(sold…mated…to you)🔞.

BY:Anny Oluchi.

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★(Used and abused)★

Lola was finding it hard breathing or moving, each of her Mõ@ɲs were delving into his mouth.

He suddenly parted the K!SS and Lola was gasping for air, her lips had been smothered with his saliva, that was the most intense and hot K!SS she had ever experienced.

Myles stared at her shocked expression and realized what he had done.

He released her and stepped back, it was like the alcohol had lost influence on him.

“Get out” He commanded in a low tone.


“I said get out!” He yelled and Lola ran away as fast as she could.

Crescent pack>

A low growl came from the door and the brown haired wolf changed into a woman.

She looked no less than eighteen. She grasped a cloth by the corner and wrapped it around herself.

” Father, you sent for me”

“Gwen” Her father turned back to her with a brimming smile.

He was the Beta of the pack and also the acting Alpha. Beta Collins was his name

“I have a mission for you daughter, you have to go meet the Alpha” Beta Collins muttered and strode to her front.

“The Alpha is dead except you are talking about Jacob” Gwen said, a bit perplexed.

“I am speaking about Jacob, this pack has stayed too long without an Alpha and we can’t keep going on this way” Beta Collins said with a sad beam.

Gwen was a beautiful girl with natural blue eyes and a slim, perfect body. Her wolf age was over eighteen but she could pass off as an eighteen years old girl.

“Alright, I will get to him and try convincing;He might listen to me” Gwen smiled and walked away from the house.

“Bring him to me, so that I can have his head on a platter and finally become the Alpha” Beta Collins sneered hatefully.

Sully’s house>

“I’m going to reject her mom” Jake sniffed and clapped the book shut.

“You can’t do that son, she’s your mate”

“How can a human be my mate? and she’s not just any girl but the one I hate most” Jake yelled and threw the book off the table.

“I have met her and she’s not a good girl but…if the moon goddess granted her to you then she’s with you for a purpose. She makes no mistakes and you don’t really judge a book by its covers” Scarlett muttered and grabbed a plastic chair.

She walked to him and sat in front of him.

“You are her mate and if you reject her, she might never be happy with anyone else;give her a chance”

“What about Mollyanna?”

“I know you like her but she has got to understand, you have a Luna and that’s Summer. It’s going to be a disaster if you choose someone else” Scarlett advised and held his hands.

“You are the Alpha now, make the right decisions” Scarlett smiled. “Molly is a good girl and she would find her own soul mate one day”

Hunt’s mansion>

Lola passed a door and heard someone whimpering. She wanted to mind her business but it still bothered her.

She slowly pushed the door open and saw Summer sitting on her bed, crying.

Lola wanted to reverse but Summer had already seen her.


Lola cussed inwardly and turned back.

“Hi,” Lola said nervously.

Summer looked away and continued crying like a baby.

Lola decided to probe further because she wanted to still get on the good side of Myles.

“Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay to you?” Summer snapped and cried.

‘Spoilt rat’ Lola said inwardly and walked to her.

“It’s not my business but why are you crying?” Lola questioned and sat on her bed without permission.

“Such a soft bed” Lola smiled.

Summer overlooked it and replied. “ I want to die sometimes and I wonder why I haven’t committed suicide yet”

“Why would you say that?” Lola gasped.

“I’m just a piece of $h|t, I have so many demons in me and I see people acting like they don’t have any. I used to bully a girl in school and now she bullied me back and it hurts”

“Since you bullied her first, it’s good you got a taste of your own medicine” Lola blurted out.

“Yeah, it’s great to feel the pain you cause others but they don’t feel my own pain, they know nothing” Summer shook her head.

“Why talk like that?”

“Daddy and I have always been alone, I never knew who my mom was or hardly had a picture of her but if that wasn’t enough I got hurt many times because of that…”

“Well, that’s not new” Lola scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Dad didn’t used to be this rich, we had nothing before and it was hell, those people treated us like garbage; they taught me that if you don’t fight first, they would all take advantage of you” Summer sniffed.

“That’s why I bully people, that’s why I hit you. I’m a Fůçƙïṅg sadist” Summer sobbed.

Since she heard of the death of Jake’s father, she had not been the same person. She looked back and regretted all her actions but no one would want to see from her own perspective.

“Everyone hates me, I’m sure you do too”

“Yeah, I don’t like you because you are rude, disrespectful, abusive like your father and stupid” Lola ranted without thinking twice.

“Woah, you are the first person to be honest with me,” Summer smiled a bit.

“Maybe” Lola shrugged and took her lip in.

“I think I like you” Summer wiped her tears away.

Lola almost smiled at her comment, she was still a young adult and didn’t have a mother figure to train her right.

She wondered where her mother was.

“Like and love yourself first before you can show love to others’ ‘ Lola advised.

“I will try to,” Summer sighed and allowed her tears to flow freely.

Lola had left Summer but she hadn’t stopped crying.

She walked to the window and her eyes widened when she saw someone’s hands or so she thought.

“Who’s there?” Summer ran to the window and the person fell down.

Summer lit the torchlight of her phone and her eyes widened to see Jake.

“Jake” Summer gasped.

Jake cursed himself for allowing each of his senses to be controlled by his wolf. He had strangely been able to control his wolf since he received the Alpha power but not when it came to Summer.

“What are you doing here?, how did you even get in?” Summer asked in shock.

“Don’t leave, I will come down,” Summer said and rushed out of her room.

She went downstairs, straight to the back of her window.

“Jake, how did you get in and what do you want?”

Her scent was intoxicating, it was too strong like a magnetic pull.

“Nothing,” He grunted, trying to control himself.

Summer directed the torchlight to his face but he looked away. She walked closer to him.

“Don’t come close to me!” Jake warned.

All he wanted to do was mark her and make her his. He was not thinking straight when it came to her.

The K!SS kept replaying in his mind and he had found her through her scent; no, his wolf did that.

He was conflicted.

Summer didn’t understand him but there was something that kept attracting her to him. It wasn’t his handsome face, it was something else.

Something strange and strong.

“I’m not good at school and…and I would like a tutor, would you be my tutor?” Summer requested, her breath was hitching.

“Yes” Jake didn’t realize when he said that.

It was the mate bond, it’s making him act strange.

“Cool” Summer muttered.

She had to get close to him, to earn his forgiveness for all she did.

Even when she was sure who killed his dad, she was still feeling guilty.

“Why are you still in your school uniform?” Jake questioned and the thought his wolf brought was to rip the uniform off her body.

“N-nothing” Summer swallowed hard.

“Good… night” Summer stuttered, feeling strange.


Summer walked away with a lot of questions in her mind.

Next morning.

“This is a lot of work,” Allison complained while washing the car.

She was assigned by Hennessy to do it.

“That’s a lot of work, I should help you then”

Allison turned and mistakenly bathed Lance with water coming out of the hose.

“Oh God” Lance gasped and stepped back.

“I’m sorry” Allison apologized sincerely.

Lance gasped. “No, you did that on purpose”

Lance grabbed the bucket of water at the side and splashed it on her.

“Ahh! ” Allison exclaimed and a smile escaped her lips.

“No, you don’t”She laughed and sprayed more of the water on him.

” My phone! “Lance yelled and she stopped.

Lance stepped aside to answer the call and luckily his phone was waterproof.

Allison smiled, that moment was short but meant the world to her.

Lance came back from taking the call.

” I will see you later…”Lance smiled and pointed at her for her name.

“Allison,” Allison recalled and smiled.

She watched Lance walk away but she would never let him go. He was her mate and only had to be with her.

{Two days later}

Ballard high school>

Jake shut his locker and turned to see another girl shutting her locker beside him.

“Gwen”Jake laughed and pulled her into a tight hug.

Gwen let out a gasp but hugged him back.

“Jacob,” Gwen smiled. She missed him so much, she truly had always wanted to be with him.

“I missed you, how did you come here?” Jake parted the hug and interrogated.

Gwen sighed.

“It’s a long story that I am not ready to tell but I missed you so much,” Gwen muttered and K!SSed him on the cheek.

Jake smiled happily, it was awesome seeing someone from his pack, his kind.

“So, you are a high school boy now,” Gwen mocked with her usual wheezing laughter.

“Yeah,” Jake laughed.

Molly was watching them from where she stood and she was boiling with anger.

First Summer and now this one.

Jake was hers from the very day she accepted him as a werewolf.

At first she was attracted to him because of how handsome and kind he was but him being a werewolf made her obsessed.

It had always been her fantasy to meet a supernatural being, a Lycan werewolf was one of rarest and strongest of them all.

He was useful to her and could protect her from all this bullying. He was a great weapon in her hand to deal with all those that made her life miserable.

Now the number one person on her list turned out to be his mate.

She would never let them be together, he was hers to use and she was the only one that could ever accept him.

He was hers to use and misuse.

“Dammit” Molly cursed and adjusted her glasses.

Hunt’s mansion> 1pm.

Myles sat at the edge of his bed smoking a cigarette.

“Take off your clothes” Myles ordered.

Lola cursed him so much inwardly that he would kill her if he ever heard her words.

Lola gently uncladded herself. She had no underwear on, only the linen of the gown that had covered her nudity.

Myles stood up and walked up to her, he stood in front of her and puffed some of the smoke on her face.

Lola coughed and looked away.


They walked into his secret room and it scared her to go back in there.

Was he going to whip and Ř@pê her again?.

Myles grabbed her and pulled to the table. He walked away from her and went to take a rope.

Lola’s eyes cornered and watched as he stood behind her, he suddenly grabbed her both wrists and tied them behind her back.

“Haa!” Lola grunted as he tightened the rope.

He pushed against the table and her face laid sideways on it.Lola’s eyes welled up in tears.

Myles stared at her Çüñť and it was beautiful. He trailed his finger from her neck down to her spinal cord.

Lola quivered as he touched her.

‘Why is he touching me like that?’ Lola quivered.

“Aahhh!” Lola screamed as a hard spank came on her @ss.

“Aahhh!” She yelped as another one came, she avoided moving.

He spanked her one more time and then again and again.

Tears forced out of her eyes but after a few times, what she was feeling wasn’t just pain.

“Haaa” Lola whimpered.


“Hmm… ah” that came out as a Mõ@ɲ.

He slapped her @sscheeks again left right and she didn’t realize when her scream converted to Mõ@ɲs of pleasure.

“Call my name”

Lola wanted to call him Myles but that would be another trouble.

“Ah, ah… ah”

“Master, Ow!” Lola Mõ@ɲed.

Lola could feel herself getting aroused.

‘Stop this, quit Mõ@ɲing’ Lola rubbed her wet cheek on the table. She didn’t understand her body’s response.

Another spank came.




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