticed her paced response and wanted to avoid her getting the wrong idea. He suddenly pushed her face away.

Lola was a bit stunned by it but before she could so anything, his both hands went to the top of her Ɓụťť and began pushing Pů$$¥ against his Ďïčk.


Lola held onto the sides of the bathtub again as their S£xes were meeting due to his constant pushing to her waist.


“Do you get it now?”

Lola nodded and slowly began hitting her Pů$$¥ against his Ďïčk, his member pushed forward into her and it made her whimper.

“Ah, Fůçƙ… Aahh!”

“Faster” Myles ordered and she began riding him much faster.

B*cking her Pů$$¥ against his Ďïčk, his balls were grinding under her Ɓụťť as she fastened her pace. The water was splashing between their S£xes.

Her toes were curling around her torn dress.

Her body began shaking and her bre*sts making flapping sounds. Myles gasped, feeling a bit of what she was doing.

“Aah” It was Myles who gasped this time. She was doing it too perfectly for the first time.

Myles felt his body giving more reaction than usual.

“Ohhh” Myles gasped and placed his hands on her hips.

Lola continued b*cking him, her body began dripping with sweat,she realized that she was not the only Mõ@ɲing but him as well.

“Hmm…Fůçƙ, stop” Myles Mõ@ɲed out.

“Stop” He ordered and Lola slowly stopped.

The both of them were gasping for their breaths.

“Get off me now” Myles said and Lola came off him.

Myles Çvḿmed and let out a sigh. She rode him so well, the feeling was…different.

Lola felt so weakened by everything.

“Now bath me” Myles ordered and Lola had no choice but to obey him.

She began bathing him and Myles just kept staring at her face.

“Is there something on my face?” Lola questioned him.

“I’m planning on cutting your tongue soon” Myles said and she kept quiet.

“Tell me about you” Myles said and stopped scrubbing his chest.

“There is nothing to know about me,” Lola replied, sadly.

“It’s an order, Lolita”

“Lo, what!” Lola hollered.

“Tell me about yourself,” Myles demanded. He didn’t even know the reason for the question.

“Okay…I never knew my dad, my mom died in an uncompleted building, I was just five then. I went to call for help but I missed my way back and later I joined the kids on the street” Lola replied.


“And I was able to go through high school and applied for a scholarship at Harvard but I couldn’t get because it was a partial scholarship; I didn’t have the money”

“Last three years I tried again, becoming capable of paying bills and…” Lola trailed off, her eyes stinging with tears.

She stopped and continued bathing him. Myles saw what she did.

“And what!”

“And I passed but Shawn got the letter for me. I didn’t submit by email, it came via letter; I thought I never passed but saw the letter last year among Shawn’s belongings” Lola muttered, trying to fight back her tears.

“He…he told me he forgot to give it to me but now I realized he hid it on purpose, I lost my opportunity to… school because of him” Lola stuttered, she lowered her gaze and focused on washing his legs.

She had dedicated her time, money and love to him and this was how he heard. A few tears dropped from her eyes.

Myles didn’t ask her any questions again and allowed her to bath him properly.

After she stepped out of the bathtub, shivering.

She took the robe and gave it to Myles, and she wore it for him.

She was tying the rope around his waist when their eyes met.

She was captivated by his ocean blue eyes, they looked quite beautiful like the sea.

“Stop staring” Myles warned and she looked away.

Lola hastily tied the ropes and walked towards the door.

“Take one of the robes and put it on” Myles said and left the bathroom.

Lola sighed and doubtfully took his wine coloured robe and wore it.

She walked out of the bathroom.

“T-thanks for the robe…I mean thank you sir” Lola shivered and walked through the door.

“Who said you could leave yet?”

Jake walked down the path where he had the dream.

He walked to the particular spot on the road and it suspiciously was towards Summer’s house.

He had felt strange about her but he pushed the feeling aside. He stopped on his tracks and scattered the sand on the floor.

The dried scent penetrated through his nose and it was Summer’s blood. The blood of his mate.

He placed his hand on it and all the memories of the incident entered into his mind.

“No, Summer!” He gasped.

He could still feel the mate bond, that meant she was still alive, somewhere.

Trent’s hideout>

“Don’t prank me like that again!” Anna yelled at Trent.

Trent chuckled. “You were being to worried about her, she’s just unconscious”

He was about to say something else but Summer suddenly moved. They watched her as she slowly woke up.

“Where…am I?” Summer asked and studied her surroundings.

She turned to them and was shocked.

“Anna, what am I doing here?” Summer asked and touched her bandaged head.

She felt a banging headache.

“Fůçƙ” Summer cussed and stared at Trent.

She had no idea who he was.

“Who is he?” Summer inquired and sat up slowly.

Trent felt extremely insulted.
. “Is he your boyfriend?”

Trent moved closer to her and slapped her hard on the face.

“Aah!!!” Summer screamed and spat out blood. She fell back on the bed.

“What’s this?” Summer cried and gazed at them. Trent grabbed her hair and pulled it from behind.

“You are hurting me,” Summer cried.

“I have always wanted to see you this helpless and now the time has come” Trent chuckled sinisterly.

“Argh, stop!” Summer cried, still confused about everything.

“Daddy,” Summer whimpered.

“Daddy isn’t going to save you” Trent chuckled and slammed his plump lips against hers.

Summer closed her lips tightly and more tears trickled down her cheeks.

Trent broke this K!SS and Summer wailed.

“Anna, help me,” Summer cried out.

“I hate you and I hope he f*cks you till you learn a good lesson” Anna smirked.

“She’s a v¡rgin, she would taste really good for you and your boys’ ‘ Anna smirked and walked to the door.

Summer was shocked. Was this how she was going to lose her v*rginity and never see her dad again.

“Anna,don’t leave me here”

Anna got outside to see the men that guarded the house, all shredded to pieces. They weren’t just killed but their body parts had spread around.

“Argh!!!” Anna screamed and suddenly flew into the house.

Trent was stunned but Summer was more shocked to see Jake, his body was stained with blood.

“Jake” Summer gasped.

Trent left Summer and brought a pocket knife from his pocket. He launched at Jake but Jake grabbed his neck and instantly pinned him against the wall.

Jake’s eyes turned red and Trent was scared and shaken.

He was about to slash open his neck.

“I have her,” Anna yelled, holding Summer in a position where her neck could be snapped.

Jake turned to them but his eyes had gone back to their normal form.

Trent made Jake face him and slashed Jake’s throat. Jake gasped and held his bleeding throat.

Jake instantly fell to the floor.


“Jake!!!” Summer screamed in horror.

Hunt’s mansion>

Lola’s br**sts were grinding against the table as he banged her Pů$$¥ from behind.

“Master…” Lola gasped while breathing heavily.

“Aahhh” Lola whimpered, her eyes were clouded with tears.

Her eyes rolled within her sockets and the room was spinning.

“Master… please” Lola pleaded, feeling uneasy.

“I… I don’t feel well”

Myles heard her and stopped, he shouldn’t have cared but he did.

Lola caught her breath when he stopped, he thrusted out of her and grabbed her up by her hips.

Lola could hardly stand straight, her whole body was shaking.

He turned her to him and raised up her chin, her face was pale and sick.

“Are you okay?” Myles asked softly.

That’s the softest time he had ever used on her.

“I feel…like throwing up and I feel…dizzy” Lola staggered but he caught her before she could fall.

Her face buried in his chest and he wrapped his hands warmly around her,pressing her Ɲ@kēɗ body against his.



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