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( Just my…real love… )

THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.


Chapter 10 & 11

β˜† Maya and the handsome Bee β˜†


A knock came on the door then it opened revealing Maya. Jacques raised his head up giving her a cursory look before taking his eyes back to his laptop.

“Mr Jacques” She dropped a nylon filled with something on his desk.

“What’s that?” He asked with a frown.

“Medications…for stooling” She replied.


“I thought this might help…” She let out a nervous smile.

“Right? I reschedule the presentation already you don’t have to worry” She added quickly. Jacques looks at her clearly fuming.

“You_” He was about lambasting her but stopped when his stomach began churning again.

“Ah” He groans silently holding his stomach. This has been happening to him for over an hour now. He has been running in and out of the toilet. Maya watch him closely, she may have this innocent pity face but within she’s jubillating and mocking him.

“Maya?” He called as calm as he could.

“Yes Mr Jacques” she smile brightly.

“Get out” He clenched his teeth trying not to show it.

“Mr Jacques are you okay? Oh my is it coming again?”

“GET OUTTTTT! OW…” He rose from his seat crouching.

“Mr Jacques…”

“Out Maya…just get out” He seethed. Maya sighs.

“Alright Mr Jacques..” She pouted and sauntered outside. Immediately she left, Jacques ran to the toilet holding his Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯.

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Maya burst in a peal of laughter as soon as she got out of his office.

“This is so funny..you guys should have seen his face. He looks damn miserable!” She laughed out.

“Did you see him when he ran into his office earlier? Wow I’ve never seen such a satisfying scene before” Ophelia laughs too.

“He looks like he’ll burst earlier” Stephen chipped in.

“NEWS FLASH! CEO of RORY’S WEARS COMPANY Pooped in his P@Ε‹ts during a presentation! That would make the headlines” Rana said.

“But what really happened Maya? I have a feeling you have something to do with this?” Ophelia eyed her.

“Do with what? Did you see me do anything? Hmph!” Maya huffed walking to her desk.

“Nevertheless…i think my stress got relived thanks to him. It was such an hilarious scene to watch. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Just thinking about it makes me laugh ” Stephen said.

“Me too me too” Rana agreed.

Maya just smiled satisfactory on her seat with her arms folded.

“Good job Maya” She commend herself.


After taking the medications Maya got for him, the stooling eventually stopped and he felt relived.

However, he didn’t stepped a foot outside his office probably because he still felt embarrassed.

Why won’t he? Virtually the whole staffs saw him in that alarming state.

Anytime he remembers how he had acted earlier from the presentation room, he cussed himself. He has never felt that humiliated before in his life.

He wondered what suddenly happened to him?

Why did he start stooling out of the blue?

He dismissed all the staffs earlier than before surprising them and left the office also later.


Donna dragged her legs to the door clearly tired. She made to open it but then stop on remembering the other night the mask guy came.

Could it be him again?

Fear rushed down her spine instantly and she staggers backward.

The door bell rang again and this time it followed with banging.

Donna shook in fear holding herself tightly. Ever since the incident she had not took a step out of the house. She just can’t believe she gave herself to a stranger just like that. She feels disgusted and irritated with herself. She had tried hard to think about the full details of what actually happened but she just couldn’t remember.

“Donna open up!!” Maya’s voice came outside the door getting her out of her reverie.

“Maya?” She mumbles and quickly opens the door.

“Hey what took you so long on_” A tight hug impeded her speech as Donna wrapped her arms tightly around her.

“Hey…did you missed me that much?” Maya asked hugging her back.

“I…i just…”

“It’s okay. It could happen…I missed you too”


“OVER HERE!!” Halsey waves at Gary grinning widely at the same time.

“Halsey!” He smiled hugging her as soon as he got to her.

“I’m disappointed. Why didn’t you show up at the airport?”

“I was busy. Hey bro” Gary pats Jacques who was already sitting.

“Hey” He replied solemnly. Gary took his seat.

“It’s been a while isn’t it?” Halsey grinned.

“How has it been in Seattle?” Jacques asked.

“Pretty cool. School was fun and life was fab. Right? I’ve got a girlfriend. Wanna see?” She brought out her phone and showed them a picture of a blond girl.

“Isn’t she pretty?”

“When did you meet?” Jacques asked again

“A year ago. She has been wonderful so far”

“Do you trust her? She has this ominous face” Gary said.

“Oh come on. Luna is a sweet girl. That made me fall for her” she winks. Gary shrugged.

“Can we order now…I’m kinda famished” Jacques said.

“Umm…I don’t think I’ll be able to eat with you guys. I’ve gotten an appointment to keep. I just came briefly”

“What? What about our get together?”

“Don’t worry bunny…I’ll take you out next time. Jacqui”

“Take care”.Jacques said.

“Hmm…see you guys later” Gary smiled and leaves.

Halsey signs sadly.

“Is he that busy?”

“You can catch up later. Come on let’s order”


“Can’t you really stay for a bit?” Halsey whined.

“No…i have to get back to the office more so it’s late”

“Just why are you so busy? We haven’t spend much time together since my arrival”

“You have your mother to blame for this. Anyways I really have to leave now”

“You won’t even spend more time with me?” Haisely pouted.

“The company is facing a crises right now. I promise to hang out when we’ve settled everything. Don’t worry it won’t be long” He assured.

“Alright…if you say so” She sighs.

“Don’t let any stranger in and go to bed early…see you again kiddo” he ruffles her hair smiling.

“I’m not a kiddo”


“Night brother” She waves and he made his way out.

“UGH!!” Haisely exhales loudly walking away from the door. She stripped herself Ɲ@kΔ“Ι— then walked into the bathroom.


“Bottoms up!” Maya clicked glasses with Donna then gulp down the beer.

“Don’t you need to work tomorrow? You shouldn’t be drinking” Donna’s dry voice came.

“Tomorrow is the weekend. My day”

“Right” Donna muttered.

“But I noticed you haven’t been yourself…something is wrong isn’t it? Don’t even think of lying I can see it all” Maya demanded and she bit her lower lip.

“Actually…something is indeed wrong”

“I knew it! Is it serious? Hit me”

“I…got myself into a mess”

“You’re pregnant?” Maya teased.

“No!” She snapped.

Maya scoffs.

“Come on girl if you react like that then I’d really believe it’s so”

“Stop saying nonsense. Just listen to me”

“Alright. What’s the matter?”

“Actually I…Amma you know that night…”

“That night?”

“The club…that night…”


“I…” She paused and αΉ’Ε«Γ§Ζ™ in her breath.

“What is it that you’re finding it so hard to say?”

“I was snooping around for some exclusive and…I…i came across_”

“Oh wait” Maya brought out her phone which suddenly start ringing.

“It’s the devil incarnate. What does he want now?” She frowns.

“You should pick it up”

“I don’t want to. Who knows what he might say…i won’t”

“He won’t stop calling. You should hear what he has to say”

“Can you pick it up and tell him you’re currently at NY burial”

“That isn’t funny”

“Ugh! So frustrating” She picked up the call.


“Come to the office now!” He ordered then end the call before she could say ‘jack’

Maya scoffs loudly.

“Who does he thinks he is to order me around?”

“He’s your boss”

“To hell with him! Does he not have a clock or wrist watch? This is already ten! Gosh so annoying I should have known when he asked me to go home early. I mean why dismissed me if he were gonna call me back. He’s a headache…in fact a severe migraine!” She gnashed standing up.

“Donna I’m sorry but I think we’ve to meet later to talk. I’ve gotta go even though I hate my boss I don’t wanna lose my job”

“It’s okay…we can talk another day. Go”

“See you later. Sorry” Maya gave her an apologetic look while Donna returned it with a feeble smile.

“Love you!” She blew a K!SS at her and leaves.

Donna sighs and took a huge swig from her glass of beer.


“Coming!” Haisely quickly put on the bathrobe robe and sauntered towards the door.

“Gary?” She called in surprise on seeing him.

He smiled.

“Never expected you to come back here” She made way for him to enter.

He stepped in with his eyes not leaving her.

“I came back because I forgot to say something” He replied.

“What?” She folded her arms beneath her Ɓø0Ι“s. This made her Ɓø0Ι“s shoot up showcasing her cleverage which was tattooed. Gary’s eyes drifted to it and it stays glued to it.

“What is it?” She asked again getting back his attention.

He smiled.

“You really did it. Lips” He referred to the lips shaped tattoo on her left Ɓø0Ι“. Haisely looked down on her chest and on seeing her exposed cleverage, she quickly cover it up with the robe.

“What do you wanna say?” She clears her throat walking away.

“I missed you” He said halting her in her mo.

Gary walked to her and slowly wrapped his arms around her from behind. She gasped.

“Do you even know how miserable I felt after you left? I missed you Halsey” He mumbles on her neck sniffing in her scent.

“Um Gary…” She slip away from his arms slowly.

“Didn’t you missed me?” He questioned.

“Of course I did. You don’t know how much I missed big brother Jacques and you. I’m so happy to be back with you guys” She smiled.

“We’ve been anticipating for you to come back. Especially me”

“Oh…were you?”

“Have you seen Dora?”

“Ohh…that woman? Not yet. You can’t believe she arranged some hoodlums to get me at the airport?”

“That woman can be unbelievable”

“Exactly. She gets on my nerves”

“How about some drinks? We should catch up”

“Umm…can we do that another day? I’m quite tired”

“You okay?”

“Hmm…I’m fine” She smiled.

“Alright. You should rest tonight” He step closer and leaned toward her. Halsey moved her face away nevertheless he K!SSed her cheek.

“Good night bunny”

“Night Gary”


“…and DONE!! Ugh! Finally!” Maya smiles brightly resting her head back on the headrest. After Jacques had called her in earlier, he had given her some works to do and she has been on it for over an hour now.

“Whoo!” She breathes out massaging her fingers.

A message popped on her phone and she checked it out.

πŸ’¬ You missed the date again! He waited for hours and you didn’t show up! How could you disappoint me like this!” It was a message from her mother. She had actually set her up on a blind date but Maya forgot about it since she was busy working.

She didn’t even bother replying and just pack her things.

“I really wanna have a long sleep” She streches and walk over to Jacques’ office. She knocked once before opening the door.

“Mr Jacques…I’m done with the sort out” She said as she went in.

“Mr Jacques?” She called when she got no response. She walked closer to his seat and finds him asleep with his head on the headrest.

“The heck…he’s sleeping?” She scoffs.

“while I was working my Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯ off out there. He has the nerve to sleep…seriously” She brought two fingers forward as if she wanna poke his eyes but she stopped midway.

“Come to think of it he never sleeps in the office…this is the first” She steps closer and examine him. Unlike when sober, his face was calm and that somewhat showcase his handsomeness.

“Was he always this handsome? He always had a poker face on I wouldn’t be surprised i didn’t noticed all this while. Seeing him up close now…he looks really different. He looks…attracting” She smiled before knowing it. Then she finds herself crouching to his level, her finger went to his eyebrow tracing it gently.

“If only you have been a little nicer, I would have considered liking you” she mumbles her finger finding its way to his soft sexy pink lips.

“What a waste” She pouted with a sigh.

She continues staring with her finger still lingering about on his lips but within a twinkle of an eye, his lips parted, her finger slid in and his teeth grilled on it.

“AH!!” She yelped out.






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